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Download Website 25 Mar 12:31 Bible-Discovery 3.7


Bible-Discovery is Bible study and concordance software. It contains several Bible translations, dictionaries, tools for helping to understand the texts in the original language, bookmark handling, customizable font size and color, a biblical text importing pane, and a parallel and comparative Bible read feature.

Release Notes: Support for laptops with 10" screens was improved. The bubble dialog has been optimized. The verse copy dialog has been renewed. Copying to clipboard has been fixed.

Download Website 25 Mar 12:31 procenv 0.34


procenv is a tool that dumps all attributes of its environment. It can be run as a test tool, to understand what environment a process runs in and for system comparison.

Release Notes: Building on systems with old versions of libcap is now supported. Linux binary personality (with flags) was added to '--misc' output. The RPM spec file was fixed and the man page was updated.

Download Website 25 Mar 12:30 Clonezilla live-testing 2.2.2-29


Clonezilla is a partition or disk cloning tool similar to Symantec Ghost. It saves and restores only blocks in use on the hard drive if the file system is supported. For unsupported file systems, dd is used instead. It has been used to clone a 5 GB system to 40 clients in about 10 minutes.

Release Notes: The underlying GNU/Linux operating system was upgraded. This release is based on the Debian Sid repository (as of 2014/Mar/24). The Linux kernel was updated to 3.13.6-1. The drbl package was updated to 2.7.40-drbl1, and clonezilla was updated to 3.9.48-drbl1. autoproductname now filters the characters "()[]{}". The "ocs_prompt_mode" parameter takes effect when saving an image.

Download Website 25 Mar 12:29 Goggles Music Manager 0.13.1


Goggles Music Manager is a music collection manager and player for Linux. It supports Ogg Vorbis, Opus, FLAC, MP3 and MP4, features gapless playback, and comes with easy tag editing.

Release Notes: Seek accuracy was improved for FLAC, Vorbis, Opus, and MP4. A new import option was provided for overriding default text encoding for ID3v1 tags. Bugs were fixed.

Download Website 25 Mar 12:29 ImgView 20140325


ImgView is a simple image viewer for Unix-like systems. It is free from menus and other GUI gadgets, and controlled primarily by the keyboard. It supports the following image file formats: XBM, PBM/PGM/PPM, GIF, JPEG, TIFF, PNG, and PCX. It supports RGB, Gray, and CMYK ICC profiles in JPEG, RGB and Gray ICC profiles in TIFF and PNG, and RGB ICC profiles in GIF.

Release Notes: This release implemented more readable variable names in the configuration file and the environment.

Download Website 25 Mar 12:28 Camera Life 2.7.0a1


Camera Life is a system for cataloging your photo collection. It gives users the ability to search or browse your archive in intuitive ways, with an attention to powerful administrative functions. Photos can be stored locally, on a remote server, on Amazon S3, or on Flickr. The theme and icons can be easily customized. It is compatible with the Gallery Remote API (so you can upload with iPhoto, Digikam, and Java). It is RSS enabled, supports microformats and OpenSearch, and has a special version of the site for iPhone/iPod touch. AJAX is used to optimize the site as necessary.

Release Notes: Lots of code clean up and simplification including a simplified new FileStore API. Visible features include the use of a CDN for Bootstrap and support for Facebook/OpenGraph.

No download Website 25 Mar 12:28 Xidel 0.8


Xidel is a command line tool to download Web pages and extract data from them. It can download files over HTTP/S connections, follow redirections, links, or extracted values, and process local files. The data can be extracted using XPath 2.0, XQuery 1.0, and JSONiq expressions, CSS 3 selectors, and custom, pattern-matching templates that are like an annotated version of the processed page. The extracted values can then be exported as plain text/XML/HTML/JSON, or assigned to variables to be used in other extract expressions or be exported to the shell. There is also an online CGI service for testing.

Release Notes: This release improved JSONiq support (updated to JSONiq 1.0.3) and the JSON extensions (more compatible with XQuery, assignable), uses arbitrary precision arithmetic for all numeric operations if necessary, and adds a trivial subset of XPath/XQuery 3 (!, ||, and switch), new functions for resolving URI or HTML hrefs, some new multipage commands similar to XSLT, and more.

Download Website 25 Mar 12:27 General Configuration Form Manager 1.8


Generic Configuration Form Manager (GCFM, a.k.a. webconfig) is a minimalist Web server which provides Web services to update configuration files. A Web service skeleton is provided as an example to develop specific configuration file editors.


Release Notes: This release enhances the service list and adds action button management.

Download No website 25 Mar 12:27 WiKID Two-Factor Authentication System And...


