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Old Appindex categories eliminated

We've been carrying our old 2-level categorization scheme with us since the date we switched to the freshmeat II codebase on Jan 30th 2001. Over the course of the past year, people have been able to move their projects from the old category scheme to the new scheme. We have also repeatedly contacted developers, encouraging them to update their project's categorization. Effective today, all categories left over from freshmeat I have been eliminated.

We tried our best to match corresponding categories between the old and the new system, and bulk moved projects over that didn't have any categorization in the new scheme. We also split up a bunch of categories manually, and hope that most of the projects have been relocated correctly.

Currently, there are 732 projects left without categorization. If you are a developer of one of these projects, please click the "trove categorization" heading on your project's page to update its categorization. Otherwise, people will likely not be able to easily find your project.

For the ordinary visitor, nothing much changed. Due to the merge, we have only one category tree left for you to browse, which means that it's likely to be more crowded within one or more categories. But it's also likely that, due to the larger pool of applications available in one place, you will be able to find the applications you're looking for much quicker now. If there's a need for additional subcategories to split up one of the larger ones, feel free to drop us a note.

All in all, we hope this last and final step in the freshmeat I to freshmeat II merge helps you to make even more use of the resources freshmeat provides.
Happy new year to all of you (better late than never).

Patrick Lenz (scoop) founder and manager

Recent comments

11 Jan 2002 22:28 Avatar timecop

yeah, the subject is not very clear
I read the subject and the intro on the front page as "all the projects still in old categories have been deleted".
Perhaps it would be nice to let someone with some english experience proof-read and correct the articles such as this one before posting them on front page.
Oh wait, which company owns freshmeat, never mind...

11 Jan 2002 14:48 Avatar suso

Remember those old days?
I can almost no longer the way the original freshmeat worked. I know it was simular, about the only thing I can remember was that Freshmeat logo that was filled with crazy kids at some concert. What a hoot.

I remember that I was hesitant and not very accepting of the new Freshmeat II interface at first, but it's one of those things that grew on all of us. Now I think it's great. Great work folks!!

11 Jan 2002 13:26 Avatar davemw

Re: thatz rocks but thatz suckz
if you can read this, you're a geek.


11 Jan 2002 12:21 Avatar theweedman

Re: thatz rocks but thatz suckz
that's great

11 Jan 2002 12:06 Avatar jeffcovey

Re: thatz rocks but thatz suckz

> we've lost some good projects

What are you talking about? No projects have been removed.


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