2013 / January (763 releases)

January 2013

Download Website 16 Jan 23:48 PDFtk Server 1.45


PDFtk Server is a simple commandline tool for doing everyday things with PDF documents. You can use it to merge PDF documents or collate PDF page scans, split PDF pages into a new document, rotate PDF documents or pages, decrypt input as necessary (password required), encrypt output as desired, fill PDF forms with X/FDF data and/or flatten forms, generate FDF data stencils from PDF forms, apply a background watermark or a foreground stamp, report PDF metrics, bookmarks, and metadata, add/update PDF bookmarks or metadata, attach files to PDF pages or the PDF document, unpack PDF attachments, burst a PDF document into single pages, uncompress and re-compress page streams, and repair corrupted PDF files (where possible).


Release Notes: You can now add or change a PDF’s bookmarks using update_info. You can now use multi-character input handles. Prior versions were limited to a single character, imposing an arbitrary limitation on the number of input PDFs when using handles. Handles must still be all uppercase ASCII. This release adds a means of referring to PDF pages in reverse order. By prefixing a page number with an r, it counts from the end of the document. For example, r1 is the last page, r2 is the next-to-last page, etc. Other minor changes and fixes have been added.

Download Website 16 Jan 23:44 Wing IDE 4.1.10


Wing IDE is a software development environment for Python. It provides powerful editing, code intelligence, refactoring, testing, debugging, and search capabilities that reduce development and debugging time, cut down on coding errors, and make it easier to understand and navigate Python code.

Release Notes: This release allows setting syntax highlighting colors for all supported file types, adds Previous/Next buttons to the Find Uses tool, adds more line editing key bindings to the default keyboard personality, updates the German localization, adds character order fixup auto-editing operation such as x(.) -> x(), and makes about 25 other bugfixes and minor improvements.

Download No website 16 Jan 23:43 Diodon 1.0.1


Diodon is a fast, powerful, and effective clipboard manager which allows users to enjoy a high-quality clipboard experience incorporating (on demand) a dedicated Unity lens and experimental Zeitgeist integration. It immerses itself into a modern desktop-integrated app approach.

Release Notes: This release makes diodon ready for inclusion in Debian and Ubuntu repositories (packages are hopefully coming soon).

Download Website 16 Jan 22:07 Lunzip 1.2-rc2


Lunzip is a decompressor for lzip files. Its small size makes it well suited for embedded devices or software installers that need to decompress files but do not need compression capabilities. Lunzip is able to decompress any lzip file using as little memory as 50 kB.


Release Notes: Decompression time has been reduced by 12%.

Download Website 16 Jan 22:06 Clzip 1.4-rc2


Clzip is a lossless data compressor with a user interface similar to the one of gzip or bzip2. Clzip decompresses almost as fast as gzip and compresses more than bzip2, which makes it well suited for software distribution and data archiving. Clzip uses the lzip file format; the files produced by clzip are fully compatible with lzip-1.4 or newer, and can be rescued with lziprecover. Clzip is, in fact, a C language implementation of lzip, intended for embedded devices or systems lacking a C++ compiler. The lzip file format is designed for long-term data archiving and provides very safe integrity checking.


Release Notes: Compression ratio has been slightly increased. Compression time has been reduced by 10%. Decompression time has been reduced by 8%.

Download Website 16 Jan 22:05 ZABBIX 1.8.16


ZABBIX is an enterprise-class distributed monitoring solution designed to monitor and track performance and availability of network servers, devices, and other IT resources. It supports distributed and Web-based monitoring, auto-discovery, real-time monitoring, SLA assurance, trending, and more.

Release Notes: This release introduces a number of bugfixes.

Download Website 16 Jan 22:04 BSD Router Project 1.3


BSD Router Project (BSDRP) is a customized distribution of FreeBSD dedicated to offering IP routing services for small ISPs (not for home use).

Release Notes: This release fixes 2 major bugs (netmap unusable and ipfw_nat module missing) and provides an image for a new architecture: sparc64.

Download Website 16 Jan 22:04 Kolab 3.0.0


Kolab is a groupware system that provides a comprehensive and flexible solution for workgroups. Email, contacts, and group calendars can be managed via the Web, Windows/Outlook, and Linux/KDE. It supports offline synchronization and full seamless support of mixed client environments because the Kolab-XML storage format is fully open and avoids MAPI/TNEF.

Release Notes: Compared to the old 2.3.4 stable release, this version features a new modern Web client that integrates Roundcube instead of Horde. It integrates a lot better into existing user directory setups. Security as well as scalability has been greatly improved. It is now possible to scale all functional components of Kolab separately. There is a new unified command line utility for administrative tasks.

No download No website 16 Jan 22:03 Vendetta Online 1.8.241


Vendetta Online is a multi-platform 3D space-combat MMO for Windows, Mac, Linux/32 and Linux/64. The game permits players to interact in a vast online galaxy; fighting, trading, and mining their way to success. A "twitch" type real-time combat model makes true player skill the deciding factor instead of character advancement. Massive capital-ship battles shake the foundations of the major nations at war, while others struggle to push back the encroachment of the AI "Hives". A no-strings free trial is available.

