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Download Website 19 Mar 19:25 EUGene 2.7.4


EUGene allows you to manipulate and generate models. It can read UML class models in XMI independent from modeling, generate templates, transform models, and integrate in project building. It features independence in developer code and generated code. EUGene is independent from development tools. EUGene is easy to use and to put into place.

Release Notes: This version mainly updates dependencies' versions.

Download No website 19 Mar 19:25 Evo/Lution Fu-rch-0.9b-8


Evo/Lution is a live CD with a graphical installer for Arch Linux. Evo, the live CD, is an Arch based OS that cannot be installed. It is simply a platform to run the Lution installer, which is made to install Arch. It has options to install anything ranging from the Arch base, to base + the packages you select, including complete turn key desktop environments. The installer downloads all the packages you select from the Arch repositories during the install process so you always end up with a current, up to date install.


Release Notes: This release fixes QT dependencies pulling in partial KDE installations during a GTK-based system installation. It removes some text branding from other projects.

No download No website 19 Mar 19:20 jsonwatch 0.1.1


jsonwatch allows you to track changes in JSON data given by shell commands or Web (HTTP) APIs, and see the differences in a convenient diff-like format. It is similar to watch -d, but for JSON.

Release Notes: This first public release includes support for shell commands and HTTP(S) requests.

Download Website 19 Mar 19:19 Kolab 3.2


Kolab is a groupware system that provides a comprehensive and flexible solution for workgroups. Email, contacts, and group calendars can be managed via the Web, Windows/Outlook, and Linux/KDE. It supports offline synchronization and full seamless support of mixed client environments because the Kolab-XML storage format is fully open and avoids MAPI/TNEF.

Release Notes: This release adds XMPP Chat Integration into Webclient Cyrus 2.5.

No download Website 19 Mar 19:18 cdist 3.1.0


cdist is a usable configuration management system. It adheres to the KISS principle and is being used in both small and enterprise-grade environments. It is an alternative to other configuration management systems like cfengine, bcfg2, chef, and puppet.

Release Notes: This release introduces the __rbenv type. The type __ssh_authorized_keys now also manages the existing ssh keys. Overall OpenBSD support has been improved.

No download No website 19 Mar 19:18 LaunchControl 1.14


LaunchControl is a fully-featured launchd(8) frontend allowing you to manage and debug system and user services on your Mac. It provides everything you need to load, unload, start, create, edit, remove, or troubleshoot launch services. It supports all documented features of launchd, reports potential problems before a job is even started, and makes sure you always create valid configurations. It supports user LaunchAgents and Global and System LaunchAgents/Daemons. It shows all services and their status at a glance, and misconfigured services are highlighted. You can enable or disable services, and find them with a job filter. Not just a plist editor, it provides a dedicated interface for every configuration key with an adaptive interface that displays only information relevant for the selected job.


Release Notes: It is now possible to generate values for StartCalenderInterval by evaluating a cron-style time specification. This version also fixes a bug which was introduced in version 1.13.1: Enabling/disabling a job would only stick if the job definition was explicitly saved.

Download Website 19 Mar 01:42 doclifter 2.14


doclifter helps with lifting documents with nroff markup to XML-DocBook. Lifting documents from presentation level to semantic level is hard, and a really good job requires human polishing. This tool aims to do everything that can be mechanized, and to preserve any troff-level information that might have structural implications in XML comments. TBL tables are translated into DocBook table markup, PIC into SVG, and EQN into MathML (relying on pic2svg and GNU eqn for the last two).

Release Notes: This release adds a BSD port fix.

No download Website 19 Mar 01:42 Free Help Desk 2.4.2


Freehelpdesk is feature-rich help desk system designed from the ground up to meet the demands of help desk staff and their users. It is a Web-based system that can accept new calls from your users directly into the system. Calls can be tracked and searched to enable faster response times.


Release Notes: This release adds security updates, including a tool to encrypt database passwords for existing installs, changes the look and feel with themes (Bootswatch), adds new icons from Font Awesome, and updates the dashboard layout.

Download Website 19 Mar 01:39 gpgpwd 0.3


gpgpwd is a terminal-based password manager. It stores a list of passwords in a GnuPG-encrypted file, and allows you to easily retrieve, change, and add to that file as needed. It also generates random passwords which you can use, easily allowing you to have one "master password" (for your gpg key), with one unique and random password for each website or service you use, ensuring that your other accounts stay safe even if one password gets leaked. gpgpwd can also utilize git to allow you to easily synchronize your passwords between different machines.

Release Notes: This release improves fuzzy searching, adds a rename command, drops use of given/when-statements (due to being re-labelled as experimental in Perl 5.18), removes some warnings when gpg is symlinked to gpg2, disables gpg-compression (improving encryption), adds --try-require-agent, a more forgiving version of --require-agent, and adds --fast-git, which makes retrieving passwords stored in git a lot faster.

