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No avatar July 18, 1998 17:32 Editorial: Alan Cox

Alan Cox, infamous kernel hacker and Red Hat employee, gives us his valuable opionion about the Linux Standard Base Project. He once again debates the packaging issue and states one important fact: Nobody is forced to make any use out of the LSB. If you don't like it, just don't use it.

No avatar July 13, 1998 17:14 Editorial: Pulling on one end of the rope

Jordan K. Hubbard, one of the original founders of the FreeBSD project and Non-LINUX signer of the inital LSB proposal submitted a lengthy editorial dealing with a comparison of the past of UNIX with the future of Linux, outlining possible similarities and describing faults that could be prevented.

No avatar July 04, 1998 16:16 Editorial: Robert F. Young

This editorial has been removed at the author's request

No avatar June 27, 1998 11:04 Editorial: Mark Bolzern

Mark Bolzern, President WorkGroup Solutions, Inc., CEO Linux Mall and Director Linux International, brings up some statistical facts regarding the growth of the Linux community, mentions his conclusion on the "Linux vs. NT" editorial posted on ZDNet and states the fact that no matter what you do and how unimportant it may look like, you are able improve the future of the Linux OS.

No avatar June 19, 1998 18:00 Editorial: Erik Walthinsen

Erik Walthinsen, SEUL Project system architect, talks about the advantages that the LSB provides for the SEUL (Simple End User Linux) Project. He states several facts of a layered distribution leading into easier implementation of application specific components.

No avatar June 15, 1998 18:00 Editorial: Ransom Love

Ransom Love, General Manager of the OpenLinux Division at Caldera, Inc. states several facts regarding the positive meaning of the LSB for commercial support (ISVs) as well as for providers of Linux Business Solutions.

No avatar June 13, 1998 18:00 Editorial: Eid Eid

Eid Eid, President of Corel Computer Corp., comments the Linux Standard Base Proposal as a whole.

No avatar June 05, 1998 18:00 Editorial: Ted Cook

Ted Cook, Director Linux International, President and CEO of Enhanced Software Technologies, sent in his editorial dealing with the Linux market share and the Linux Standard Base proposal. He summarizes the first LSB meeting with it's key features and discusses the fact some distributions refuse to participate in the LSB Project.

No avatar May 29, 1998 18:00 Editorial: Herng-Jeng Jou

Herng-Jeng Jou, creator of Scientific Applications for Linux wrote an editorial about optimized machine code, basic scientific libraries and improvements to make Linux the primary choice of a high performance developer/research platform.

No avatar May 22, 1998 18:00 Editorial: Larry Augustin

Larry Augustin, Director Linux International, President VA Research writes about the future of Linux and the fact that the only thing that can stop Linux from being a successful OS is us.

No avatar May 21, 1998 18:00 Editorial: Mark Bolzern

A preliminary editorial about the recently published Linux Base System proposal by Mark Bolzern, Director Linux Intermational, CEO Linux Mall, and President WorkGroup Solutions.

No avatar May 18, 1998 18:00 Editorial: Linux Standard Base Project

The first writeup of the Linux System Base Proposal, signed by multiple players in the Linux community.

No avatar May 05, 1998 18:00 Editorial: Robert Current

Robert's followup editorial addressing incorrect statements and proceding further on regarding the Linux Standard Base issue.

No avatar May 02, 1998 18:00 Editorial: Robert Current

One Linuxers Opinion, the initial editorial regarding the Linux Standard Base issue by Robert Current

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