2013 / January / 12 (8 releases)

12 January 2013

No download Website 12 Jan 06:17 mhVTL 1.4-5


mhvtl is a Linux-based virtual tape library. Supported tape emulations are IBM and HP LTO1, 2, 3, 4, and 5, Sony AIT4, STK T10000A, B, and C, and STK 9x40. It supports WORM, data, and cleaning media. Most applications work using STK L180/L700 library emulation. It has been successfully used with NetBackup, BackupExec, NetWorker, TSM, Oracle Secure Backup, and many other programs.

Release Notes: An EOM handling issue where the last block of data was written but returned failure, which resulted in an off-by-one error in the Application block count when spanning media. Byte-swapped values in the tape capacity log information were fixed. LTO-6 emulation was added.

No download Website 12 Jan 06:07 MSS Code Factory 1.11.5661 Beta 3


MSS Code Factory is a rule-based expert system for translating application models to source code.

Release Notes: This beta adds tuned support for Oracle 11gR2 incorporating stored procedures, but not prepared statements Prepared statements do not support the output variable binding that is required to pass back result set cursors with Oracle.

Download Website 12 Jan 06:05 phpPeanuts 2.1.0


PhpPeanuts is a framework for developing database-backed applications in PHP. Rather than building an application from the bottom up, you initially only build domain model classes in which you specify properties, relationships, and database table names in metadata. The framework dynamically scaffolds getters and setters, persistency, navigation over relations, and input and delete validation. The abstract user interface instantly offers a rich set of pages for searching, browsing, drilling down, editing and reporting over your domain model. From there on you extend and refine both the domain model and the user interface to make it what you want by defining specialization classes and overriding inherited methods.

Release Notes: For improved security, the complete code of the abstact user interfaces has been reviewed and improved to protect against cross site scripting. All request variables including cookies and server variables are now validated, character sets are specified explicitly, string conversion no longer propagates erroneous values, the X-Frame-Options header is supported, and Ajax requests are limited to the host the page originates from. Other improvements are a domain specific language style API for navigational queries, and easier Ajax requests to parts, subparts, and widgets.

No download Website 12 Jan 06:01 MQ Message Encryption 2.0.0


MQ Message Encryption (MQME) is a solution that provides encryption for WebSphere MQ message data while it resides in a queue and in the MQ logs. It uses AES and offers the ability to control who accesses protected queues. This control is obtained through the use of UserID grouping, and group files are similar to the Unix /etc/group file. It also has the ability to generate and validate messages using a SHA-2 digital signature.

Release Notes: A new UserIDsForPut keyword was added, which restricts who can put messages into a queue. An issue with MQClose and files being left open, a non-threading issue on AIX, a bug in MQCallback with the MQGMO v4 structure, and a bug when using Perform=B and a XMIT queue were fixed. Code was added to handle the case when the data length value passed to the exit is larger than the real data length. The logger was updated.

Download Website 12 Jan 06:00 Galette 7.3.1


Galette (Gestionnaire d'Adhérents en Ligne Extrêmement Tarabiscoté mais Tellement Efficace) is a membership management Web application designed for non-profit organizations. A detailled presentation is also available. It allows board members to know which fees will soon reach their due dates. Moreover, each member can review and update his personal information.

Release Notes: Several improvements were made to field visibility configuration, advanced search in all members fields (including dynamic fields), default random values for login and password, dynamic field label translations, help, and pagination of the public members list.

Download Website 12 Jan 05:59 Collax V-Cube+ 6.1.2


Collax V-Cube+ is a HA cluster management suite based on a 64bit Linux system and KVM to provide server virtualization. It offers solutions for single virtualization hosts, as well as high availability management on two or more nodes, allowing embedded HA storage using DRBD and iSCSI. By using live snapshots, automatic live migration, and incremental backups, the availability of virtual machines is increased tremendously in case of hardware and software maintenance or even hardware failures. Virtual network switches and the protocols GVRP, LLDP, and RSTP help to set up a virtual DMZ.


Release Notes: This release fixed issues with storage larger than 10TB, a locking timeout when Cluster Share was not writable, resumption of I/O after split brain handling of DRBD devices, live migration of VMs, a problem where removing a Node from a Cluster restarted Cluster Share, a failure to delete the RAM state file after a failed snapshot, and incorrect snapshot dates.

No download Website 12 Jan 05:57 gst123 0.3.2


gst123 is a GStreamer-based command line audio player in the style of mpg123 and ogg123. The advantage over these tools is that gst123 can play every file GStreamer can, so mixed music collections with FLAC, Ogg, and MP3 files are no problem. Newer versions of gst123 additionally provide support for playing video files, while the ability to use gst123 without X11 display has been preserved.

Release Notes: This release supports building with GStreamer 1.0 or GStreamer 0.10. PulseAudio output support was added. Time display updates were fixed. The player now quits properly if none of the files in the playlist can be played. The code was cleaned up to avoid compiler warnings.

Download Website 12 Jan 05:57 S tar 1.5.2


Star is a very fast, POSIX-compliant tar archiver, maintained for more than 30 years. It saves many files together into a single tape or disk archive, and can restore individual files from the archive. It includes command line interfaces for the "tar", "Sun-Tar", "cpio", "pax", and "gnutar" command-line syntax. It includes a FIFO for speed, a pattern matcher, multi-volume support, the ability to archive sparse files and ACLs, the ability to archive extended file flags, automatic archive format detection, automatic byte order recognition, automatic archive compression/decompression, remote archives, and special features that allow star to be used for full and incremental backups. It includes the only known platform independent "rmt" server program.

Release Notes: Better signal handling for NFS files, better handling for multi volume change operations, a workaround for incorrect buffer overflow messages from newer GCC versions, support for -xz and -lzip compression, many new -find operators, support for nanosecond timestamps on AIX, and several new supported platforms including cross compilation for Android.

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