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Welcome to 3.0

The database migration of the old data set has just finished. Welcome to the brand new

We still have a few open loops to close, but we wanted to bring the site back up first.

Read on for a few brief comments on the current site status.

First of all, we’re not done yet. What you’re looking at right now is a 90% import of the old site, with most of the data being present and available to you.

We did our best to map the former trove categorization into a meaningful set of tags for each project and release. I am confident that this will not have worked in every case. But I am just as confident that with every submission we process in the new system we will nudge the metadata of the entries and I also trust you as project maintainers to make sure your project’s record here on is shaping up nicely.

What’s missing right now is the statistics component. Yes, we had statistics per project reaching back 60 days, but that just isn’t enough anymore. We also need to refine our metrics for measuring popularity and vitality. All of this will be tackled in the next few days, since implementing this solely on the drawing board without the interaction of the real site is rarely a good idea.

Also coming in the next few days is the revamped API to interface with both project data and user data (including your subscriptions and filters). With the site itself out of the door now we can focus on polishing that component up for release.

In case you’re wondering, the first newsletter originating from the new system will be sent out on Monday.

As noted in our little placeholder page during the migration, status updates regarding further code pushes will be sent to our Twitter account with more detailed articles coming as time and features permit.

We fully expect to spend a couple of days ironing out the kinks that have not surfaced during the beta test and without the full set of data. Please bear with us and use our help system should you be in need of assistance.

Please remember that we opened the new site for beta testing at the beginning of February and reminded you about it in five articles detailing what we were doing and why. Try to limit your comments to things you couldn’t have told us over the last six weeks.

Sorry for keeping this note a little brief. The past weeks were exhausting.

Recent comments

09 Aug 2011 15:26 Avatar jonard

31 Jul 2011 19:05 Avatar jonard

I would say go and find the best way solution in order to improve your project. I know it so hard for you but if you'll going to do what is inside in your heart do it for the benefit of the other.

17 Mar 2011 11:50 Avatar sproketboy

How many people does "chuck" have to blow to get 7 projects listed on the slashdot frontpage? Just curious.

10 Mar 2011 03:47 Avatar laytonb

no more blog updates?

27 Sep 2010 00:09 Avatar drjava

One afterthought to the praising comment above:

I am, however, still puzzled by how resistant the FM team seems to be towards user input. Do you not care? Do you consider yourself distinct from the user base? In that case, it seems certain that eventually that user base will break away.

Because users, all over the world, are moving away from being ruled by external forces - and towards ruling themselves. It's a new era, and it's beginning just now.


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