Release Notes: This release fixes delivery missions so that they now take items from your inventory without you having to launch and dock again. It fixes the Android virtual keyboard being too long if the text being edited is too long. It adds right/left arrow buttons to move the text cursor. It fixes the UI being slightly too wide on some aspect ratios/resolutions. It increases the robustness of the Android version, and adds crash detection and compatibility mode. Compatibility mode includes lower texture quality and simpler shaders.

Download Website 16 Jan 22:02 libx1f4l2 1.20130114


libx1f4l2 is a data structures library. Featured are self balancing BSTs and self balancing BST backed lists. The BST (binary search tree) selection includes AVL, red/black, AA, and RBST trees in simple, parent pointer, and threaded flavors. The BST backed lists are all-purpose lists, allowing for sequential and random access. The complexity for most operations is log(N), including reading, inserting, and deleting, random or sequential. Other library features include pointer sets and tries. A collection of demo, test, and data structure comparison programs is included.

Release Notes: Several bugs in the last introduced radix tree based associate array were fixed.

Download Website 16 Jan 21:53 procenv 0.20


procenv is a tool that dumps all attributes of its environment. It can be run as a test tool, to understand what environment a process runs in and for system comparison.

Release Notes: Sorts environment variables and groups in a locale-aware fashion. A FreeBSD fix for LC_NAME.

Download Website 16 Jan 21:53 CorneliOS 3.0r15


CorneliOS is an easy-to-use and cross-browser "Web Desktop Environment", "Web Operating System", or "Web Office" that comes with a set of cool applications. It includes a Content Management System (CMS) so that you can easily set up and manage your own website as well as a Database Management System that allows you to rapidly build any kind of database application.


Release Notes: This release offers various CIOS Community Layer GUI enhancements, CIOS Media Manager enhancements, CorneliOS page navigation GUI enhancements, and updated system images, language kits, and stylesheets.

Download Website 16 Jan 21:50 cego 2.15.8


Cego implements a relational and transactional database system with support for the SQL query language. The current release contains the most common database features for basic table manipulation and data retrieval. Indexes, foreign keys, views, and stored procedures are also implemented. Future releases (2.0 and above) will support a multi-node database concept with log file shipping for an automatic database application failover.

Release Notes: A bugfix has been made for like predicates in combination with function calls (e.g. select forename from kids k where gender = 'girl' and lower(forename) like '%nn%';). The QueryHelper did not analyze the condition correctly.

Download Website 16 Jan 21:48 PHP based Datagrid


PHPGrid generates fully-functional grids with minimal coding, with add, edit, del, auto-filter, search, sort, page, grouping, export, custom add/del calls, grid-subgrid, multiple databases, multiple themes, and much more. It saves development time and effort for creating repetitive CRUD functions. The custom SELECT query option is useful for cross table data and report generation. It supports all major databases.

Release Notes: This release has new features and bugfixes. It has a custom toolbar button, export to CSV, a Date Time picker control, open grid in edit mode by default, more themes, and a Data Grouping example.

Download No website 16 Jan 21:47 Aspose.BarCode for Reporting Services 5.3.0


Aspose.BarCode for Reporting Services is a .NET solution for rendering barcodes images in SQL Server 2000, 2005, and 2008 Reporting Services. It supports over 29 linear (1D) and 2D barcode symbologies including MacroPdf417, Australia Post, OneCode, Code128, Code39, PDF417, UPCA, Codabar, MSI, and QR. It can also render barcode images on reports in BMP, JPEG, PNG, and GIF formats. Other features include EAN-128 application identifiers, DPI resolution settings, barcode size, and location adjustments.

Release Notes: This month’s release will also discuss some important features from the previous releases of Aspose.BarCode for Reporting Services. Some important features are enhanced naming convention, generating barcodes with enhanced GS1Datamatrix and Swiss Post Parcel practice, and generating barcodes with the Swiss Post Parcel symbology. This release also includes the enhanced DataMatrix practice.

Download No website 16 Jan 00:03 WiKID Two-Factor Authentication System 3.5...


The WiKID Strong Authentication System is a highly scalable, secure, self-hosted two-factor authentication system. It is simple to implement and maintain, allows users to be validated automatically, requires no hardware tokens, has a simple API for application support (via Ruby, PHP, Java, COM, Python, etc.), supports multiple domains, and supports replication for fault tolerance and scalability. It also supports mutual /host and transaction authentication, wireless tokens only domains, locked tokens (to your PC), anti-keystroke logger keypad PIN entry, etc.


Release Notes: Changes text back to localhost.p12 and changes the passphrase to match the documentation. The API can list users by domain.

Download Website 15 Jan 23:59 libintl-perl 1.21


libintl-perl is a library that supports message translation for Perl, written in pure Perl (version 5.004 or better). A faster C version is also built and installed if the system fulfills all requirements. Its interface is a superset of the gettext family of functions in C, and it uses the same file formats as GNU gettext, making it possible to use all tools available for gettext itself and to seamlessly integrate internationalized Perl code into mixed-language projects.