The WiKID Strong Authentication System is a highly scalable, secure, self-hosted two-factor authentication system. It is simple to implement and maintain, allows users to be validated automatically, requires no hardware tokens, has a simple API for application support (via Ruby, PHP, Java, COM, Python, etc.), supports multiple domains, and supports replication for fault tolerance and scalability. It also supports mutual /host and transaction authentication, wireless tokens only domains, locked tokens (to your PC), anti-keystroke logger keypad PIN entry, etc.


Release Notes: This release fixed an error where the token was closed before the reg code was presented.

Download Website 25 Mar 12:26 Monitorix 3.5.0


Monitorix is a lightweight system monitoring tool designed to monitor as many services and system resources as possible. It has been created to be used under production Linux/UNIX servers, but due to its simplicity and small size may also be used on embedded devices as well.

Release Notes: This version introduces many changes, lots of new features, and many bugfixes. Two new graphs were provided: one to monitor an unlimited number of APC UPS devices (using the apcupsd daemon), and the other to monitor the details of the current network connections (IPv4 and IPv6) including protocol-specific statistics using the netstat command.

Download Website 25 Mar 12:26 Adagios 1.4.0


Adagios is a Web-based Nagios configuration interface built to be simple and intuitive in design, exposing less of the clutter under the hood of Nagios. It has a REST interface for both status and configuration data as well a feature complete status interface that can be used as an alternative to the Nagios Web interface.

Release Notes: The new status view was polished and many bugs were closed. Contrib was added, which allows for custom dashboards to be included. A server side include feature was added to allow custom UI changes to be uploaded. A better notification system was provided for alerts and actions which the administrator has to deal with.

Download No website 24 Mar 23:56 rodent-pkg 5.2.1


Rodent-pkg is a plugin for Rodent Filemanager that provides a GUI interface for command line package management. It is currently targeted at the FreeBSD pkg program.

Release Notes: OpenSUSE and RedHat rpm/yum/zypper package management is now available (search, install, remove/erase, etc.).

Download Website 24 Mar 23:53 Rodent Applications 5.2.8


Rodent applications (previously Xffm Code Set) is a set of GTK2/GTK3 applications which use librfm and which avoid reinventing the wheel by using interprocess communication with command line applications. Current applications are: Rodent Filemanager (rodent-fm); Rodent Differences (rodent-diff); Rodent Search Tool (rodent-fgr); a command line search tool (fgr); and an icon theme manager (rodent-iconmgr).

Release Notes: This release contains updated rodent-pkg and rodent-fgr (the latest versions).

Download Website 24 Mar 23:53 Librfm 5.2.9


Librfm is a basic file management library used by Rodent applications, such as the file manager. It was developed as a part of the Rodent file manager, and has evolved into a separate package.

Release Notes: This release contains several bugfixes and optimizations.

    Download Website 24 Mar 23:52 GNU recutils 1.7


    GNU Recutils is a set of tools and libraries to access human-editable text-based databases called recfiles. A recfile contains data structured as a sequence of records. The rec format supports data integrity with the usage of record descriptors (keys, mandatory fields, field types, etc.) as well as the ability of record fields to refer to other records. Despite its simplicity, recfiles can be used to store medium-sized databases. The GNU recutils suite comprises a texinfo manual describing the Rec format, a C library (librec) providing a rich set of functions to access rec files, a set of C utilities that can be used in shell scripts and in the command line to operate on rec files, and an Emacs mode (rec-mode).

    Release Notes: The user-visible changes in this release are a new -d option for rec2csv in order to support arbitrary separators, support for the new %allowed special field, and the ability to jump through several records in rec-mode. The manual has been improved and completed. This release also fixes many bugs.

    Download Website 24 Mar 20:43 Aspose.BarCode for .NET 6.1.0


    Aspose.BarCode is a .NET component for generation and recognition of Linear and 2D barcodes on all kinds of .NET applications. It supports WPF with 29+ Barcode symbologies like OneCode, QR, Aztec, MSI, EAN128, EAN14, SSCC18, Code128, Code39, Postnet, MarcoPDF417, Datamatrix, UPCA, etc. Other features include barcode insertion in PDF, Word, and Excel documents. It can also take image input in BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG, and WMF formats. You can also control image styles such as background color and bar color.

    Release Notes: This release reworks the BarCode project and supports recognition in WPF targeted assemblies. Previously, there was no way to read the codes in WPF projects. This release also ships a separate Aspose.BarCode library for .NET Compact Framework 3.5. By merging recognition and generation modules, there is now a single library for both APIs. Developers don’t need to apply a license for each module.

    Download Website 24 Mar 20:42 OpenSIPS 1.11.0 beta


    OpenSIPS is a mature implementation of a SIP server/proxy. It is more than a SIP proxy/router, as it includes application-level functionalities. OpenSIPS, as a SIP server, can server as the core component of any SIP-based VoIP solution.

