2013 / November / 30 (44 releases)

30 November 2013

Download Website 30 Nov 21:10 pride 1.6.2


Pride combines bash scripts, zenity, ant, ImageMagick, and the Android tools to create a fast and simple POSIX alternative for Android development. It provides all the basic commands (clean, build, release, etc.) of other Android IDEs. But it is primarily a robust and simple injection framework. Injections from methods to clusters of activities are easily created from existing code and can then be injected into any project. Pride can also be used to batch build, load, or release multiple projects and can update class and resource files among projects that use the same objects or resources.


Release Notes: Pride now has Cluster, or activity group, injections. The first cluster is SetSubsetResult, which handles files of single-line data. Sets can be created, removed, imported, and exported. Subsets, or the lines of content, can be created, removed, or renamed. The Result activity is used to create the content lines. A bugfix was made to the PRAFileHandler class in getExtFileAs[Array/List].

No download No website 30 Nov 21:09 Teddy Templating Engine 0.2.19


Teddy is an easy-to-read, HTML-based, mostly logic-less DOM templating engine with support for both server-side and client-side templating. It uses new HTML-like <tags> for rudimentary templating logic and Teddy Roosevelt's facial hair for {variables}.


Release Notes: This patch provides a more useful error for when circular data models are passed to teddy. console.error is now used for npm test errors.

No download Website 30 Nov 19:58 BitWrk 20131130


BitWrk is creating a marketplace where participants can buy or sell computing power like stocks in a stock exchange, using Bitcoin as currency. The client software can be integrated with existing, compute-intensive applications (e.g. rendering software), creating a big boost by harnessing the combined computing power of the BitWrk network. Sellers earn money by putting their hardware to work, offering an alternative to Bitcoin mining.

Release Notes: BitWrk now has a browser-based graphical user interface and a demo application. For those who would like to try BitWrk early, this is a good release.

No download Website 30 Nov 19:58 Lithium 0.1.0


Lithium is a lightweight library to be used along with jQuery. It takes care of software patterns like classical inheritance, observable (publisher-subscriber pattern), bind, namespace, IE8 JS 1.6,1.8 polyfills, and more, while jQuery takes care of the DOM.


Release Notes: This beta release includes an API for for data type detection, classical inheritance, publisher-subscriber patterns, scope and argument binding, simple string formatting, DOM construction, and browser detection.

Download Website 30 Nov 19:57 phpMyAdmin 4.1.0-rc2


phpMyAdmin is a tool intended to handle the administration of MySQL over the Web. It can create, rename, and drop databases, create/drop/alter tables, delete/edit/add fields, execute any SQL statement, manage keys on fields, create dumps of tables and databases, export/import CSV data, and administrate one single database and multiple MySQL servers.

Release Notes: This release contains many improvements and bugfixes. The minimum supported PHP version is now 5.3, and the minimum MySQL version is 5.5.

No download No website 30 Nov 19:57 CloEDIT 1.3.6


CloEDIT is an HTML code editing tool. It allows you to edit files with a clear structural view, and change the organization of contents easily. It is best suited for working on HTML files that have existing design CSS, like Bootstrap 3.0 or Foundation 4 sites.

Release Notes: This release adds a "Quit" item in the main menu (Shortcut key: Ctrl-Q for Linux, CMD-Q for Mac).

Download Website 30 Nov 18:38 fgallery 1.2


"fgallery" is a static photo gallery generator with no frills that has a stylish, minimalist look. It shows your photos, and nothing else. There is no server-side processing, only static generation. The resulting gallery can be uploaded anywhere without additional requirements and works with any modern browser.

Release Notes: This release focuses on mobile browsers support, improving loading speed of large galleries over slow connections, and automatic thumbnail scaling on small screens, and adds swiping support.

