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No download Website 19 May 17:12 Seed7 2014-05-18


Seed7 is a general purpose programming language. It is a higher level language compared to Ada, C++, and Java. In Seed7, new statements and operators can be declared easily. Functions with type results and type parameters are more elegant than a template or generics concept. Object orientation is used when it brings advantages and not in places when other solutions are more obvious. Although Seed7 contains several concepts of other programming languages, it is generally not considered as a direct descendant of any other programming language.

Release Notes: The function str in duration.s7i has been improved to work for negative durations. The library tar.s7i has been improved to work with the old file format that does not use the magic value "ustar". The function bigToInt16 has been added to big_rtl.c and big_gmp.c. The macros with format strings in common.h have been renamed. The function bigLog10 in big_rtl.c has been improved to work when BIGDIGIT_SIZE is small. The program chkccomp.c has been improved to write the #define directives to a specified file. The function intParse in int_rtl.c has been improved to accept the most negative number.

Download Website 19 May 17:11 Avian 1.0


Avian is a lightweight virtual machine and class library, both written from scratch to provide a useful subset of Java's features. It's well-suited to cross-platform applications which need a typesafe language but must remain small and self-contained.

Release Notes: This release includes almost a year's worth of bugfixes. It also improves support for the OpenJDK and Android class libraries and adds additional features to the java.util.concurrent package of the Avian class library.

Download No website 19 May 17:11 XOWA 1.5.3


XOWA is a desktop application that can read and edit English Wikipedia offline. It displays articles in an HTML browser, and can download images on demand. It can also be used for Wiktionary, Wikisource, Wikiquote, and the non-English counterparts.

Release Notes: This release adds the packed-hover gallery mode, new context menus, more minor tab enhancements, offline images for all English wikis (update), Simple wikis (update) and Species Wiki, as well as other minor changes.

No download Website 19 May 17:11 Java Serialization to XML


Java Serialization to XML (JSX) serializes/deserializes Java objects to/from XML, so you can save them, send them - and see them! It correctly handles the many Serializable classes in Java and third-party libraries that use Java's builtin Java Object Serialization (JOS) to customize their serialization (for security, validation, faithful deserialisation, and class evolution).

Release Notes: This release updates the documentation of the convenience methods (in JSX.P), noting that they wrap exceptions so you don't have to catch them.

No download Website 19 May 17:11 gscan2pdf 1.2.5


gscan2pdf is a GUI to ease the process of producing PDFs from scanned documents. You scan in one or several pages and create a PDF of selected pages. Scanning is handled with SANE via scanimage. PDF conversion is done by PDF::API2. Perl is used for portability and ease of programming, with gtk2-perl for the GUI.

Release Notes: Support was added for tesseract 3.03. A bug setting options which do not trigger a reload was fixed. This was sometimes causing the image resolution to be incorrectly stored, and the resulting PDFs to have incorrect page sizes. The today button was fixed on the date dialog saving a PDF. The resolution was fixed when processing non-standard sized images with unpaper. A bug was fixed related to writing images with quotes in the filename.

Download No website 19 May 17:10 Lynis 1.5.3


Lynis is an security auditing and hardening tool for Unix derivatives like Linux/BSD/Solaris. It performs an in-depth scan on the system to detect software and security issues. Besides information related to security, it will also scan for general system information, installed packages, and possible configuration mistakes. The software is aimed at assisting automated auditing, configuration management, software patch management, vulnerability detection, and malware scanning of Unix-based systems.

Release Notes: This release adds additional auditing support for SuSE and others. It includes support for the Zypper package manager, including package gathering and checking for vulnerable packages. Several others tests related to AIDE, NTP, and the kernel have been improved.

Download No website 19 May 17:10 Converseen


Converseen is an image converter and resizer written in C++ with the powerful Qt4 libraries. Thanks to the Magick++ image libraries, it supports more than 100 image formats like DPX, EXR, GIF, JPEG, JPEG-2000, PhotoCD, PNG, Postscript, SVG, TIFF, and many others. Converseen allows you to convert, resize, rotate, and automatically flip an unlimited number of images. It can save you time because it can process more than one image with one mouse click. It features a very simple user interface without strange options.


Release Notes: This version updates Czech, Japanese, and Spanish translations.

Download Website 19 May 17:08 JFormDesigner 5.2


JFormDesigner is a professional GUI designer for Java Swing user interfaces. It supports JGoodies FormLayout, GroupLayout (Free Design), TableLayout, and GridBagLayout. It decreases the time you spend on hand coding forms.

Release Notes: This release introduces a plug-in for JDeveloper, supports Java 8 and JGoodies Forms 1.8, improves GroupLayout design, provides visualization of gaps in GroupLayout, and improves the tree file chooser.

