2012 / September (711 releases)

September 2012

Download Website 23 Sep 21:31 o42a 0.2.3


o42a is a high-level general purpose programming language. It is compiled, statically-typed, prototype-based, logic-driven, and primarily declarative, while the imperative programming style is also supported. A program written in o42a is closer to natural English text than one written in any C-like programming language. The language is designed with programming productivity and code maintainability as main priorities. This achieved by powerful, yet restrained, semantics, and expressive and natural syntax.

Release Notes: This is a significant change in language semantics. Object values are stateless by default, which means they are not preserved, but evaluated on each request. This makes objects act like functions. To preserve the once evaluated value, a new 'keep value' operator can be used. The language runtime license has been changed to the LGPLv3.

Download Website 23 Sep 21:15 BuildBot 0.8.7


The BuildBot is a system to automate the compile/test cycle required by most software projects to validate code changes. It builds and tests the tree each time a change is committed, providing status updates through a Web page or other protocols.

Release Notes: This release brings a plethora of new features: support for building projects composed of multiple codebases; new, much more flexible property interpolation support (Interpolate); significant improvements to the ForceScheduler; and much more. The release also drops support for some older software: Buildbot now requires at least Python-2.5 and Twisted-9.0.0.

No download Website 23 Sep 21:08 gWaei 3.6.1


gWaei is an easy to use and powerful dictionary program for Japanese to English translation. It organizes results by relevance and supports regex searches, tabs, spell checking, kanji handwriting recognition, and a console interface.

Release Notes: This is a bugfix release. The changes mostly focus on getting the menus to work correctly on the Ubuntu Unity global menu without causing crashes. Dictionary selection accelerators have been reenabled. A primary-toolbar style has been added to the main toolbar, and there are some style fixes for Unity. UI updates when dictionaries are reordered have been fixed.

Download Website 22 Sep 23:09 Fresh IDE 2.0.9


Fresh IDE is a visual assembly language IDE with a built-in Flat assembler (FASM) compiler. It is written in Fresh IDE and is a self-compilable application. It is fully compatible with FASM and can be compiled with every version of FASM, as well. The main goal of Fresh is to make programming in assembly as fast and efficient as in high-level languages, without sacrificing the small application size and raw power of assembly language. It is a Windows application, but it runs in Wine very well and can create, compile, debug, and run applications for Windows and Linux on both Windows and Linux host machines.

Release Notes: This release contains major changes both in the IDE and in the FreshLib library. The FASM compiler has been updated to version 1.71, which contains important new features. Thanks to the new compiler, a new "text" macro has been created which creates only one copy of the duplicated strings. Procedure call macros allow directly calling string constants as an arguments, improving readability of the sources. The DLL imports system has been changed to allow custom user imports. All libraries, examples, and templates have been updated accordingly. Several longstanding bugs and misbehaviors have been fixed.

Download No website 22 Sep 23:07 Liberté Linux 2012.3


Liberté Linux is a secure, reliable, lightweight, and easy to use Gentoo-based live USB Linux distribution intended as a communication aid in hostile environments. It installs as a regular directory on a USB/SD key, and after a single-click setup, boots on any desktop computer or laptop. The Internet connection is then used to set up a Tor circuit, which handles all network communication. During first boot, a unique email ID is generated from fingerprints of user's certificate and Tor hidden service key. This persistent ID allows one to stealthily communicate with other Liberté users. The distribution includes image and document processing applications, and can function as a secure Web browsing platform. For developers, Liberté can also serve as a robust framework for mastering Gentoo-based live USBs/CDs. The build process is fully automated with incremental build support, and is more mature and reliable than most of Gentoo's own outdated live CD tools.


Release Notes: This release implements a UEFI Secure Boot-based trusted boot chain, the first time such support has been released in a Linux distribution. Other notables features include kernel 3.4.7 with overlayfs replacing Unionfs, better Xorg Mesa drivers, support for Tor bridges, and a non-anonymous boot mode.

No download Website 22 Sep 23:06 fli4l 3.6.2


fli4l is a single-floppy Linux-based ISDN/DSL/ethernet-router. It features configuration with some simple ASCII-files, several possible connection-flavors (in/out/callback, and raw IP/PPP), channel bundling (an extra channel can be added through a Windows/Unix-client), configuration of multiple networks, least-cost routing, automatic choice of provider, display/calculation of connection times and costs, and a Windows/Unix client to control dial/hangup, monitor traffic and monitor incoming calls on ISDN (see screenshot).