No download No website 30 Nov 18:37 OpenLaunch 0.9.1


OpenLaunch is a Web-based content management system that integrates a broad array of services into a single, fully-featured, elegantly designed Web site. The project aims to eliminte the difficulty of integrating multiple systems into a single Web site by implementing a blog, forum, Web pages, wiki, and (coming soon) E-Commerce and support tickets. It is built around the Torpedo Framework, an open MVC framework which includes support for controllers, forms, and a large number of other very useful utilities.

Release Notes: This is the first beta version of OpenLaunch. This release brings support for discussion forums and wikis into OpenLaunch-powered websites, along with the already implemented support for blogs, pages, etc.

Download Website 30 Nov 11:19 Ajenti 1.2.9


Ajenti is a server administration panel for Linux and FreeBSD with refined frontend usability and support for various server software configuration and management.

Release Notes: HTTP now uses TCP_CORK/NOPUSH for improved transfer speed. File manager now refreshes when returning from a terminal file operation. Scripts have an edit button and display process output when complete. In the dashboard, widgets can be disabled one by one using permissions. Cron now hides users with UID of less than 500. Notepad can now be "chromed". Samba now uses pdbedit to change passwords. The dashboard now auto-refreshes.

No download No website 30 Nov 11:18 Vendetta Online 1.8.270


Vendetta Online is a multi-platform 3D space-combat MMO for Windows, Mac, Linux/32 and Linux/64. The game permits players to interact in a vast online galaxy; fighting, trading, and mining their way to success. A "twitch" type real-time combat model makes true player skill the deciding factor instead of character advancement. Massive capital-ship battles shake the foundations of the major nations at war, while others struggle to push back the encroachment of the AI "Hives". A no-strings free trial is available.

Release Notes: Collision damage calculation now works more like the 2012 version, but retaining the improvements to threading, etc. Concussion Railguns can now be reloaded. Collisions of less than 50HP of damage are ignored. A new "Power Cell Blaster" is available at a Research station. The Xang Xi Self-Propelled Concussion Mine can now be reloaded. On Android, missing textures on improved ETC1 assets when the shaders are disabled were fixed. Graphics for Tegra4 and Adreno 320+ were improved. Auto-detection of Android-based consoles was improved.

Download No website 30 Nov 11:17 Cambridge Z88 Software 1.1


The Cambridge Z88 Software project was created by and for the "die-hard" users of the Cambridge Z88, the iPad of the 80s. Its object is to streamline the operating system, OZ, and build new Z88 applications by replacing the built-in ROM with a larger device. It also includes a Z88 emulator and debugging environment.

Release Notes: The Z88 Assembler Workbench Tools were updated.

Download No website 30 Nov 11:16 Z88vm 1.1.3


OZvm is principally a hardware emulation of the Cambridge Z88 portable computer, a Z80 CPU system with 4Mb addressable memory, a monochrome 640x64 LCD, and RS-232 serial port. It allows you to install any ROM or application card binary that also runs on a real Z88 portable. OZvm is also a versatile Z80 assembler debugging environment with a command line, screen activity recording, and Z80 instruction logging. It assists the developer in testing Z80 assembler programming of the Z88 operating system or 3rd party applications.

Release Notes: New "boz" and "bozd" debugger commands have been added to intercept execution of OZ system calls. F8, F9, and F10 were mapped to soft reset, hard reset, and double screen size functions. The OZ V4.4 ROM is also bundled as part of this release.

Download Website 30 Nov 07:57 irker 2.2


irked is an IRC client that runs as a daemon accepting notification requests as JSON objects presented to a listening socket. It is meant to be used by hook scripts in version-control repositories, allowing them to send commit notifications to project IRC channels. A hook script that works with git, hg, and svn is included in the distribution.

Release Notes: Unicode processing was fixed. It was broken when irclib was removed. Python traceback is now shown on higher debug levels.

Download Website 30 Nov 07:53 taskrambler 0.1.8


taskrambler is a HTTP server that is intended to eventually be used as the user interface provider for a multi-user task management system inspired by taskwarrior. It delivers static assets to Web browsers and some dynamic interaction.

