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Download Website 21 Mar 19:15 Collax Groupware Suite 5.5.12


Collax Groupware Suite is a complete collaboration, e-mail, and messaging server with Outlook MAPI support. It offers enterprise email server functions, anti-spam and anti-virus filters, GUI management, a file server for SMB, NFS, FTP, and Apple shares, backup/restore server, IM server, and fax and SMS server. The groupware offers AJAX Web mail, calendar, team calendar, contacts, and tasks, and supports ActiveSync for mobile devices. It is free for private or commercial use of up to five users.


Release Notes: This release adds the new kernel It enables further driver support for a large number of Intel network cards. It provides the new Zarafa Collaboration Platform 7.1.8 r1 with WebApp 1.5. Several vulnerabilities in the GnuTLS Library, ntpd 4.2.6p5, and fetchmail 6.3.26 are closed with this update.

No download No website 21 Mar 19:14 fcmm 1.0.1


Fast Concurrent Memoization Map (fcmm) is an almost-lock-free concurrent hashmap to be used for memoization in concurrent environments.

Release Notes: This release builds on Visual Studio 2013 Update 2.

Download Website 21 Mar 19:14 Tiny Tiny RSS 1.12


Tiny Tiny RSS is a Web-based news (RSS, RDF, or Atom) feed aggregator designed to allow you to read news from any location, while feeling as close to a real desktop application as possible.

Release Notes: This release features parser and miscellaneous bugfixes, an update of the default theme, and a traditional Chinese (zh_TW) translation. Various comics plugins were merged into af_comics.

Download No website 21 Mar 19:14 Lynis 1.4.7


Lynis is an security auditing and hardening tool for Unix derivatives like Linux/BSD/Solaris. It performs an in-depth scan on the system to detect software and security issues. Besides information related to security, it will also scan for general system information, installed packages, and possible configuration mistakes. The software is aimed at assisting automated auditing, configuration management, software patch management, vulnerability detection, and malware scanning of Unix-based systems.

Release Notes: This released adds a new group property for the report. Additionally, it has two new AIDE configuration tests, adds grep to the list of binaries, and shows a suggestion when using NIS/NIS+.

No download No website 21 Mar 19:13 HPCC Systems 4.2.2


HPCC (High Performance Computing Cluster) stores and processes large quantities of data, processing billions of records per second using massive parallel processing technology. Large amounts of data across disparate data sources can be accessed, analyzed, and manipulated in fractions of seconds. HPCC functions as both a processing and a distributed data storage environment capable of analyzing terabytes of information.


Release Notes: This is a maintenance release which includes updates and issue fixes.

No download Website 21 Mar 19:13 kcov 16


Kcov is a code coverage tester based for compiled programs (C/C++, etc) and Python scripts. It uses DWARF debugging information to collect coverage information from binaries without special compiler options. It produces lcov-style output and only requires a single step, i.e. collection and reporting are done in one sweep.

Release Notes: This release adds several bugfixes and output improvements to the Python engine and adds an unfinished engine for Linux kernel code coverage.

Download Website 21 Mar 19:12 pynag 0.8.2


pynag provides a Python tool for pragmatically handling configuration file maintenance and plugin development for Nagios.

Release Notes: This release adds various updates and bugfixes, enhanced Shinken support, and performance tweaks.

Download Website 21 Mar 19:11 InstantClick 3.0.1


InstantClick is a JavaScript library that makes following links in your website instant.

Release Notes: This release adds a bugfix for non-mobile touch browsers, where previously InstantClick would throw an error.

Download Website 20 Mar 23:09 Dada Mail 7.0.0 Beta 1


Dada Mail can help you manage a mailing list, offers complete support for safe, closed-loop opt-in subscriptions, sends out mass mailings, keeps an archive of your messages, and allows you to share your messages in many ways. It runs on your Web hosting account and you interact with it through your Web browser, making it available anywhere you have a connection to the Internet. You do not have to rely on a third-party list management system with costly monthly fees. It is rich with features, but tries to keep it simple. It is designed to favor flexibility, extensibility, and ease-of-use over core speed or extremely flashy but hard-to-use features. It is designed to be installed, set up, and understood by regular people who have Web sites, but has enough advanced features to entice more proficient users. If you've ever installed a bulletin board or blog software, you should be able to install Dada Mail without too many problems. Dada Mail can scale. You can install Dada Mail on most any basic hosting account and start sending out messages. If your mailing list grows large, you can switch to sending with a more powerful third-party system, like Amazon SES, where there's potentially no limit on the number of emails you may send, all without having to change mailing list management systems or your hosting.

Release Notes: This release includes the following enhancements: private mailing lists, abuse reporting, subscriber subscription date saved as a timestamp, advanced search/partial sending list options, mass update of subscriber profile fields based on advanced search, support for required profile fields, and more powerful list control panel address importing.

