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Domtools is a set of Unix shell commands that allow you to traverse DNS domain hierarchies, list all hosts (or subdomains) within a given domain, convert a host name to an IP address and vice-versa, convert a normal IP address to "" format and vice-versa, and more. These commands can be used manually, or included as building blocks for higher level DNS tools. Output is easily computer parsable.


Recent releases

  •  22 Nov 2000 16:49

    Release Notes: Support for dig 9.x (BIND 9.x), and SRV and LOC records was added. Minor bug fixes and improvements were made.

    •  03 Jan 2000 04:12

      Release Notes: A bug in gensubnetlist was fixed. Netmask bits tools and a host IP address tool were added.

      •  18 Mar 1999 21:51

        Release Notes: BIND 8.x support, works behind a firewall, most tools accept optional nameserver to query now, passed year 2000 code scan, installation is now platform independent.


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        Project Spotlight

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