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0verkill is a client-server 2D deathmatch-like game in ASCII art. It supports free connecting/disconnecting during the game, and runs well on modem lines. Graphics are in 16-color ASCII art with elaborate hero animations. 0verkill features 4 different weapons, grenades, invisibility, and armor. The package also contains reaperbot clients, a simple graphics editor, and a level editor.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  16 Dec 2001 16:52

    Release Notes: This version contains new level, a lot of cool new graphics, some improvements to the old level, level negotiation, killing objects, several bugfixes, and an improved graphics edito

    •  25 Jan 2001 22:00

      Release Notes: This release includes several bugfixes, network performance boost, and experimental reaperbots. Supported platforms now include Linux, SunOS, IRIX, FreeBSD, NetBSD, OS/2, and Windows.

      •  31 Oct 2000 15:21

        Release Notes: Weapon switching was enhanced. A graphics editor, a new icon, a new key for climbing down ladders, and new graphics were added. The server now logs players' IP addresses and time. A wrong port bug was fixed.

        •  21 Sep 2000 14:24

          Release Notes: New features include players respawning in random places in the game, invisibility, and the ability to see one's own death.

          •  19 Sep 2000 10:08

            Release Notes: Now 0verkill have armor and full X support.

            Recent comments

            17 Oct 2007 12:17 finferflu

            Any public server?
            Does anybody know whether there is any public server where to play?
            (also, how do I change the port and my nickname?)

            14 Aug 2003 11:13 jago25_98

            need public SERVER up
            got an address anyone?

            all the ones on the homepage are DOWN :/

            20 Jun 2003 15:24 krupaj

            Re: question

            > i know how to decompress *.tar and *.gz
            > but how do you decompress a tgz?

            tar xvfz file.tgz

            tar xvfz file.tar.gz

            07 Jun 2003 18:37 dexterl

            Re: Wow..

            > It's a nice game for Linux! When you
            > can't install your graphic card and play
            > to UT or something like that, play to
            > 0verkill! You're gonna make fun with
            > your friends :)

            damn... I wish I had mi modem working on Linux, the game is just great for my piece-of-junk computer. If someday I can make my winmodem work well, I'll let you know, guys.

            03 Jun 2003 16:29 sebbean

            i know how to decompress *.tar and *.gz but how do you decompress a tgz?


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