2013 / June / 13 (46 releases)

13 June 2013

No download Website 13 Jun 21:54 pyHIDS 0.3


pyHIDS is a host-based intrusion detection system. It uses an RSA signature to check the integrity of its database. Alerts are written in the logs of the system, and can be sent via email to a list of users or on IRC channels (through the irker IRC client). You can define rules to specify files to be checked periodically.


Release Notes: This release offers the ability to send alerts on IRC channels through the irker IRC client (which should be running as a daemon). Of course, it is still possible to send notifications by email and with the syslog file. There is now only one configuration file for all the settings.

Download No website 13 Jun 21:52 CWIS 2.4.1


CWIS (Collection Workflow Integration System) is a software package designed to help assemble, organize, and share information about resources online. The software conforms to international and academic standards for metadata while providing turnkey setup and a user-friendly interface, allowing resource collection developers (and end users) to focus on what they want to share (or find) without worrying about the technical details. It provides extensive support for cataloging resources with standardized metadata, which can then be automatically shared via an array of channels out to the larger Internet community, helping others find your work.


Release Notes: This is a bugfix release which addresses a number of issues. Though no significant new functionality has been added, all users are strongly encouraged to upgrade. The following plugins have been updated: AutoScreenshot, BrowserCapabilities, Captcha, Folders, GoogleMaps, Mailer, MetricsReporter, OAIPMHServer, OpenId, Pages, Tags, UrlChecker, phpBBSync, and AccountPruner. Updated versions of these are included in the CWIS 2.4.1 release and are available for download on the individual plugin pages on the Scout site. CWIS 2.4.1 requires PHP 5.0.5 or newer and MySQL 5.0 or newer.

Download Website 13 Jun 21:50 STK/Unit 1.0-rc5


STK/Unit is a pure SQL testing framework for MariaDB and MySQL. Users can create Base Tests (Stored Procedures) which are part of Test Cases (databases) and, optionally, Test Suites (other Stored Procedures). Output is stored in internal tables. You can convert it to a human-readable string, valid HTML, or query some convenient views which group results. It can be used to test any SQL structure (tables, views, triggers, stored routines), as well as server upgrades or configuration changes.

Release Notes: This release adds an "autocommit" option which solves a usability issue introduced by a server's metadata lock, is a bit more robust (even if tests do things which they clearly shouldn't do), and adds trivial code cleanups.

No download No website 13 Jun 21:49 nomacs 1.2.0


nomacs is an image viewer that is small, fast, and able to handle the most common image formats including RAW images. It also makes it possible to synchronize multiple viewers on a single computer or via the LAN, which is useful for comparing images and spotting the differences. This is useful for architects who want to see their progress, for example.

Release Notes: This is the new stable release. New features include customizeable shortcuts, color encoded folder preview, new image formats like webp, jpeg2000, and psd, and support of additional mouse keys, new translations, and some bugfixes.

Download Website 13 Jun 21:48 ZXTune b2466


ZXTune is a set of portable cross-platform applications (GUI/CLI) intended to play chiptunes. It features advanced ripping possibilities that let you search for music in big data sets. Supported ZX Spectrum chiptunes formats include AY, AS0/ASC, FTC, GTR, PSC, PSG, PSM, PT1, PT2, PT3, SQT, ST1, ST3, STC, STP, TXT, TurboSound, VTX, YM, CHI, DMM, DST, PDT, SQD, STR, TF0/TFE, TFC, TFD, and COP. The Commodore64 SID format is supported. Supported PC chiptunes formats include 669, AMF, DMF, FAR, FNK, GDM, IMF, IT, LIQ, PSM, MDL, MTM, PTM, RTM, S3M, STIM, STM, STX, ULT, XM. Supported Amiga chiptune formats include DBM, EMOD, MOD, MTN, IMS, MED, OKT, PT36, SFX. Supported Atari chiptune formats include DTM, GTK, TCB. The Acorn chiptune format DTT is supported. Supported compressed formats include CHARPRES, CC3, CC4, CC4PLUS, DSQ, ESV, GAM, GAMPLUS, HRUM, HRUST1, HRUST2, LZH1, LZH2, LZS, MSP, PACK2, PCD61, PCD62, TLZ, TLZP, TRUSH. Supported archived/container formats include FDI, HOBETA, HRIP, LHA, RAW, SCL, TD0, TRD, ZXZIP, ZIP, RAR, SNA128, and Z80.

