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True3D*Shell is an open source 3D desktop environment that allows users to experience 3D browsing in a virtual reality universe where information is organized in 'bubbles' connected by 'pipes'. It is based on POSIX, Win32, OpenGL, FreeGLUT, and MQ4CPP, and runs on IA32 and IA64 SMP platforms. A user can browse local and remote filesystems and download and run selected files. It includes a robot mode that allows you to browse automatically.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  29 Aug 2006 13:51

    Release Notes: This release integrates the DOTCONFPP project to handle configuration files and the LIB3DS project to handle Autodesk files. Meshes are separated from the engine and loaded during startup from .3DS files within a texture in .BMP 24 bit RGB format. A user can now fully customize this product through a configuration file specified by using the "-f" option at startup.

    •  04 May 2006 12:20

      Release Notes: Users can now browse local and remote filesystems and run selected files. This version includes a robot mode that automatically browses local and remote filesystems. The project is now integrated with FreeGLUT.

      •  08 Jun 2005 01:24

        Release Notes: This is the first working release.

        •  06 Jun 2005 16:09

          No changes have been submitted for this release.

          Recent comments

          04 May 2006 11:33 rpompeo68

          Re: version 1.2 seems good
          Thanks for your suggestions.

          I could separate the meshes from the engine but I have to choose the right file format and a related open source 3D editor. In this moment I use Mikshape with OpenGL exporter.

          But in the next version external programs will be able via API to send to the core engine also the meshes.

          I don't think to abandone a project where I worked until now about 3 years.

          04 May 2006 07:50 adamized01

          version 1.2 seems good
          As of version 1.2 the builds seem to work good. Granted the things like the interface features and graphics certainly need work, being very basic. Though for older versions it would have been too soon to worry about such things.

          Maybe if the interface and graphics could be separate files within the 3dshell folder and not built into the engine itself, so that those files could be changed at anytime without recompiling, well that would be cool. The desktop really should be modular and extendable, without having its core needing to be rebuilt each time something is changed. Other applications should be able to make use of the engine, such as webrowsers, games, filemanagers. Basically similar to firefox and its extensions or some 3d games like quake. Making the core like that would allow 3rd parties to develop the graphics and whatever applications and extensions, freeing up the developers to purely focus on the core.

          It is a very good start though, hopefully it will not become just another lame 3d shell failure, eventually abandoned and ignored.

          02 Sep 2005 06:33 rpompeo68

          Bug fix
          Bugs fixed in MQ4CPP library. Avalable in my site new binaries.

          08 Jun 2005 02:41 rpompeo68

          Some problem with Windows binaries
          I have found some problem with the Windows precompiled version 1.1:

          1) the first time you run 3dshell.exe the framework doesn't show objects. This is due to load of GLUT.DLL. Quit and re-run 3dshell.exe.

          2) in some system you should receive an 'Unhandled exception'. Try to run 3dshell.exe again.


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