2013 / June / 11 (24 releases)

11 June 2013

No download Website 11 Jun 21:06 Rescatux 0.31 beta 3


Rescatux is a GNU/Linux rescue CD that comes with Rescapp, a nice wizard that will guide you through your rescue tasks. It can restore Grub to the MBR update a Grub configuration, perform filesystem checks, fix a Windows MBR, and more. Features that can indirectly assist the rescue process include chat programs to let you reach human online help, a share log (automatic pastebin), and a share log that uses formatting appropriate for posting on a forum.

Release Notes: Debian Wheezy (the new Debian Stable) is now being used as a base. Razor-qt 5.x desktop is used in place of LXDE. A frame has been added so the embedded webpage is clearly distinguished from actual options in Rescapp. The chat nickname has been improved so that it shows Rescapp version. Boot-repair, clean-ubiquity, os-uninstaller, testdisk, and photorec programs have been added. These tools and Gparted have been arranged in a new Rescapp option called Expert Tools. The extundelete program has been added for commandline experts.

Download Website 11 Jun 21:03 markov.sql 2


markov.sql implements third order (and lower) model Markov Chains, including training and generation, in pure SQL(ite). The source code archive also contains a pre-trained SQL dump with models based on the 1990 US Census Bureau data sets for first and last names, and an excerpt of the 2012 US tax office corporation names.

Release Notes: This release is a port of the training and generation algorithms in release 1 to PostgreSQL. As with release 1, the repository includes a pre-trained dataset with the same US Census Bureau and US tax office data so you can dive right in and play with it.

Download Website 11 Jun 21:02 OGLplus 0.32.0


OGLplus is a header-only library that implements a thin object-oriented facade over the OpenGL (version 3 and higher) C-language API. It provides wrappers that automate the resource and object management and make the use of OpenGL in C++ safer and easier.

Release Notes: EGLplus, a wrapper around EGL, and several examples of its usage were added. The build system was updated. The VertexAttrib::Setup and VertexAttrib::Pointer functions were reimplemented, and new overloads were added. The QuickProgram and HardwiredProgram classes were reimplemented.

Download Website 11 Jun 21:01 BallroomDJ 1.9


BallroomDJ is a ballroom music player. It is designed to let the computer choose the music and to be able to play music the entire evening without intervention. It features flexible playlists, music queue management, requests, seeking in songs, speed with pitch control, and an optional audio file organizer. Playlists can have automatic selections based on your choice of dances and how often those dances should play, stops after some number of songs has been played, stops at a particular time, allowing of songs with certain keywords, sequences, and manual selection. Mix all of these in any order and modify them at any time.


Release Notes: The release greatly improves the determination of genre/artist/album/title (and all variations) from the audio file pathnames. Bugfixes include volume resets and adjustments, the request window interfering with playback, and problems with non-dance requests and management of temporary files.

Download Website 11 Jun 21:01 CorneliOS 3.6r11


CorneliOS is an easy-to-use and cross-browser "Web Desktop Environment", "Web Operating System", or "Web Office" that comes with a set of cool applications. It includes a Content Management System (CMS) so that you can easily set up and manage your own website as well as a Database Management System that allows you to rapidly build any kind of database application.


Release Notes: This release offers a CIOS Community Layer now supporting homepage subpages, a large number of CIOS Edu API UI enhancements, CIOS Edu API print module enhancements and bugfixes, and updated system images, language kits, and style sheets.

Download Website 11 Jun 17:36 dosfstools 3.0.19


dosfstools includes the mkfs.fat (aka mkfs.vfat and mkfs.msdos) and fsck.fat (aka fsck.vfat and fsck.msdos) utilities, which respectively make and check MS-DOS FAT filesystems.

Release Notes: This release fixes a segfault with fortify.

Download No website 11 Jun 15:49 Alv 2.2b


Alv verifies Oracle archive logs to ensure there is a viable set available for DB recovery. It can be run from wherever the logs are stored, so verification may be offloaded from the DB server. Checks are made on file size and type. By default, the checksum of each redo record is also verified. Program output consists of log sequence numbers and character codes which indicate status and highlight any gaps. Environment variable settings allow for custom log name formats and to check the DBNAME set within a log.


Release Notes: This release detects a corner case for aborted logs which generates ORA-00332, and uses memory mapped files, for faster log scans.

Download Website 11 Jun 15:49 cyphertite 1.6.1


Cyphertite is a tar-like secure remote archiver. It deduplicates, compresses, and encrypts data prior to transmission, providing total privacy while reducing unnecessary wire traffic. It seamlessly supports IPv6 and IPv4 on a variety of platforms.


