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freshmeat Job Openings

The expansions of the past year have left us in need of some extra help. If you or someone you know would be interested in working at freshmeat, please read this article.

It's been a busy year at freshmeat. In addition to our traditional offerings, we're now including information about themes and Mac OS X projects. The extra burden has stretched our staff unacceptably thin, and we need reinforcements.

We need to fill 10 new Editor positions. These will be our usual fulltime positions with starting salaries of $65,000/year. In addition to the standard health benefits, basic laptop computers and Internet access will be provided. Also, as most of you know, scoop has extensive training in both Swedish and Deep Tissue massage techniques, and will be available for personal sessions during all working hours.

Applicants should have a reasonable knowledge of Unix software and good written English skills. A programming or sysadmin background is useful, but not necessary.

As usual, since these employees will be serving the freshmeat community, the community will help with their selection. If you wish to offer yourself for consideration, please go to #freshmeat on, give a brief resumé and explanation of why you feel you should be chosen, and answer any questions that are asked of you. Anyone interested in taking part in the selection process should join us there. A log of the discussion will be kept, and a vote will be taken at the end of the day.

If you have any questions, please ask in the channel. Thanks.

Recent comments

01 Feb 2004 22:30 Avatar SmartGuy

Re: I know someone who could use the job

> I keep getting emails from them.
> They're from Nigeria and apparently they
> are fleeing the country.
> They wanted me to 'hold on' to some cash
> for them, but I don't even have a
> wallet.
> So I refered them to this site for a
> job. They were real happy when they saw
> the salary.
> I believe there was a Princess, an
> Ex-Dictator (he'd probably want his own
> cubicle) and some representative of an
> ex-wife of a dictator.
> They sounded like real nice people just
> needing a second chance.
> With all the war an everything I would
> like to quote a great philosopher who
> said:
> "Can't we all just get
> along?"
> - Rodnious Kingious

Hehhehe OMG that is too funny lol :D

11 Dec 2003 07:52 Avatar TheKeyboardSlayer

Re: For U.S only?

> Applicants for these positions must be
> residents of
> Kiribati.
> I'm sorry; I guess I should have
> mentioned that.

OOoo!! Oo!! That's me in the middle of the pic!!!

I'm a shoe in!!! Hell..the position is as good as mine!

01 Sep 2003 21:06 Avatar simplyjat

Re: application for editor
i have no personal interest for linux... i was just telling you for reference... i worked on windows... i worked on linux... i wanted to work on MAC Os but i was never able to purchase a MAC system...

what i wnt to emphasise is that i am very quick in learning... and if i have the opportunity... i will learn MAC as well in a matter of haours... :) and i assure you for that....

Sarvex Jatasra

31 Aug 2003 18:45 Avatar jeffcovey

Re: application for editor

> i know linux.

I'm sorry, but if you have a personal relationship with Linux, that
would create an unacceptable conflict of interest.

30 Aug 2003 10:28 Avatar simplyjat

application for editor
i am interested in the editor vacancy... i know linux.. am new to MAC Os but i can learn very fast...

waiting for your positive reply
Sarvex Jatasra


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