2014 / January / 1 (30 releases)

1 January 2014

No download No website 01 Jan 21:30 ari4java 0.1.1


ari4java is an Asterisk Rest Interface (ARI) library for the Java programming language. It can be used to build external applications for Asterisk 12.

Release Notes: Support for ARI 1.0.0 as released with Asterisk 12 final.

Download Website 01 Jan 21:28 EESST 1.2.0


The EESST package implements a common format for Email Exchange of Secondary School Transcripts. MIME and OpenPGP email standards are applied to enable secure communication of academic transcripts directly from each student to his or her chosen recipients without intervention or monitoring by any third-parties. Because transcripts are digitally signed by the originating school official, transcript recipients can independently verify that transcripts received directly from students have not been altered in transit.

Release Notes: Initial Freecode announcement.

Download Website 01 Jan 21:26 iftop 1.0pre3


iftop provides real-time bandwidth usage information on a specified interface, listed by host pairs.

Release Notes: Bugs and compilation issues were fixed. A "text output" mode was added.

Download Website 01 Jan 21:26 PC-BASIC 14.01


PC-BASIC is an interpreter for GW-BASIC files. It can run and convert between ASCII, bytecode, and "protected" (encrypted) .BAS files. It implements floating-point arithmetic in the Microsoft Binary Format (MBF) and can therefore read and write binary data files created by GW-BASIC.

Release Notes: This release added support for PEN (through a mouse), STICK, and STRIG (through a joystick) and fixed many issues. A few language features that didn't yet work have now been implemented, including NEXT J, I and the implied jump in IF .... THEN ... ELSE 100. Sound frequency was corrected, and issues in GET, PUT, AUTO, LIST, EDIT, DELETE, VAL, VIEW, and DEF FN were fixed. Many crashes have been resolved.

Download Website 01 Jan 21:25 GraphicsMagick 1.3.19


GraphicsMagick is a robust collection of tools and libraries which support reading, writing, and manipulating an image in over 90 major formats including popular formats like DPX, DICOM, BMP, GIF, JPEG, JPEG-2000, PDF, PNG, PNM, SVG, and TIFF. A high-quality 2D renderer is included, which provides a subset of SVG capabilities. C, C++, Perl, Tcl, and Ruby are supported. Originally based on ImageMagick, GraphicsMagick focuses on performance, minimizing bugs, and providing stable APIs and ABIs. It runs on all modern variants of Unix, Windows, and Mac OS X.

Release Notes: This release rolled up nine months of bugfixes and new features. All users are encouraged to upgrade. Support for Google's WebP format has been added to configure-based builds (not yet for Windows Visual Studio builds). Support for non-standard 32-bit PNM and PAM formats was added to the Q32 build. JPEG now supports writing the XMP profile. The JPEG, PNG, littlecms, libxml2, and FreeType libraries were refreshed to the latest upstream versions for the Windows Visual Studio builds.

Download Website 01 Jan 21:24 Aspose.Slides for .NET 8.2.0


Aspose.Slides is a .NET component to read, write, and modify a PowerPoint document without using MS PowerPoint. It supports files from PowerPoint versions from 97-2007 and all three PowerPoint formats: PPT, POT, and PPS. It lets you create, access, copy, clone, edit, and delete slides in your presentations. It can save PowerPoint slides into PDF format and also save presentations in SVG format, Streams or Images.

Release Notes: This release enhanced support for SmartArt loading, saving, editing, and 2D rendering of objects. It is now possible to set SmartArt background color and text rendering, to set multi-level chart categories, and automatically update linked OLE frame data. Several presentation rendering issues inside exported PDF and slides thumbnails were fixed, including missing hyperlinks, missing images, wrong font substitution, and improper text rendering.

No download Website 01 Jan 21:22 F-IRC 1.30


F-IRC is an IRC client for the console. It supports multiple servers, scrollback, and all the basic features one can expect from an IRC client.


Release Notes: User interface improvements and fixes for two crashes. Favorites and auto-join can now be edited from within the program. The CTCP implementation was enhanced. Mouse support was added. "Search in all channels" was added. It is now possible to log all conversations.

Download Website 01 Jan 21:21 Berkeley Yacc 20140101


Berkeley Yacc (byacc) is a high-quality yacc variant. It is written to avoid dependencies upon a particular compiler. It was written around 1990 by Robert Corbett, who previously wrote Bison. This version has been modified to conform to ANSI C.

Release Notes: This release implemented %token-table for building ntpd by NetBSD.

Download Website 01 Jan 21:17 cproto 4.7l


cproto generates function prototypes for functions defined in the specified C source files to the standard output. The function definitions may be in K&R or ANSI C style, or in the lint library form. cproto can also convert function definitions in the specified files from the K&R style to the ANSI C style.

