2013 / January / 1 (30 releases)

1 January 2013

Download Website 01 Jan 23:00 aletheia 0.1.2


Aletheia is a browser-like application for sending raw HTTP requests. It is designed for debugging and finding security issues in Web applications. It is possible to apply filters on every request and response which can modify the content, for making Basic Authentication or OAuth requests, for example. Because it is possible to modify every bit of the request, it is easy to exploit Web applications. That means you can set, for example, custom Cookies or User-Agents, or send file uploads to the server. It uses the Apache HTTP core components library to send HTTP requests. This application also helps you understand how the HTTP protocol works.

Release Notes: This release adds HTTPS support, can save a certificate as a file in DER format, adds a cookie manager and an image viewer, and fixes bugs.

No download Website 01 Jan 22:58 Erebus 0.4


Erebus is a 2D real-time role-playing game with three quests and random dungeons. It is a classic point-n-click style RPG, with dungeons to explore, enemies to fight, NPCs to talk to, sub-quests to complete, scenery to interact with, weapons, treasure, and other items to find.

Release Notes: Problems on Windows were fixed on some systems where plugin DLLs weren't available (no sound, and a crash when dying). Improvements were made to the performance and user interface. New items Short Sword +1 and Ring of Bravery were added. This version should be compatible with old save game files, but for best results, please start with a new game.

Download Website 01 Jan 22:57 Corlpack 0.4.1


Corlpack is a faster Ada implementation of the basic types from the R Language. It includes calculations with units of measurement, a broad range of other basic types such as urn-like identifiers, coordinate, and monetary amounts. Basic types are represented as 128-bit UUIDs so heterogenous arrays, without predesigned structure, can be easily built. Heap allocation for complex structures is minimized, hopefully resulting in much shorter and more predictable execution time. An API with a small number of generic functions aims to simplify Ada programming for computational applications, especially for scientists from non-IT fields.

Release Notes: This release adds extended UUID suport for PubMed ID (pmid), unique ingredient identifiers (unii), logical intervention indentifiers, names and codes (loinc), webcitation (wbct) URIs, and a new serial type.

Download Website 01 Jan 22:57 c++-gtk-utils 2.0.14


c++-gtk-utils is a lightweight library containing a number of classes and functions for programming GTK+ programs using C++ in POSIX environments where the user does not want to use a full-on wrapper such as gtkmm or wxWidgets. It provides classes for managing the lifetimes of GTK+ widgets and windows that will make GTK+ exception safe, functions to make single instance programs where restarting will bring up the existing instance, smart pointer classes for memory management, thread-safe signal/slot classes with automatic disconnection, classes for using std iostreams with files opened with Unix file descriptors, functions for connecting a callback object and a Unix file descriptor to the main loop with provision for automatic disconnection, classes and functions for inter-thread communication, some convenience pthread wrapper classes., a class encapsulating anonymous Unix pipes, a class to reassemble UTF-8 sent over pipes and sockets, and classes for printing Postscript files and plain text using the GTK+ print system.

Release Notes: Efficiency and interface improvements have been made to the Thread::Future and Thread::TaskManager classes.

Download No website 01 Jan 22:56 XOWA


XOWA is a desktop application that can read and edit English Wikipedia offline. It displays articles in an HTML browser, and can download images on demand. It can also be used for Wiktionary, Wikisource, Wikiquote, and the non-English counterparts.

Release Notes: This is the first release of XOWA. The application should be stable, but there will be several defects. It should render 90% of articles in English Wikipedia without issues. This percentage may be less for other wikis.

Download Website 01 Jan 22:55 TheSSS (The Smallest Server Suite) 5.0


TheSSS (The Smallest Server Suite) is a lightweight server suite distributed as a live CD. It is designed for system administrators who need a small (less than 30MB) set of server software for small local area networks. The supported servers are FTP, HTTP, SFTP, SSH, and Telnet. A proxy server (Polipo) with the Tor anonymizer is also included. The main security components are a 4MLinux Firewall (based on iptables) and Clam AntiVirus.

Release Notes: This release is based on 4MLinux 5.0 Server Edition.

Download Website 01 Jan 22:54 Object Query 1.0.0


Object Query is a Java tool which allows writing type-safe and refactor-resistant queries with cross persistence technology.

Release Notes: Initial version with JPA, JDO, and OrientDB support, and support for select queries and almost all select operations.

No download Website 01 Jan 22:54 JHyenae 0.7


JHyenae is an entirely overworked Java port of the low-level network packet generator Hyenae. Besides a clean and intuitive UI, it features full range protocol layer configuration and a steady growing variety of supported packet generators.

Release Notes: This release features custom randomization and incrementation support for every packet field, and configuration save and load support.

No download Website 01 Jan 22:54 Task Coach 1.3.21


Task Coach is a simple todo manager to manage personal tasks and todo lists. It grew out of a frustration that well-known task managers, such as those provided with Outlook or Lotus Notes, do not provide facilities for composite tasks. Often, tasks and other things to do consist of several activities. Task Coach is designed to deal with composite tasks.

Release Notes: This is a mixed feature and bugfix release.

