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Aegis is a transaction-based software configuration management system. It provides a framework within which a team of developers may work on many changes to a program independently, and Aegis coordinates integrating these changes back into the master source of the program, with as little disruption as possible. Aegis supports geographically distributed development.


Recent releases

  •  09 Mar 2008 23:58

    Release Notes: Numerous portability improvements. Numerous improvements to the history reconstruction code. Numerous improvements and bugfixes to the distributed development code. The license has been changed to the GPLv3. Brazillian Portugese and Vietnamese translations have been added.

    •  30 Mar 2006 05:14

      Release Notes: There is a new aefinish(1) command which may be used to automatically finish development of a change set. There is a new aetar -exclude-auto-tools option, which can be used to exclude common GNU Autoconf and Automake files. There is a new aede-policy(1) command for checking change sets before they end development. There is a new ae-repo-ci(1) command which may be used for parallel check-in into CVS or SVN. Many more minor feature enhancements were done. Many bugs were fixed.

      •  10 Nov 2005 07:38

        Release Notes: When refering to change sets by UUID it is now possible to use any sufficiently unique prefix. You can now provide an RSS feed from the Web interface. A new aesvt history tool was provided. The aedist command was improved for sending and receiving change sets. A new aerevml command was added for sending chnage sets in RevML format. A number of bugs were fixed.

        •  29 Jan 2005 06:24

          Release Notes: A -loop option was added to the aeintegratq command and -suggest-limit was added to aet. The history recapitulation code now tracks file renames even better. A new -replay option was added to aedist. When used in with an aeget server, it can be used to efficiently synchronize two repositories. A new optional review_policy_command field is supported in the project configuration file, which allows complete customization of review policies for each project. The aeget command is now the preferred CGI interface. Numerous bugs were fixed.

          •  01 Oct 2004 09:04

            Release Notes: There is a new development_directory_style field of the project configuration file. This allows CVS-style and Arch-style work areas, in addition to the BCS-style and viewpath work areas already supported. These new work area styles permit many existing projects to use Aegis with no change to their build systems. There is a new aediff(1) command, which may be used to obtain a diff(1) listing of a file for different deltas. Support has been added for "Signed-off-by" lines. Several build problems and bugs have been fixed.


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