2013 / October / 16 (26 releases)

16 October 2013

Download No website 16 Oct 23:52 Infovore t20131015


Infovore is a map/reduce framework for processing large RDF data sets such as Freebase and DBpedia. It is based on Hadoop.

Release Notes: This release contains configuration changes so the authors can push releases into Maven Central. This is the first release to be published to Maven Central.

No download No website 16 Oct 23:51 PyAnnolib 0.1.0


PyAnnolib is a library that lets your Python programs read Electric Accelerator (emake) annotation files. Electric Accelerator is a build tool product from Electric Cloud. Annotation files give a very detailed description of the jobs that were run during the build, including the complete dependency graph. This library is useful for writing reports about your build, data-mining the annotation file for the complete and accurate dependency graph, etc.

Release Notes: The ability to keep track of a chain of Job and MakeProcess records was added. This gives the same functionality as looking at the "Job Path" in Electric Insight. A sample script, "show-jobpath", was added for demonstration purposes.

Download Website 16 Oct 23:51 Lazarus 1.0.10


Lazarus is a RAD Object Pascal Development IDE for use with Free Pascal. It is the open source equivalent of the Delphi VCL, designed to be widget-independent and to work on any platform where Free Pascal can be found.


Release Notes: This release adds additional bugfixes.

Download Website 16 Oct 23:51 jGnash 2.13.0


jGnash is a personal finance application written in Java. Java 7 is required. jGnash supports several account types, including investment accounts. It has support for split transactions, nested accounts, scheduled transactions, commodities, and currencies. It can import OFX and QIF files, excluding investment accounts and transactions. Data is stored in an XML format so it is easy to manipulate and read the data external to the program. jGnash also has scripting support to add custom reports and functionality.

Release Notes: This release adds new functionality to attach images to transactions. Relational databases (H2 and Hsqldb) may now be used for data storage. The client/server architecture was reworked for improved performance and stability.

No download Website 16 Oct 21:05 Dianara 1.0 beta 2


Dianara is a client for the pump.io social network. It allows users to manage their pump.io social network accounts without using a Web browser.


Release Notes: This release adds the ability to edit your posts, the ability to create and delete person lists and send posts to them, automatic post resizing, avatar uploading, and Italian translation, and more.

No download Website 16 Oct 21:04 ccid 1.4.13


ccid provides the source code for a generic USB CCID (Chip/Smart Card Interface Devices) driver and ICCD (Integrated Circuit(s) Card Devices).

Release Notes: This release supports Access IS ePassport Reader and Planeta RC700-NFC CCID.

Download Website 16 Oct 21:04 Wt 3.3.1


Wt is a C++ library for developing Web applications with an API that is widget-centric and inspired by existing C++ graphical user interface APIs. To the developer, it offers abstraction of Web-specific implementation details, increasing the accessibility and portability. Under the hood, the library uses the latest techniques (HTML5, Ajax, WebSockets) to handle user events and update the Web page.

Release Notes: This release has a focus on bugfixes and other cleanups after the big changes which went into 3.3.0. New functionality includes localized date-time support (WLocalDateTime), support for TinyMCE 4 in WTextEdit, support for boost.signals2 in the Signals implementation, a CSS stylesheet parser (and many other improvements) in the HTML-to-PDF renderer, attachment support in the SMTP mail client, and serialization support in the JSON module.

Download No website 16 Oct 21:03 TbsZip 2.15


TbsZip is a PHP class that enables you to read and write Zip archives. The class doesn't require PHP extensions or temporary files. TbsZip can read, add, delete, and modify files stored in an archive. It can even start with an empty archive. The original archive is not modified. The new archive can be saved in the server as a new file, or provided directly as an HTTP download, or even as a binary string. If the Zlib extension is activated in PHP, then TbsZip can automatically compress and uncompress files in the archive.


Release Notes: Archives with comment can now be opened by TbsZip. Clearer error messages are used for PHP in CLI mode, and clearer error messages for the interconnection with OpenTBS.

No download Website 16 Oct 21:03 Timeline 1.0.1


Timeline is a cross-platform application for displaying and navigating events on a timeline.

Release Notes: This release fixes events disappearing when zooming.

Download Website 16 Oct 19:33 phpMyAdmin 4.1.0-beta1


phpMyAdmin is a tool intended to handle the administration of MySQL over the Web. It can create, rename, and drop databases, create/drop/alter tables, delete/edit/add fields, execute any SQL statement, manage keys on fields, create dumps of tables and databases, export/import CSV data, and administrate one single database and multiple MySQL servers.

Release Notes: This version contains an improved query profiler.

No download No website 16 Oct 19:33 libertasretis 0.5


libertasretis is a basic BitTorrent client.

Release Notes: This release finishes the implementation of the UDP tracker protocol.

Download Website 16 Oct 19:32 phpoi 1.0.3


Phpoi consists of a number of PHP scripts intended to handle points of interest. With phpoi, you can store points of interest in a database, put lists of those points on the Web and allow visitors to download files for GPS navigators.


Release Notes: This release adds support for configuration parameter $mysql_table_prefix, which allows different configurations to share the same MySQL database.

Download Website 16 Oct 16:17 Zutils 1.2-pre3


Zutils is a collection of utilities able to deal with any combination of compressed and uncompressed files transparently. If any given file, including standard input, is compressed, its decompressed content is used. Compressed files are decompressed on the fly; no temporary files are created. These utilities are not wrapper scripts but safer and more efficient C++ programs. In particular the "--recursive" option is very efficient in those utilities supporting it. The provided utilities are zcat, zcmp, zdiff, zgrep, ztest, and zupdate. The supported formats are bzip2, gzip, lzip, and xz. The compressor to be used for each format is configurable at runtime.