Download No website 01 Jan 22:54 vidma 0.0.4


vidma is a utility for manipulating virtual disk images. It can show basic information about the image or resize it. Resizing is done by in-place modification of a file holding the image or by creating modified copy of such file. The only currently supported format is VDI (Virtual Disk Image), mostly used by VirtualBox.

Release Notes: Unallocated blocks of zeroes are handled now properly (important for shrinking dynamic images). Non-zero extra blocks are supported now. Upcoming image size change is shown before the resize operation, along with the required free space for the operation and free space that is available on the volume at the moment.

No download Website 01 Jan 22:53 Fotoxx 13.01


Fotoxx navigates an image collection using a thumbnail browser to choose images to view or edit. Edit functions include brightness, contrast, color, gamma, white balance, tone mapping, red eyes, sharpen, blur, noise suppression, smart erase, trim (crop), resize, rotate, add text, bend/warp, many art effects, HDR, HDF, stack, and panorama. Edit functions use movable curves and sliders. Feedback is live using the whole image. RAW files can be edited and saved with deep color. Areas or objects can be selected using freehand draw, follow edge, and tone matching. Selections can be edited in place with adjustable blending. They can also be cut and pasted into other images. Any metadata can be edited, reported, and searched (filenames, tags, dates, geotags, comments, captions, ratings, etc.). Collections (arbitrary subsets) can be defined and viewed. Batch functions are available for rename, resize/export, RAW conversion, and more.

Release Notes: Menus and toolbars can now be placed vertically on the left for better space utilization on widescreen monitors. Managing collections is now easier. When selecting image files for batch operations, collections, etc., a range can be inserted or deleted anywhere in the sequence. The gallery view now includes image sizes and dates, and hovering the mouse over a thumbnail triggers a popup window with key metadata. Icons for all edit functions have been added for use in the Favorites menu. Translations have been updated for French, Netherlands, and Catalan. One significant and one minor bug have been fixed.

Download Website 01 Jan 22:53 Gnome Chemistry Utils 0.14.0


The Gnome Chemistry Utils includes the following programs: a 2D chemical editor (GChemPaint), a chemical calculator (computes raw formule, molar weight, mass composition, and isotopic pattern), a 3D molecule viewer using OpenGL to display molecular models, a crystal structure viewer and editor, a spectrum viewer, and a periodic table of the elements.

Release Notes: This release uses GOffice-0.10 and Gtk+-3.0. GChemPaint has a new lasso tool, support for brackets, support for multi-step reactions, optionally colored atomic symbols, and Newman projections. GCrystal has a revisited user interface. Spectrum viewer can transform FID to spectrum and supports NUTS files.

No download Website 01 Jan 22:52 MyJSQLView 3.41


MyJSQLView provides an easy-to-use Java based GUI frontend for viewing, adding, editing, or deleting data in the Apache Derby, H2, HSQL, Microsoft SQL, MSAccess, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, and SQLite databases. A query frame allows the building of complex SQL statements and SQL Query Bucket for saving such. The application allows easy sorting, searching, and import/export of table data. A plug-in framework allows inclusion of tools to visually build queries, profiles, and plot data for analysis.

Release Notes: This release includes the graphical SQL query builder (QueryBuilder) plugin as a default in the tool.

Download No website 01 Jan 22:51 Diodon 1.0.0


Diodon is a fast, powerful, and effective clipboard manager which allows users to enjoy a high-quality clipboard experience incorporating (on demand) a dedicated Unity lens and experimental Zeitgeist integration. It immerses itself into a modern desktop-integrated app approach.

Release Notes: This release adds a new icon set and works with the XFCE desktop.

Download Website 01 Jan 22:50 CVSps 3.4


CVSps collect changesets from CVS repositories. It can be used either by humans to inspect changesets or as an exporter from CVS to other version control systems - it can be told to emit a fast-export stream to standard output. The code has been end-of-lifed and using cvs-fast-export instead is recommended.

Release Notes: This release incorporates Heiko Voight's patch for solving some time-skew cases. The git-tree tests for cvsps are now completely merged into the test suite. The code passes Coverity auditing.

No download Website 01 Jan 22:49 DataNucleus AccessPlatform 3.2.0 M2


DataNucleus AccessPlatform is a standards-compliant Java persistence product. It is fully compliant with the JDO1, JDO2, JDO2.1, JDO2.2, JDO3, JPA1, JPA2 and JPA2.1 Java standards, and provides a REST API. It complies with the OGC Simple Feature Spec for persistence of geospatial Java types. It allows access to all popular RDBMS available today, together with the MongoDB, LDAP, NeoDatis, JSON, Excel/ODF spreadsheets, XML, BigTable, HBase, and Neo4j databases.


Release Notes: Support for JPA2.1 GenerateSchema has been added. Access to native queries has been added. A bug related to JTA usage in JavaEE with JPA has been fixed. Support for HBase bloomfilter/in-memory/compression, etc. has been added. Polymorphic queries for MongoDB have been improved. Refactoring to object pooling (performance) and "mapped" datastores has been performed. ASM has been repackaged into datanucleus-core, and a bug in runtime enhancement has been fixed. Many other bugs have been fixed, and minor features added.

