2013 / April / 21 (30 releases)

21 April 2013

Download Website 21 Apr 21:28 XWiki 5.0-rc-1


XWiki is a WikiWiki clone written in Java that supports many popular features of other Wikis like the Wiki syntax, version control, attachments, security, and searching, but also many advanced features like templates, database and dynamic development using scripting languages (Velocity, Groovy, Ruby, Python, PHP, and more), an extension system and skinability, J2EE scalability, an XML/RPC remote API, statistics, RSS feeds, PDF exporting, WYSIWYG editing, an Office viewer and importer, and a lot more.


Release Notes: This is mostly a stabilization release leading to 5.0 but it includes a few bonus items: Distribution Wizard improvements to support multiwiki use cases and the ability to see which extensions have updates.

Download Website 21 Apr 21:27 The Aime Interpreter 5.20130420


aime is a simple, C-like programming language and an interpreter, both designed to be embeddable in applications. The language is straightforward, trivial, and direct. Its syntax is simpler than that of C, while still providing for full object management, higher order functions, and references. The interpreter is secure and expressive, allowing comprehensive control over program execution and providing powerful methods of application integration.

Release Notes: Non referable but copyable data types are now allowed for function returns and parameters. A couple of bugs in retaining function arguments were fixed. A bug in function pointer syntax parsing was fixed. Assignment operators are introduced for most library data types (including sequences, associative arrays, and files).

No download Website 21 Apr 21:26 geo-* 04/21/13


geo-* is a set of tools for geocaching, including tools for accessing the www.geocaching.com, opencaching.com, opencaching.us, and navicache.com websites, tools for geocoding addresses and creating maps, and tools for manipulating Mapopolis place guide data. The focus of these tools is to provide a command line driven environment.


Release Notes: This release adds adds new programs: geo-sub, reverse-montage, maidenhead2ll, usng2ll, geo-crossword, geo-triangulation, geo-polygon, ok-nearest, geo-wordsearch, geo-id2gccode, geo-loran-c, gpx-unfound, ll2usng, and geo-correct-coords. Of course, bugs were fixed.

No download Website 21 Apr 21:24 Seed7 2013-04-21


Seed7 is a general purpose programming language. It is a higher level language compared to Ada, C++, and Java. In Seed7, new statements and operators can be declared easily. Functions with type results and type parameters are more elegant than a template or generics concept. Object orientation is used when it brings advantages and not in places when other solutions are more obvious. Although Seed7 contains several concepts of other programming languages, it is generally not considered as a direct descendant of any other programming language.

Release Notes: The FAQ explanation concerning garbage collection has been improved. Several manual chapters have been improved. Operations to get an array slice with a specified length have been added to array.s7i and idxarray.s7i. Array aggregates with a start index have been added to idxarray.s7i. Functions for binomial coefficient and modular exponentiation have been added to bigint.s7i. The functions min and max have been added to integer.s7i and float.s7i. A standard bitmap font, with capital height of 9, has been defined in stdfont9.s7i. The Comanche Web server has been improved to accept cookies.

Download Website 21 Apr 21:21 Verbiste 0.1.36


Verbiste is a French conjugation system implemented as a C++ library, a GNOME applet, and two command-line tools. It can conjugate verbs and analyze conjugated verbs to determine their mode, tense, and person. The knowledge base contains over 6700 verbs.

Release Notes: The conjugation for verbs quérir, amuïr, sécher, assécher, and déssécher has been fixed. The verb référencier has been added.

Download Website 21 Apr 21:21 Baruwa 2.0.1


Baruwa (Swahili for letter or mail) is a Web 2.0 MailScanner front-end. It provides an easy to use interface for managing a MailScanner installation. It is used to perform operations such as releasing quarantined messages, spam learning, whitelisting and blacklisting addresses, monitoring the health of the services, etc. Baruwa is implemented using Web 2.0 features (AJAX) where deemed fit. Graphing is also implemented on the client side using SVG, Silverlight, or VML. It includes reporting functionality with an easy to use query builder. Results can be displayed as message lists or graphed as colorful and pretty interactive graphs. Custom MailScanner modules are provided to allow for logging of messages to the MySQL database with SQLite as backup and for managing whitelists and blacklists.

