2013 / February / 24 (38 releases)

24 February 2013

No download Website 24 Feb 23:07 QTGZManager 1.0.1


QTGZManager is a frontend to the Slackware pkgtools. It can compare versions, install, reinstall, upgrade, downgrade, and remove packages. It also converts RPMs to TGZs, shows the package contents and information, and freezes or unfreezes a specific version.

Release Notes: This release changes the default Slackware mirror and changes the close button of the FireFox-like searchbar to the leftmost position. From now on, QTGZManager is also available at slackbuilds.org.

Download Website 24 Feb 23:06 4DIAC 1.3


4DIAC is a framework for distributed industrial automation and control. It aims to provide an open, IEC-61499-compliant basis that lets the user establish a distributed industrial automation and control environment based on the targets' portability, configurability, and interoperability.

Release Notes: This is a combined release of all current 4DIAC projects. The major changes and improvements of 4DIAC-IDE are: simplified support to create boot projects, improvements in subapplication creation and usage, and the first support to monitor FBs inside sub-applications. The major changes and improvements for FORTE are: B&R POWERLINK support, support for constant values at ANY interface elements, and compile-time reduction for modules with a lot of FBs.

No download Website 24 Feb 22:35 pyHIDS 0.1


pyHIDS is a host-based intrusion detection system. It uses an RSA signature to check the integrity of its database. Alerts are written in the logs of the system, and can be sent via email to a list of users or on IRC channels (through the irker IRC client). You can define rules to specify files to be checked periodically.


Release Notes: An email message is now sent to the list of administrators after each system check, even when the integrity is maintained. Installation and configuration are now easier. Other minor improvements have been made.

Download Website 24 Feb 22:34 Qore Programming Language 0.8.7


Qore is a scripting language supporting threading and embedded logic, and designed for applying a flexible scripting-based approach to enterprise interface development. It is also useful as a general purpose language.

Release Notes: This release adds lots of new features and bugfixes. Code inheritance between Program objects has been greatly improved, and declarations tagged as public are now inherited by default in child Program objects. Lots of new functions, methods, and type (pseudo) methods have been implemented, particularly to make iterators more powerful and to make developing iterators easier.

Download Website 24 Feb 20:06 (R)?ex 0.40.0


(R)?ex is a tool that allows you to manage all of your servers from a central point, through the complete process of configuration management and software deployment.


Release Notes: This release adds an easy to use and extend CMDB interface to Rex. It is now possible to separate configuration data from configuration logic.

Download Website 24 Feb 20:05 Elm Millennium Edition Elm ME+ 2.5 PLalpha33


Elm Millennium Edition is a text-based mail client. There are two branches: Elm 2.4ME+, which is based on Elm 2.4, and Elm ME+ 2.5, which also incorporates some code from Elm 2.5. Elm Millennium Edition contains enhanced MIME and character set support. A subset of UTF-8 (Unicode) is handled. It can read mail from a local mbox and POP and IMAP folders and can pass mail to the PGP or GPG programs. It can also view digests as a mailbox and reassemble fragmented (message/partial) messages. It includes modules for TLS/SSL, iconv, and SMTP.


Release Notes: This release adds RFC 3676 (content type text/plain; format=flowed) support for builtin++ pager. Rewrapping of flowed paragraphs is not supported when replying or forwarding mail or when viewing it with external pager. Flowed format is not supported either when mail is sent. This release adds two new commands to builtin++ pager ('W' for wrapping and 'w' for toggling paragraph width), and adds "pager-indicate-wrapping", "pager-paragraph-width", "@charset", and "editor-elmrc-propline" elmrc options. A crash when viewing a thread is fixed. There are other changes.

Download Website 24 Feb 20:04 Ace Operator 2.1.0


Ace Operator enables live click to chat service between company representatives and customers from the company Web site. It allows customers to contact live agents at the click of a button, engage in interactive chat-based conversation, and exchange information using multimedia content. It is an application for support and any kind of customer services over the Web.

Release Notes: This release has improved support for mobile and tablet devices. Ace Operator now works well on iPhone and Android devices. In addition, it adds features like file sharing, configurable avatars, black list, and much more. It fixes many issues found by the user community.

No download Website 24 Feb 20:02 Initial Redirect 0.6


Ir is a plugin for the Squid proxy server. It checks if a user of the proxy server is a new user, and if so, it redirects the user to a selectable page. This can be used (for example) when you have a public wireless access point with a transparent proxy behind it. The redirect page can then be a page with policies, addresses, etc.


Release Notes: Users can now be forced to first agree with an agreement that you define.

Download Website 24 Feb 20:02 deco-archive 1.6


deco-archive is a collection of extractor wrappers for the deco file extraction framework. It provides support for dozens of popular archive formats such as tar, rar, and zip.

Release Notes: Support for cpio.bz2, cpio.gz, cpio.lz, cpio.lzo, cpio.xz, and ipsw archives has been added.