Release Notes: This release comes with only a few new features. Mostly, it contains bugfixes. Support for IPv6 has improved.

Download No website 22 Sep 23:06 netstat-monitor 1.0


netstat-monitor is a commandline tool for monitoring network connections. Its output is similar to the output from the netstat command with the options "netstat --inet -alp". Netstat-monitor can be left running, though, and will report new connections as they are made. Also, filters can be created to limit what's displayed to just what's unexpected or interesting.

Release Notes: This is the first version.

Download Website 22 Sep 23:05 libtiff 4.0.3


libtiff provides support for the Tag Image File Format (TIFF), a widely used format for storing image data. The latest version of the TIFF specification is available on-line in several different formats, as are a number of TIFF Technical Notes (TTN's). Included in this software distribution is a library, libtiff, for reading and writing TIFF, a small collection of tools for doing simple manipulations of TIFF images on UNIX systems, and documentation on the library and tools. A small assortment of TIFF-related software for UNIX that has been contributed by others is also included. The library, along with associated tool programs, should handle most of your needs for reading and writing TIFF images on 32- and 64-bit machines.

Release Notes: This is primarily a bugfix release. A number of important security issues have been resolved. Accessor functions for TIFF field information have been added to support functionality which was available in libtiff 3.9.X. This is the version recommended for use.

Download Website 22 Sep 23:03 Moqui Framework 1.1.1


Moqui Framework is a seamlessly integrated, enterprise-ready framework for building enterprise automation applications based on Java. It includes tools for database interaction (relational, graph, document), logic in local and Web services, Web and other UIs with screens and forms, security, file/resource access, scripts, templates, localization, caching, logging, searching, business rules, workflow, multi-tenancy, and integration.

Release Notes: This is primarily a bugfix release. While a few issues have been fixed, the most important one for those just trying Moqui is the explicit sorting of files by name during data loading, which addresses an issue on Linux servers which could make the files in a directory listing through the Java File API come back in any order. Minor new features include DB-configured User Fields on entities, hostname-based tenant selection, and an easier way to specify default themes. A special thanks to the people who have helped test recent releases and offered feedback.

Download Website 22 Sep 23:01 Skulker 1.2.4


Skulker is a rules-based tool for log and temporary file management. It offers a wide range of facilities to help manage disk space, including compression, deletion, rotation, archiving, and directory reorganization. It provides dry-run facilities to test new rules, as well as detailed space reclaimed reporting.

Release Notes: This release adds support for the "group_by_directory" directive to alter the handling for recursive directory matching to limit lists of files to process on a per-directory basis, rather than the default of the complete matched list.

Download Website 22 Sep 22:40 Paludis 0.80.0


Paludis is a package manager for Gentoo (and derived distributions) and Exherbo. It consists of a core library and a number of console-based clients. Package formats supported include Gentoo ebuilds and kdebuilds (as defined by the Package Manager Specification), the Exherbo exheres-0 format, and various miscellaneous utility pseudo-formats for managing accounts, unwritten and unavailable packages, and packages for which no package exists.

Release Notes: EAPI 5 is now supported.

No download Website 22 Sep 22:39 I2P 0.9.2


I2P is an anonymizing network, offering a simple layer that identity-sensitive applications can use to securely communicate. All data is wrapped with several layers of encryption, and the network is both distributed and dynamic, with no trusted parties.

Release Notes: This release adds extensive low-level changes to improve the performance and efficiency of the router. It updates the UPnP library to make UPnP work for more people. I2PSnark now has DHT support, but it is not yet enabled by default, as the authors plan to do more testing during the upcoming 0.9.3 development cycle. As usual, there's also a lot of bugfixes in this release, so updating is recommended.

Download No website 22 Sep 22:38 Makagiga 4.4


Makagiga is an easy-to-use, portable application for doing a variety of tasks, such as todo listing, text editing, or RSS reading. Plugins are used to implement its various capabilities.

Release Notes: This final release includes minor bugfixes and features, including a Bookmarks button in the color chooser dialog, source code cleanup, and various optimizations.

No download No website 22 Sep 22:35 XML Worker 1.2.0


XML Worker parses (X)HTML snippets and the associated CSS and converts them to PDF. It is an extra component for iText, and is a new version of the old HTMLWorker which used to be shipped with iText.

Release Notes: This minor release adds fixes which were necessary to make the first public release of XFA Worker (a project which depends on XML Worker).

