2013 / June / 24 (13 releases)

24 June 2013

Download Website 24 Jun 19:51 OMapper 2.0


OMapper provides a simple library to ease the process of mapping objects or beans from one design layer to another design layer, using annotations.

Release Notes: This release fixes all major and critical bugs, adds support for specifying mappings both in source or target classes, and adds support for primitive arrays and string arrays.

No download Website 24 Jun 19:50 Triceps 1.0.93


Triceps is an innovative embeddable Complex Event Processing (CEP) system. It can be thought of as an in-memory database driven by triggers, or a data-flow machine working on a stream of events, or a spreadsheet on steroids. The major architectural advantages of Triceps include the direct use of procedural logic (as opposed to all-SQL systems), support of both compiled and general scripting languages (C++, Perl), light weight, and easy extensibility.

Release Notes: This is another snapshot on the way to release 2.0, with the focus on build system improvements. Detection of the NSPR library has been made automatic, and hopefully now will build out of the box pretty much everywhere. Even if NSPR is not available, this release just uses the implementation of the atomic integers through the mutexes. A dependency of the messages in the Perl tests on the English locale has been found, and is solved by using the C locale for the tests.

Download Website 24 Jun 18:59 EJDB 1.1.13


EJDB is an embedded JSON database engine. It aims to be a fast MongoDB-like NoSQL library that can be embedded into C/C++/Nodejs/Python3/Lua applications. It features collection-level write locking, collection level transactions, string token matching queries, and a Node.js binding.

Release Notes: This release adds a C# (.Net) binding and fixes BSON API stability issues.

No download No website 24 Jun 18:58 SCaVis 1.1


SCaVis is an environment for scientific computation, data analysis, and data visualization designed for scientists, engineers, and students. The program can be used for function and data plotting in 2D and 3D, histograms, statistical analysis, and symbolic calculations using the Matlab/Octave high-level interpreted language.

Release Notes: The tab key has been fixed in the editor. ScaVis porto (SCaVis for small-screen computers) is fixed. Auto-update can be done for Scavis IDE. java.jar is in lib/jehep The intro windows have been corrected. The help system based on the [F4] key has been fixed. Linear algebra packages have been enhanced with the inclusion of EJML package. Tutorials have been added. Common math is updated to version 3.2 Online jar repositories for the community and pro versions are separate.

Download Website 24 Jun 18:56 mylvmbackup 0.14


mylvmbackup is a Perl script for quickly creating backups of a MySQL server's data files. To perform a backup, mylvmbackup obtains a read lock on all tables and flushes all server caches to disk, makes an LVM snapshot of the volume containing the MySQL data directory, and unlocks the tables again. The snapshot process takes only a small amount of time. When it is done, the server can continue normal operations while the actual file backup proceeds. The actual backup can be performed by using tar, rsync, or rsnap.

Release Notes: This release includes a large number of improvements, code cleanups, and new functionality.

Download Website 24 Jun 18:55 GNU ed 1.9


GNU ed is an 8-bit clean implementation of the POSIX line-oriented text editor. Ed is the "standard" text editor in the sense that it is the original editor for Unix, and thus widely available. For most purposes, however, it is superseded by full-screen editors such as GNU Emacs or GNU Moe.


Release Notes: The testsuite no longer feeds shell scripts to ed. The "configure" script now accepts options with a separate argument.

Download Website 24 Jun 18:55 PHP OAuth API 2013.06.22


PHP OAuth API authorizes user access using the OAuth protocol. It abstracts OAuth 1.0, 1.0a, and 2.0 in the same class. It provides built-in support for popular OAuth servers: 37Signals, Amazon, Buffer, Bitbucket, Box.net, Dailymotion, Discogs, Disqus, Dropbox with OAuth 1.0 and 2.0, Etsy, Eventful, Facebook, Fitbit, Flickr, Foursquare, github, Google with OAuth 1.0a and OAuth 2.0, Instagram, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Rdio, Reddit, RightSignature, Salesforce, Scoop.it, StockTwits, SurveyMonkey, Tumblr, Twitter, VK, Withings, Xero, XING, and Yahoo!. Every other OAuth server is supported by setting an endpoint URLs and other parameters using specific class variables or an external JSON configuration file. The class can also send requests to an API using the previously-obtained OAuth access token. For servers which support offline access, the class can renew expired tokens automatically using refresh tokens.