Release Notes: This release adds high-quality renderer for SAA-based chiptunes and precise samples frequency setup for DAC-based chiptunes. It fixes playback of TF0/TFE and DST chiptunes and significantly improves sound rendering pipeline performance.

Download Website 13 Jun 21:48 Free Chart Geany 1.0.0


Free Chart Geany is a software solution for market technical analysis and charting. It supports major technical analysis indicators like simple moving average, exponential moving average, MACD, relative strength index, Bollinger bands, and parabolic SAR. It includes support for various CSV formats like Metastock 7, Metastock 8, AMI Broker, Yahoo! Finance, Google Finance, and Standard CSV. Various drawing and text objects like labels, trailing text, horizontal lines, vertical lines, trend lines and Fibonacci retracements are provided. It allows quotes to easily be downloaded from Yahoo! Finance or Google Finance.

Release Notes: This is the initial release of Free Chart Geany.

Download Website 13 Jun 21:46 FF Multi Converter 1.5.2


FF Multi Converter is a simple graphical application that converts audio, video, image, and document files between all popular formats, using and combining other programs. It uses ffmpeg for audio/video files, unoconv for document files, and the ImageMagick library for image file conversions.

Release Notes: This version brings an updated presets list, new presets options and image conversion options, bugfixes, and new translations.

Download Website 13 Jun 20:43 Web-Based Adult Content Server 0.9.1 PHP5


WACS is a tool for building adult Web sites. It is equally suitable for managing a private collection or building a commercial site. WACS has many best of breed features, including dynamic filtering, model catalogs, random sampling, galleries, automatic download, and a powerful search engine. WACS contains both a full ready-to-run Web environment and an extensive programming API implemented in both Perl and PHP.

Release Notes: The PHP5 version of wacs-php 0.9.1 is now available. This release adds support for the new content and icon caching mechanisms introduced in wacs 0.9.1 and significantly improves performance on all pages and applications.

Download Website 13 Jun 20:42 phpMyAdmin 4.0.4-rc1


phpMyAdmin is a tool intended to handle the administration of MySQL over the Web. It can create, rename, and drop databases, create/drop/alter tables, delete/edit/add fields, execute any SQL statement, manage keys on fields, create dumps of tables and databases, export/import CSV data, and administrate one single database and multiple MySQL servers.

Release Notes: A problem which caused an incorrect page selector to be displayed for InnoDB tables has been fixed.

Download Website 13 Jun 12:05 DEMUX Framework 0.5.0


DEMUX Framework enables Java developers to build modular, cross-platform applications which can run on desktop, Web, and mobile and embedded devices. It is based on OSGI and supports creating JavaFX desktop applications, mobiles apps (Android, iOS, Windows), and Web applications.

Release Notes: This version brings improved integration with native desktop platforms (Windows, Mac OS X, Linux), as well as numerous bugfixes and enhancements. The most important additions are native launchers for WIndows, Mac OS X, and Linux, and the creation of installer packages for each platform. It is possible to create .exe installers for Windows, RPM and DEB packages for Linux, and Mac OS X application bundles. Maven archetypes were updated to provide automatic installer generation for all platforms.

No download Website 13 Jun 08:18 sr4.sql 1


sr4.sql is a SQLite 3 database for Shadowrun 4th edition characters, with core rules for character generation.

Release Notes: This initial release includes character tables, core rules for character generation, skills, spells, qualities, and some gear from the SR4A core rulebook, metatypes from the SR4A core rulebook and metavariants from Runner's Companion, and support for character initiation and submersion (metamagics and echoes have yet to be added to the database, but characters can Submerge or be initiated).

Download Website 13 Jun 08:12 Aspose.Pdf for .NET 8.1.0


Aspose.Pdf is a .NET PDF component to write PDF documents without using Adobe Acrobat. It supports form field creation, document, text and page properties, color space, text, heading, and attachment settings. It lets you create PDF documents by using its API with XML templates and XSL-FO files. It also converts HTML, XSL-FO, and MS Word to PDF. Other features include image formats and security features, hyperlinks, the ability to add footnotes, automatic fitting to content in a table, decimal Tab stops, HTML tags, and keeping paragraphs together when breaking pages.