Release Notes: This release adds support for automatic user certificate rotation and fixes an issue which made the initial cyphertite configuration fail to retrieve the user certificate bundle (bz #52).

No download Website 11 Jun 15:48 Wicked H5 (2.0.0beta1)


Wicked is a Wiki for the Horde framework. It uses PEAR's Text_Wiki package for markup rules, parsing, and rendering.

Release Notes: This release adds compatibility with Horde 5 and small bugfixes and improvements.

Download Website 11 Jun 15:41 IndiMail 1.8.7


IndiMail is a messaging platform built using qmail and other messaging software. IndiMail has the ability to distribute the users in a domain across multiple hosts. IndiMail has multiple queues (called a queue collection), which can achiever very high concurrencies. The system IDs and configuration files used by IndiMail are all configurable through a set of environment variables, allowing you to customize IndiMail the way you want. IndiMail does not use hard-coded uid/gid in the executables, which makes it easy to distribute a binary package. IndiMail has features that any modern email server should have: SMTP, QMQP, QMTP, IMAP, POP3, DKIM, BATV, greylisting, filtering capability, and spam/virus control.

Release Notes: This release adds the standalone mta package indimail-mta, fixes setting of quota=NOQUOTA in vlimits, adds the new postgres sql auth module authpgsql, and upgrades the packages bogofilter (1.2.3), fetchmail (6.3.26), courier-imap (4.13), and clamav (0.97.8).

Download Website 11 Jun 15:39 Fido File Monitor 1.1.0-beta1


Fido is a multi-threaded file watcher which searches files in real time for user-defined patterns. When it locates a match, it runs a user-defined program. It is useful for monitoring log files for issues and responding to them. It was designed to recognize log file rotation and start monitoring from the beginning of the new file.


Release Notes: This release fixes several minor bugfixes.

Download Website 11 Jun 15:39 SeedDMS 4.3.0pre2


SeedDMS is a powerful, easy to use document management system forked from and fully compatible with LetoDMS. Many years of development has made it a mature and enterprise-ready plattform for sharing and storing documents.

Release Notes: This release adds more bugfixes, an overhauled search dialog, turn of foreign key constraints for sqlite3, and updated translations.

Download Website 11 Jun 14:06 poppler 0.23.2


Poppler is a PDF rendering library derived from xpdf. It has been enhanced to utilize modern libraries, and new features have been added. It also provides basic command line utilities.


Release Notes: SplashOutputDev is now 10 times faster at some tiling. Caching of lcms2 ICC color profiles was improved. Some private classes were moved into an anonymous namespace. A thread stresser tool was added to the Qt4 frontend. The mingw build was fixed.

Download Website 11 Jun 14:05 BugHotel Reservation System 5.5.439


BugHotel Reservation System is a hotel booking and accounting software package which uses the Internet to "network" your corporate office to each of your hotels. All data processing occurs at the Application Service Provider (ASP) data center. Income statements, reports, etc. may be customized.

Release Notes: CKEditor has been upgraded to version 4.1.1.

Download Website 11 Jun 08:40 Tulip 4.3.0


Tulip is an information visualization framework dedicated to the analysis and visualization of relational data. Tulip aims to provide the developer with a complete library, supporting the design of interactive information visualization applications for relational data that can be tailored to the problems being faced. Written in C++, the framework enables the development of algorithms, visual encodings, interaction techniques, data models, and domain-specific visualizations. One of the goals of Tulip is to facilitate the reuse of components, and it allows developers to focus on programming their application. This development pipeline makes the framework efficient for research prototyping as well as the development of end-user applications. The framework also provides a complete software for visual analysis of relational data having attributes.

Release Notes: This maintenance release includes many bugfixes, especially in the GUI, the OpenGL rendering engine, and the Python Script view. Some parts of the GUI dedicated to specific views have been redesigned. The Python script documentation has been improved. A NumericProperty class, a common interface to the DoubleProperty and IntegerProperty classes, two new rendering properties (viewLabelBorderColor, viewLabelBorderWidth), and Qt5 support were added.

Download Website 11 Jun 08:38 Check_MK 1.2.2p2


Check_MK is a complex addon for Nagios/Icinga and consists of three subprojects. The check and inventory system Check_MK is a general purpose Nagios plugin for retrieving data. It adopts a new approach for collecting data and obsoletes NRPE, check_by_ssh, NSClient, and check_snmp. It features a significant reduction of CPU use on the Nagios host and automatic inventory of items to be checked, and is especially useful with larger Nagios installations. "MK Livestatus" gives immediate and fast access to live and historic Nagios status data. It's a supported backend for many addons including NagVis, NagiosBP, and Thruk. "Check_MK Multisite" is a feature complete replacement for the Nagios GUI, and uses MK Livestatus as a backend. It is very fast, and supports efficient distributed monitoring.