Download Website 24 Feb 20:02 deco file extraction framework 1.6.3


deco is a command-line program that, together with the deco-archive package, allows you to extract dozens of popular archive file formats. It has a consistent interface ("deco 1.tar.bz2 2.rar 3.zip 4.flac 5.deb") and consistent behavior (never deleting archives after extraction and extracting relative to the current working directory, just verbosely enough, all unless explicitly requested otherwise). It creates an extraction directory if there is more than one file or directory at the archive top level, and it is able to fix strange permissions.

Release Notes: A crash when handling archive formats that always extract to a subdirectory was fixed. A grammatical mistake in the usage message and a (still) misleading error message was corrected. Minor code cleanup and optimization. The compiler optimization level was set to -O2 instead of -O1 in the default CFLAGS.

No download Website 24 Feb 20:01 Jamulus 3.3.0


The Jamulus software enables musicians to perform real-time jam sessions over the Internet. There is a Jamulus server which collects the audio data from each Jamulus client, mixes the audio data, and sends the mix back to each client.

Release Notes: The software is renamed from "llcon" to "Jamulus". It supports an instrument picture on the mixer fader label (additional to the existing text). An optional server welcome message can be shown on a connection to the server. The source code is now compatible with Qt version 5. All text that is sent to/received from the server is now UTF-8 coded (allowing special characters, etc., to be used in the mixer fader text or chat messages).

Download Website 24 Feb 19:59 Arg_parser 1.8


Arg_parser is an argument parser that follows POSIX and GNU conventions for command line arguments. There exist C++ and C versions of Arg_parser. The C++ version is implemented as a C++ class, while the C version is implemented as a single struct plus associated functions. Both are simpler, easier to use, and safer than 'getopt_long'. The C++ version of Arg_parser can also parse options from configuration files.


Release Notes: Minor fixes.

Download Website 24 Feb 19:59 4MLinux 5.1 Server Edition


4MLinux is a miniature Linux distribution focusing on four capabilities: maintenance (by using it as a system rescue live CD), multimedia (for example, for playing video DVDs), miniserver (using the inetd daemon), and mystery (meaning console games).

Release Notes: The servers controlled by the inetd daemon are now: FTP (vsftpd 3.0.2), HTTP (Busybox 1.20.2) with HTTPS (via Stunnel 3.22), SFTP (OpenSSH 6.1p1 ), SSH (Dropbear 2012.55), and Telnet. A proxy server (Polipo with Tor and rdesktop 1.7.1 are also available. The programming environment includes the CGI version of PHP 5.4.11, the minimal version of Perl 5.16.2, and SQLite The main security components are 4MLinux Firewall 5.1 (based on iptables 1.4.17) and Clam AntiVirus 0.97.6. There is an online demo (server.4mLinux.com) too.

Download No website 24 Feb 19:57 Z88vm 1.1.2


OZvm is principally a hardware emulation of the Cambridge Z88 portable computer, a Z80 CPU system with 4Mb addressable memory, a monochrome 640x64 LCD, and RS-232 serial port. It allows you to install any ROM or application card binary that also runs on a real Z88 portable. OZvm is also a versatile Z80 assembler debugging environment with a command line, screen activity recording, and Z80 instruction logging. It assists the developer in testing Z80 assembler programming of the Z88 operating system or 3rd party applications.

Release Notes: Two user interface bugs have been fixed, which were related to insertion of Flash Cards and handling of files in File Areas on those cards.

Download Website 24 Feb 19:47 PlayShell 0.2-WP15


PlayShell is a player handler and playlist manager with a shell-like interface for the console. It emulates most playing functions and handles most players like VLC, MPlayer, mpg321, and SoX. It is best for playing music in a terminal or console and supports video files as well.


Release Notes: More added features or changes for convenience with some fixes.

No download Website 24 Feb 19:46 i18nspector 0.8.1


i18nspector is a tool for checking translation templates (POT), message catalogues (PO), and compiled message catalogues (MO) files for common problems. These files are used by the GNU gettext translation functions and tools in many different development environments.

Release Notes: An incorrect assertion in the plural expression parser was removed.

Download Website 24 Feb 19:46 mpg123 1.15.1


Mpg123 is a fast, free and portable MPEG audio player and decoder library mainly for Unix (but also ported to other platforms). It supports MPEG 1.0/2.0/2.5 layers 1, 2, and 3, with CD quality playback even on relatively slow CPUs.

Release Notes: This release fixes some bugs and build issues (mpg123_scan() and proper seek-back, better Frankenstein stream handling, HTTP header parsing, OS/2, BSD and Windows compatibility, and WAV-to-stdout, among others). It brings mainly enhancements in the form of more convenience with long tracks (audio books). It also adds application/x-scpls as another accepted playlist MIME type.

Download No website 24 Feb 19:45 XHTML Family Tree Generator 2.3.11


XHTML Family Tree Generator is a CGI Perl script together with some Perl modules that will create views of a family tree. Data can be stored in a database or in a data file. The data file is either a simple text (CSV), an Excel, or GEDCOM file listing the family members, parents, and other details. It is possible to show a tree of ancestors and descendants for any person, showing any number of generations. Other facilities are provided for showing email directories, birthday reminders, facehall, and more. It has a simple configuration, makes heavy use of CGI (and other CPAN modules), generates valid XHTML, and has support for Unicode and multiple languages.

