2013 / June (681 releases)

June 2013

Download Website 29 Jun 20:53 Miniflux 1.0.9


Miniflux is a minimalist Web-based RSS reader. The content is optimized for readability, and advertisements are removed automatically.


Release Notes: This is the first Freecode release.

Download Website 29 Jun 20:48 Notepas


Notepas is a multi-platform text editor written in Lazarus which can be compiled for multiple platforms and widget sets using the advanced native Free Pascal Compiler. Aimed at developers, it has some functions usually not found in other text editors and introduces some new exclusive features.

Release Notes: This release fixes multiline regular expression searching and multiselect in the code shaper, sets focus automatically in the added editor view, correctly renders selection color settings, adds basic bookmark support adds experimental Minimap features, Hex editor features, and HTML viewers (all available in debug mode), and fixes an issue with line highlighter settings.

No download No website 29 Jun 20:45 whdd 2.0


WHDD is a HDD diagnostic and data recovery tool for Linux. It can test a hard drive with reads and writes, while providing intuitive visualization of the process. It also has a function for copying a device, with algorithms optimized for least harm to already-defective source devices. It works with your hard drives at a low level by sending ATA commands, which means that the system doesn't freeze while accessing damaged devices (the device is soft-reset on timeout).

Release Notes: This release fixes compilation issues, including packaging-related ones.

Download Website 29 Jun 20:44 pacparser 1.3.1


pacparser is a library to parse proxy auto-config (PAC) files. Proxy auto-config files are a vastly used proxy configuration method these days. Web browsers can use a PAC file to determine which proxy server to use or whether to go direct for a given URL. The idea behind pacparser is to make it easy to add PAC file parsing capability to any program (C and Python are supported right now). It comes as a shared C library and a Python module that can be used to make any C or Python program PAC scripts intelligent. Some very useful targets could be popular Web software like wget, curl, and python-urllib.

Release Notes: This release adds configurable error reporting to the pacparser library and fixes a memory leak. With this release, the Python module becomes Python 3 compatible.

Download Website 29 Jun 20:44 AjaXplorer 5.0.1


AjaXplorer is an easy-to-install file explorer for remotely managing files on a Web server. Its rich GUI makes it accessible to any end-user. Its main features are common file actions (uploading, downloading, moving, renaming, etc.), online file editing, image preview, a bookmarks system, and more. It requires PHP to run and FTP access only for installation.

Release Notes: This is a bugfix and security update of 5.0.0.

No download No website 29 Jun 14:09 whdd 2.0rc2


WHDD is a HDD diagnostic and data recovery tool for Linux. It can test a hard drive with reads and writes, while providing intuitive visualization of the process. It also has a function for copying a device, with algorithms optimized for least harm to already-defective source devices. It works with your hard drives at a low level by sending ATA commands, which means that the system doesn't freeze while accessing damaged devices (the device is soft-reset on timeout).

Release Notes: Initial Freecode announcement.

No download Website 29 Jun 14:08 DataNucleus AccessPlatform 3.2.4


DataNucleus AccessPlatform is a standards-compliant Java persistence product. It is fully compliant with the JDO1, JDO2, JDO2.1, JDO2.2, JDO3, JPA1, JPA2 and JPA2.1 Java standards, and provides a REST API. It complies with the OGC Simple Feature Spec for persistence of geospatial Java types. It allows access to all popular RDBMS available today, together with the MongoDB, LDAP, NeoDatis, JSON, Excel/ODF spreadsheets, XML, BigTable, HBase, and Neo4j databases.


Release Notes: A corner case with attaching processes for collections was fixed for L2 cache retrieval with non-cacheable objects. Schema generation for complete-table version/discrim columns was fixed. Query compilation caching when using FetchPlan was fixed. Other improvements were made.

Download Website 29 Jun 14:04 Napata CMS


Napata CMS is a CMS for sites that are biased towards sharing information, primarily with text. It is a little wiki-like, but not a wiki. The CMS's frontpage almost resembles a blog's homepage.The script has three dedicated variants depending on the syntax in use: Mediawiki-like Markup variant, Markdown variant, and WYSIWYM variant. It incorporates a simple revision system that saves a copy of any post/article that is edited. It is easy to install using an intuitive Web installer.

Release Notes: HTMLPurifier and editor updates were included, and some bugs were fixed.

Download Website 29 Jun 14:04 HGL Suite 0.5.0


HGL is a compiler/interpreter suite for developing images. It features its own simple but powerful language, Lua integration, output in various formats as well as runtime input handled by plugins, and easy integration into various environments like Web servers or graphical applications. The input is taken from a source file, which has to be compiled for quick and frequent access by the interpreter. An interpreter then runs the compiled files, takes input from custom plugins (if neccessary), and outputs its result via custom plugins.

Release Notes: This release added a new svg2hgl tool for converting SVG files to HGL input files, Beziér curves, the ability to adjust background color from the command line, and many bugfixes and performance improvements.

