2013 / September / 26 (27 releases)

26 September 2013

Download No website 26 Sep 23:28 WeatherLog 1.4.1


WeatherLog is an application for keeping track of the weather and getting information about past trends.

Release Notes: This release adds new configuration options.

Download Website 26 Sep 23:27 Parted Magic 2013_09_26


The Parted Magic OS employs core programs from GParted and Parted to handle partitioning tasks with ease, while featuring other useful programs including Partition Image, TestDisk, fdisk, sfdisk, dd, and ddrescue and an excellent set of documentation to benefit the user. An extensive collection of fileystem tools are also included, and the following filesystems are supported: ext2, ext3, ext4, FAT16, FAT32, HFS, HFS+, JFS, Linux-swap, NTFS, ReiserRS, reiser4, and XFS. It loads completely to system memory and requires at least 256MB of RAM to operate.

Release Notes: This version includes a new GUI for Secure Erase and a GUI for DDRescue. It now boots normally on Windows 8 machines with Secure Boot enabled. There is a completely new layout for the panel menu, and many updated programs.

Download Website 26 Sep 23:26 PdfParser 0.9.5


PdfParser is a standalone PHP library that provides various tools for extracting data from PDF files. It loads and parses objects and headers, extracts meta data, and extracts text from ordered pages. It supports compressed PDF, MAC OS Roman charset encoding, hex and octal encoding in text sections, and is compliant with PSR-0 (autoloader) and PSR-1 (code styling). Currently, secured documents are not supported.

Release Notes: This release fixes many bugs in text blocs. Code cleanup and performance optimizations. The demo page has been updated to use this release (http://www.pdfparser.org/demo). Feel free to send the author any PDF files that generate an issue or aren't parsed as expected.

Download Website 26 Sep 23:25 Embedthis Appweb 4.3.6


Embedthis Appweb is a fast, little embedded Web server. It is unmatched in efficiency and serves pages at native speed, using an event-driven, non-blocking core to serve multiple requests using minimal resources. It has integrated caching and the ESP "C" Web framework. Without compromising performance, it has extensive security controls and a rigorous security sandbox that helps protect the server and mitigate denial-of-service attacks. It is one of the most widely deployed embedded Web servers and is used in networking equipment, telephony, mobile devices, industrial control, and consumer and office equipment, and in high-performance Web services.

Release Notes: This is a minor release to optimize memory footprint and fix compilation of very large ESP Web pages.

Download Website 26 Sep 23:24 License4J 4.3


License4J is a total solution for software product licensing. It provides Java libraries and GUI tools for generating and validating license keys, license text, and floating license files. It is designed to be easy to use and integrate in your application. A License Manager GUI is provided for generating and storing licenses, and a Floating License Server can host and serve created floating licenses. An Online.License4J System allows single or multiple license activations to be defined. It also supports license generation through HTTP post either from a payment processor or a custom script.

Release Notes: A ModificationStatus enumeration class has been added for license modification keys. A new autoActivate method to modify user information while activating a license. A new autoDeactivate method to deactivate an activated license. A new modifyLicense method for license modification keys. A usage limit for online license keys. License modification keys have been implemented. Bulk license and modification key generation.

Download Website 26 Sep 19:06 storebackup 3.4.2


storeBackup is a backup utility that stores files on other disks. It's able to compress data, and recognize copying and moving of files and directories (deduplication), and unifies the advantages of traditional full and incremental backups. It can handle big image files with block-wise changes efficiently. Depending on its contents, every file is stored only once on disk. Tools for analyzing backup data and restoring are provided. Once archived, files are accessible by mounting file systems (locally, or via Samba or NFS). It is easy to install and configure. Additional features are backup consistency checking, offline backups, and replication of backups.

Release Notes: This release adds support for handling sparse files and progress reports based on periods of time.

Download Website 26 Sep 19:06 DRBL live-testing 2.1.2-26


Diskless Remote Boot in Linux (DRBL) provides a diskless or systemless environment for client machines. It works on Debian, Mandriva, Red Hat, Fedora, and SuSE. Unlike LTSP, it uses distributed hardware resources and makes it possible for clients to fully access local hardware. It also includes Clonezilla, a partitioning and disk cloning utility similar to Symantec Ghost.

Release Notes: The underlying GNU/Linux operating system was upgraded. This release is based on the Debian Sid repository (as of 2013/Sep/26). The Linux kernel was updated to 3.10.11-1, drbl to 2.5.3-drbl1, and clonezilla to 3.6.20-drbl1.

    Download No website 26 Sep 19:05 coverity-submit 1.11


    coverity-submit submits scan requests to the Coverity demo server. If you are a registered user of Coverity's self-build server and have the cov-build tools installed locally, this script automates the process of running the tools and submitting the results with an analysis request to Coverity. It can be configured to store build passwords, local build commands, and other required information for multiple projects so you don't have to remember it - just call the tool and let it manage the details.

    Release Notes: This release adds sane defaults for name and userid. The -b option now has a smart default for hg, bzr, and svn, as well as git.

