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January 30, 2001 02:29 freshmeat II launched

It's here. It's new. It's freshmeat II. (/me quits rhyming) -- Way too much time has passed since the last rewrite. The first baby-blue freshmeat went online Jan 1st 1999, more than 2 years ago. Here's baby-blue freshmeat II, codenamed 'Verdi'. Besides being completely restructured database wise to better cope with with the project data, this release incorporates most of the features users requested in the past months. Click the link for a quick rundown.

Update: Yes, you convinced me the select boxes suck and as such they will be replaced with link icons as soon as I get a chance.

No avatar January 20, 2001 23:59 Freecode's Stance on "Trivial" Software


Every day, dozens of hackers send us news of their code and hope for a spot in the appindex. Since we know how much our approval can mean, it honestly does hurt us more than it hurts you when we have to frown over a submission and write back, “You know, this really doesn’t fit here…” In today’s editorial, Nathan Hurst, part of Freecode’s Australian crew, explains what goes through our minds and why we sometimes feel we just have to say “no”.

No avatar March 04, 2000 23:59 The Official HOWNOTTO

Ryan Gordon writes: "So, you've found your niche in the open-source world, and now you want to be noticed? You're producing cool, original, k-rad elite apps, and you want to get the recognition you deserve? There can only be one solution: FRESHMEAT."

No avatar December 11, 1999 23:59 How to Write A Great freshmeat Submission

The tradition of freshmeat editorials has been sadly neglected this year. We're going to remedy this by posting an editorial every week from now on, and we invite you to write on any software-related topic about which you have opinions to share. This week, I'll kick things off by offering one myself about how to write a great freshmeat submission and how to write great documentation generally. At the bottom of it, you'll find instructions telling you how you can be our next writer and earn a freshmeat t-shirt and 15 minutes of fame.

Project Spotlight


A fast, lightweight SVG generator for Java.


Project Spotlight

PHP MIME Mail decoder class

A PHP class to decode email messages.