Download Website 29 Jun 14:02 fix8 0.9.0


Fix8 is a modern open source C++ FIX framework featuring complete schema driven customisation, high performance, and fast application development. The system is comprised of a compiler for generating C++ message and field encoders, decoders, and instantiation tables, a runtime library to support the generated code and framework, and a set of complete client/server test applications. For the same message, Fix8 encodes 3.2 times faster and decodes 2.3 times faster than Quickfix, an average of 2.7 times. In other words, it reduces encode latency by 69% and reduces decode latency by 56%.

Release Notes: Encode and decode performance was improved. For the same message, Fix8 encodes 3.2 times faster and decodes 2.3 times faster, averaging 2.7 times faster than Quickfix.

Download Website 29 Jun 14:01 W-Packager 0.8.1


W-Packager is a packager similar to dpkg that can be used by anyone to create and maintain Debian packages under Linux or other Unix systems. The aim of the project is primarily to have a workable version of a packager that can be compiled on many systems, including those that do not support fork(). At this time, W-Packager is used within UniGW. It can also be used under Linux.


Release Notes: This release patched problems where --fsys-tarfile would crash the tool with files over 64Kb, and where the control.info feature was not working because of an inverted test. Support for filenames and symbolic links of any length was added, avoiding the 155 + 100 limitation of the tar format. A few small bugs were fixed.

Download Website 29 Jun 13:59 fuse-zip 0.3.0


fuse-zip is a FUSE file system based on libzip for navigating, extracting, creating, and modifying ZIP archives. It allows you to work with ZIP archives as real directories. Unlike KIO or GNOME VFS, it can be used in any application without modifications.

Release Notes: ZIP64 support, relative and absolute path support, and fixes for compilation problems.

No download Website 29 Jun 05:26 mhVTL 1.4-8


mhvtl is a Linux-based virtual tape library. Supported tape emulations are IBM and HP LTO1, 2, 3, 4, and 5, Sony AIT4, STK T10000A, B, and C, and STK 9x40. It supports WORM, data, and cleaning media. Most applications work using STK L180/L700 library emulation. It has been successfully used with NetBackup, BackupExec, NetWorker, TSM, Oracle Secure Backup, and many other programs.

Release Notes: This release prevents virtual media corruption if the file system fills. The ability to delay on loading/unloading/positioning of media to emulate real tape drive behaviour was added.

No download No website 29 Jun 05:26 Vendetta Online 1.8.255


Vendetta Online is a multi-platform 3D space-combat MMO for Windows, Mac, Linux/32 and Linux/64. The game permits players to interact in a vast online galaxy; fighting, trading, and mining their way to success. A "twitch" type real-time combat model makes true player skill the deciding factor instead of character advancement. Massive capital-ship battles shake the foundations of the major nations at war, while others struggle to push back the encroachment of the AI "Hives". A no-strings free trial is available.

Release Notes: Delivery missions now only deliver to stations and not capships. The virtual keyboard can now be turned off on the Ouya version. Amazon Appstore In-App Purchasing was added. Tab order for UI controls was improved. Corruption when only one light source is in the scene was fixed. Basic control support was added for the NVIDIA Shield.

No download Website 29 Jun 05:25 Mroonga 3.05


Mroonga is a MySQL storage engine based on Groonga, the full text search engine. It support MySQL 5.5 or later and MariaDB 10.0 or later.

Release Notes: Support for MySQL 5.6.12, a customizing fast_mutexes build configuration which coordinates with unofficial MySQL RPM packages, and bundling of MariaDB with Windows zip archives.

Download Website 29 Jun 05:24 Groonga 3.0.5


Groonga is a fast and accurate full text search engine based on an inverted index. Newly registered document instantly appears in search results, and updates are allowed without read locks. These characteristics result in superior performance for real-time applications. It is also a column-oriented database management system (DBMS). Compared with well-known row-oriented systems, such as MySQL and PostgreSQL, column-oriented systems are more suited for aggregate queries.

Release Notes: Support for single quoted string literals in --output_columns, a html_untag function which eliminates extra HTML tags experimentally, and many bugfixes.

Download Website 29 Jun 05:24 upstart 1.9


upstart is a replacement for the /sbin/init daemon that handles starting of tasks and services during boot, stopping them during shutdown, and supervising them while the system is running.

Release Notes: Apparmor support was added by means of two new stanzas: 'apparmor load' and 'apparmor switch'. Stateful re-exec now serialises all objects, not just the minimum set. Inherited environment variables can now be unset for Session Inits. The ability to specify multiple configuration directories when running as a Session Init was added. libupstart, a client library for communicating with Upstart, was added along with upstart-dbus-bridge, a new bridge that allow jobs to react to D-Bus signals. There were also fixes and documentation improvements.

Download Website 29 Jun 05:22 psx 0.6.1


PSX is a PHP framework for creating RESTful APIs. It helps you to build clean URLs serving Web standard formats like JSON, XML, Atom, and RSS. It includes a handler system that abstracts away SQL queries from domain logic, a routing system that executes correct controller method for the location of the controller and the method annotation, and a flexible data system that converts database records into formats like JSON, XML, Atom, and RSS. A lightweight DI container handles dependencies. The controller supports request and response filters that can modify the HTTP request or response, and filters are provided for Basic and Oauth authentication.

