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fm3's fresh features: Simplified Project Management

We'd like to highlight some of the aspects of the latest incarnation of in a few short articles. We hope to point out features you may have missed and share some of the reasoning behind our design decisions with our long-time users. We hope you enjoy the new site, and look forward to your thoughtfully-considered and kindly-worded comments and suggestions. In this installment: Ways managing project listings has been made easier for authors.

If you've submitted projects to freshmeat in the past, you'll remember that submission was a multi-step process, and that once your listing was on freshmeat, there were several different pages for updating your data -- here to update your URLs, over there to add a branch, over here to change your project's name.

For freshmeat 3, we've simplified the process and combined many of the project maintenance features in a single location. We decided to drop the branches features, so each project has just one set of URLs now. When you submit a new project, you're given a single page on which you can enter all of its important information (optional data like screenshots and dependencies are still handled separately). When you come back to edit your information, you're given the same single page so you can tell at a glance what needs to be changed.

fm3 project submission form

Since each project has just one set of URLs, the form for submitting a new release includes your project's links. When you change them there, they're changed for your project. If nothing's changed in your project's basic information, you can update your links while you complete the "add release" form, and won't need to do anything else.

fm3 release submission form

We hope this simplification and consolidation of features will make using freshmeat a quicker and less confusing experience for you. We'll look forward to seeing what you've been up to!

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Recent comments

19 Mar 2009 18:09 Avatar vladlosev

I am surprised that the release information, once entered, cannot be updated at all. If I made a mistake while adding the release, I am stuck with it. Am I missing something?

11 Feb 2009 06:59 Avatar scoop

Re: The lack of branches

Releases, as everything, can be tagged, but they can be tagged
separately from the project record. That enables you to browse a
project's releases by tag. That's what we're going to import branches as,

Historically, less than 5% of all projects on freshmeat use branches.
So we've been complicating matters for 95% of the admins and 100% of
the users.

11 Feb 2009 06:24 Avatar imipak

The lack of branches
This does sadden me, as branches are something I use a lot. Mind you, I also use dependencies a lot, so I'm clearly weird. Although branches, as implemented, were a little more wasteful than necessary, they did eliminate some unnecessary duplication. I'm really not sure how this'll be avoided on FM3, which leads me to think there could be some database inflation.

I guess you could run all the branches together and have the different URLs serve as pointers into those branches. Then, though, you'd lose track of version numbers and changes between versions, especially on projects where there are two or more baselines under development (NetCDF being one very good example).

Tricky. Thoughts, anyone?


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