Release Notes: This release fixes a domain information leak when logged in as a domain admin. It adds support for theming and customization. It adds support for shared quarantines. It has improvements to Active Directory / LDAP support. It fixes a MailScanner SQL config keyword issue. It fixes signature processing. NJABL is disabled. Translations have been updated.

No download Website 21 Apr 21:20 beaTunes 3.5.12


beaTunes is an iTunes companion app capable of automatically analyzing your music collection to help you build better playlists. It analyzes BPM (beats per minute), silence at the beginning or end of a song, and the color (based on frequency spectrum) of a given song. Some of the data is stored through iTunes, and some is stored by beaTunes itself. beaTunes can suggest albums that would complement your music collection, display music charts, and help you find and fix errors in your song meta data, like typos and wrong genres. It also allows you to blog about selected songs or playlists.

Release Notes: This release improves mp4 genre handling and library switching. It fixes a possible MediaFoundation related crash (Windows only), a problem with very long tags, a small problem in Amazon info, list in the latest version dialog, database schema evolution version 13->14, and drag images (Windows only). It adds a way to delete a corrupted database programmatically, and reduces MP3/FileSystem related logging. On Windows, the bundled JRE was updated.

No download Website 21 Apr 21:18 FeResPost 4.1.7


FeResPost is a library that allows the rapid development of small programs for the post-processing of Nastran or Samcef finite element results. The library allows easy manipulation of finite element models, groups, and results. Efficient post-processing is possible because the time-consuming operations are written in C/C++. The library is distributed as a COM component, a .NET assembly, as well as a Ruby compiled extension.

Release Notes: In classical laminate analysis: correction of a bug in the calculation of mechanical strains, and the addition of strain failure criteria. Correction of typographical errors in the user manual.

Download Website 21 Apr 21:17 Webminstats 2.7


Webminstats is a Webmin module designed to store system information in an rrdtool database and to display historic (hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, and custom) graphs. It is modular in design, so as to be able to log everything from CPU usage to email box size.


Release Notes: The major change is a new feature: module cloning. The action icons are split into general and module categories. The "panorama" can be displayed with or without a legend. MySQL and PostgreSQL modules were improved. 3 modules (psmon, disk, and postgresql) are now considered stable (release version 1.0). Some bugs were fixed.

Download Website 21 Apr 21:16 MUSCLE 5.84


MUSCLE (Multi User Server Client Linking Environment) is an N-way messaging server and networking API. It includes client-side networking APIs for various languages, including C, C++, C#, Delphi, Java, and Python. MUSCLE lets programs communicate over a network via streams of serialized Message objects. The included server program ("muscled") lets its clients message each other and store information in its server-side hierarchical database. The database supports flexible queries via hierarchical wildcarding, and "live" updates via a subscription mechanism.

Release Notes: This release adds spaces around macro names so that the code will compile under C++11. It adds some initial C++11 support (active only if -DMUSCLE_USE_CPLUSPLUS11 is specified). StringMatcher's numeric-range feature can now handle multiple numeric ranges in a string (e.g. "<1-5,20,30-32>"). Functions have been added to convert GetRunTime64()-style timestamp values to GetCurrentTime64()-style and vice-versa. This release fixes some deprecation warnings under OS X 10.8.x. It fixes a syntax issue that would prevent ByteBuffer.cpp from compiling on a big-endian host. There are other minor tweaks and bugfixes.