Release Notes: This release added PDF to DOCX conversion, conversion of normal PDF documents to searchable PDF, conversion of tagged PDF to XML, and the ability to get the dimensions of a source SVG file before its conversion to PDF. Improvements were also made to the PDF to HTML, PDF to XPS, PDF to TIFF, and PDF to DOC conversion features. Printing PDF documents has also been improved.

Download Website 13 Jun 08:11 Knotter 0.9.4


Knotter is a highly configurable interlace designer. Interlace patterns are a kind of design historically used as a decorations in many places and by different cultures (some examples are Celtic knotworks and Islamic interlaces). Knotter aims to allow its user to design such patterns in an intuitive way and to provide easy ways to integrate the result into external general-purpose graphic software. For this purpose, designs created within Knotter can be saved in a custom human-readable format and exported as Scalable Vector Graphics and in a wide number of raster image formats.

Release Notes: This release has been focused mostly on improving the plugin facilities. This has led to a better infrastructure for creating and managing plugins, and several new pre-installed plugins were added. Other changes include a more polished user interface and improved editing tools. Many bugs have been fixed.

Download Website 13 Jun 08:11 DocumentBurster 6.1.3


DocumentBurster is a tool for report distribution: split, merge, email, and FTP your reports. It has report delivery for Crystal Reports, SSRS Reporting Services, MS Access, Cognos, PeopleSoft, and SAP. It has report bursting for Pentaho, JasperReports, and BIRT. It can upload reports to MS SharePoint.

Release Notes: A few small issues were fixed. HSQLDB was upgraded to version 2.2.9.

Download Website 13 Jun 08:10 Clonezilla live-testing 2.1.2-12


Clonezilla is a partition or disk cloning tool similar to Symantec Ghost. It saves and restores only blocks in use on the hard drive if the file system is supported. For unsupported file systems, dd is used instead. It has been used to clone a 5 GB system to 40 clients in about 10 minutes.

Release Notes: The underlying GNU/Linux operating system was upgraded. This release is based on the Debian Sid repository (as of 2013/Jun/13). The Linux kernel was updated to 3.9.5-1, drbl was updated to 2.4.17-drbl1, and clonezilla was updated to 3.4.9-drbl1. A bug where the allocated ramdisk size was too small when the "toram" (not toram=filesystem.squashfs) option was used, and some files in the live CD were not copied was fixed.

Download Website 13 Jun 08:09 XCache 3.0.2


XCache is a fast, stable PHP opcode cacher that has been tested and run on production servers under high load. It supports and is tested on all latest PHP CVS branches, including PHP_5_1, PHP_5_2, PHP_5_3, PHP_5_4, and PHP_5_5.

Release Notes: Bugs were fixed, including random "cannot redeclare class" errors. Users of XCache 3.0.x and PHP 5.4+ are highly recommended to upgrade to this version.

No download Website 13 Jun 08:09 FBReaderJ 1.8.2


FBReaderJ is an e-book reader for the Android platform. It is a clone of the FBReader book reader written in Java by the same authors. FBReaderJ supports several e-book formats: oeb, epub, and fb2. Direct reading from zip, tar, and gzip archives is supported.

Release Notes: Highlighting styles can now be edited. It is possible to create invisible bookmarks. Two-column view in horizontal mode is enabled by default for 7" devices. A new color picker dialog was added. Czech, Dutch, and Spanish localizations were updated. Support for Bitknights dictionaries and new Paragon Software dictionaries was added.

Download Website 13 Jun 08:08 xombrero 1.6.0


xombrero is a minimalist's Web browser. It strives to be vi-like and is suited for heavy keyboard users.


Release Notes: A new js_auto_open_windows config option was added to control whether JavaScript is able to open new tabs. A cert can now be saved directly from the :cert show page. Support for libsoup's new proxy resolver was added. HTTPS cert fetching was fixed to not send an additional GET request with arguments. Many memory leaks and various other memory issues were fixed. The IPv6 unicast address was added to the list of addresses excluded from the proxy. Mentions of xombrero were removed from example Google search strings. Preloaded HSTS are now synced with Chromium. Windows and UNIX are both supported in this release.