Release Notes: The UI/client has visually improved popups, reorganized JavaScript code, and a new "my account" menu entry and popup where users can see and modify their data. On the backend/server, users are now able to change their first name, surname, and email address after logging in. A generic router that converts request URIs into identifiers for dlsym and then calls the function was added. All post data is now URL decoded. The storage layer now allows the deletion of entries. There were also fixes and a lot more.

Download Website 30 Nov 07:50 RackTables 0.20.6


RackTables is a tool to manage tens of racks, hundreds of servers, and thousands of MAC and IP addresses. It will work with a single rack as well. It features a real-life rackspace model, typed rack objects with flexible attribute sets, a tagging system, IP address management ready for NAT, virtual routers and load balancers, accurate network connection handling, a universal search function, a multi-user access model, and an extensible dictionary.

Release Notes: This release accumulates many minor changes. Some bugs were fixed. Dictionary and SNMP support was provided for many new hardware models. Some performance problems were resolved. The UI was enhanced with a rack space range selector, better locations support, and a new WYSIWYG permissions editor.

No download Website 30 Nov 04:43 yersinia 0.7.3


Yersinia implements several attacks for the following protocols: Spanning Tree (STP), Cisco Discovery (CDP), Dynamic Host Configuration (DHCP), Hot Standby Router (HSRP), Dynamic Trunking (DTP), 802.1q, Inter-Switch Link Protocol (ISL), and VLAN Trunking (VTP). It helps the pen-tester in different tasks, such as becoming the root role in the Spanning Tree, creating virtual CDP neighbors, setting up rogue DHCP servers, becoming the active router in a HSRP scenario, enabling trunk, performing ARP spoofing over VLAN hopping, adding or deleting VLANs (via VTP), and more.

Release Notes: This release fixes an issue with network interfaces under Linux. It fixes a pcap_compile error. It has minor refactoring of interfaces.c.

No download No website 30 Nov 04:40 Gcmc 1.4.1


Gcmc is a front-end language for generating G-code, SVG, and DXF for CNC mills, lathes, laser cutters, and other numerically controlled machines employing G-code, SVG, or DXF. The language is a context-free grammar created to overcome the archaic format of G-code programming, but can be used more generally for many targets. Gcmc aims to be more readable and understandable than G-code and enable programmatic designing. Gcmc makes extensive use of vector mathematics to support the 3D nature of CNC machining. It handles units as millimeters, mils (inch), degrees, and radians and performs automatic conversions where necessary.


Release Notes: This release adds command-line defines to set up variables from the command line. Documentation has been revamped, and a man page is now available. The syntax and function reference have been rewritten in HTML and include more detailed info. Also, package files are included for RPM and DEB packages and can be built from the tarball. Fixes include correction of relative mode, speed-up in execution using bsearch, and comparisons taking units properly into account.

No download No website 30 Nov 04:37 Event and Task Manager 2.3.11


etm is an acronym for Event and Task Manager. It provides a simple, intuitive format for using plain text files to store event, task, and other data items, a command line interface for viewing stored information in a variety of convenient ways, and a cross-platform, PyQt-based GUI for creating and modifying items as well as viewing them. Displayed items can be grouped by date, context, keyword, or project and can be filtered in various ways. A display of busy and free times is also supported, as is a ledger view of time spent that is suitable for client billing. Alarms are supported for events and repetition for both events and tasks in a powerful and flexible manner.


Release Notes: This release adds command line options to edit items or files, clone items, finish tasks and, if version control is installed, all changes are automatically committed. In the GUI, the tooltip for the now button now shows the number of past due items by category.

No download No website 30 Nov 04:36 DKPro WSD 1.0.0


DKPro WSD provides UIMA components which encapsulate corpus readers, linguistic annotators, lexical semantic resources, WSD algorithms, and evaluation and reporting tools. You configure the components, or write new ones, and arrange them into a data processing pipeline. DKPro WSD is modular and flexible. Components which provide the same functionality can be freely swapped. You can easily run the same algorithm on different data sets, or test several different algorithms on the same data set.

