2014 / January / 27 (30 releases)

27 January 2014

Download No website 27 Jan 23:48 FLOM 0.1.5


FLOM is a distributed lock manager that can be used to avoid shell tricks and safely execute different tasks that cannot run at the same time. It manages process serialization in the same way nice manages process prioritization. It implements the same lock mode semantic proposed by VMS DLM to allow non-trivial command serialization use cases. The goal is to "just work"; everything implemented must be useful and easy to use (configuration is reduced to a bare minimum). It works inside a single system or in a network of IP connected systems.

Release Notes: This release introduces multiple user resource lock/enqueueing: commands and scripts executed by different users can be serialized as if they were executed by the same user.

Download Website 27 Jan 23:47 CryptoHeaven 3.8.5


CryptoHeaven offers secure email and online file sharing/storage. Its main features are secure and highly encrypted services such as group collaboration, file sharing, email, online storage, and instant messaging. It integrates multi-user based security into email, instant messaging, and file storage and sharing in one unique package. It provides real time communication for text and data transfers in a multi-user secure environment. The security and usability of CryptoHeaven is well-balanced; even the no-so-technically oriented computer users can enjoy this crypto product with very high level of encryption.

Release Notes: An enhanced secure random number generator that incorporates sha256 secure hashing for creating symmetric keys. Simplifies sending to regular email addresses. Better copy and paste support in table views. Fixes flickering while performing drag and drop. Fixes a bug in the choosing of file attachments. Better support for clicks on encoded URLs, and support for new manifest permissions attributes.

Download Website 27 Jan 23:46 Adventure-(PHP-)Framework 2.0 (stable)


The adventure PHP framework (APF) is a utility to implement object oriented and generic PHP Web applications. It allows the developer to create programs in compliance with approved software design patterns, and the code base already has answers to many everyday problems. The framework cannot be described as an application that only has to be configured, but rather as a technical basis and design guide for the design of software. Further, it introduced many concepts and efficiency tools already well known in the Java community.


Release Notes: The biggest change is the totally redesigned class loading according to PSR-0. This both ensures better compatibility and interoperability with other products and allows you to use PHP namespaces natively within your application. In order to ease updating to the new version, there is a migration script that automatically updates existing applications in less than a minute.

No download No website 27 Jan 23:45 Lernstick Personal Learning Environment 20...


Lernstick is a Live Linux distribution with focus on education; it is usually installed on USB sticks. To provide up-to-date software choice on a solid base, it uses a combination of Debian stable with official and custom backports. Although the distribution is mainly used on removable media (USB sticks, USB hard disks, SD cards, etc.), it can also be installed on internal hard drives.


Release Notes: Keyboard configuration via the boot menu now works as expected. The Linux kernel was upgraded to v3.12. The welcome application and the partition manager now work in all desktop environments, not just KDE. Some applications were backported and added (Stopmotion, Synfigstudio, and RawTherapee), and many other applications were upgraded (LibreOffice, Krita, darktable, Blender, Ardour, Dia, Wireshark, GnuCash, VirtualBox, SuperTuxKart, and more.).

No download Website 27 Jan 23:44 koudevoeten 0.4


Koudevoeten is a small application which streams (using MJPEG streams) the video stream of any video4Linux device via its built-in webserver. MJPEG streams can be viewed with most Web browsers.


Release Notes: This release adds still images in JPEG format, adds MPNG streaming format, optimizes the YUYV converter for speed (e.g. for the Raspberry PI camera), and has a workaround for MJPEG streaming with Google Chrome v29.

No download Website 27 Jan 23:44 Apache MetaModel (incubation) 4.0.0-incuba...


With MetaModel, you use a type-safe SQL-like API for querying any datastore. It is a data access framework providing a common interface for exploration and querying of different types of datastores. It isn't a data mapping framework. Instead, it emphasizes abstraction of metadata and the ability to add data sources at runtime, making MetaModel great for generic data processing applications, but less so for applications modeled around a particular domain.

Release Notes: First official Apache Incubator release. Faster CsvDataContext implementation for single-line values. The convention for file based DataContexts has been changed to use the folder name as the schema name. Improvements in the fluent Query builder API. Renames the package hierarchy from org.eobjects.metamodel to org.apache.metamodel.

