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Despite begging, cajoling, writing FAQs, and renaming our "report problem" link to "broken links", we've never been able to convince everyone that is for writing us with problems with freshmeat itself. We still get a few messages each day from people asking why BloggyBlog 3.17 won't post their parakeet photos or telling us about misspellings in the Swedish translation of our firewall script. Until now, we've had to express our regret that we only list information about the 40,000 projects on our site, and can't provide tech support for them all. Today, we're happy to announce that's all changing.

As the day traders among you will know, our grandparent company recently posted its first profitable quarter. In the post-profit euphoria, we convinced the finance department to greenlight one of our long-running requests to Human Resources, and have been able to hire consultants to handle user questions.

As we hoped to do, we've engaged an international support group with centers around the globe, and so will be able to give realtime consultations 24/7. The staff will come on for shifts at appropriate hours for their locations, and two consultants should be available at all times. They'll be waiting to take your inquiries at:

channel: #helpdesk

While they obviously can't be familiar with every project we list, our consultants do have a wide knowledge of Unix and Mac software and access to a great library of reference material. Give them a little time, and we think they'll be able to help you through most of the problems you'll encounter with any software you find here.

We hope this will also take some of the pressure off you project authors, but please feel free to drop in as well and check the advice our team is giving.

Please stop by and let us know how we can help. Best of luck!

Recent comments

14 Aug 2011 21:41 Avatar mon012

i love your idea, lol

14 Mar 2007 21:58 Avatar endless552001

the idea is good
the idea is good, and I support it.

19 Dec 2006 07:42 Avatar Theimprover

Don't exaggerate with it
This idea isn't healthy for software industry, or anything else. Try not to o far with that April fool thing, kids!

21 Aug 2006 23:57 Avatar CollegeStudent

"Despite begging, cajoling, writing FAQs, and renaming our 'report problem' link to 'broken links', we've never been able to convince everyone"

You're not alone. :) Similar issues come up with my client websites all the time and I've concluded that unless I'm willing to break the consistency of the page design with some kind of bright box or arrow or larger font, it's not going away.


daniel _AT_ (

01 Apr 2006 14:19 Avatar malbrigt

FM + april = Human resources joke
Even tho the idea is good, doable is another issue.

Anyone remember last years joke?

As I remember ( at least something like this ), freshmeat was "hiring" writers, with an incredible salary ;-)


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