Release Notes: This release has bugfixes, and is serializing in a platform-independent way.

Download No website 24 Feb 19:44 CodeQuery 0.04


CodeQuery is a tool for indexing and then querying or searching C, C++, Java, Python, Ruby, and Go source code. It builds upon the databases of cscope and ctags, which are processed by the cqmakedb tool to generate a CodeQuery database file. This can be viewed and queried with a GUI tool. The features include auto-completion of search terms and visualization of function call graphs and class inheritance. The following queries can be made: Symbol, Function or macro, Class or struct, Functions calling this function, Functions called by this function, Class which owns this member or method, Members and methods of this class, Parent of this class (inheritance), Children of this class (inheritance), Files including this file, and Full path for file.

Release Notes: Visualization has been added for function call graphs and call inheritance graphs.

Download Website 24 Feb 19:43 segatex 7.930


segatex is a tool to configure SELinux policy with the help of a GUI. At the push of a button, it can generate a .te file in the /usr/share/segatex directory. You can then edit your .te file, make a module, and install. You can make any module name and edit current modules. You can install, update, and remove modules. You can semanage list and semanage login, fcontext, and port or set some domain permissive. You can download SELinux-related RPMs, including xguest, sepostgresql, and mod_selinux. You can download Fedora DVD or CDs. You can relabel your system. You can audit2allow by GUI. You can check refpolicy by analyzer. segatex includes its own policy.


Release Notes: This release adds a function showing tunable_policy and breaking into raw allow sentences by the break.te button.

Download Website 24 Feb 19:42 yetris 1.5


yetris is a Tetris clone which runs on the terminal. It has colors and high scores, along with many features found on modern Tetris implementations. It's made with C and runs on (most) Linux terminals.

Release Notes: This release has a 'help window' explaining the controls in-game. There is statistical information about pieces and lines cleared. Several color customizations have been added. There is a smoother interface, especially on Windows. Dozens of minor bugs have been fixed.

No download Website 24 Feb 19:42 S3QL 1.13


S3QL is a file system that stores all its data online. It supports Amazon S3, Google Storage, and OpenStack and effectively provides you with a hard disk of dynamic, infinite capacity that can be accessed from any computer with Internet access. S3QL provides a standard, full featured Unix file system that is conceptually indistinguishable from any local file system. Additional features include compression, encryption, data de-duplication, immutable trees, and snapshotting, which make it especially suitable for online backup and archiving. The design favors simplicity and elegance over performance and feature-creep. Care has been taken to make the source code as readable and serviceable as possible. Solid error detection, error handling, and extensive automated test cases are provided.

Release Notes: This release fixes a bug that caused malformed metadata to be written out when using recent eglibc versions. It fixes issues when trying to access a directory at the root of the filesystem that has recently been removed with s3qlrm. Ostensible ACL support has been removed. This release better handles buckets with invalid DNS names. It will retry if DNS is not available.

No download Website 24 Feb 19:18 Jodd 3.4.2


Jodd is a Java utility library and set of frameworks. Jodd tools enrich the JDK with many powerful and feature rich utilities. It helps with everyday tasks, and makes code more robust and reliable. Jodd frameworks is set of lightweight application frameworks, compact yet powerful. Designed following the CoC, DRY, and SCS principles, it makes development simple, but not simpler; you get 90% of the features with 10% of the usual effort.

Release Notes: The biggest change is a totally new HTTP client. There is also the usual amount of improvements and bugfixes, and some classes have been cleaned. Jodd has finally moved to Gradle. ASM 4.1 source is now included. The BeanCopy tool has been added. The compiler package has been removed as obsolete. A Period class has been added for JDateTime. Madvoc now offers custom path macros.

Download Website 24 Feb 19:02 gjots 2.3.16


gjots lets you organize text notes in a convenient, hierarchical way. It can be used for notes, jottings, bits and pieces, recipes, and even PINs and passwords, using encryption. It can also be used to "mind-map" larger compositions like manuals, Web pages, articles, etc. It is a bit like the KDE program "kjots", but uses the GTK library and supports a hierarchy of folders. Files can be output to HTML with an automatic table of contents or to docbook XML. Encryption is supported with ccrypt(1), gpg(1), and openssl(1), so that musings can be kept private.

Release Notes: Uses xdg-open/gnome-open as URL handlers. Adds an ^R shortcut for the read-only flag. A Swedish translation. A workaround for re.I not working on Unicode strings. Enables UTF-8 in find/replace. Adds a pop-up to remind the user to install pygtksourceview to get undo. Prevents drag and drop before root item. Gives focus to menubar_find_entry on find-next/find-prev and select all. Jumps to next/prev item on PgDn/PgUp at end/start of textBuffer. Fixes a lib64 issue for x86_64.

Download No website 24 Feb 19:01 Advanced Copy 0.4 alpha


Advanced Copy is a GNU cp modification which shows some nice progress bars while copying so you can see how much has been copied already and how long you still have to wait.

Release Notes: After an overlong hibernation, this project has come back to life. There haven't been any major changes since the last release from three years ago, but the patch has been adjusted to work with GNU coreutils 8.21.

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