Download Website 01 Jan 22:48 quotatool 1.6.0


quotatool is a utility for setting and manipulating filesystem disk quotas from the command line. It supports quota on Linux (versions 3.x, 2.6, 2.4, and 2.2, with ext2, ext3, ext4, ReiserFS, and XFS), Mac OS X, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD, Solaris, and AIX.

Release Notes: Support for FreeBSD and OpenBSD was added. Argument parsing was made more robust. Algorithms for grace time reset were rewritten. Linux quota format detection for VFSV1 was improved.

Download Website 01 Jan 22:48 JAConfig 0.0.1


JAConfig implements an eventually consistent distributed key/value database for managing a JASocket cluster. Also included are Quarum for tracking when a quorum of hosts is present, Ranker for determining which nodes are least loaded, ClusterManager for starting up other servers, and Kingmaker, which decides which node is to run ClusterManager. JAConfig is lock-free, actor-based, and has no single point of failure.


Release Notes: Initial release.

No download Website 01 Jan 22:47 JShot


JShot is a screen capture and uploader utility which allows you to capture and annotate a part of your screen and share it via the Internet in one step. It lets you upload a screenshot to the Web or send to an instant messaging partner.


Release Notes: The Dropbox API has been migrated to the 1.0 version. A possible NPE in the oauth client and a possible NPE in the tab tooltip have been fixed.

Download Website 01 Jan 22:46 JASocket 2.2.0


JASocket is a lock-free, scalable, and robust server framework with no single point of failure. Servers are run on a cluster of nodes. Servers interact with other servers using mobile agents, which reduces the number of messages and thus reduces the overall system latency. Administration is handled via ssh.


Release Notes: New method: Server.startupArgs. Server registration now occurs after initialization has completed.

Download Website 01 Jan 22:46 baresip 0.4.3


baresip is a bare-bones SIP user agent. It supports SIP, SDP, RTP/RTCP, and STUN/TURN/ICE, and IPv4 and IPv6, and is RFC-compliant and has portable C89 and C99 source code. A modular plugin architecture provides stdio, cons, and evdev user interfaces, celt, g711, g722, gsm, ilbc, l16, and speex audio codecs, alsa, coreaudio, gst, portaudio, oss, winwav, and mda audio drivers, speex_pp, speex_aec, speex_resamp, and sndfile audio filters, the avcodec video codec, avformat, quicktime, qtcapture, v4l, and v4l2 video sources, sdl, opengl, and x11 video display drivers, and srtp media encoding.

Release Notes: This is a maintenance release with some improvements and bugfixes. New modules "selfview" for Video-selfview and "vumeter" for audiolevel display in console. Adds a SIP Register "q" parameter and Allow-header.

Download Website 01 Jan 22:45 YajHFC 0.5.3


YajHFC (Yet Another Java Hylafax Client) is a platform independent client for the Hylafax fax server. It supports sending new faxes, showing the server status, and displaying received and sent faxes.

Release Notes: The most remarkable new feature of this release is the option to print a report for sent and received faxes. Apart from that, this release primarily contains several minor bugfixes and enhancements.

Download Website 01 Jan 22:45 MyPaint 1.1.0


MyPaint is a program for painting images from scratch. It supports pressure sensitive graphic tablets and comes with an easy to use brush collection. The canvas size is unlimited. Layers and blending modes are supported.

Release Notes: This release adds a new color dialog with gamut constraint, new geometry tools in the toolbar (sequence of lines, curves, circles), new blending modes, an improved document frame, and symmetrical (mirrored) painting. There were many other changes, bugfixes, and optimizations. Internally, the brush library has been made more independent of MyPaint, and the brush file format has changed to a JSON-based format.

Download Website 01 Jan 06:32 Rekonq 2.0


Rekonq is a Web browser based on WebKit. It first focuses on being a light, fast, and clean way to access the Internet. Its development is doubly based on using the new amazing features offered by the WebKit rendering engine and on the rock solid KDE network technologies.

Release Notes: Features in this release include a "web-app" mode, inline spell checking, a new incognito mode similar to Google's Chrome, support for pinning tabs, an improved error page, and various other enhancements.

Download Website 01 Jan 06:31 SQL Relay 0.49


SQL Relay is a persistent database connection pooling, proxying, and load balancing system. It supports many database systems and programming languages. There are drop-in replacement libraries for MySQL and PostgreSQL, command line clients, a GUI configuration tool, and extensive documentation. The APIs support advanced database operations such as binding variables, multi-row fetches, client-side result set caching, suspended transactions, query routing, and query filtering. It can be used for speeding up database-driven Web-based applications, accessing databases from unsupported platforms, migrating between databases, distributing access to replicated databases, and throttling database access.

Release Notes: Modular frameworks were added for logging and password encryption. The ODBC driver has been improved significantly. Various obscure bugs were fixed. Client API calls were added for getting the hostname and IP address of the database. The client-server protocol has been refactored to remove two round trips. The Windows build script now supports CLR and non-CLR builds.

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