Release Notes: New features include support for the IMS disambiguator, a new sense inventory wrapping the GermaNet Java API, and a new wrapper module for easy disambiguation of text strings. The WebCAGe reader now works with the official release of WebCAGe. The SemCor reader optionally writes Token, Lemma, and POS annotations. Readers of XML-based data sets can now optionally ignore the DTD. The cluster evaluator's output is more verbose and informative. There are also a few bugfixes and API changes.

Download Website 30 Nov 04:34 Turbulence 0.6.1


Turbulence is a general BEEP server that provides many site administration features. Turbulence is built on top of the Vortex library and is extensible through modules and allows you to implement server side profiles that are used and combined later with other profiles through run time configuration. Turbulence is written to make it easy to develop and deploy BEEP profiles, allowing developers to provide a convenient configuration interface to site administrators and end users.

Release Notes: This release includes new WebSocket integrated support (mod-websocket) that allows running BEEP, BEEP over Websocket, and BEEP over secured WebSocket in a transparent manner to the profile developer. Several bugs were fixed and other new features were added.

No download No website 30 Nov 04:32 SmartGit/Hg 5.0.3


SmartGit/Hg is a graphical user interface for Git and Mercurial which can work with SVN repositories. It supports cloning from common repository providers (e.g., GitHub, Assembla), assists Git newbies, and also offers the advanced, powerful Git features. It provides several tools to help create clean commits, for example by allowing the user to commit just parts of changes files and reordering and squashing unpushed commits. If you are using GitHub or GitHub Enterprise, SmartGit/Hg can work easily with pull requests (creation, resolving) and commit comments. SmartGit/Hg ships with a built-in SSH client, file comparer, and merge tool which are capable of syntax coloring for many languages.


Release Notes: This release adds a few minor improvements, e.g. token-based authentication for GitHub, Git-Flow does not require a remote anymore, and fixes for a couple of bugs.

Download Website 30 Nov 04:30 XBPS 0.27


The X Binary Package System (in short XBPS) is a binary package system designed and implemented from scratch. Its goal is to be fast, easy to use, bug-free, featureful, and portable as much as possible. There is a well documented API provided by the XBPS Library that is the basis for its frontends, to handle binary packages and repositories.

Release Notes: This release contains a long awaited feature: RSA signed repositories. Plus the standard set of bugfixes and miscellaneous performance improvements.

No download Website 30 Nov 04:29 CloverETL Designer 3.4.3


CloverETL Designer is a visual data transformations designer for the CloverETL framework. It can be used to create, edit, and deploy transformation graphs, which are then executed by the CloverETL tool. The designer has a form of Eclipse plugin.

Release Notes: This release fixes tracking info reporting on edges IDs, improves error reporting while reading CSV files and handling of response in HTTPConnector, and contains improvements in the graph editor.

No download Website 30 Nov 04:27 CloverETL 3.4.3


CloverETL is Java-based tool/framework for data integration and creation of data transformations. It is component based and follows the concept of transformation graphs which consist of individual nodes/components performing simple (or complex) operations on data. Any transformation can be defined as a set of interconnected nodes through which data flows. CloverETL can be used as a standalone application or be embedded into a larger project.

Release Notes: This release fixes tracking info reporting on edges IDs, improves error reporting while reading CSV files and handling of response in HTTPConnector, and contains improvements in graph editor.

Download Website 30 Nov 04:26 x509watch 0.6.0


x509watch is a simple command line application that can be used to list soon expiring or already expired X.509 certificates, such as SSL certificates. All certificates are searched by default in the standard PKI directory, but any other directory can be specified as a parameter. Only Base64 encoded DER and PEM X.509 certificates are supported.

Release Notes: Works (again) around Y2K38 problems on systems with 32-bit Perl. Adds support for systemd timers alternatively to classical cron jobs. Excludes new Root Certificate Authority bundles "email-ca-bundle.pem", "objsign-ca-bundle.pem", and "tls-ca-bundle.pem" used by/for p11-kit, which are e.g. introduced with Fedora 19 and Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.5.

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