Download Website 19 Mar 01:38 SBuild 0.7.3


SBuild is a Scala-based build system. It features platform independence, multi project support, automatic detection of needed actions, automatic up-to-date detection, a flexible scheme handler mechanism, Maven repository support, Ant task integration, automatic cross-project resolving of dependencies, high speed, a simple "syntax" that requires almost no Scala knowledge, behind-the-sceens compilation of build script to bytecode for fast execution time, and built-in scheme handlers for HTTP and Maven.

Release Notes: This release fixes a serious blocking issue, whereby the sbuild application just hangs without finishing its work. This bug was introduced in the development cycle of SBuild 0.7.2 and is not present in earlier versions. All other changes are related to the output of the commandline tool, especially the --help output, which now uses the full terminal width.

Download Website 19 Mar 01:36 OGLplus 0.43.0


OGLplus is a header-only library that implements a thin object-oriented facade over the OpenGL (version 3 and higher) C-language API. It provides wrappers that automate the resource and object management and make the use of OpenGL in C++ safer and easier.

Release Notes: This release brings a new advanced example, cloud_trace (a simple cloud raytracer), the Current<Object> and AutoRebind<Object> template classes, new functions in Angle<T>, new syntax sugar operators in Buffer, Texture, and Program, a refactored wrapper for DSA operations on the compatibility GL fixed-function matrix stacks, and an updated build system. Several of the existing examples were updated to show the usage of the new features.

No download Website 19 Mar 01:35 repositor.io 0.1.0


repositor.io is a tool for creating and managing Linux repositories. It can mirror online repositories so that you don't need to download packages every time you set up a new server, and it makes it easy to create custom repositories for your own packages. With the integration of a configuration management tool, you can create consistent installations on your servers.


Release Notes: This release adds support to manage and mirror apt (Debian and Ubuntu) repositories.

Download No website 19 Mar 01:35 Zentyal Zentyal Server 3.4


Zentyal Server aims at offering small and medium businesses (SMBs) a native drop-in replacement for Windows Small Business Server and Microsoft Exchange Server which can be set up in less than 30 minutes and is both easy to use and affordable.


Release Notes: This release adds greater integration of OpenChange technology with the goal of offering an improved Microsoft Exchange Server replacement. In this regard, it features Outlook Anywhere support, "Out of office" message support, and a fully renewed, modern webmail user interface. Another major feature introduced by this release is high availability for the UTM and Gateway services (gateway, firewall, DNS, VPN, DHCP, and routing modules), helping system administrators guarantee maximum network reliability and uptime.

Download Website 18 Mar 23:01 graphviz 2.36


graphviz is a set of graph drawing tools and libraries. It supports hierarchical and mass-spring drawings; although the tools are scalable, their emphasis is on making very good drawings of reasonably-sized graphs. Package components include batch layout filters and interactive editors for X11, Java, and a TCL/tk extension. The batch filters can be configured as a web visualization service (using GIF and click-maps). Typical applications include display of finite state machines, software diagrams, database schemas, and communication networks.

Release Notes: The Visual Studio packages provide both the Release and Debug versions of the libraries. This resolves bugs 2372, 2384, 2388, 2391, 2392, 2383, 2395, 2401, and 2406. Various Mac OS X fixes. Removal of the old libgraph sources from distributions. The master git repo has been moved to github.com.

Download Website 18 Mar 23:00 GNU xorriso 1.3.6.pl01


GNU xorriso creates, loads, manipulates, and writes ISO 9660 filesystem images with Rock Ridge extensions. Files can be copied in and out. The session results get written to optical media or to filesystem objects. Rather than needing external tools for ISO 9660 production and CD/DVD/BD burning, it is a static compilation of libburnia-project.org. Thus GNU xorriso depends only on fundamental operating system facilities.

Release Notes: A freshly introduced regression prevented compilation of GNU xorriso on systems other than GNU/Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris, or NetBSD. A very old libburn bug was corrected that could cause a buffer overflow by one 0-byte with CD TAO burn runs. Another fresh bug caused annoying error messages with xorriso-tcltk has been fixed.

Download Website 18 Mar 23:00 libburnia 1.3.6.pl01


libburnia is a project comprised of libraries and binaries for reading, mastering, and writing optical discs. It provides libburn, a CD/DVD/BD burn library, libisofs, a manipulation library for ISO 9660 filesystems, and libisoburn, a ISO 9660 multi-session library. On top of them there is cdrskin, a cdrecord emulator, and xorriso, a all-in-one application for ISO 9660 multi-session operations which additionaly provides a limited emulation of mkisofs.

Release Notes: A freshly introduced regression prevented compilation of libburn on systems other than GNU/Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris, or NetBSD. A very old libburn bug was corrected that could cause a buffer overflow by one 0-byte with CD TAO burn runs.

Download Website 18 Mar 23:00 LDAP Account Manager 4.5


LDAP Account Manager (LAM) is a web frontend for managing entries (e.g. users, groups, DHCP settings) stored in an LDAP directory. LAM was designed to make LDAP management as easy as possible for the user. It abstracts from the technical details of LDAP and allows persons without technical background to manage LDAP entries. If needed, power users may still directly edit LDAP entries via the integrated LDAP browser.

