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Debian: New openssl packages fix RSA signature forgery cryptographic weakness

Daniel Bleichenbacher discovered a flaw in OpenSSL cryptographic package that could allow an attacker to generate a forged signature that OpenSSL will accept as valid. Fixed packages are available from
Hash: SHA1

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Debian Security Advisory DSA 1173-1                                       Noah Meyerhans
September 10th, 2006          
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Package        : openssl
Problem-Type   : local
Vulnerability  : Cryptographic weakness
Debian-specific: no
CVE ID         : CVE-2006-4339
BugTraq ID     : 19849
Debian Bug     : 386247

Daniel Bleichenbacher discovered a flaw in OpenSSL cryptographic package
that could allow an attacker to generate a forged signature that OpenSSL
will accept as valid.

For the stable distribution (sarge) this problem has been fixed in
version 0.9.7e-3sarge2

For the unstable distribution (sid) this problem has been fixed in
version 0.9.8b-3

We recommend that you upgrade your openssl packages.  Note that services
linking against the openssl shared libraries will need to be restarted.
Common examples of such services include most Mail Transport Agents, SSH
servers, and web servers.

Upgrade Instructions
- --------------------

wget url
       will fetch the file for you
dpkg -i file.deb
       will install the referenced file.

If you are using the apt-get package manager, use the line for
sources.list as given below:

apt-get update
       will update the internal database
apt-get upgrade
       will install corrected packages

You may use an automated update by adding the resources from the
footer to the proper configuration.

Debian GNU/Linux 3.1 alias sarge
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 Source archives:
     Size/MD5 checksum:      639 a6d3c0f1fae595b8c2f7a45ca76dff1f
     Size/MD5 checksum:    27435 16d02ad2e1e531617e5d533553340a83
     Size/MD5 checksum:  3043231 a8777164bca38d84e5eb2b1535223474

 Alpha architecture:
     Size/MD5 checksum:  3339496 917761204c442b6470cc84364a1d5227
     Size/MD5 checksum:  2445696 6d894629524dcefbefa0f813cb588bef
     Size/MD5 checksum:   929948 117af21021dfea510ac09e9a09c1dfd9

 AMD64 architecture:
     Size/MD5 checksum:  2693336 c45662184c5ed338e179f3ec5e39289e
     Size/MD5 checksum:   769324 e216b2d3b89634457906140fcff4c5ac
     Size/MD5 checksum:   903454 52d2ce0e5d967ca1a77a33f9417fd798

 ARM architecture:
     Size/MD5 checksum:  2555074 fd529ad701cfbbde50845aa3e0ba4d5e
     Size/MD5 checksum:   689548 a626529a0d9f52d069e6fcb1ec3a2513
     Size/MD5 checksum:   893880 58bcc0001bf7e014b6a1d7ab9849cf2c

 HP Precision architecture:
     Size/MD5 checksum:  2694850 7dd819a9adddc660268d260df3e8cea2
     Size/MD5 checksum:   790570 06a37ff4879fab7ee26ac35f6526d7c3
     Size/MD5 checksum:   914188 74e469de973e495e93455816587b63db

 Intel IA-32 architecture:
     Size/MD5 checksum:  2553346 946eaef80a1dc82af47e10d4913153b3
     Size/MD5 checksum:  2262628 a4e5d09c7086373d2a76370c71542ce0
     Size/MD5 checksum:   908336 e850093346e148d2132d59db3184d398

 Intel IA-64 architecture:
     Size/MD5 checksum:  3394850 a43e3948b612ea7b48cdcb267fb26ef5
     Size/MD5 checksum:  1037694 e4cda7f8044cbc72ebbef123124461ea
     Size/MD5 checksum:   974802 a6dcd78bc35ca46bb21ac24ac1ccde1b

 Motorola 680x0 architecture:
     Size/MD5 checksum:  2316460 403eae3e2c3f396a0e789069e8896036
     Size/MD5 checksum:   661108 eeb8f5b59f10b7c5ed5187f25b1505e6
     Size/MD5 checksum:   889522 07baf9c082693a1bbf7d81d49f5dd216

 Big endian MIPS architecture:
     Size/MD5 checksum:  2778514 ef833284a26b9ad69eb22c169dcb822f
     Size/MD5 checksum:   705952 57a2075ffd4746c1c989c06be4e5587e
     Size/MD5 checksum:   896456 0d93ca64cbc1608c5a8345a574b47ada

 Little endian MIPS architecture:
     Size/MD5 checksum:  2766270 1d197335ffe887e31525c04466dfd66c
     Size/MD5 checksum:   693836 45f358db6b4e149982a16cced46eb1d7
     Size/MD5 checksum:   895636 60f63815017772f9dcbcfce2d8aa9138

 PowerPC architecture:
     Size/MD5 checksum:  2774840 012631d48936597d2bdb35a2c9e597cc
     Size/MD5 checksum:   778946 3e0d5b50e5c3a1b00faf6c7c18a8ac4f
     Size/MD5 checksum:   908016 8bfe8de155f113aef3edca883cd72dac

 IBM S/390 architecture:
     Size/MD5 checksum:  2716386 e8744dd7d49acabdd664bdd505e9efae
     Size/MD5 checksum:   813542 05846cc017a99f250d8104c406f2a609
     Size/MD5 checksum:   918208 f78b15dae8f8072339e601793707c4eb

 Sun Sparc architecture:
     Size/MD5 checksum:  2629368 4532f9940cf010b00b0d1404c11f9da5
     Size/MD5 checksum:  1884394 f7a8f112bb7e09c8c1dacc68c923cd40
     Size/MD5 checksum:   924208 a5e3e93b474e23a0f858eaa3a329d2de

 These files will probably be moved into the stable distribution on
 its next update.

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