No download Website 27 Jan 23:42 Barefoot 1.4.1


The Barefoot server is a scalable user-space port bouncer that can be used to forward, or bounce, TCP connections and UDP packets destined for an address on the host on which the Barefoot server runs to any other host or address. To these other hosts, it will appear as if the connection and packets are coming from the machine on which the Barefoot server runs, rather than from the original host. The Barefoot server has support for using proxy protocols on the outgoing side, and can relay incoming traffic out via a SOCKS server or an HTTP proxy supporting the CONNECT command. At the moment, using a proxy for outgoing traffic is only supported for the TCP protocol. The Barefoot server is targeted towards larger sites that need to bounce traffic from many simultaneous clients, while at the same time offering detailed access control, logging, and other features related to controlling the behavior of the traffic and the Barefoot server.

Release Notes: IPv6 is now supported in the server. A new "monitor" object has been added. The syntax is similar to rules and routes, but instead of applying to individual sessions, it applies to all sessions currently matching the addresses to monitor. The session module has been merged with the mainstream Barefoot code, and has also been extended to support the following new features: connection throttling (number of new sessions accepted per second) and state-keys (per source IP address).

Download No website 27 Jan 23:41 schily 2014-01-27


The "Schily" Tool Box is a set of tools written or managed by Jörg Schilling. It includes programs like: cdrecord, cdda2wav, readcd, mkisofs, smake, bsh, btcflash, calc, calltree, change, compare, count, cpp (K&R original), devdump, hdump, isodebug, isodump, isoinfo, isovfy, label, mt, p, patch, sccs, scgcheck, scpio, sdd, sfind, sformat, smake, sh (Bourne Shell), star, star_sym, suntar, gnutar, tartest, termcap, and ved.

Release Notes: The portable smake bootstrap compile environment works again. include/schily/varargs.h now contains a wrapper struct to allow it to copy av_list typed variables. include/schily/getargs.h now has a comment to explain the callback interface of the option parser. libschily/format.c (printf() base) now supports argument reordering using %n$ with n <= 30. libschily/getargs.c option parser no longer dumps core with combined boolean options using callbacks. cdrtools has been bumped to 3.01a22. star no longer archives all files as a sparse file when using "star -c -sparse -force-hole".

Download Website 27 Jan 23:40 PHP OAuth API 2014.01.27


PHP OAuth API authorizes user access using the OAuth protocol. It abstracts OAuth 1.0, 1.0a, and 2.0 in the same class. It provides built-in support for popular OAuth servers: 37Signals, Amazon, Buffer, Bitbucket, Box.net, Dailymotion, Discogs, Disqus, Dropbox with OAuth 1.0 and 2.0, Etsy, Eventful, Facebook, Fitbit, Flickr, Foursquare, github, Google with OAuth 1.0a and OAuth 2.0, Instagram, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Rdio, Reddit, RightSignature, Salesforce, Scoop.it, StockTwits, SurveyMonkey, Tumblr, Twitter, VK, Withings, Xero, XING, and Yahoo!. Every other OAuth server is supported by setting an endpoint URLs and other parameters using specific class variables or an external JSON configuration file. The class can also send requests to an API using the previously-obtained OAuth access token. For servers which support offline access, the class can renew expired tokens automatically using refresh tokens.

Release Notes: This release adds support for OAuth servers Withings, VK, and Google with OAuth 1.0. It also adds support for API calls appending parameters to the request URL for non-POST OAuth 2.0 requests, and makes Twitter API call parameters not be passed via URL.

Download Website 27 Jan 23:39 Sanzang 1.1.0


Sanzang is a compact and simple cross-platform machine translation system. It is especially useful for translating from the CJK languages (Chinese, Japanese, and Korean), and it is very suitable for working with ancient and otherwise difficult texts. Unlike most other machine translation systems, Sanzang is small and approachable. Any user can develop his or her own translation rules, and these rules are simply stored in a text file and applied at runtime.

