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What's up?

The past year has seen the rise of a controversial but unavoidable medium, The Blog. While blogs are not new, and many trace their spirit and much of their content back to the much-lamented baby-photo-infested personal homepages of the early Web, this has been the year in which they've gained wide audiences rivaling those of traditional news sources. I'm not too proud to say that this has left us at freshmeat feeling a little inadequate.

We always try to keep pace with the times, and have begun to worry that freshmeat is too traditionally journalistic, giving just facts without probing the zeitgeist hiding behind their masks.

We want to take a step in the contemporary direction by inviting everyone today to look upon freshmeat's front page as your own personal blog. View the release announcements not as stale containers of information, but as vehicles for the personal expression of all the important things on your mind.

We still want just the facts up front, but after that, throw in a <p>, and let us know what's really going on. We know what release you're making. Your changes tell us why you're making it. But how does it make you feel? What was the shape of your world as you produced this latest gift of seminal sourcecode?

If this release were a color, what color would it be? What is its smell?

How do you feel about the other releases you've seen today? About the other things you've read? About your coworkers, your pets, your shoes, and your lunch? And... most important of all... how are you? We all really, deeply want — nay, need — to know.

Fill us in. Don't leave us parched in the arid plain of objective changelogs. Give us the ethos that gives this meat its life.

Recent comments

23 Nov 2007 05:28 Avatar Pharmmaster

Re: oh
Good joke))

23 Jan 2007 09:48 Avatar wisdomking

not good enough
Goggle ( gulp was better than this one matey

06 Dec 2006 07:36 Avatar giggs

Re: oh
well, er.....
( nice joke )

19 Feb 2006 03:20 Avatar johnstraws

Re: hah

> brilliant :)


> another goodie for today:


Nice bottles there had a heartful laugh

12 Feb 2006 11:22 Avatar Pfv2

Good joke.


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