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3dfile is a simple OpenGL-based file browser. Navigation is very easy; just point-and-click.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  09 Jan 2002 10:57

    Release Notes: The documentation and configure scripts were updated. New binary packages, a new RPM file linked with nVidia's GL, and a Mandrake menu file for 3dfile were added.

    •  28 Dec 2001 15:24

      Release Notes: X dnd support for dragging items over Window Maker docked apps and KDE applications, image rendering capabilities through Imlib, mouse wheel support, a fix for an NVidia bug, a new help pane, and various cosmetic bugfixes.

      •  12 Jun 2000 10:57

        Release Notes: Added a HexView, shadows for item names, audio warning and a visibility function. Improved InfoView and long file names. Modified some motion to be time-dependant. It now forks on exec. There are new RPMs for RH6.2

        •  22 May 2000 19:36

          Release Notes: A port to Solaris, fixes for the configure script to detect glut, improved animations, scandir replacement, use of GNU getopt, support for accelerated cards, redesign of the main interface, a vertical scrollbar, information view and a text view, and new menus.

          •  16 Feb 2000 10:30

            Release Notes: Now using GNU's automake/autoconf. Replaced S_IEXEC with S_IXUSR for compatibility issues (problems on some glibc2 systems). 3dfile now checks file permissions before exec/chdir. Some command line options added, along with primitive drag'n'drop support. The depth buffer was removed for speed reasons.


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