Release Notes: This version offers more compatibility of the pure Perl version with the C version of the gettext() family of functions, especially the way the environment variables LANGUAGE and LANG are handled. All open bugs have been fixed.

Download Website 15 Jan 23:59 ora2pg 10.1


Ora2Pg is a Perl module to export an Oracle database schema to a PostgreSQL compatible schema. It connects your Oracle database, extracts its structure, and generates an SQL script that you can load into your PostgreSQL database. It dumps the database schema (tables, views, sequences, indexes, grants) with primary, unique, and foreign keys into PostgreSQL syntax without editing the SQL code generated. It also dump Oracle data into PostgreSQL DB as online process or into a file. You can choose what columns can be exported for each table.

Release Notes: This release adds an HTML report for migration cost assessment and some bugfixes.

Download Website 15 Jan 23:59 GNU Gatekeeper 3.2


The GNU Gatekeeper is a free H.323 gatekeeper based on the OpenH323 project. You can use it to manage a Voice-over-IP network and let endpoints (e.g., Netmeeting) communicate through symbolic names. It also has an external interface for billing and other applications. It runs on a number of Unix versions (including Linux and Solaris) and Windows.

Release Notes: This version allows multiple instances of routing policies and supports additive registrations. It also has many bugfixes for high load situations.

Download No website 15 Jan 23:58 Tryton Android 0.6


Tryton Android is an Android client for the Tryton ERP system. It lets you access and edit your enterprise information (accounting, invoice, production, stocks, and more) from your Android terminal. It is a generic client like the gtk client, and should be compatible with all Tryton modules. It also contains an SVG parser for Android.


Release Notes: This version marks the first public release with a good set of features, including tree, form and graph views, offline use, and most of the data types.

No download Website 15 Jan 23:58 openDCIM 2.0


openDCIM is a Web-based data center inventory application which allows you to manage capacity and track assets throughout multiple data centers. There are some graphical elements to the system, but overall, the system is designed for keyboard-friendly (rather than click-happy) use. It is written in PHP and utilizes a MySQL backend for ease of deployment on nearly any LAMP-based build.

Release Notes: Adds support for patch panel documentation. Converts power management to a template-based setup. Better support for chassis devices. An email report for recently installed devices. Bugfixes.

Download Website 15 Jan 23:57 haveged 1.7


haveged is a daemon that feeds the /dev/random pool on Linux using an adaptation of the HArdware Volatile Entropy Gathering and Expansion algorithm invented at IRISA. The implementation attempts to be self-tuning on a wide variety of hardware and includes runtime validation testing. The tarball uses the GNU build mechanism and includes a devel sub-package, self test targets, init system options, and spec file samples for building an RPM. haveged may be used independently of the /dev/random interface through the filesystem at the command line. haveged functionality may be incorporated directly into other components directly through the devel sub-package.

Release Notes: Build and package sources have been restructured to create a devel sub-package consisting of the haveged RNG complete with support for auto-tuning and on-line testing features. Updated documentation, man(8) and man(3) pages, and additional build and usage samples are provided. The potential for a rare syssegv left over from the 1.6 changes has been removed.

Download No website 15 Jan 23:57 eBag 3.0.0


eBag is software project focused on company (factory) administration via PHP+MySQL solutions, on the local network, using browsers as terminals to access the company database. The server solution provides platform independence and collaborative work. PHP offers flexibility and the ability to change (or upgrade) the source code to personal needs, and MySQL innoDB provides transactional safe, recoverable tables. Using language files provides easy and quick translation to any language, and MVC with a CSS customizable user interface.

Release Notes: The ability to produce operating supplies, produce to stock, and use without apc cache has been added. Safer session management and an improved printing and file downloading procedure have been implemented. The persistent MySQL connection has been removed. Jquery has been updated to 1.8.3 . Many bugfixes.

No download No website 15 Jan 23:56 USB Network Gate for Linux 2.1.5


USB Network Gate (former USB to Ethernet Connector) easily connects one or more remote USB devices to your computer over Ethernet (Internet/LAN/WAN) as if the device was plugged into your own machine. It helps you share a USB device over Ethernet among multiple computers so people from all over the world (or your office) can use it. By intercepting the USB port activity of a shared USB device and redirecting it via TCP/IP,USB Network Gate lets you access your printer, scanner, Web cam, USB dongle, or any other supported USB device from your home PC or office laptop. Just plug the device in and it will automatically appear on the remote side of the connection. You can secure your USB data by enabling traffic encryption and access your USB devices remotely via WiFi.

Release Notes: This release adds redirection of shared USB devices from a server running Linux OS to a Windows client without installing USB Network Gate on the latter (for RDP connection).

Download Website 15 Jan 23:55 Lzip 1.14-rc3


Lzip is a lossless data compressor with a user interface similar to the one of gzip or bzip2. Lzip decompresses almost as fast as gzip and compresses more than bzip2, which makes it well suited for software distribution and data archiving. Lzip is a clean implementation of the LZMA algorithm. The Lzip file format is designed for long-term data archiving. It is clean, provides very safe four factor integrity checking, and is backed by the recovery capabilities of lziprecover.


Release Notes: Compression ratio has been slightly increased. Compression time has been reduced by 5%.

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