Download Website 21 Apr 21:13 TinyButStrong 3.8.2


TinyButStrong is a template class for PHP that allows you to generate XML/HTML pages and any other files based on text source. The engine gives facilities to work with any databases, including in native PDO, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, PHP arrays, and more. It is possible to design templates using any visual editor (like Dreamweaver or FrontPage), and thus to make templates that are compatible with W3C standards for example. It features simple block management, useful display formats, conditional displaying for blocks and locators, remote XML/HTML attribute modification, a cache system, and the ability to include sub-templates and execute associated scripts. Plug-ins are supported since version 3.0.


Release Notes: 1 new option for allowing methods in automatic fields. 3 bugs have been fixed: an explicit message when a column is missing for a grouping parameter; an array to string error with PHP 5.4; and the plug-in MergeOnFly had debug mode activated by default.

Download No website 21 Apr 17:18 CodeQuery 0.09


CodeQuery is a tool for indexing and then querying or searching C, C++, Java, Python, Ruby, and Go source code. It builds upon the databases of cscope and ctags, which are processed by the cqmakedb tool to generate a CodeQuery database file. This can be viewed and queried with a GUI tool. The features include auto-completion of search terms and visualization of function call graphs and class inheritance. The following queries can be made: Symbol, Function or macro, Class or struct, Functions calling this function, Functions called by this function, Class which owns this member or method, Members and methods of this class, Parent of this class (inheritance), Children of this class (inheritance), Files including this file, and Full path for file.

Release Notes: This release fixes some parser and SQL bugs and adds font resize buttons for the file viewer.

Download No website 21 Apr 17:18 QSimpleGuitar 0.2


QSimpleGuitar is a simple program to help novice guitarists tune a guitar more quickly (and better).

Release Notes: This release closes Issue #2, Highlight the current note (change image), and Issue #3, Unchecking the repeat checkbox now stops sound.

Download Website 21 Apr 17:17 ximp3 0.1.20


ximp3 is a simple console MP3 player. It is based on the Xing decoder (also used in FreeAmp).

Release Notes: Terminal output of ID3 info now skips empty fields.

Download Website 21 Apr 17:16 pyClamd 0.3.2


pyClamad is a module that makes it possible to use the clamd daemon from the virus scanner ClamAV within Python.

Release Notes: This release fixes bugs with mulitple scans at once and with non-Latin filenames. It also adds a compatibility layer with part of the 0.2 API.

No download Website 21 Apr 17:16 Appointmind 5.8.6


Appointmind is a Web application that makes it possible for customers to select and schedule appointments from anywhere, which means that service providers and their employees spend less time on the telephone or answering emails. It can be used by contracting companies, physicians, consultants, and other service providers. The software is also suitable for administrative purposes or as a reservation tool for company conference rooms. Staff members can reserve the facilities conveniently over the intranet.

Release Notes: A new module called "Reports & Statistics" has been released. It shows several figures in a selected time range, such as the appointments total, appointments total canceled, number of user accounts, number of user accounts with appointments, number of user accounts without appointment, and a few more.

Download Website 21 Apr 17:15 4MLinux 6.0 Server Edition


4MLinux is a miniature Linux distribution focusing on four capabilities: maintenance (by using it as a system rescue live CD), multimedia (for example, for playing video DVDs), miniserver (using the inetd daemon), and mystery (meaning console games).

Release Notes: This is an updated version of 4MLinux 5.1 Server Edition, using 4MLinux 6.0 as a core system. The biggest change is the implementation of a highly-customized version of thttpd as a default HTTP server, which has the following features available out of the box: both public and private (i.e., password protected) hosting, virtual hosts enabled by default, support for both unencrypted and encrypted ("https") connections, and compiled-in PHP support. There is an online demo (server.4mLinux.com), too.

Download Website 21 Apr 17:14 HotShots 1.0.1


HotShots is an application for capturing screens and saving them in a variety of image formats as well as adding annotations and graphical data (arrows, lines, text, etc.).


Release Notes: This release adds a Lithuanian translation and fixes an invalid preprocessor directive and an invalid signal/slot connection on the OS/2 platform.