Release Notes: This release allows you to set fields on the Personal tab to read-only. NIS mail aliases can be managed on the user tab, and there is a new option for whether referrals should be followed. The Pro version supports Oracle databases and organizational roles. The self-service now includes a language selection, and password reset supports alternate email addresses.

No download Website 18 Mar 22:58 Grenouille 0.1


Grenouille is an online service for weather data. All data can be obtained in JSON and displayed on a map. The Web application is based on Flask and uses PostgreSQL. It can be deployed on Heroku. An example of a client for the Yocto-Meteo sensor is provided.


Release Notes: Initial release; it still needs more testing. Nevertheless, it is already possible to receive (GET) and send (POST) weather data thanks to the JSON API. Users of the service can manage (create, edit, and delete) stations.

Download Website 18 Mar 22:56 JSch 0.1.51


JSch is a pure Java implementation of SSH2. It allows you to connect to an sshd server and use port forwarding, X11 forwarding, file transfer, etc. You can integrate its functionality into your own Java programs.

Release Notes: This release fixes some session crash bugs and adds support for private keys in PKCS#8 format.

Download Website 18 Mar 22:55 phpMyFAQ 2.8.8


phpMyFAQ is a multilingual, completely database-driven FAQ system. It support various database systems and it also offers a content management system with a WYSIWYG editor, an image manager, flexible multi-group and multi-user support, a news system, user tracking, language modules, templates, PDF support, a backup system, Active Directory support, and an easy to use installation script.

Release Notes: This release improves the API security and fixes searching for Hebrew characters. It fixes PDF export for Czech and Slovak FAQs, as well as many reported bugs.

Download Website 18 Mar 22:54 BugHotel Reservation System 5.5.515


BugHotel Reservation System is a hotel booking and accounting software package which uses the Internet to "network" your corporate office to each of your hotels. All data processing occurs at the Application Service Provider (ASP) data center. Income statements, reports, etc. may be customized.

Release Notes: This release adds image9 to image15 to the option "Images".

Download Website 18 Mar 22:54 YourKit Java Profiler 2014 Early Access bu...


YourKit Java Profiler is a CPU and memory profiler that makes it easy to solve wide range of CPU- and memory-related performance problems. It features automatic leak detection, powerful tools for the analysis of memory distribution, an object heap browser, comprehensive memory tests as part of your JUnit testing process, extremely low profiling overhead, transparent deobfuscation support, and integration with Eclipse, JBuilder, IntelliJ IDEA, NetBeans, and JDeveloper IDEs.

Release Notes: Many improvements in HPROF dumps loading. Android HPROF dumps can be loaded directly without conversion. A new synchronization mechanism significantly reduces overhead when profiling multi-threaded applications. In particular, this improvement affects: CPU tracing, probes, object allocation recording, monitor profiling, and exception telemetry. Profiler opens Web application memory snapshots much faster. A dark UI color theme is available for Mac OS X.

Download Website 18 Mar 22:53 Aspose.Email for Java 3.9.0


Aspose.Email for Java is a Java component for reading and writing Microsoft Outlook MSG files without using Outlook. It can create and update MSG files, and retrieve properties such as subject, body, recipients, attachments, sender information, MAPI properties. It can be used with Web or desktop applications.

Release Notes: This release offers the ability to move items from one folder to another in a Personal Storage (PST) file. This includes moving messages as well as subfolders to a new parent folder. It also provides a new feature that lets you load Google tasks exported to ICS format. The VToDo item can be loaded using the MapiTask class object, which can then save it as standard Outlook MSG format or add to PST. It also fixes a number of bugs, resulting in an overall improvement in the API’s functionality.

Download Website 18 Mar 22:53 PHP-Calendar 2.0.5


PHP-Calendar is a simple Web-based calendar. It is designed to easily keep track of events as you would on a physical calendar.

Release Notes: This release fixes a bug in the embedding code and updates a few of the translations.

Download No website 18 Mar 22:53 schily 2014-03-18


The "Schily" Tool Box is a set of tools written or managed by Jörg Schilling. It includes programs like: cdrecord, cdda2wav, readcd, mkisofs, smake, bsh, btcflash, calc, calltree, change, compare, count, cpp (K&R original), devdump, hdump, isodebug, isodump, isoinfo, isovfy, label, mt, p, patch, sccs, scgcheck, scpio, sdd, sfind, sformat, smake, sh (Bourne Shell), star, star_sym, suntar, gnutar, tartest, termcap, and ved.

Release Notes: Cdrtools has been bumped to version 3.01a23. A typo fix in README.compile for the mail address. star -c list=filename now skips empty lines in "filename". The Bourne Shell man page is now a bit closer to man(5) standards. libschily/sleep.c and libschily/usleep.c have been modified to work with MinGW.

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