Release Notes: This is a minor release containing a new feature but maintaining backward compatibility. The Sanzang translation method has been updated to automatically handle horizontal spacing between translated terms. This means that translation tables no longer need to have extra spacing as part of their format.

Download No website 27 Jan 23:39 comedirecord 1.27


comedirecord is an oscilloscope program to record data from a COMEDI-compatible device. Its philosophy is to save the data in its original unfiltered form but allow comfortable viewing of the data during an experiment. One can acquire data from multiple DAQ boards simultaneously, and also append data via an incoming TCP port, which could be a telnet connection into comedirecord or data from another program. Low-pass, high-pass, and notch filters can be switched on for each channel. A DC filter can be switched on, which is useful when observing small voltage changes at a high gain (for example, measuring small temperature changes). The output format is ASCII so that the data can be imported into GNUPLOT, scilab, or octave.

Release Notes: A complete overhaul of the layout. Low-pass and high-pass filters for every channel. Basic functionality for the Fourier spectrum.

Download Website 27 Jan 22:55 Sunflower 0.1a-57


Sunflower is a small and highly customizable twin-panel file manager for Linux with support for plugins. It is intended to be an easy-to-use and powerful file manager that seamlessly integrates into the GNOME desktop environment.


Release Notes: This release adds breadcrumbs support, number sensitive sort, the ability to copy full paths of selected items, and a new French translation. A number of old bugs were also fixed.

Download No website 27 Jan 22:54 Beobachter 1.7.9


Beobachter is a file monitor, usually used to watch log files. It has a Java Swing interface that allows the user to customize the highlighting of the logs depending on the log type. It is a very simple, multi-platform, fast, and practical tool.

Release Notes: Log rules are now editable. A bugfix in the close all windows option. Internal refactoring for cleaner code. A smaller program file due to the removal of some (not hard) dependencies. Memory consumption has decreased. The license header has been updated. Google analytics tracking code has been added to the author link.

Download Website 27 Jan 21:39 libcsdbg 1.21


libcsdbg is a C++ exception stack tracer. When an exception is thrown, caught, and handled, libcsdbg offers the tools to create and process the exception stack trace, the path the exception has propagated up the call stack, unwinding it up to the section were it was handled. The traces are detailed with demangled function signatures and additional addr2line information (the source code file and line from which each function was called). libcsdbg can use all the well-known objective code file formats (a.out, elf, coff, ecoff, etc.) and can easily be used as the base for your own instrumentation code. libcsdbg transparently loads the symbol tables of the chosen dynamic libraries and of the executable, demangles function symbols to complete signatures, and binds function names to runtime addresses (even for the DSO symbols).

Release Notes: This version completes the parser API. A parser can use any grammar (POSIX extended regular expressions) to parse and tokenize any structured text. The default grammar defines a libcsdbg C++ stack trace, and can be used to perform trace syntax highlighting for VT100 terminals (XTerm, RXVT, GNOME terminal, etc.). The default VT100 highlighter uses custom styles that describe how to render each type of token (function name, C++ keyword, C++ integral type, etc.). This is implemented using the new classes csdbg::dictionary and csdbg::style.

No download No website 27 Jan 21:38 Frosted 1.2.1


Frosted is a passive Python syntax checker. It is a fork of pyflakes which aims at more open contribution from the outside public, a smaller more maintainable code base, and a better Python checker for all.

Release Notes: This release added support for skipping entire directories.

Download No website 27 Jan 21:38 Infovore t20140126


Infovore is a map/reduce framework for processing large RDF data sets such as Freebase and DBpedia. It is based on Hadoop.

Release Notes: This release updates to Centipede 99.3, Spring 4, and Guava 16. If you hate XML, you can now configure Infovore with Groovy.

Download No website 27 Jan 21:37 XOWA 1.1.4


XOWA is a desktop application that can read and edit English Wikipedia offline. It displays articles in an HTML browser, and can download images on demand. It can also be used for Wiktionary, Wikisource, Wikiquote, and the non-English counterparts.

Release Notes: This release adds offline images for Wikisource (English, German, French, Polish, Chinese), enhanced support for Wikisource wikis, a fix for broken home/logo links, and other minor changes.