No download Website 21 Apr 17:13 EDFbrowser 1.50


EDFbrowser is a multi-platform viewer for EEG, EMG, and ECG storage files. It supports the EDF, EDF+, BDF, and BDF+ file formats. It supports montages, annotations, precise measurements by using crosshairs, and a zoom function by drawing a rectangle with the mouse. It shows signals from different files at the same time. It includes a built-in EDF/EDF+/BDF/BDF+ to ASCII converter, a built-in Nihon Kohden to EDF+ converter (including annotations), a built in EDF+D to EDF+C converter, a BDF(+) to EDF(+) converter and a built-in EDF/EDF+/BDF/BDF+ compatibility checker.


Release Notes: This release fixes a bug in the ECG heartrate detection algorithm when a high samplerate was used, improves the sorting algorithm used for the annotationlist (it was very slow when the annotationlist contained more than 10,000 annotations), and adds the ability to adjust the samplerate divider for all signals at once in the reducer/decimator tool. EDFbrowser now checks for a newer version during startup. (This can be switched off in the settings menu.)

Download Website 21 Apr 17:12 Comics Refcard Generator 1.0


Comics Refcard Generator is a Web service to create a comics collection list in a refcard fashion, thanks to a TeX template. It allows importing a comics collection from a LaTeX list, from TeX file, or from a CSV file, editing the comics database, exporting a comics collection to a LaTeX list, to TeX file, or to a CSV file, and generating a refcard fashion list of the comics collection into a PDF file.


Release Notes: This release adds a new feature to append series and author entries, a refresh button flush-ordered db, removal of empty entries, and a new welcome/help tab. To improve the quality process, there's also a complete test plan. A Debian package is now available for download.

Download Website 21 Apr 17:11 Python-SIP 4.14.6


SIP is a tool to generate C++ interface code for Python. It is similar to SWIG, but uses a different interface format. It was used to build PyQt and PyKDE, and has support for the Qt signal/slot mechanism.

Release Notes: This is a minor bugfix release.

Download Website 21 Apr 17:11 FF Multi Converter 1.5.1


FF Multi Converter is a simple graphical application that converts audio, video, image, and document files between all popular formats, using and combining other programs. It uses ffmpeg for audio/video files, unoconv for document files, and the ImageMagick library for image file conversions.

Release Notes: This release adds major bugfixes and updated translations.

Download Website 21 Apr 17:11 Snowbox 2.0


Snowbox is a small and easy-to-set-up POP3 server. It supports APOP, SSL, and IPv6.

Release Notes: Snowbox has been rewritten in Go. It now supports SSL and IPv6, and does not rely on inetd anymore.

Download Website 21 Apr 17:09 libxmp 4.1.0


libxmp is a module player library which supports many mainstream and obscure module formats, including Protracker MOD, Scream Tracker III S3M, and Impulse Tracker IT. Possible applications for libxmp include standalone module players, module player plugins for other players, module information extractors, background music replayers for games and other applications, module-to-mp3 converters, etc.

Release Notes: This release adds a function to play fixed-size buffers to the API, improves precision of the IT lowpass filter, and contains bugfixes for simultaneous volume up and down, IT envelopes with no envelope points, Amusic module loading, and MED pitch slides, portamento, and pattern reading. Build issues were addressed for Cygwin and MinGW, and a buffer overflow was fixed in the MASI loader.

Download Website 21 Apr 17:09 Extended Module Player 4.0.3


The Extended Module Player is a command-line mod player for Unix-like systems that plays over 90 mainstream and obscure module formats from Amiga, Atari, Acorn, Apple IIgs, C64, and PC, including Protracker (MOD), Scream Tracker 3 (S3M), Fast Tracker II (XM), and Impulse Tracker (IT) files.

Release Notes: This release adds commands for subsong navigation and allows built-in module quirks to be overriden by the configuration file. It also fixes the CoreAudio driver in big-endian systems, and addresses build issues in Cygwin and MinGW. Libxmp 4.1.0 or later is required to build this release.

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