2013 / March (780 releases)

March 2013

Download Website 08 Mar 00:24 Suricata 1.3.6


Suricata is an Intrusion Detection and Prevention (IDS/IPS) engine developed by the Open Information Security Foundation and its supporting vendors. The engine is multi-threaded and has native IPv6 support, file extraction capabilities, and many more features. It's capable of loading existing Snort rules and signatures, and supports many frontends through Barnyard2.

Release Notes: Several stability and accuracy issues were fixed.

Download Website 08 Mar 00:23 Siege 2.77


Siege is a regression test and benchmark utility. It can stress test a single URL with a user defined number of simulated users, or it can read many URLs into memory and stress them simultaneously. The program reports the total number of hits recorded, bytes transferred, response time, concurrency, and return status. Siege supports HTTP/1.0 and 1.1 protocols, GET and POST directives, cookies, transaction logging, and basic authentication. Its features are configurable on a per user basis.


Release Notes: This release adds support for HTTP 307 redirects. It also includes several autotools corrections and some minor bugfixes.

Download Website 08 Mar 00:23 libHX 3.15


libHX is a C library (with some C++ bindings available) that provides data structures and functions that are commonly needed, such as maps, deques, linked lists, string formatting and autoresizing, option and config file parsing, type checking casts, and more.


Release Notes: This release adds support to do URI quoting/percent-encoding, as well as a function to do an accept-based character search (the opposite of strpbrk).

No download No website 08 Mar 00:22 Moneychanger 13.00


Moneychanger is a GUI built on top of Open Transactions, a financial crypto library. Moneychanger can be used to create pseudonyms, issue currencies, open accounts, withdraw and deposit cash (untraceable digital cash), write and deposit cheques, trade on markets, and much, much more.

Release Notes: This version of Moneychanger goes with Open-Transactions v0.88.j. (There was a small API change for 'opentxs sendcash').

Download No website 07 Mar 14:32 milter manager 1.8.6


milter manager is a flexible and low administrative cost anti-spam system that can be used with MTAs that support milters like Sendmail and Postfix. It provides an effective solution by combining a range of existing milters.

Release Notes: This release has fixed a broken libev backend with Ruby 1.9 and added max-pending-finished-session configuration settings for forcing the freeing of resouces immediately when the load average is high. This release also supports a reset API for resetting instance variables between multple transactions.

Download No website 07 Mar 14:29 Kigo Video Converter Ultimate for Mac 5.1.0


Kigo Video Converter Ultimate for Mac is a video converter and editor. It supports converting between popular video formats, including FLV, MPEG1, MPEG2, MP4, 3GP, 3G2, MOV, AVI, M2TS, MPEG TS/TP (for HD Video), and M4V with good output quality and high conversion speed. It can also edit videos by clipping, splitting and merging videos, or adding special video effects.

Release Notes: This release refined the conversion engine, updated the profile, profile group, and profile icons and the content of help, added support for converting to HTML5, added support for more output formats and codecs, fixed some bugs, added support for videos from latest versions of video Web sites, and supports more DVDs.

Download Website 07 Mar 14:24 Audio File Library 0.3.6


The Audio File Library provides an API for reading and writing audio files, supporting many common formats including AIFF, WAVE, and NeXT/Sun .snd/.au.

Release Notes: FLAC and ALAC encoding and decoding were implemented.

Download Website 07 Mar 14:23 Imperialism Remake 0.1.2


The aim of this project is to create a free (open source, OS independent) remake of the classic SSI game Imperialism. While the spirit and many concepts of the original should be preserved, it should not become a pure copy but advance the concept in a sense that modern elements of strategic games are included, e.g. of the Civilization series. The game is written in Java using Swing for the user interface. The philosophy is to keep it as simple as possible, use standard/well tested libraries wherever possible and to demand clean, understandable code.

Release Notes: This release added a Windows launcher that checks for the correct version of Java and a Windows installer, and has been successfully tested under Linux. Background music composed was added. The map was improved with borders, cities, rivers, and provinces. Diverse artwork was provided for the terrain and the start screen. There were many small changes.

No download Website 07 Mar 07:11 Termdebug 2.0


Termdebug is a set of utilities for recording and replaying the input and output of terminal programs. Its main goal is to aid in developing and debugging terminal programs. Other programs such as termrec/termplay, nethack-recorder/player, and script/scriptreplay only record the output. However, when debugging an interactive terminal program, the input is often as important as the output.

Release Notes: A visual comparison mode was added, which provides a comparison of what the user sees, rather than a byte-by-byte comparison of the output.

Download Website 07 Mar 01:59 MetaFTPD 0.0.3


MetaFTPD is an FTP server/proxy with many features, including "MODE Z" compressed file transfers, file locking, chrooting, data-connection/firewall scripts, XSHA and XMD5 commands, and transparent proxying.

