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freshmeat XML-RPC API available is primarily a Web-accessible database. However, apart from requesting interface improvements for the Web part, a lot of people requested scriptable access to our database. As of this writing, we have the first version of our XML-RPC API available for you to use (that's not abuse there!). Click below for details and API specs.

To use the API, you're required to be a registered user of This makes sense because, for now, the primary use of it is release submission automation through scripted release managers and the like.

Currently, the feature set includes the retrieval of branches for a given project and the data of pending release submissions, submission of new releases, and withdrawal of pending releases. This obviously only works for projects for which you're an admin. (We have instructions available on how to request ownership in case you're developing an application but do not own its freshmeat project record.)

All functions return appropriate error codes for error conditions (a list of which can be found in the API docs linked to below) and exit gracefully upon encountering an error.

The first sample implementation is freshmeat-submit and comes from Eric S. Raymond of fetchmail fame. He and I worked closely together to make this interface as usable and error-free as possible. Thanks for your co-operation, Eric!

The most recent copy of the API docs is (and always will be) available in the FAQ.

All that being said, the API is evolving. We'll have more features available as you request them (and they make sense). And keep in mind, don't ruin the fun for everybody by abusing or excessively using the API.


Patrick Lenz (scoop) Site Manager and Senior Developer

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12 Aug 2007 05:30 Avatar frewert

Re: Broken link




> Link does not work (404), can you

> update?

Sorry for not stopping by for such a long time.

You can get a copy of antmeat at



06 Apr 2007 12:16 Avatar mdnava

Re: Broken link

> Well, here it is:

Link does not work (404), can you update?

19 Dec 2004 07:04 Avatar pintman

Re: Login incorrect
I've used the API the wrong way and invoked the login-command instead using the logout-command. shame on me. ;)

16 Dec 2004 05:03 Avatar pintman

Login incorrect
Whenever i try to fetch e.g. the list of available projects of and account - or even just try to logout - i get an Login incorrect-Error. Of course i performed a login before and got a SID - without getting this error. Any ideas why there are these problems?

14 Dec 2004 00:44 Avatar iRude

Re: PHP class to use the xml-rpc interface
yes! I agree,

My XML / RSS avail. here RSS iRude (


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