    Release Notes: This release adds enhancements to the core, script handling, and many important modules. The core has a new memory allocator to increase performance, and the scripting capabilities are improved. These new modules have been added: B2B_SCA (new shared call appearance features), CALL_CENTER (introduces call queue features), MI_JSON (encodes data in JSON format over HTTP for the MI Interface commands), and SCRIPT_HELPER (simplifies the script/configuration for beginners).

    Download Website 24 Mar 20:39 Hypercube 1.6.3


    Hypercube is a graph visualization tool for drawing DOT (graphviz), GML, GraphML, GXL and simple text-based graph representations as SVG and EPS images. It comes with a Qt-based GUI application and a Qt-independent commandline tool. Hypercube uses a simulated annealing algorithm to lay out the graph, which can be easily parameterized to achieve the desired look.

    Release Notes: This release fixes double layout computation on graph file reloading, a layout overflow issue, and displaying broken legend output when no legend should be displayed.

    No download Website 24 Mar 20:38 Mozilla Firefox 28.0


    Firefox (formerly known as Phoenix and Firebird) is a cross-platform, powerful, usable, and standards-compliant Web browser, based on the Mozilla framework. It is written using the XUL user interface language and was designed to be cross-platform.

    Release Notes: VP9 and Opus video are now supported, along with horizontal HTML5 audio/video volume control. There are various new features to HTML forms and MathML, and several stability issues have been fixed. In Mac OS X, there is now Notification Center support for Web notifications.

    Download Website 24 Mar 20:38 SeaMonkey 2.25


    The SeaMonkey project is a community effort to develop an all-in-one Internet application suite. It contains an Internet browser, email and newsgroup client with an included Web feed reader, HTML editor, IRC chat, and Web development tools, and is sure to appeal to advanced users, Web developers, and corporate users. It uses much of the Mozilla source code powering such successful siblings as Firefox, Thunderbird, Camino, Sunbird, and Miro.

    Release Notes: In this release, newsgroup names can now be entered using autocompletion. The Gamepad API has been finalized and enabled, and VP9, Opus, and HTML5 volume control are now implemented. There are various new features to HTML forms and MathML, and several stability issues have been fixed.

    Download Website 24 Mar 20:38 RESTClient 3.3


    RESTClient is a Java Swing application to test RESTful Web services.

    Release Notes: OpenJDK JVM is now bundled with Mac builds. The minimum version of Java required is increased to Java 7. Support for setting cookie versions is added. Optimized HTML syntax color support added. The SslReqBean trustStore and keyStore type changed to java.io.File (API change). A signed Mac build is available for purchase. A few bugfixes were made.

    No download No website 24 Mar 20:03 wro4j 1.7.4


    wro4j is a project that will help you to easily improve your Web application page loading time. It can help you to keep your static resources (JavaScript and CSS) well organized, merge and minify them at run-time (using a simple filter) or build-time (using a Maven plugin), and has several features you may find useful when dealing with Web resources.

    Release Notes: This release contains mostly bug fixes and few upgrades of dependencies, like less4j, jshint, jruby, emberjs, handlebards, and coffee-script.

    Download Website 24 Mar 20:03 ImgView 20140324


    ImgView is a simple image viewer for Unix-like systems. It is free from menus and other GUI gadgets, and controlled primarily by the keyboard. It supports the following image file formats: XBM, PBM/PGM/PPM, GIF, JPEG, TIFF, PNG, and PCX. It supports RGB, Gray, and CMYK ICC profiles in JPEG, RGB and Gray ICC profiles in TIFF and PNG, and RGB ICC profiles in GIF.

    Release Notes: A File Open dialog has been implemented with the help of YAD (Yet Another Dialog).

    No download Website 24 Mar 19:47 Thunderbird 24.4.0


    Thunderbird is a total redesign of the Mozilla mail component to produce a cross-platform, stand-alone mail application using the XUL user interface language. It has many new features, among them the ability to customize your toolbars the way you want them. a new look and feel with a large number of downloadable themes which alter the appearance of the client, and the ability to add UI extensions.

    Release Notes: This release features several fixes to improve handling of BCC when replying to messages, plus a number of security patches.

    Download Website 24 Mar 19:45 skalibs 1.5.0


    skalibs is a set of general-purpose, low-level C libraries, all in the public domain. It can replace or hide the standard C library to some extent. It is designed to allow building of small static binaries. It is used in building all skarnet.org software, including execline and s6.


    Release Notes: This release fixes a bug in bitarray that potentially impacted iterators. Users of genset_iter and gensetdyn_iter should upgrade. The release also adds the skaclient3 and skaclient4 frameworks, for even more channels of communication between the client and the server. The minor version bumped because the skaclient protocol has changed, and one header file has been removed.

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