Release Notes: This release adds XSHA256, XSHA512, and HASH verbs, a "MaxFileSize" configuration option to limit uploads, and various bugfixes.

No download Website 07 Mar 01:40 Universal File Mover 1.0.4


Universal File Mover (UFM) manages the transfer of files. The user combines a series of Action commands to create the UFM Workflow XML file. These Action commands define which actions are to be taken, the order of the actions, and how errors are to be handled. UFM processes the Action commands as per the UFM Workflow XML file. UFM currently contains 41 Action commands. These action commands fall into five categories: WebSphere MQ Actions, Network Actions, File Actions, Control Actions, and Other Actions. UFM can transfer files in one of five ways, using WebSphere MQ, FTP, SFTP, SCP, or HTTP.

Release Notes: This release MQ reconnection logic to MQReceive Action and to the StatusQueue functionality. The onerrorfail attribute is now updated for each action in the UFM_Workflow.dtd file to allow the onerrorfail attribute from the Global element to be used.

Download Website 07 Mar 01:40 LoLCode 1337 0.1


LoLCode 1337 is an implementation of the esoteric programming language lolcode. It comes with a compiler, a virtual machine, and a tiny debugger.

Release Notes: Initial release.

Download Website 07 Mar 01:10 Wireshark 1.8.6


Wireshark is a network protocol analyzer, or "packet sniffer", that lets you capture and interactively browse the contents of network frames. It provides a commercial-quality packet analyzer for Unix, and the most useful packet analyzer on any platform.

Release Notes: Several vulnerabilities and many other bugs have been fixed.

Download Website 06 Mar 22:55 se 3.0


se is a screen-oriented version of the classic UNIX text editor ed. The editor implements many of the commands of ed, but instead of being line-oriented, se is screen-oriented. The command syntax is very familiar to users who already know ed. If you get stuck, there is a built-in help system that describes many of the available commands. Many configurable options can be loaded from a .serc file. se can be run interactively or in a script via the included scriptse utility. The editor is portable across many platforms, supporting major Linux and BSD distributions as well as other systems like GNU, Minix, Haiku, OpenSolaris, and Cygwin.

Release Notes: This release includes major portability enhancements and build system changes. The old makefile-based build system has been replaced with a slick new autotools configure script. This, combined with some code modernization, allows se to build and run on a variety of platforms.

Download No website 06 Mar 22:53 jOpenTTDLib 2.0.0


jOpenTTDLib is a Java library that polls OpenTTD servers for statistics on games in progress. This includes data on the map and how all the companies are faring. On top of this functionality, the games can be continually polled and game events are generated and listeners notified.

Release Notes: The code has been almost entirely rewritten from scratch and is infinitely better tested (i.e. the project actually has tests). This release introduces a new API interface GameQuerier. JOTLQuerier has been renamed to UDPGameQuerier, and is currently the only implementation of GameQuerier. ServerHandler has been renamed to ServerMonitor.

No download Website 06 Mar 22:51 Privacy Indicator 0.03-1


Privacy Indicator is a notification area applet (application indicator) for the top panel of Ubuntu’s Unity desktop environment. The goal of Privacy Indicator is to give a quick overview on the most important privacy settings and make it easy to change them.

Release Notes: This version updates some translations.

Download Website 06 Mar 22:50 Marathon


Marathon is a GUI test tool that allows you to play and record scripts against a Java Swing UI. It's written in Java, and uses Python and Ruby as its scripting language (the emphasis being on an extremely simple, readable syntax that customers/testers/analysts feel comfortable with). Marathon includes a recorder, editor, player, and debugger to simplify working with test scripts.

Release Notes: This release adds get_frames and get_frame_objects methods to retrieve the existing internal frame objects from the current window. All commands entered in the script console are recorded in the spool.rb/spool.py file in the project folder. Mouseup/mousedown/hover methods have been added to Marathon runtime. An image_compare method has been to Marathon runtime; use this to compare two image files with a given percentage threshold. capture_component, similar to capture_screen to capture the screenshot of a component into a file, has been added. Report generation in the testlink XML format has been added.

Download Website 06 Mar 22:32 newLISP 10.4.7


newLISP is a Lisp-like, general-purpose scripting language. It has all the magic of traditional Lisp, but is easier to learn and use. newLISP is friendly, fast, and small. Most of the functions you will ever need are already built in.

Release Notes: This version has miscellaneous enhancements and bugfixes.

No download Website 06 Mar 22:30 Task Coach 1.3.26


Task Coach is a simple todo manager to manage personal tasks and todo lists. It grew out of a frustration that well-known task managers, such as those provided with Outlook or Lotus Notes, do not provide facilities for composite tasks. Often, tasks and other things to do consist of several activities. Task Coach is designed to deal with composite tasks.

