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Grip is a CD player and CD ripper/MP3-encoder for the GNOME desktop. It has the ripping capabilities of cdparanoia built in, but can also use external rippers (such as cdda2wav). It also provides an automated frontend for MP3 encoders (presets for lame, bladeenc, l3enc, xingmp3enc, mp3encode, and gogo), letting you take a disc and transform it easily straight into MP3s. The Ogg Vorbis format is also supported. Internet disc lookups are supported for retrieving track information from disc database servers. Grip works with DigitalDJ to provide a unified, "computerized" version of your music collection.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  28 Jun 2005 17:43

    Release Notes: Various i18n fixes were added. A Polish translation was added. German, Italian, and French translations were updated.

    •  29 Jan 2005 21:49

      Release Notes: Support for the GNOME notification area was added. A problem that caused proxy support to fail was fixed. Dutch and Hungarian translations were added.

      •  27 Apr 2004 18:05

        Release Notes: After about a year on a development branch, this is a new stable release. Many changes were made, with the highlights being Gnome 2 support and improved internationalization.

        •  20 Apr 2004 18:48

          Release Notes: Translations were updated. The status window was modified to use UTF-8. This is a release candidate for the next stable version.

          •  14 Apr 2004 17:23

            Release Notes: Some i18n problems were fixed. A problem causing truncated data on disc lookup was fixed. Window size/status information is now preserved across sessions. Ripper/Encoder configuration is now stored individually.

            Recent comments

            11 Jan 2004 07:32 psychonaut

            Great package
            I use Grip for all my CD ripping; it's excellent. However, it would be nice if the developers would fix some of the long-standing bugs (i.e., several years old), such as the fact that the encoder command-line settings are not preserved; they're reset to hard-coded defaults whenever the encoder is changed. Even so these problems aren't enough to stop me from recommending the program to others.

            25 Jun 2003 14:35 jrjohns3

            Re: This is what they want!

            > It's quality software like this that
            > will make Linux et al acceptable with
            > ordinary punters.
            > Not only does it look great, it does
            > exactly what you want from a ripper and
            > is so easy to use. Everything about it
            > is so rightous! This is what they want!

            Grip is definitely easy to use and works ten times better than any windows app.

            23 Mar 2003 04:47 psyfybre

            Re: Works great...

            > % and used bladeenc on the encoder side.
            > Bladeenc definitely looses to LAME. And
            > both loose to oggenc, even when LAME is
            > top-quality MP3 encoder.

            ogg requires more CPU to decode, besides that ogg rules. Ive not used the ID3 information in ogg yet. Still have that to learn.

            Ill say this though. I would have prefered the author to use %t_%n as the default output format, and perhaps a different extension for OGG, XMMS went crazy playin a .ogg as .mp3! Not a big deal but would make the package a little tidier. It all compiled find from sources.

            12 Dec 2002 11:21 Lispy

            Faster than Reboot
            I wanted to rip a cd and was wondering if i wanted to reboot into win2k for that job. It took me about 1,5 mins to grap the Slackware Pkg over at, install it, start it and make my fav settings. It turned out to be faster than a reboot. This is really the ripper you want.


            19 Sep 2002 12:46 apollyon

            Fine job!
            Grip is an excellent, industrial strength tool that I would recommend to anyone looking to encode mp3s in a GUI environment. Fine job!


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