Download Website 19 May 17:08 ThinLinc 4.2.0


ThinLinc is a fast and versatile remote desktop solution. It is based on open source software such as TigerVNC, SSH, and PulseAudio. The ThinLinc server software can be used to publish Linux/Unix desktops and applications to thin clients. The system also supports Windows Remote Desktop Services and VirtualBox. ThinLinc supports redirection of sound, serial ports, disk drives, local printers, and Smart Card readers. Clients are available for a wide variety of platforms. When used with the VirtualGL software, ThinLinc can deliver high performance graphics with OpenGL applications in a thin client environment.

Release Notes: Ubuntu 14.04 is now one of the tested and recommended distributions. Unity 3D is now supported. A Linux client for ARM platforms has been added. There are major improvements to the HTML5 client. Two security issues with previous releases has been fixed, see full release notes for details. An Italian translation has been added. The OS X client now supports local drive redirection. RDP printing with Windows Server 2008 R2 should now work correctly.

Download Website 19 May 13:06 Cellular Explorer 0.1.0


Cellular Explorer is designed to be a highly flexible editor for the creation of cellular automata. Supported rules include the outer-totalistic binary rules (like Conway's Game of Life), the Wolfram elementary rules, and a variety of others. The rules can be used by themselves or mixed together to create higher complexity automata, and the individual cells are highly customizable. Automata can also have a few meta-rules that influence overall behaviour. Three different rendering modes are available to watch the automata evolve.


Release Notes: This release adds three new Cell Types, two new Brushes, and improvements to the UI. Cells now have defined input and output modes. The new cells are as follows: The Average Cell averages the states of its neighbors. The Min Cell takes on the lowest state among its neighbors. The Max Cell takes on the highest state from among its neighbors. The vonNeumann and the Extended vonNeumann brushes correspond to the neighborhoods of the same names. The Gradient mode has been changed so that positive states appear in red, and negative states are still blue.

Download Website 19 May 12:29 PHP OAuth API 2014.05.15


PHP OAuth API authorizes user access using the OAuth protocol. It abstracts OAuth 1.0, 1.0a, and 2.0 in the same class. It provides built-in support for popular OAuth servers: 37Signals, Amazon, Buffer, Bitbucket, Box.net, Dailymotion, Discogs, Disqus, Dropbox with OAuth 1.0 and 2.0, Etsy, Eventful, Facebook, Fitbit, Flickr, Foursquare, github, Google with OAuth 1.0a and OAuth 2.0, Instagram, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Rdio, Reddit, RightSignature, Salesforce, Scoop.it, StockTwits, SurveyMonkey, Tumblr, Twitter, VK, Withings, Xero, XING, and Yahoo!. Every other OAuth server is supported by setting an endpoint URLs and other parameters using specific class variables or an external JSON configuration file. The class can also send requests to an API using the previously-obtained OAuth access token. For servers which support offline access, the class can renew expired tokens automatically using refresh tokens.

Release Notes: This release adds support to authorizion flow using the user name and password. It also made the Process function fail if the access token was already set manually. It added built-in support to OAuth servers of Mavenlink, oDesk, RunKeeper, and Bit.ly.

Download Website 18 May 17:10 Profanity 0.4.1


Profanity is a minimalist console-based XMPP client inspired by Irssi. It features MUC support, OTR messaging, desktop notifications, and a customizable UI.

Release Notes: Changes include bookmarks (using xep-0049 private storage), OTR policy at the global, account, and per contact levels, OTR shared secret and question/answer authentication, themes included during install, and an XML console showing raw XMPP stanzas.

Download No website 18 May 17:10 R128GAIN 1.0.8


R128GAIN is an FFmpeg and SoX-based EBU R128 compliant loudness scanner for audio and video files. It helps you normalize the loudness of your audio and video files to the same level.

Release Notes: This release introduces the configuration files "wingui.ini" and "gtkgui.ini", respectively, per user (i.e. not global any longer; note that you have to reconfigure the application, because the old configuration is lost) and dynamically links to "swresample-0.dll", which is nowadays needed by "avcodec-55.dll".

No download Website 18 May 17:10 PIT 1.0.0


PIT is a fast bytecode based mutation testing system for Java that makes it possible to test the effectiveness of your unit tests. You can think of mutation testing as either as an automated test of your tests or as a much more in-depth form of code coverage. Unlike traditional line and branch coverage tools, PIT does not just confirm that your tests execute your code, it confirms that your tests are actually able to detect faults in it.

Release Notes: This release resolves issues mutating Java 8 with certain compiler flags set, and restores full support for the JSR instruction used in some legacy Java 5 bytecode.

Download Website 18 May 17:09 rlwrap 0.41


rlwrap is a readline wrapper, a small utility that uses the GNU readline library to allow the editing of keyboard input for any other command. It maintains a separate input history for each command, and can TAB-expand words using all previously seen words and/or a user-specified file.

Release Notes: A bug that caused an I/O error after a keyboard interrupt (Ctrl-C) was fixed. An option has been added to use polling to keep rlwrap's idea of the slave terminal up-to-date.