Release Notes: A couple of minor bugs were fixed.

No download Website 11 Jun 08:38 Aspose.Cells for Java 7.5.0


Aspose.Cells is a Java component for spreadsheet reporting without using Microsoft Excel. Other features include creating spreadsheets, opening encrypted Excel files, macros, VBA, Unicode, formula settings, pivot tables, and importing data from JDBC ResultSet. CSV, SpreadsheetML, PDF, ODS, and all file formats from Excel 97 to Excel 2007 are supported. It supports all advanced features of data management, formatting, worksheet, charting, and graphics.

Release Notes: This release provided support for missing fonts, resolved an issue caused by JBOSS and mixed case Java classes, and fixed issues with rendering Microsoft Excel files, rendering charts, manipulating worksheets, and rendering to PDF format have been resolved. Issues with the formula calculation engine have also been fixed.

Download Website 11 Jun 08:37 im-chooser 1.6.4


im-chooser is a GUI frontend application featured with IMSettings to choose the input method you want to use. It can also disable input methods entirely on the desktop. This allows you to pick an input method and switch it on demand without restarting either your applications or your desktop.

Release Notes: This release fixed a minor build issue. Pre-built man pages are available in the archive.

Download Website 11 Jun 08:36 IMSettings 1.6.3


IMSettings is a framework that delivers Input Method settings and applies the changes immediately, so it will take effect without restarting applications and the desktop.

Release Notes: This release fixed a minor build issue. Pre-built man pages are now available in the archive.

Download No website 11 Jun 08:36 MockMockWeb 0.2.0


MockMockWeb is a Heroku-ready Node.js-based Web application server which allows you to mock up a website in seconds. It allows you to instantly launch a website which sends an empty page (with status 200) to any request/URL and edit any page on the spot. You can also edit the layout shared throughout your website. It lets you build a mock (sometimes real) website in a request-driven interaction.

Release Notes: This release adds a bookmarklet for editing a page.

Download Website 11 Jun 08:36 PHP based Datagrid 2013-06-05


PHPGrid generates fully-functional grids with minimal coding, with add, edit, del, auto-filter, search, sort, page, grouping, export, custom add/del calls, grid-subgrid, multiple databases, multiple themes, and much more. It saves development time and effort for creating repetitive CRUD functions. The custom SELECT query option is useful for cross table data and report generation. It supports all major databases.

Release Notes: Bulk update in the grid, and column level access control.

Download Website 11 Jun 08:35 Cerb 6.4


Cerb is a fast and flexible Web-based platform for business collaboration and automation. It helps you remember anything about anyone, collaborate from anywhere, deftly reply to a flood of email, automate, stay informed, capture feedback, track time, flag opportunities, manage tasks, share expert knowledge, and otherwise execute efficiently.

Release Notes: This major update includes 118 new features. Related custom fields can be grouped into optional fieldsets. Workspace pages, tabs, widgets, and Virtual Attendant behaviors can be imported and exported. Workspace and calendar data can be read from the API. Widget data is exportable from the UI. New widgets provide calendars, clocks, and countdown timers. Multiple calendars can be created by roles, groups, and workers. Virtual Attendants can use calendars to schedule dates in "working hours". Recurring event patterns are more flexible. Plugins are auto-updated during an upgrade.

No download No website 11 Jun 08:35 wro4j 1.7.0


wro4j is a project that will help you to easily improve your Web application page loading time. It can help you to keep your static resources (JavaScript and CSS) well organized, merge and minify them at run-time (using a simple filter) or build-time (using a Maven plugin), and has several features you may find useful when dealing with Web resources.

Release Notes: This release contains about 35 new features, improvements, and bugfixes. The most notable changes include webjar integration and the ability to easily upgrade processors using the webjar dependency only, the latest versions of JSHint and other third party libraries (Ember, Handlebars), the latest version of rhino (unofficial release), and the removal of deprecated methods and classes.

Download Website 11 Jun 08:33 Genson 0.97


Genson is a lightweight Java library for doing conversion between JSON and Java. It provides full databinding and Java generics support. Genson's main goals are to come with rich features out of the box, great performance and scalability, and easy ways to add new features.

Release Notes: A bug where the jax-rs integration bodywriter was closing the output stream was fixed. Streams should be closed by the same code that owns them. This has no impact in most cases.

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