Release Notes: The zutils executable has been removed. All utilities are now independent executables. The new option "-k, --keep" has been added to zupdate. The exit status of zgrep should now be identical to that of grep in case of error.

Download Website 16 Oct 16:17 Granite Data Services 3.0.0.RC1


Granite Data Services (GraniteDS) is a comprehensive development and integration solution for building Flex, JavaFX, and Android applications.

Release Notes: The build of the entire GraniteDS platform is now based on Gradle. This release fixes all discovered bugs since the 3.0.0.M3 and should be the last version before the final 3.0.0.GA.

No download Website 16 Oct 16:17 JWt 3.3.1


JWt (Java Web Toolkit) is a library for developing accessible and interactive Web applications with an API that is widget-centric and inspired by desktop GUI APIs. To the developer, it offers abstraction of Web-specific implementation details, including graceful degradation. Under the hood, the library uses the latest techniques when available to handle events and update the user interface.

Release Notes: This release has a focus on bugfixes and other cleanups after the big changes that went into 3.3.0. New functionality includes support for TinyMCE 4 in WTextEdit and a CSS stylesheet parser (and many other improvements) in the HMTL-to-PDF renderer.

Download Website 16 Oct 13:40 sg3_utils sg3_utils-1.37


sg3_utils is a package of utilities for accessing devices that use SCSI command sets. Most utilities issue a single command and display the response, while some work at a slightly higher level. There are utilities for fetching INQUIRY data and VPD, mode, and log pages. There is support for modern SCSI transports such as SAS and FCP. The package is written for Linux and has been ported to FreeBSD, Solaris, Tru64, and Windows. There is an earlier version of this package for Linux 2.2 series kernels called sg_utils.

Release Notes: This release contains mainly bugfixes and code cleanups, with some small extensions. It tracks changes made by www.t10.org since May 2013.

Download Website 16 Oct 13:40 fetchconfig 0.23


fetchconfig is a Perl script for retrieving configuration of multiple devices. It has been tested under Linux and Windows, and currently supports a variety of devices, including Cisco IOS, Cisco Catalyst, Cisco ASA, Cisco PIX, FortiGate Firewalls, ProCurve, Alcatel Ethernet Routers (aka Riverstone), Dell PowerConnect Switches, Terayon 3200/3500 CMTS, Datacom DmSwitch Switches, HP MSR Routers, Mikrotik Routers, Tellabs MSR Routers, Juniper EX Switch JunOS, Oracle Acme Packet, and Audiocodes Mediant.

Release Notes: Support for Audiocodes Mediant Gateways and Oracle Acme Packet Proxies has been added.

Download Website 16 Oct 13:39 Monkey HTTP Daemon 1.3.0


Monkey HTTP Daemon is a very fast and lightweight Web server for Linux. It uses a hybrid networking model based on asynchronous calls (event-driven) and fixed threads, which makes it scalable and capable of attending thousands of clients per second. It provides a powerful API for C and is ideal for embedded devices, thanks to its small core and plugin architecture.

Release Notes: This is a major release with performance improvements, new support for the musl C library, and generic bugfixes.

Download Website 16 Oct 13:39 eHour 1.2.2


eHour is a Web-based time registration tool for project-based businesses. The primary objective is to keep time tracking as simple as needed while still being very effective at measuring and reporting the amount of time your team spends on a project. eHour is available as a standalone version or a WAR file, which you can deploy in your existing environment. eHour is JVM (Java & Scala) based.

Release Notes: This release fixes a number of bugs, including a critical one in the auditing functionality.

No download Website 16 Oct 13:39 Frescobaldi 2.0.11


Frescobaldi is a LilyPond sheet music editor with built-in MIDI player and PDF preview. It aims to be powerful, yet lightweight and easy to use.

Release Notes: There are many new functions, also contributed by other developers, improvements, and bugfixes (especially for Mac OS X users).

Download Website 16 Oct 13:39 PyQt 5.1.1


PyQt is a comprehensive set of Python bindings for the Qt GUI toolkit.

Release Notes: This is a minor bugfix release.

No download No website 16 Oct 10:35 nomacs 1.6.0


nomacs is an image viewer that is small, fast, and able to handle the most common image formats including RAW images. It also makes it possible to synchronize multiple viewers on a single computer or via the LAN, which is useful for comparing images and spotting the differences. This is useful for architects who want to see their progress, for example.

Release Notes: This release includes new features like a grid view for thumbnails, an image mosaicing tool, animated GIF control, and support for WebP on all platforms. French translations are now available.

Download Website 16 Oct 10:34 tex-upmethodology 20131016


tex-upmethodology provides a complete set of LaTeX styles that permit you to write documents according to a UP-based methodology. Its major features are document history, task management, design and specification documentation, and helping tools. tex-upmethodology is officially supported by CTAN.


Release Notes: This release updates the environment 'description' for enabling the specification of the separating text between the description's items and the description's texts.

Download Website 16 Oct 10:34 PdfParser 0.9.7


PdfParser is a standalone PHP library that provides various tools for extracting data from PDF files. It loads and parses objects and headers, extracts meta data, and extracts text from ordered pages. It supports compressed PDF, MAC OS Roman charset encoding, hex and octal encoding in text sections, and is compliant with PSR-0 (autoloader) and PSR-1 (code styling). Currently, secured documents are not supported.

Release Notes: This release supports text extraction from XObject forms (a rare situation).

Download Website 16 Oct 10:33 Python-SIP 4.15.3


SIP is a tool to generate C++ interface code for Python. It is similar to SWIG, but uses a different interface format. It was used to build PyQt and PyKDE, and has support for the Qt signal/slot mechanism.

Release Notes: This is a bugfix release specifically for a regression which affects PyQtChart.

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