Download Website 18 May 17:09 CTWM 3.8.2


CTWM is a highly-configurable window manager based on the classic TWM window manager. It supports xpms, multiple workspaces, advanced icon managment, animated icons and backgrounds, 3D titles and borders, etc. It offers rudimentary Gnome support and is backwards-compatible with TWM.

Release Notes: Various code cleanups and build fixes. Minor bugfixes and small feature additions.

Download Website 18 May 17:09 privacyIDEA 1.0dev0


privacyIDEA is a multi-factor authentication solution. It can manage any type of authentication device. All common OTP (one time password) devices are supported, including Google Authenticator, eToken Pass, OTP cards, Yubikey, SMSOTP, and mTAN/mobileTAN. New devices can be added easily. Users can be retrieved from flat files, LDAP, Active Directory, SQL databases, and SCIM services. It can also handle authorization and writes all events to a digitally signed audit log, giving you basic AAA functionality.


Release Notes: This release adds SQL Resolver with presets for Wordpress and OTRS. It has preparations to run in a WSGI like Apache.

No download Website 18 May 17:08 Task Coach 1.3.39


Task Coach is a simple todo manager to manage personal tasks and todo lists. It grew out of a frustration that well-known task managers, such as those provided with Outlook or Lotus Notes, do not provide facilities for composite tasks. Often, tasks and other things to do consist of several activities. Task Coach is designed to deal with composite tasks.

Release Notes: This is a mixed bugfix and feature release.

Download Website 18 May 17:08 4MLinux 8.2 Allinone Edition FINAL


4MLinux is a miniature Linux distribution focusing on four capabilities: maintenance (by using it as a system rescue live CD), multimedia (for example, for playing video DVDs), miniserver (using the inetd daemon), and mystery (meaning console games).

Release Notes: The status of the 4MLinux 8.2 series has been changed to STABLE. The final release has all the features included in 4MLinux 8.2 Rescue Edition, 4MLinux 8.2 Media Edition, 4MLinux 8.2 Server Edition, and 4MLinux 8.2 Game Edition.

No download Website 18 May 17:08 FLStation 0.3.2 Alpha


FLStation is the Ground Control Software (GCS) for Firetail UAV. It allows users to control and monitor the UAV, upload flight plans, tweak settings, and review flight logs.

Release Notes: This release adds logging and a log player so that flights can be recorded. The log player can replay flights in real time, fast forward (5x speed), and reverse. It also fixes an irritating bug that wouldn't allow users to disconnect and then reconnect.

No download No website 18 May 17:07 Teddy Templating Engine 0.2.43


Teddy is an easy-to-read, HTML-based, mostly logic-less DOM templating engine with support for both server-side and client-side templating. It uses new HTML-like <tags> for rudimentary templating logic and Teddy Roosevelt's facial hair for {variables}.


Release Notes: This release adds Express 4.0 compatibility and fixes many bugs.

Download Website 18 May 17:07 webfwlog 1.00


Webfwlog is a Web-based firewall log reporting and analysis tool. It allows users to design reports to use on logged firewall data in whatever configuration they desire. Included are sample reports as a starting point. Reports can be sorted with a single click, or "drilled-down" all the way to the packet level, and saved for later use. Supported log formats are netfilter, ipfilter, ipfw, ipchains, Cisco routers, Snort, and Windows XP. Netfilter support includes ulogd MySQL or PostgreSQL database logs using the iptables ULOG or NFLOG target.

Release Notes: This is a major feature update as well as a maintenance release. It has full IPv6 support for netfilter, ipfilter, and database logs, and supports additional log file formats including Cisco routers. There are numerous other improvements and bugfixes; all users are encouraged to update.

Download Website 18 May 17:07 THIS 1.4.2


THIS (This HTML Is Simple) is a content management system with blog capabilities. It features HTML templates, themes, and an extensible database design, with an emphasis on code/data separation, but it has many odd features and requires much manual maintenence.


Release Notes: This release has improvements to the new template code, the database API, the "rules" code, and the documentation. A third, non-template theme has been started. Smaller, faster, and better.

Download Website 18 May 17:06 Phototonic 0.99


Phototonic is an image viewer and organizer for Linux written in C++ and Qt. It is light and fast, does not depend on any desktop environment, supports several thumbnail layouts, and much more.

Release Notes: Images can now be rotated freely to any angle. A file name filtering option has been added. EXIF support has been added (Exiv2 is now a dependency); metadata is retained when saving images. New image features: New Image, Copy and Paste image data. The file system tree and Image Info panes can now be removed or docked anywhere. Many other small fixes and enhancements.

Download Website 18 May 17:05 TOMUSS 5.3.8


TOMUSS allows multiple users to edit the same spreadsheet table with their Web browsers. It stores the complete history of the table modification. TOMUSS is intended to be used by teachers to enter ranking and to allow students to see their ranks.

Release Notes: With this release, the home page boxes in the right column are collapsible; no more scrolling is needed for the administrator. There is a new table tab to manage access rights; it is now possible to define a list of teachers allowed to edit the table.

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