Release Notes: This release corrected a configure-check needed for verbose diagnostics by cproto.

Download Website 01 Jan 21:17 Hnefatafl 140101


Hnefatafl is an implementation of the Norse board game. Hnefatafl 11x11, 13x13, Tablut, and many other variants are supported using rulesets. There is a command-line interface and an X interface (the latter is optional).

Release Notes: Some problems with the XLib interface that appear in certain window managers was fixed.

Download Website 01 Jan 21:17 Qsynth 0.3.8


Qsynth is a GUI front-end application for Fluidsynth. Fluidsynth is a command-line software synthesizer based on the Soundfont specification. Qsynth was built with the Qt4 toolkit using Qt Designer. Eventually it may evolve into a softsynth management application that allows the user to control and manage a variety of command line softsynths, but it currently just wraps the excellent Fluidsynth program.

Release Notes: A fifth of a Jubilee release.

Download Website 01 Jan 21:16 QjackCtl 0.3.11


QjackCtl is a simple Qt application to control the JACK sound server daemon, specifically for the Linux Audio Desktop infrastructure. It is written in C++ around the Qt4 toolkit for X11, most exclusively using Qt Designer. It provides a simple GUI dialog for setting several JACK daemon parameters, which are properly saved between sessions, and a way to control of the status of the audio server daemon. With time, this primordial interface has become richer by including an enhanced patchbay and connection control features.

Release Notes: A fifth of a Jubilee release.

Download Website 01 Jan 21:16 The Legend of Edgar 1.14


The Legend of Edgar is a 2D platform game with a persistent world. When Edgar's father fails to return home after venturing out one dark and stormy night, Edgar fears the worst: he has been captured by the evil sorcerer who lives in a fortress beyond the forbidden swamp. In The Legend of Edgar, you take on the role of Edgar as he ventures across the world, battling fearsome creatures and solving puzzles while trying to find and rescue his father.

Release Notes: Minor graphical improvements to the Sewer and Basement maps, a chain graphic around Chaos's neck, and a fix for a grammar problem when Edgar speaks after the cauldron explodes. Dutch, Persian, and Romanian translations were added and the German translation was updated.

No download Website 01 Jan 21:15 dantalian 0.5


dantalian is a transparent file-tagging system using hard links. Tags (which are directories) can be accessed on the file system level (with or without fuse), allowing maximum interoperability with other applications. Tagging operations are performed with scripts, and can also be hooked into other applications. dantalian is file-agnostic and can be used with any and all types of files. Tags can be organized hierarchically and can also be tagged. With (optional) fuse support, dantalian can also create virtual tags (currently limited to tag intersections (AND), but will be expanded later), which can be accessed transparently on the filesystem level.

Release Notes: A new FUSE mount tree/node system was added. Nodes are created and deleted dynamically in a FUSE mounted library. Changes are saved on unmount and loaded on mount. The tree is dumped as a JSON file, and can be edited by hand if necessary. This release also added an rmnode socket command, unit tests, bugfixes, documentation improvements, and mktag and rmtag commands.

Download No website 01 Jan 21:14 CodeQuery 0.11


CodeQuery is a tool for indexing and then querying or searching C, C++, Java, Python, Ruby, and Go source code. It builds upon the databases of cscope and ctags, which are processed by the cqmakedb tool to generate a CodeQuery database file. This can be viewed and queried with a GUI tool. The features include auto-completion of search terms and visualization of function call graphs and class inheritance. The following queries can be made: Symbol, Function or macro, Class or struct, Functions calling this function, Functions called by this function, Class which owns this member or method, Members and methods of this class, Parent of this class (inheritance), Children of this class (inheritance), Files including this file, and Full path for file.

Release Notes: A file path filter, search result traversal within a single file, and bugfixes.

No download No website 01 Jan 21:14 Kigo Video Converter Pro for Mac 7.0.0


Kigo Video Converter Pro is a DVD ripping, DVD creation, Web video downloader, and video conversion tool. It supports all popular video formats including FLV, MPEG1, MPEG2, MP4, 3GP, 3G2, MOV, AVI, M2TS, and MPEG TS/TP (for HD Video) and includes output presets for iPod, iPhone, iPhone 3G, PSP, PS3, Apple TV, PSP, and Zune.

Release Notes: A new interface, the ability to download videos with different resolutions, support for downloading subtitle files from YouTube, support for burning to ISO, support for setting the audio tracks and subtitles of the source files before burning, and online help.

Download Website 01 Jan 21:13 phpMyFAQ 2.8.5


phpMyFAQ is a multilingual, completely database-driven FAQ system. It support various database systems and it also offers a content management system with a WYSIWYG editor, an image manager, flexible multi-group and multi-user support, a news system, user tracking, language modules, templates, PDF support, a backup system, Active Directory support, and an easy to use installation script.

