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jsfirewall is a firewall system for desktops PC with a single network card. It controls iptables through a "dialog" interface, filters incoming traffic, and logs violations. It also supports PPPoE connections.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  02 Oct 2005 14:57

    Release Notes: A completly new config section was written. You can now edit in the "config" menu directly like in the "global" menu. jsfirewall now supports OpenVPN and can generate an OpenVPN styled firewall script. Help can now support all languages. All sections of the code were split into scripts. The program is now faster and open for other GUI languages and iptables based generator scripts. I The LANG variable in 0.7.1 was renamed to LANGU.

    •  05 May 2005 13:34

      Release Notes: All header settings are inside the header menu and all iptables logging functions are without the option "--log-tcp-sequence". A command owner feature was added for clients and server parts in the "edit" menu. Toggled special ports are filtered and cannot be edited in the "edit the ports or press Cancel" menu. A template browser is given only if there is no existing firewall template. A realtime logbox was added. A filebrowser was also added for viewing saved logfiles. An advanced search function for alternative patterns was added. A completly new help section was written.

      •  31 Mar 2005 10:45

        Release Notes: A better "edit" menu was included and server options such as port ranges were added. The saved template file is shorter now (eg. jsfw_tmp-DATE). The template/firewall-script now contain a header with an overview of all firewall settings. You can now set more parameters in the config file, jsfirewall.conf. Better error handling was implemented. Stateful inspection is now more secure.

        •  19 Jan 2005 14:12

          Release Notes: A security hole in the ftp-state area was fixed, and was renamed to "ftp-passive", which is a better description. A wrong RealAudio/Video part was fixed, and new filter-rules were added here. Real and ftp-passive support now can have stateful inspection turned on or off. Wrong lines in the server part were fixed, and you can now configure ports for services. Logging support was added for the loopback device (IN+OUT), and OUTPUT logging support was added for the network device. A Logging description variable was added in the config file. Features to save, load, view, and delete templates were added to the program.

          •  21 Oct 2004 15:59

            Release Notes: The sensitivity bug was fixed. The file was sometimes 0 bytes, so this section was redesigned and is now handled with gawk. The header section code was reduced, resulting in faster exit testing. jsfw.conf was renamed to jsfirewall.conf, and the LL and LOG variables were added. The server section now supports all services (without portrange edit mode). Some text parts in the languages files were edited and added. The view section was edited. Now more port information is printed.

            Recent comments

            10 Jul 2004 00:18 15062004

            netfilter security advisory
            June 30, 2004 - Adam Osuchowski posted a bug about remote DoS vulnerability in Linux kernel 2.6.x. Please see

   for more informations. My firewall system doesn't use the "--tcp-option", so all releases (0.4.9-1 - 0.5.0) can be used without fixing iptables. I want to thank all people who use jsfirewall.


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