Release Notes: This release adds support to Bearer authorization token types. It also makes the access token not expire when the expiry time is 0. A bug was fixed to made the class reuse the previous refresh token if a new refresh token is not provided by the server when refreshing an expired token. Another bug was fixed to prevent creating duplicated OAuth session database records when using sessions for a given user.

Download Website 24 Jun 18:55 libdeco-ostc 0.1.0


libdeco-ostc provides a library for dive decompression calculation. The library functions perform dive simulation using OSTC dive computer firmware and return decompression schedule information. The decompression model used is Buhlmann (ZH-L16C) with Gradient Factors. A C API (libdeco library) and Python API (DecoMecha module) are supported.

Release Notes: This is the initial release.

Download Website 24 Jun 18:54 SymmetricDS 3.4.7


SymmetricDS provides file and database synchronization with support for multi-master replication, filtered synchronization, and transformation across the network in a heterogeneous environment. It supports multiple subscribers with one-direction or bi-directional, asynchronous data replication. It uses Web and database technologies to replicate data as a scheduled or near-realtime operation. The software has been designed to scale for a large number of nodes, work across low-bandwidth connections, and withstand periods of network outage. It works with most operating systems, file systems, and databases, including Oracle, MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, MS SQL Server (including Azure), IBM DB2, H2, HSQLDB, Derby, Firebird, Interbase, Informix, Greenplum, SQLite (including Android), Sybase ASE, and Sybase ASA (SQL Anywhere) databases.

Release Notes: This release includes three bugfixes, including a fix for a stack overflow caused by the combination of conflict management with a transformation.

Download Website 24 Jun 18:54 Virtualmin 4.01


Virtualmin is a Webmin module that simplifies the process of setting up and managing virtual servers. It can create Apache virtual hosts, BIND DNS domains, MySQL and PostgreSQL databases, and set up Sendmail or Postfix to accept email for a domain. It can also manage mailboxes and mail aliases within a domain.

Release Notes: This release includes the ability to manage expiration, Glacier migration, and ACLs on S3 buckets, German translations, a sample DNS records page, and the ability to update slave DNS servers when the master system's IP changes.

Download No website 24 Jun 14:34 XOWA 0.6.3


XOWA is a desktop application that can read and edit English Wikipedia offline. It displays articles in an HTML browser, and can download images on demand. It can also be used for Wiktionary, Wikisource, Wikiquote, and the non-English counterparts.

Release Notes: This release adds redlink capability for missing pages, improved sqlite database functionality (commandline only), better support for French Wikipedia templates, and many other minor fixes.

Download Website 24 Jun 14:33 MAMEHub 2.0.7a


MAMEHub is a cross-platform online game lobby system which features ports of MAME and MESS emulators which have been updated with custom peer-to-peer network functionality. It uses UME (Universal Machine Emulator), a combination of MAME and MESS.


Release Notes: This Windows-only revision fixes two bugs: Windows 8 is now supported, and there is an extra check which makes sure everyone has Java 1.7 or greater.

Download Website 24 Jun 14:32 RackTables 0.20.5


RackTables is a tool to manage tens of racks, hundreds of servers, and thousands of MAC and IP addresses. It will work with a single rack as well. It features a real-life rackspace model, typed rack objects with flexible attribute sets, a tagging system, IP address management ready for NAT, virtual routers and load balancers, accurate network connection handling, a universal search function, a multi-user access model, and an extensible dictionary.

Release Notes: Some bugs are fixed, and some minor interface problems are solved. Search is improved a bit. Those who use the SLB feature should try its new implementation.

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