    Download No website 26 Sep 19:05 JFBChat 0.2.42


    JFBChat is a simple application that lets you chat with your Facebook friends without using a Web browser.

    Release Notes: This release adds a new, better installer and some minor bugfixes.

    Download Website 26 Sep 19:04 sawfish 1.10


    Sawfish (the window manager formerly known as Sawmill) is an extensible window manager using a Lisp-based extension language. All window decorations are configurable and all user-interface policy is controlled through the language. Its aim is to manage windows in the most flexible and attractive manner possible. As such it does not implement desktop backgrounds, application docks, or other things that may be achieved through separate applications. Sawfish is mostly GNOME-compliant; almost all configuration may be made through a graphical interface.

    Release Notes: This release fixes several bugs in tabs, SawfishConfig, and more. New features include tiling and full compton integration, along with embedding external applications (trayer, xmodmap, xgamma, and more).

    Download Website 26 Sep 19:04 PHP Net_IDNA 0.8.1


    PHP Net_IDNA is a class to convert between the Punycode and Unicode formats. Punycode is a standard described in RFC 3492 and part of IDNA (Internationalizing Domain Names in Applications [RFC3490]) . This class allows PHP scripts to convert these domain names without having one of the PHP extensions installed. It supports both IDNA 2003 and IDNA 2008.

    Release Notes: The example page contained a possible XSS attack, which has been fixed.

    Download Website 26 Sep 19:03 Conserver 8.1.19


    Conserver provides remote access to serial port consoles and logs all data to a central host. Local and network serial connections are supported. Server console history can be replayed from the console app even if the server is down, and multiple users can connect to a single serial connection.

    Release Notes: This release adds bugfixes and new features.

    Download Website 26 Sep 19:03 Tine 2.0 Collin (2013.10) Beta 1


    Tine 2.0 is a Web-based groupware solution that focuses on usability and correctness. To achieve these goals, the project uses usability experts and covers most of the code by unit tests. It contains support for contacts, tasks, calendar, email, CRM, VoIP integration, a time tracker, ActiveSync, and a flexible rights management system.

    Release Notes: This first beta release of the upcoming major release "Collin" brings some new features, including Tasks support for CalDAV, file attachments for all records (like events, contacts, etc.), and more security and authentication possibilities.

    Download Website 26 Sep 12:52 Aspose.Words for SharePoint 2.10.0.


    Aspose.Words for SharePoint allows you to convert documents within the Microsoft SharePoint applications. It supports multiple document formats like PDF, DOCX, DOC, RTF, MHT, TXT, XML, ODT, EPUB, and XPS. It is designed to be used with Windows SharePoint Services and Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 (standard and enterprise). You can also use different valuable options during conversion setup like converting files in subfolders or saving destination folder options.

    Release Notes: Enhancements to content width calculation inside table cells, layout performance, HTML and MHTML import, metafile rendering performance, text wrapping for section breaks, and much more. This release also included support for compatibility options in layout, rendering of table diagonal borders, and document structure output for PDF/A-1a compliance.

    No download Website 26 Sep 12:51 iText 5.4.4


    iText is a library that contains classes to generate and manipulate documents in the Portable Document Format (PDF). Document manipulation includes splitting, merging, and filling out forms (AcroForms, static and dynamic XFA forms).

    Release Notes: PdfCopy is finally able to merge AcroForm-based interactive PDFs. This is a huge step forward for people who want to merge accessible forms, preserving the accessibility. The PdfCopyFields class was deprecated. Unlike PdfCopy, this class allowed you to merge forms, but this didn't result in a tagged PDF: all structure was lost. iText now deals with some image types that previously weren't supported, and when confronted with an invalid PDF, throws a meaningful error.

    Download Website 26 Sep 08:55 check_rbl 1.3.1


    check_rbl is a Nagios plugin to check if an SMTP server is blacklisted.


    Release Notes: Embedded Perl was disabled.

    Download Website 26 Sep 08:55 Freedomotic


    Freedomotic is an open, flexible, scalable, mashup-oriented software system which can interact with well-known standard building automation protocols and with "do-it-yourself" solutions. It treats the Web, social networks, and frontends just like any other sensor or actuator in your automation system. For example, you can tweet your washing machine to start the washing cycle. Freedomotic leverages modern enterprise integration patterns and distributed computing architectures, along with cross-language APIs for extensions.


    Release Notes: This version allows the PluginRemoteController plugin to start, stop, and restart plugins. This could have multiple benefits: enabling certain plugins on a time based rule, restarting buggy plugins, and enabling/disabling plugins based on various criteria (machine load, escalation, etc.).

    Download Website 26 Sep 08:54 SQL Relay 0.52


    SQL Relay is a persistent database connection pooling, proxying, and load balancing system. It supports many database systems and programming languages. There are drop-in replacement libraries for MySQL and PostgreSQL, command line clients, a GUI configuration tool, and extensive documentation. The APIs support advanced database operations such as binding variables, multi-row fetches, client-side result set caching, suspended transactions, query routing, and query filtering. It can be used for speeding up database-driven Web-based applications, accessing databases from unsupported platforms, migrating between databases, distributing access to replicated databases, and throttling database access.