Download Website 13 Jun 08:07 MAMEHub 2.0.7


MAMEHub is a cross-platform online game lobby system which features ports of MAME and MESS emulators which have been updated with custom peer-to-peer network functionality. It uses UME (Universal Machine Emulator), a combination of MAME and MESS.


Release Notes: Due to problems with zsync, the updater was changed to use wget with a timestamp. The downside is that everyone has to install a new version of MAMEHub from the site for the updates to work correctly.

No download Website 13 Jun 08:06 WombatDialer 0.7.0


WombatDialer is a platform to provide mass outbound calling. This can be used to implement many different services. By offering a set of ready-to-use components and a monitoring GUI, it lets you create complex solution in minutes. It can work on predefined call lists or can dynamically create them over an API (e.g., dial number X after 10:30AM). It shares the load on one or more PBX servers and has flexible rescheduling logic to handle missed calls. It is built to be used with your existing Asterisk PBX, and does not require separate servers or a separate set of lines. It can call over VoIP or through the public telephone network. It is built to integrate with your business processes, and can receive calls to be made over HTTP and/or notify an external system in realtime of calls made and results gathered. It works natively with the QueueMetrics Call-Center Monitoring Suite to produce state-of-the-art campaign analyses and insight.

Release Notes: This release added reverse dialing (with a preview panel for agents), dynamic call lists for running campaigns, a powerful security model that makes the dialer fully multi-tenant, and more minor tweaks.

Download No website 13 Jun 08:05 Aspose.Tasks 5.5.0


Aspose.Tasks is a non-graphical .NET Project management component which enables .NET applications to read, write, and manage Project documents without utilizing Microsoft Project. With Aspose.Tasks, you can read and change tasks, recurring tasks, resources, resource assignments, relations, and calendars. Aspose.Tasks works well with both WinForm and WebForm applications.

Release Notes: Projects can now be exported to XAML format with the facility to set various rendering options such as legends on output pages, timescale options, and individual Presentation formats. A project can now be printed to a default or custom printer with different print options and printer settings. An easy method for deep cloning a source project to a target project via a single API call was provided.

No download Website 13 Jun 01:16 IMP H5 (6.1.1)


IMP, the Internet Messaging Program, allows Web-based access to IMAP and POP3 mail servers and provides a range of features normally found only in desktop email clients.

Release Notes: This release fixes updating of Virtual Inbox, sending linked attachments, and importing PGP keys, and adds other bugfixes and improvements.

Download Website 13 Jun 01:15 Fimex 0.46


Fimex is a the File Interpolation, Manipulation, and EXtraction library for gridded geospatial data. It converts between different, extensible data formats (currently netcdf, NcML, grib1/2, metgm, wdb, and felt). It enables you to change the projection and interpolation of scalar and vector grids. It makes it possible to subset the gridded data and to extract only parts of the files. For simple usage, Fimex also comes with the command line program fimex.


Release Notes: The grib-reading abilities of fimex have been simplified and improved. It is possible to merge different models along an ensemble axis. Several files can be selected using globs, unknown vertical axes no longer throw an error, and it is possible to select parameters by the time-range indicator. netcdf-output now has configurable shuffling support, and creep-fill interpolation allows explicitly giving a default value, rather than using the average. Some smaller bugs in the interpolation code have been fixed.

Download Website 13 Jun 01:14 Sunflower 0.1a-56


Sunflower is a small and highly customizable twin-panel file manager for Linux with support for plugins. It is intended to be an easy-to-use and powerful file manager that seamlessly integrates into the GNOME desktop environment.


Release Notes: This release adds initial support for expandable directories and creating both symbolic and hard links, and bugfixes.

Download Website 13 Jun 01:14 THIS 1.2.9


THIS (This HTML Is Simple) is a content management system with blog capabilities. It features HTML templates, themes, and an extensible database design, with an emphasis on code/data separation, but it has many odd features and requires much manual maintenence.


Release Notes: This release adds two minor fixes, a major redesign of the post markup code, and an update to required file error handling.

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