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freshmeat launches Mac OS X section

We've had trove nodes for the Mac OS X operating system and the Mac OS X Carbon and Cocoa frameworks for ages. We've had an OS X package download link for ages. Now we officially have a whole freshmeat section devoted to the next generation of Apple's operating system. Click the link to read the full story.

As usual, people not interested in this new section are free to ignore it. If you have a freshmeat user account you probably already know about the ability to compile your own set of sections to include at the default '' location. If you already opted to do that and are eager to have the new Mac OS X section included in your feed as well, please go to your user preferences and check the box near the section name.

While we're populating the Mac OS X section with software it will be included in the main feed by default. This will change once a sufficent number of projects has been added and the section will be made just as separate as the themes section is.

We need your help!

Although we'll be adding each and every piece of Mac OS X software we come across we can use your help. If you're a Mac OS X addict like me and Catie "MRS. FLICK" Flick we'd appreciate it if you could just add your favourite bunch of applications and tools by clicking the submit link in the blue navbar above.

We already hand-moved the dozen or so applications from our main software section over to the Mac OS X section that were already present, if you come across a project that we missed out, either contact us or use the update project link on the respective project pages to request a section change.

As usual, let us know if you have any suggestions or criticism by either commenting this article or contacting us through the contact form.

And for the sake of completeness, I wish you all a pleasant holiday season and a happy new year!

Patrick Lenz (scoop)
Site manager

Recent comments

20 Dec 2005 11:49 Avatar ArtisticTwist

Gotta admit there are quite a few good posts here. Kudos out

to freshmeat and posters like Bas Burger, Wheezl, and

0x0d0a. But other posters who I will not name to avoid both a

flame war and the undeserved popularity it would lend these

people. Needless to say freshmeat isn't solely about Linux,

BSD, Unix, GNU, or even the communities they comprise.

Rather it's about open source, which like other grand

movements such as democracy in general is made up of a

much grander group of people. Complaining about MacOS X

being added to freshmeat is no different then complaining

about Russia becoming a democratic union. Besides Linux as

BSD were only the beginning of a generation which now is

continuing to create new software, even new operating

systems for all people.

Most notably one ReactOS is starting to pick-up momentum

and could soon be the open source answer to Windows. While

I am not saying this would kill M$ it could certainly be the end

of an era of techno-tyranny and the liberation of the Windows

desktop user. Allowing them to enjoy the same freedom of

software selection that is now enjoyed by the Un*x-type OS


Furthermore, similar work is moving foreward on other user

audiences (Amiga, BeOS, Early 8-Bit machines, DOS, CP/M,

VMS, Etc.) which will someday flatten the software field.

Allowing users the ability to configure their environment to

their liking simply by selecting the software modules they feel

most comfortable with. Standardization of module delivery

systems such as Debian's APT have also helped push this to

the forefront. Combined with the modularity of hardware,

which is much a reality today (PCI, ZIF, AGP, USB,HID, Etc.),

the market of computing in the coming years may be more like

that of the 70's when we hobbyist customized their gear then

the Windows-centric era of 87 - present.

So quit whining and accept. MacOS X has joined the march to

software democracy. Whether it is Unix, Linux, or some

half-baked open-closed source monster is not as important as

the fact a portion of its users have decided to go with

democratic development.

08 Nov 2003 09:09 Avatar amosj

Re: Great!
I think this was a wise thing to do, totally
consistent with the charter of FM and in keeping
with open source standards. The widgets aren't the
point. The natterers aren't the point. Good call.


29 Mar 2003 15:13 Avatar mhearn

Re: Please, please, please
Except that isn't true is it? I just tried it, it doesn't work. I still see MacOS X software. Just lose it instead of trying to take down Version Tracker.

> As mentioned by others in this comment
> board and as mentioned by me in the
> article, make sure you leave the Mac OS
> X section in your user preferences
> unchecked (which I'm sure you will) and
> you'll never see a Mac OS X app.

18 Feb 2003 16:25 Avatar grammyputer

A Polite Request
I work on Solaris and Macs, so am much interested
but when I search, I usually am interested POSIX, X-windows, etc. If there could be an "ignore" value to search, so I could skip Intel only apps, and look only at the ones that would run in my environment.

07 Jan 2003 11:43 Avatar McLaurin

There's a difference between Unix and Free Software
I really don't care if Mac OS X is a Unix or not, or even if Linux is or isn't. The stuff that distinguishes the new Mac software is proprietary software, and as an old Mac faithful it disappoints me. What distinguishes GNU/Linux distros is the high proportion of GPL code. By all means, let's have a Freshmeat section on Windows alternatives to Microsoft Office, Outlook Express, and all the big Redmond moneymakers. How's doing, these days? And should we have a newbies chat room on Cygwin?


Project Spotlight

Kigo Video Converter Ultimate for Mac

A tool for converting and editing videos.


Project Spotlight


An efficient tagger for MP3, Ogg/Vorbis, and FLAC files.