Download No website 27 Jan 21:37 milter manager 2.0.2


milter manager is a flexible and low administrative cost anti-spam system that can be used with MTAs that support milters like Sendmail and Postfix. It provides an effective solution by combining a range of existing milters.

Release Notes: Ubuntu Lucid (10.04) support is revived.

Download Website 27 Jan 21:37 reposurgeon 3.1


A tool for editing version-control repository history, reposurgeon enables risky operations that version-control systems don't want to let you do, such as editing past comments and metadata and removing commits. It works with any version control system that can export and import git fast-import streams, including git, hg, bzr, CVS, and RCS. It can also read Subversion dump files directly, and can thus be used to script production of very high-quality conversions from Subversion to any supported DVCS.

Release Notes: The filter command now has a --replace modifier to avoid regex overhead. Associated branches are renamed when a reset or tag is moved or deleted. A bugfix has been added for off-by-one error in tags reporting.

Download Website 27 Jan 21:36 g7ctrl 2.0.2


g7ctrl is a daemon and a command shell that are used together with the Xtreme GM7 GPS tracker to help simplify its management and to make it possible to monitor alerts sent by the tracker. It is designed to run in the background and can be used to both receive location updates from a remote tracker and configure a tracker over USB. All received events are stored in a database and can be exported to GPX, KML, and CSV, with distances calculated. It can also execute action scripts upon receiving specific events or generate mail notifications. Extensive reference documentation (HTML and PDF) and Unix man pages are provided.

Release Notes: This release fixes a spelling error in a last minute requested change that unfortunately broke the DB schema in 2.0.1

No download Website 27 Jan 21:36 Jinja24Doc 1.0


Jinja24Doc is a lightweight documentation generator for Python modules with jinja2 templates. It is part of the Poor HTTP group tools (WSGI connector, WSGI/HTTP Server, and mod_python connector). It can load modules and get documentation for its items. No configuration is needed, only jinja2 templates.


Release Notes: This first stable release is used to generate documentation for Jinja24Doc, PoorWSGI, and PoorHTTP

Download Website 27 Jan 21:35 TTA-based Co-design Environment 1.9


TTA-based Co-design Environment (TCE) is a toolset that provides a complete co-design flow from C programs down to synthesizable VHDL and parallel program binaries. Processor customization points include the register files, function units, supported operations, and the interconnection network.

Release Notes: This release adds support for LLVM 3.4. OSAL operands now have widths and element counts, to support multiple size operations in the same function unit, among other things. Several bug fixes are also included.

Download Website 27 Jan 21:35 segatex 8.000


segatex is a tool to configure SELinux policy with the help of a GUI. At the push of a button, it can generate a .te file in the /usr/share/segatex directory. You can then edit your .te file, make a module, and install. You can make any module name and edit current modules. You can install, update, and remove modules. You can semanage list and semanage login, fcontext, and port or set some domain permissive. You can download SELinux-related RPMs, including xguest, sepostgresql, and mod_selinux. You can download Fedora DVD or CDs. You can relabel your system. You can audit2allow by GUI. You can check refpolicy by analyzer. segatex includes its own policy.


Release Notes: This release incorporates the new logo (Pink Rabbit).

No download Website 27 Jan 21:34 Burp 1.3.48


Burp is a program that backs up and restores data. It uses librsync in order to save on the amount of space that is used by each backup. It also uses VSS (Volume Shadow Copy Service) to make snapshots when backing up Windows computers.

Release Notes: A bugfix for restoring correct file times on Windows clients was added.

Download Website 27 Jan 21:33 i3 4.7.2


i3 is a dynamic tiling window manager. Its key features are correct implementation of Xinerama (workspaces are assigned to virtual screens, and it does the right thing when attaching new monitors) and XrandR support (which is still unfinished). Both horizontal and vertical columns can be used in tiling. There is a special focus is on writing clean, readable, and well documented code. i3 uses xcb for asynchronous communication with X11, and has several measures to be very fast. i3 is primarily targeted at advanced users and developers.


Release Notes: This release features a number of documentation improvements, better error messages in various places, better tray compatibility in i3bar, and a number of bugfixes.

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