No download No website 20 Mar 23:07 TeaVM 0.1


The TeaVM project is somehow related to GWT. But unlike GWT, it does not require you to provide the TeaVM compiler with the Java source code. Instead, TeaVM does some sort of decompilation of bytecode into the JavaScript source code, which gives TeaVM some advantages over GWT. TeaVM has a smart dependency checker that considerably reduces the amount of bytecode to decompile. Also, before building JavaScript, TeaVM does aggressive optimizations of the provided bytecode.

Release Notes: Initial release. Capable of compiling some examples for DukeScript.

No download Website 20 Mar 23:07 BirdFont 0.35


BirdFont is a font editor which can create TTF, EOT, and SVG fonts.

Release Notes: A new tool for drawing freehand shapes with the mouse, and several bugfixes.

Download Website 20 Mar 23:07 SBuild 0.7.4


SBuild is a Scala-based build system. It features platform independence, multi project support, automatic detection of needed actions, automatic up-to-date detection, a flexible scheme handler mechanism, Maven repository support, Ant task integration, automatic cross-project resolving of dependencies, high speed, a simple "syntax" that requires almost no Scala knowledge, behind-the-sceens compilation of build script to bytecode for fast execution time, and built-in scheme handlers for HTTP and Maven.

Release Notes: This release fixes a potential deadlock issue in the project class loader of 0.7.2 and 0.7.3. It is recommended that all users, especially those of SBuild 0.7.2 and 0.7.3, update.

Download Website 20 Mar 23:06 Roxen WebServer 5.4.66


Roxen WebServer is a complete Web server. It is platform-independent, modular, and features a version with strong 128/168-bit encryption. Add-on products for information retrieval, visitor behavior analysis, and powerful tools for application development offering connectivity to databases are available. Altogether the Roxen Platform is a secure Web-based workgroup solution for time and cost-efficient content and Web site management.

Release Notes: Several performance improvements. A reduced memory footprint. Switched to the MariaDB client library. Improved robustness of PID file handling. Increased strength of password hashes. Improved diagnostics output. Many improvements to RXML and the patch subsystem. Fixes for many minor bugs.

Download No website 20 Mar 23:05 FLOM 0.3.1


FLOM is a distributed lock manager that can be used to avoid shell tricks and safely execute different tasks that cannot run at the same time. It manages process serialization in the same way nice manages process prioritization. It implements the same lock mode semantic proposed by VMS DLM to allow non-trivial command serialization use cases. The goal is to "just work"; everything implemented must be useful and easy to use (configuration is reduced to a bare minimum). It works inside a single system or in a network of IP connected systems.

Release Notes: This release adds options to configure a TCP keepalive feature and UDP/IP multicast auto-discovery function. It solves a minor bug related to the "UnicastAddres" config keyword.

Download No website 20 Mar 23:05 Opendedup 2.0 Beta RC1


Opendedup is a deduplication-based filesystem and block device designed to provide inline deduplication and flexiblity for applications. It benefits services such as backup, archiving, NAS storage, and Virtual Machine primary and secondary storage, and can be deployed in both a stand alone and distributed, multi node configuration. Standalone, it provides inline deduplication, replication, and unlimited snapshot capabilities. In a multi-node configuration, it adds global intra-volume deduplication, block storage redundancy, and block storage expandability. and will store and share unique data blocks with other volumes within the cluster. These volumes can also specify a level of redundancy for data stored in the cluster.

Release Notes: This release includes fixes for both inline fixed and variable block deduplication. It also includes fixes for Azure block storage. Until the final 2.0 release, the focus will be on bugfixes, and there will be no new features or architectural changes.

No download Website 20 Mar 23:04 Frams' Shell Tools 20140320


Frams' Shell Tools is a big collection of various (mostly Perl) scripts to make Unix everyday life at the command line interface more comfortable. They have grown in the author's last 20 years as a Unix user, programmer, and administrator. Some examples are: clp (Command Line Perl: a Perl "shell"), fpg (Frams' Perl grep: a grep with full Perl support), zz (generic clipboard), and nvt (Network Virtual Terminal: a better telnet for scripting).


Release Notes: woos (web offer one stream) has been added: a user-based mini Web server for offering one stream (tar, tgz, zip, or any binary data) or file. Typical usage is notebook-to-notebook data exchange in a (WiFi) LAN. Also new is ped, a Perl batch editor.

Download No website 20 Mar 23:03 bashstyle-ng 8.4


BashStyle-NG is a graphical tool for changing Bash's behavior and look and feel. It can also style Readline, Nano, and Vim. It ships with a huge functionchain, which is used by the 16 default prompt styles, but may also be used separately.