Release Notes: This release contains some minor changes. A dispatch class was added, which routes requests to the controller. The controller can now return filters, which can modify the request or response e.g. to handle authentication. The controller proxies unknown get* methods to the DI container. The template engine was improved and wrapper classes were added for Twig and Smarty. The DI container is now compatible with the Symfony DI container. Libraries were added for generatign sitemap and odata XML. The documentation was improved and some smaller bugs were fixed.

No download Website 29 Jun 05:19 Burp 1.3.34


Burp is a program that backs up and restores data. It uses librsync in order to save on the amount of space that is used by each backup. It also uses VSS (Volume Shadow Copy Service) to make snapshots when backing up Windows computers.

Release Notes: A major autoconf cleanup, and initial support for cross-building Android targets. The server now indicates where logging is occurring. A bedup segfault when using -m with no argument was fixed.

Download Website 29 Jun 05:18 C-Dogs SDL Port 0.4.4


C-Dogs SDL is a port of the old DOS arcade game C-Dogs to modern operating systems. C-Dogs is an arcade shoot-em-up which lets players work alone or co-operativly during missions, and against each other in the "dogfight" deathmatch mode. The original DOS version of C-Dogs came with several built in missions and dogfight maps, and this version is no exception. The author of the DOS version of C-Dogs is Ronny Wester.

Release Notes: This release includes a few sound features, and other enhancements.

Download Website 29 Jun 05:18 cyphertite 1.6.2


Cyphertite is a tar-like secure remote archiver. It deduplicates, compresses, and encrypts data prior to transmission, providing total privacy while reducing unnecessary wire traffic. It seamlessly supports IPv6 and IPv4 on a variety of platforms.


Release Notes: Automatic certificate rotation was added. Expiration time computation was fixed. Minor bugs were fixed. On Windows, a bug where file systems that did not support VSS snapshots would disallow backups (Web GUI) or error during backup (shell extension) and a bug where crash dumps could become corrupted on certain types of exceptions were fixed. Cleanup of drag-extract operations was improved, Delete support was added to the shell extension, and automatic cull was added to the Web GUI and shell extension for delete.

Download Website 29 Jun 05:17 Urd 1.8.0


Urd is a Web-based Usenet binary download manager. It stores the newsgroup information in a MySQL database and aggregates the articles into sets of a single download (e.g. one album or movie). The Web interface can be used to search with regular expressions. It uses its own downloading daemon that has support for scheduling downloads and updating databases. URD can also download directly from NZB files and even create NZB files. Further features include custom scripts, multiple languages, a template based Web interface, support for multiple servers, automatic par2 and unrar support, and an intuitive user interface.

Release Notes: Initial Usenet configuration was added to the installer. Inline images were enabled for spots to be shown. Spot statistics are now available per spot subcategory. Text files and images are displayed in a popup. yydecode was replaced with a native implementation.

Download Website 29 Jun 05:15 Gallery 3.0.9


Gallery is a slick Web-based photo album written using PHP. It is easy to install, includes a config wizard, and provides users with the ability to create and maintain their own albums in the album collection via an intuitive Web interface. Photo management includes automatic thumbnail creation, image resizing, rotation, ordering, captioning and more. Albums can have read, write, and caption permissions per individual authenticated user for an additional level of privacy.

Release Notes: A few minor security issues were resolved.

No download Website 29 Jun 05:15 Hypersocket 0.0.2 Alpha


Hypersocket is a cross-platform VPN solution built for all types of remote access scenarios. Powerful, yet simple to use, Hypersocket uses a single installed client to provide access to any number of network resources. Its powerful granular access means you can have fine-grained control over your entire network and remote users. Accessed through a secure HTTPS port, the Hypersocket client provides access to any number of host/port combinations, all assigned server-side by the Administrator through roles. The Administrator is able to configure the server through a Web portal on the same HTTPS port.

Release Notes: A number of stability issues were fixed, including validation on password and confirm password entries, end point creation validation, an enum exception in the client when multiple realms are present, a problem where the protocol was not visible the in end point dialog after creation, an inability to have ? or # in a password, intermittent loading problems in the logon page, database table creation failure on Windows, and a failure of the Windows installer to install the service.

Download Website 29 Jun 05:14 chan-sccp-b V4.1.0 Stable


chan-sccp-b is an extension of the original chan-sccp implementation for the Asterisk soft-PBX. It lets you hook up a Cisco/SCCP Phone to your Asterisk server using the SCCP protocol, which works a lot better than the SIP firmware on the same phone. It provides full phone functionality instead of just a simple SIP channel provider. It offers functionality like shared lines, hotline functionality, guest login, dynamic speeddials, private line automatic ring-down (PLAR), personal softkey configurations, Dundi support, SCCP extended dialplan functions, manager support, and custom device state buttons.


Release Notes: This release is compatible with Asterisk versions from 1.6.2 up to 11, using one code base. A new sccp.conf handling system was included, using a flexible TABLE as the basis for all config parsing. A conference implementation/conference list was integrated. Connected line update now provides more accurate caller ID information. New and improved AMI/manager functions were added. Most of the old locking implementation was removed in favor of reference counting. Serveral bugs were fixed.

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