Release Notes: This release includes fixes for SSO logins with mod_auth_kerb and improves the HTTPS handling. The Dutch and European Portuguese translations were updated, and some minor bugs and issues were fixed.

Download Website 01 Jan 14:44 Chaotic Rage 1.5


Chaotic Rage is a 3D zombie shooter with multiple game modes and play styles. It supports modding, single player mode, split-screen mode, networking, and campaigns.

Release Notes: This release is mostly bugfixes. There were a few launch bugs for Intel graphics, and a DLL error which affected almost all Windows users. Many small, annoying network bugs have been fixed, too.

Download Website 01 Jan 14:42 dos2unix 6.0.4


dos2unix includes utilities to convert text files with DOS or Mac line endings to Unix line endings and vice versa. It is an update of Benjamin Lin's implementations.

Release Notes: This release adds a new Russian translation of messages, the options -ul and -ub to convert UTF-16 files without BOM, printing of values of binary symbols when found, and building of the Windows 32 bit version with Large File Support.

Download No website 01 Jan 14:41 ProjectForge 5.3


ProjectForge is a Web-based solution for project management including time sheet booking, Gantt charts, financial administration and controlling, issue management, and managing work-break-down structures. First-party and third-party plugins are supported. Ready-to-run packages of the ProjectForge server are available for Windows, Mac OS X, and all Java6-capable platforms (database and Web server are included). ProjectForge is also available as a web-archive file (war) for usage within your own Web server and for your own database installation.


Release Notes: This is a security release. Please update as soon as is practicable. Some vulnerabilities were discovered (a logged-in-user is always required): Cross-Site-Request-Forgery (CSRF), XSS of JSON-Strings in autocompletion forms, salt and pepper for passwords, and the mechanism for avoiding brute-force-attacks on user/password combinations including rest-calls. Some minor bugfixes and features are included, as well (such as extended LDAP support).

No download Website 01 Jan 14:37 Devel Live CD 8.0-20


Devel Live CD includes a development toolchain from 4MLinux which makes it possible to compile the Linux kernel and other software written in C and C++. There is no dependency tracking in 4MLinux, so this may be a useful tool for developers who are interested in building fully-customized Linux operating systems.

Release Notes: This release is based on 4MLinux 8.0 and Fedora 20 (x86/32-bit/smp).

Download Website 01 Jan 14:37 nut 19.1


nut is nutrition software to record what you eat and analyze your meals for nutrient composition. The database included is the latest USDA Nutrient Database for Standard Reference. This database contains values for vitamins, minerals, fats, calories, protein, carbohydrates, fiber, etc., and includes the essential polyunsaturated fats, Omega-3 and Omega-6. Nutrient levels are expressed as a percentage of the Daily Value, the familiar standard of food labeling in the United States, but also can be fully customized. Foods can be added from recipes or food labels, and nutrient intake can be graphed. The program is completely menu-driven and there are no commands to learn.


Release Notes: This release includes bugfixes and enhancements to the automatic portion control feature.

No download Website 01 Jan 14:36 Amberdms Billing System 2.0.1


The Amberdms Billing System is a Web application that provides accounting, invoicing, service billing, and time keeping functions. It is designed for small and medium businesses. This program is developer-friendly with a SOAP API, as well as being appropriate for ISPs with service usage billing features.

Release Notes: This release adds several small (but useful) bugfixes. In particular, there are fixes for the "licenses" service type, fixes for the quotes page missing edit/delete links, and improvements for newer versions of PHP and MySQL.

No download Website 01 Jan 02:26 Frescobaldi 2.0.13


Frescobaldi is a LilyPond sheet music editor with built-in MIDI player and PDF preview. It aims to be powerful, yet lightweight and easy to use.

Release Notes: This is a maintenance release with bugfixes and small improvements. The main new feature is continuous auto-engrave.

No download No website 01 Jan 02:25 GeoToad 3.19.1


GeoToad is a geocaching query tool to help speed up the boring part of geocaching: choosing the cache and collecting the data. It allows you to generate any kind of complex query you want, and the program will go and poll the Geocaching query, grab the data, and output it to any format you want. The Geocache info can be synced straight to your GPS, iPod, PDA, or cell phone in over 20 different formats.

Release Notes: This release addresses a lot of reported issues and wishlist items not covered by 3.19.0. Most notable are improvements in handling PMO caches, cookies, and filters. Some new long options (which can be better abridged) have been added. A caveat for EasyName users: The "waypointLength" option has been renamed "-w" to make room for further enhancements. There's an emergency download mirror now since GoogleCode has announced it will shut down its own download services. Note that there are no individual download links given this time.

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