Release Notes: This release fully supports Python 3 (Python2 is still supported and the default), which additionally requires ConfigObj of at least version 5.0.0. Bash 4.3 introduced the new features direxpand, gloabasciiranges, and show-mode-in-prompt, which have been added. Minor UI improvmenents have been made, along with a "report bugs"-button in the about dialog. The German translation was updated and completed. Some minor bugs have been squashed.

Download Website 20 Mar 21:42 Blender 2.70


Blender is a free 3D animation studio. It includes tools for modeling, sculpting, texturing (painting, node-based shader materials, or UV mapped), UV mapping, rigging and constraints, weight painting, particle systems, simulation (fluids, physics, and soft body dynamics and an external crowd simulator), rendering, node-based compositing, and non linear video editing, as well as an integrated game engine for real-time interactive 3D, and game creation and playback with cross-platform compatibility.

Release Notes: Volumetric rendering support has been added to Cycles, motion tracking now supports weighted tracks, and many user interface improvements have been made. New threaded dependency graph evaluation has been added, as well as a laplacian deform modifier, a wireframe modifier, and many improvements to the existing toolset. This release also includes over 560 bugfixes.

No download Website 20 Mar 21:32 Bitcoin Core 0.9.0


Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer electronic cash system that is completely decentralized, without the need for a central server or trusted parties. Users hold the crypto keys to their own money and transact directly with each other, with the help of a P2P network to check for double-spending.


Release Notes: This is a new major version release, bringing both new features and bugfixes. It has been renamed Bitcoin Core to distinguish it from the Bitcoin network.

No download Website 20 Mar 21:32 Pyocr 0.2.3


Pyocr is a simple Python wrapper for OCR engines (Tesseract, Cuneiform, etc.). It supports Python 2.7 and Python 3.x, and requires Pillow.

Release Notes: This release adds various minor fixes, including fixes to support the latest versions of Tesseract in Debian (3.03.02-3).

Download Website 20 Mar 13:01 License4J Auto License Generation and Acti...


License4J is a total solution for software product licensing. It provides Java libraries and GUI tools for generating and validating license keys, license text, and floating license files. It is designed to be easy to use and integrate in your application. A License Manager GUI is provided for generating and storing licenses, and a Floating License Server can host and serve created floating licenses. An Online.License4J System allows single or multiple license activations to be defined. It also supports license generation through HTTP post either from a payment processor or a custom script.

Release Notes: This release fixed a problem where online license key validation failed if the new "Allowed Use Time Limit" feature was not set.

Download Website 20 Mar 10:44 musl 1.0.0


musl is a new implementation of the standard library for Linux-based systems. It is lightweight, fast, simple, free, and strives to be correct in the sense of standards-conformance and safety. It includes a wrapper for building programs against musl in place of the system standard library (e.g. glibc), making it possible to immediately evaluate the library and build compact statically linked binaries with it.

Release Notes: This release adds support for a soft-float ABI variant on MIPS as well as new experimental ports to SuperH and x32 (the new 32-bit ABI for x86_64). Two floating point printf bugs have been fixed including a rounding error and off-by-one buffer overflow that could occur only when printing certain denormal values with thousands of places of precision. A second overflow issue was fixed in wcsxfrm where a buffer length of zero was misinterpreted. Several other minor bugfixes and compatibility improvements have also been made.

No download No website 20 Mar 10:44 csv2html 915dbacb9d


csv2html is a command line utility and reusable Python module that convert CSV files into HTML tables and full HTML documents. They can use either the old school HTMLgen module or the more modern HTML module (both for Python 2.x), and offer a wide range of options for formatting the output.

Release Notes: csv2html is now a Setuptools package that installs the html module automatically. A GitHub mirror was created to allow users of csv2html to easily get a version of HTMLgen with the Debian patches that fix compatibility. The default delimiter was changed from semicolon to comma.

Download Website 20 Mar 10:42 SeedDMS 4.3.6


SeedDMS is a powerful, easy to use document management system forked from and fully compatible with LetoDMS. Many years of development has made it a mature and enterprise-ready plattform for sharing and storing documents.

Release Notes: Various bugfixes, an updated Russian translation, and configurable preview image width.

No download Website 20 Mar 10:42 BlueMind 3.0.3


BlueMind is a messaging and collaboration platform. It offers scalable shared messaging, calendars, contacts, and instant messaging with advanced mobility (iPhone, iPad, Android, etc.), and Outlook, Thunderbird, and CalDAV connectivity support. Designed with simplicity as a goal, it uses Web 2.0 technologies with a JavaScript UI, offline Web capability, and a Web-services-oriented pluggable architecture.

Release Notes: This release brings some stability fixes on the Outlook connector, fixes for iPhone support, and many display fixes in the Web UI.

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