    Release Notes: Lots of minor, under-the hood modifications were made to support the most recent release of Rudiments. The sqlrsh program now reports the correct version and also supports running multiple, semicolon-delimited queries from the command line. The sqlr-export program has an option to output CSV now. A 64-bit build option is now available for Windows.

    Download Website 26 Sep 08:54 Rudiments 0.43


    Rudiments is a C++ class library providing base classes for things such as daemons, clients, and servers, and wrapper classes for the standard C functions for things like regular expressions, semaphores, and signal handling.

    Release Notes: Lots of minor modifications were made to support older platforms and compilers. Several classes and methods were renamed to avoid collisions on platforms that use macros to alias functions. The daemonprocess class has been merged into the process class. Thread support is no longer required, but used if available. The linkedlist and dictionary classes have been refactored and simplified. Vsnprintf has been wrapped and printf-like methods have been added to various classes. There is now a 64-bit build option on Windows.

    Download Website 26 Sep 01:09 AutoLaTeX 26.2


    AutoLaTeX is a tool for managing small to large LaTeX documents. It detects which files which are used to build the document (included TeX files, BibTeX, figures, etc.), and launches the various different tools (latex, bibtex, makeindex) when the sources files have been changed. It provides translation rules which automatically generate figures in EPS, PNG, or PDF formats from different types of sources (dia, xfig, svg, astah, source code, etc.) AutoLaTeX also provides graphical user interfaces, a plugin for the editors Gedit and Sublime Text, and a standalone Gtk application.


    Release Notes: Major bugs in the management of subprocesses were fixed. A '--continuous' CLI option was added to enable continuous execution of AutoLaTeX (for automatic building and viewer refreshing, for example).

    Download Website 26 Sep 01:08 VLC media player 2.1.0


    VLC media player is a multimedia player, framework, streamer, and encoder. It can play inputs like files, network streams, DVDs, audio CDs, Blu-Rays, capture devices, and screens. It can play most audio and video codecs and formats (MPEG 1/2/4, H264, VC-1, DivX, WMV, Vorbis, AC3, AAC, MKV, etc.), but can also be used to convert to different formats and/or send streams through the network.

    Release Notes: With a new audio core, hardware decoding and encoding, a port to mobile platforms, preparation for Ultra-HD video, and a special care to support more formats, 2.1 is a major upgrade for VLC. It has a new rendering pipeline for audio, with better efficiency and volume and device management. It supports many new devices inputs, formats, and metadata and improves most of the current ones, preparing for the next-gen codecs. Around a thousand bugs were fixed.

    Download Website 26 Sep 01:07 Berkeley Yacc 20130925


    Berkeley Yacc (byacc) is a high-quality yacc variant. It is written to avoid dependencies upon a particular compiler. It was written around 1990 by Robert Corbett, who previously wrote Bison. This version has been modified to conform to ANSI C.

    Release Notes: This resolves a minor regression in the Red Hat package for byacc.

    Download Website 26 Sep 01:07 ClanLib 3.0.0


    ClanLib is a cross-platform game SDK currently supporting Windows and Linux. It provides easy-to-use interfaces for 2D graphics, input, sound, resources, networking, GUI, OpenGL, and more. The goal is to provide a game SDK that does all the dirty work that all modern games need to implement anyway, thus making the game developer concentrate on the gameplay instead of reinventing the wheel over and over again.

    Release Notes: DirectX 11 was added as a render target. On Windows, there are now no dependencies, so you can simply download the SDK and know that all components are using a Zlib style software license. To enhance the speed of the SDK, the 2D management code was separated. It was placed on a higher level class Canvas. For 3D operations, the GraphicContext is used, without any overhead. ClanLib has been updated with the latest OpenGL 4.4 API. New packages were included for 2D collisions, 3D collisions, and 3D scene management.

    Download Website 26 Sep 01:06 Untangle 10.0.0


    Untangle is a Linux-based network gateway with pluggable modules for network applications like spam blocking, Web filtering, anti-virus, anti-spyware, intrusion prevention, VPN, SSL VPN, firewall, and more.

    Release Notes: This is a major release with new applications, major new functionality, and performance improvements.

    Download Website 26 Sep 01:05 Camera Life 2.5.4


    Camera Life is a system for cataloging your photo collection. It gives users the ability to search or browse your archive in intuitive ways, with an attention to powerful administrative functions. Photos can be stored locally, on a remote server, on Amazon S3, or on Flickr. The theme and icons can be easily customized. It is compatible with the Gallery Remote API (so you can upload with iPhoto, Digikam, and Java). It is RSS enabled, supports microformats and OpenSearch, and has a special version of the site for iPhone/iPod touch. AJAX is used to optimize the site as necessary.

    Release Notes: This release added support for Google Analytics and Facebook photo sharing. PHP code style guidelines were added and adopted. HTML is now valid. The unneeded logs.value_old was dropped, and special iPhone support was removed.

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