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Ad-free day on 09/11

On September 11, 2002 OSDN and all of its affiliated Web sites will host an entire day free of advertising. We will do this in remembrance of September 11, 2001 as a tribute to all of the heroes and victims of that tragic day. We will resume all advertising at 12:01 US EDT on September 12. OSDN would like to thank our customers for supporting us in this action.

Most Sincerely,

Richard French
General Manager

Recent comments

05 Mar 2003 08:26 Avatar zsenei

What about Bin Laden as an CIA Agent?
What about Bin Laden as an American agent who helped the American policy in Afganistan againtst the Soviet Union?
What about Islam fundametalism which was developed by the USA against the Arab socialism (Nasser and others)?
What about UCK in Kosovo?

07 Jan 2003 12:15 Avatar McLaurin

Re: Patriotism...
According to the Old Testament, God did bomb Sodom and Gomorrha, because the men were homosexual. I don't believe it, but lots of Christians say that they do.

07 Jan 2003 12:12 Avatar McLaurin

Re: Next Add-Free Day
It is wrong to equate the people of Iraq with the dictator who runs Iraq. It is therefore wrong to bomb Baghdad even if Saddam Hussein is the second most wicked man on Earth. (Presumably bin Laden is worse). I object to Muslim fanatics holding me responsible for the offences they imagine that my government has committed against them, but I acknowledge that in a democracy the people have more responsibility for the acts of their government than they do in a tyranny or a theocracy. Hatred of peoples for other nations' peoples will continue until we hold individuals responsible for their individual actions, even if they are national or corporate bosses.

07 Jan 2003 11:59 Avatar McLaurin

An outrage, but as a tragedy it's overrated.
Murdering 3000 people in one day is a monstrous crime.
But viewed as an act of war, it's puny.
Viewed as a menace to individual Americans, it's even less. Don't forget, we've killed more than 3000 Americans every month since that day, with automobiles, on the roads of the USA - in fact, rather more than 45,000 a year. Probably more than before, what with people being afraid to use airlines.
We've let the terrorists terrify us out of all proportion to their actual power to harm us.

12 Oct 2002 14:40 Avatar gooba42

Re: Next Add-Free Day
Ah, but the Guantanamo Bay abuses are in violation of human rights, or must be assumed to be so in light of the fact that the US refuses to allow the UN to inspect the facilities. Who must answer for that and to whom must they answer for it? They are not violating US law, they are on another nations soil and that nation by whatever mess of treaty or whatnot don't have control of it either.

So now we have a situation in which the US is in violation of international law, but not violating the laws of any individual state. If there was to be a trial it would have to be at an international level which, as many suspect, is probably the reason we refuse to participate fully in such a court system. We would then be held accountable the same as anyone else and equality is the last thing we want.

And as for being tried in a country where Al Qaeda doesn't operate, isn't that the unbiased trial which is the basis of the US court system? While we prefer to have the trial locally to the crime, we also allow changes of venue specifically for purposes of running the trial in an unbiased, unaffected locale.

How far do we extend the blame? Does the 5 year old who says "My daddy is Al Qaeda so I am too" get to be on trial for murder?
> interesting oppinion you have there, but
> no one is forced to abide by the Kyoto
> Protocol, that was entirely voluntary,
> unlike the weapons instructors were
> forced upon Iraq. Calling the US a rogue
> state is a rather interesting notion,
> albiet maybe not agreeing with the Kyoto
> protocol is rather far stretched
> thought. About the International
> Criminal court, well that is up to
> debate, which really depends on case by
> case. I mean a terrorist group
> attacking america targets such as the
> USS Cole or US Embasy's, and certain
> targets on US soil which I need not
> name, should be tried by the US, for if
> I goto another country and kill someone,
> I would be deported to be on trial in
> that country. Mind you any Embassy is
> that country's soil, aka if I'm in the
> US embassy in some country, I am in fact
> on US soil, not that country's soil. So
> terrorists attacking the US, shall be
> punished by the US, aka the not the
> terrorists being held in Guantanamo Bay,
> Cuba, are for us to handle, not some
> international court which would be
> overseen by countries not even affected
> by the Al Queda Network. Now certain
> people such as Milosevic would be very
> well suited for such a court, but what
> need is there of one when you have the
> UN.
> You see when it comes to opinion, anyone
> is allowed to think what they want. But
> Iraq was not allowed to have decide if
> they wanted weapons inspectors, or
> Germany paying billions in retributions
> because of World War 2. The UN, made up
> of many countries placed this on them in
> retrobution for their "crimes." See the
> difference? Kyoto is optional, weapon
> inspectors are not. International
> Criminal Court optional, punishment is
> not. Get it?


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