Release Notes: This is a bugfix release.

No download Website 06 Mar 22:30 Joget Workflow 3.1.0


Joget Workflow is a platform to easily build enterprise Web apps for cloud and mobile. Build full-fledged apps, e.g. CRM, HR, Healthcare, etc. Drag and drop forms, lists, and UI elements. Add workflows to automate processes. Extend via plugins. Apps are mobile optimized and cloud ready. Download ready made apps from the Joget Marketplace.

Release Notes: The primary focus of this release is a cleaner, more streamlined user interface along with enhanced form and reporting features. This release also includes many performance and stability improvements.

Download Website 06 Mar 19:04 TYPO3 CMS 6.0.3


TYPO3 CMS is a Web Content Management System which features automatic creation of navigational menus, headlines, and other dynamic graphical elements, automatic conversion and scaling of images, the ability to present different templates based on variables such as client browser or country code, support for multiple templates on a site, and a built-in password-protection option. Pages can be timed to be shown on a certain date, be hidden on a certain date or just temporarily hidden. TYPO3 supports search in SQL-databases and redesigning of a website at once is just a matter of creating a single new template.

Release Notes: This release adds a security bugfix for possible SQL injection in the extbase module.

No download Website 06 Mar 19:03 Bibfilex 0.1.2


Bibfilex is software to create and manage archives of bibliographical items (books, articles, etc.) according to Biblatex structure and rules. It is far less advanced than other bibliographic managers like JabRef, and allows only a few customizations. Its strength is speed and lightness, especially when used with many items. It uses SQLite as a database. It can store the items according to each of the entry types described in the Biblatex manual (book, article, etc.), import the content of a file in Biblatex format (like a JabRef database, a Mendeley BibTex exported file, or a Google Books BibTex downloaded file), export data to a Biblatex file (like a JabRef database), locate an item just typing its author name, title, etc. filter the items by selecting a keyword in a list, filter the items according to three different conditions (or to manually modify the SQL statement of the filter to make it more suitable or complex) or according to the \cite commands contained within a Latex document, associate various attachments (files of every kind) with each item, activate autocompletion of data in each field with “Ctrl + Space”, automatically create unique BibTex keys according to a pattern defined by the user, and specify the fields (columns) shown in the grid view of the data. It is also possible to replace the \cite and \printbibliography commands in a Latex document with extended citations and bibliography, which are composed according to a user-defined pattern, to export the Latex file in other formats more easily.

Release Notes: This release adds the ability to filter the items from the BibTex keys contained in a Latex document within a “\cite” command, minor improvements, and bugfixes.

Download No website 06 Mar 19:02 ComponentJS 0.9.8


ComponentJS is a stand-alone library for JavaScript, providing a run-time component system for hierarchically structuring the user interface (UI) dialogs of complex HTML5-based rich clients (aka single-page-apps) under maximum applied Separation of Concerns (SoC) architecture principle, through optional Model, View and Controller component roles, with sophisticated hierarchical Event, Service, Hook, Model, Socket and Property mechanisms, and fully independent and agnostic of the particular UI widget toolkit.

Release Notes: This release improves the Debugger plugin again: the components in the component tree view are now clickable. Once clicked, details about the component are displayed in the new infobox view which overlays the console view. The component tree view now provides zoom and scroll functionality to allow you to display large component trees in a reasonable way.

No download Website 06 Mar 19:01 Piwigo 2.5.0


Piwigo is photo gallery system for the Web. The project started in 2002 and is built by an active community of users and developers. It comes with powerful features for publishing and managing your photos, scalability, and smart browsing capabilities such as albums, tags, or calendars. Extensions make Piwigo even more customizable.

Release Notes: An advanced setting for protection of original photos has been added, to make Piwigo an even safer place for your photos. Piwigo becomes more social with email and website fields for user comments. External authentication with the oAuth plugin lets your visitors connect with their Facebook, Google, OpenID, or Wordpress.com account (and many others). The new Web API explorer will help developers know how to communicate remotely with Piwigo. Piwigo 2.5 brings 30+ new features and is now available in 51 languages.

Download No website 06 Mar 19:00 TMSU 0.1.0


TMSU is an application that allows you to organise your files by associating them with tags. It provides a tool for managing these tags and a virtual filesystem to allow tag-based access to your files.


Release Notes: This version aims to improve the performance of the program by removing automatic tag inheritance, which has proven slow on larger databases and slow filesystems (e.g., network filesystems). Instead, there is now a choice of how to handle directory contents, to add the nested files to the database using the --recursive option on the "tag" and "untag" commands or dynamically discover directory contents using the --recursive option on the "files" command. Many other bugfixes and improvements have been added.

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