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Hardware outage at freshmeat

As you may or may not have noticed, freshmeat has suffered from some major downtime from 11am EST to 5pm EST. Both database servers crashed hard and refused to boot with various kernel revisions and mylex driver modules. OSDN's netop staff worked hard to get a replacement machine up and running which neither cooperated nicely at first. The site is up in semi-stable state right now and searches are still disabled while we're working on getting the search database server back up and running. Please bear with us and sorry for the inconvenience.

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25 Sep 2002 15:21 Avatar dunbar

OK, keep hunting
Patiently yours.....

26 Mar 2002 01:51 Avatar googleman

How about calling the national disaster dudes and have them broadcast a warning across the nation! nah, too much...
Perhaps put a notice opn all opf the OSDN websites? that way everyone who visits an OSDN website will know. Don't make it too large though, too big would be an eye sore.

22 Mar 2002 13:36 Avatar darkonc

Re: I was worried....

> Humm... I'll bring that up at the next
> meeting we have. Just need a easy way to
> do it. Like a small side box on the site
> that people could see if there are any
> outages or planned maintance
> happening....

Just pull a box from somebody's desk. If all you're doing is serving a single static page, it's not gonna need massive disk I/O or anything -- just apache (/tux) and an ethernet card that won't melt down under the pressure.

11 Mar 2002 17:38 Avatar ondruska


Next time you could place a dumb web server with a simple note: "We've got troubles, try again in X hours."


18 Jan 2002 18:54 Avatar yazz

Re: Reason?

> Hi,
> it would bei nice to hear something
> about the
> reasons for the crash, as soon as
> they're detected...
> regards, chris

Well to put it simply have you ever planned an upgrade to a new kernel then find out it won't work? Hardware that is supported just won't work. One of thoses lovely little things you can't really plan for.

You might ask why the kernel upgrade? The answer would be the machine was not being very stable under the other kernel. The DB was just not getting along with the setup and if given time would lock up the machine.

Thats the basic facts without going into great detail of the hair pulling and long irc chats. For the moment there are still unsolved issues but we are working on real solutions to keep everything working.

Belive it or not Freshmeat has some of the best uptime records of OSDN machines.

Oh by the way Scoop rocks!


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