No download Website 22 Sep 22:35 iText 5.3.3


iText is a library that contains classes to generate and manipulate documents in the Portable Document Format (PDF). Document manipulation includes splitting, merging, and filling out forms (AcroForms, static and dynamic XFA forms).

Release Notes: Most of the changes involve the digital signatures API which is documented in a white paper which will be released next week. This release fixes some bugs in PdfReader, PdfAWriter, and JPEG/TIFF handling. New functionality to allow page breaks at specific row numbers has been added to PdfPTable.

Download Website 22 Sep 22:34 CLFSWM 1209


CLFSWM (Common Lisp FullScreen Window Manager) is an X11 window manager where windows are almost always fullscreen maximized or tiled. It can be driven using the keyboard alone or with the mouse.

Release Notes: This release adds transparency support with xcompmgr, multi-head support out of the box (no more need for an individual hack), and a new Exposé Mode which supports infinite children (previously 26) and multiple roots. A toolbar and a wallpaper module have been added to the contrib directory.

Download Website 22 Sep 22:33 Milk 0.4.3


Milk is a machine learning toolkit in Python. Its focus is on supervised classification with several classifiers available: SVMs (based on libsvm), k-NN, random forests, and decision trees. It also performs feature selection. These classifiers can be combined in many ways to form different classification systems. For unsupervised learning, milk supports k-means clustering and affinity propagation.

Release Notes: This release fixes a bug in adaboost and adds a few extra small functions such as zscoring on multiple axes, Euclidean multi-dimensional scaling, and tree-based multi-class learning.

Download No website 22 Sep 22:33 MDIUtilities 0.7 Beta 3


MDIUtilities provides a set of utility classes that can be used for desktop application development. It contains a network preferences implementation, XML utility classes, geometry utility classes, additional Swing classes, and other miscellaneous classes.

Release Notes: This release makes the getChildURL method in the FileUtilities class work well with HTTP or HTTPS protocols, and adds new methods in the FileUtilities class to know whether the protocol is HTTP or HTTPS.

Download Website 22 Sep 22:32 systemd 190


systemd is a system and service manager for Linux, compatible with SysV and LSB init scripts. It provides aggressive parallelization capabilities, uses socket and D-Bus activation for starting services, offers on-demand starting of daemons, keeps track of processes using Linux cgroups, supports snapshotting and restoring of the system state, maintains mount and automount points, and implements an elaborate transactional dependency-based service control logic. It can work as a drop-in replacement for sysvinit.


Release Notes: Unit changes are now logged to the journal. udev will now automatically inform the btrfs kernel logic about btrfs RAID components showing up. logind's inhibition logic has been updated to handle the lid switch and the power and sleep keys all the time.

Download Website 22 Sep 22:03 Hierarchical Data Format 1.9.129


HDF (Hierarchical Data Format) is a general purpose library and file format for storing scientific data. It arranges data into datasets (multidimensional arrays) and groups (a structure for organizing objects).

Release Notes: This release fixes diff and copy bugs, improves the ability to identify errors in collective operations when using HDF in parallel mode, and updates to the latest autoconf/automake tools.

Download Website 22 Sep 22:01 Erlang R15B02


Erlang is a small concurrent functional programming language developed by Ericsson. It is being used by Ericsson as a systems programming language for large concurrent fault-tolerant distributed systems.

Release Notes: The type analysis tool Dialyzer has been optimized to be generally faster. It will also now run in parallel on SMP machines. The SSL application now has experimental support for the TLS 1.1 and 1.2 standards. Various smaller optimizations have been made to the Erlang VM. The Erlang/OTP test runner ts has been extended to allow cross compilation of test suites. Compiler warnings now cover illegal sizes for segments and literal tuple funs. SHA224, SHA256, SHA384, and SHA512 have been added to the crypto module. Assorted bugfixes have been made.

Download Website 22 Sep 09:54 jdone 0.6


jdone is a diary for recording jobs you have done. It integrates with tools to automatically record events, and allows you to maintain a basic TODO list for short tasks. It is intended to be used to analyze how your time is spent, to find bottlenecks and improve productivity.

Release Notes: The CGI script and documentation were improved.

No download Website 22 Sep 09:54 xosview 1.10


xosview is the classic system monitoring tool. It displays statistics such as CPU usage, load average, memory, swap space, network usage and more in an X window.

Release Notes: This release adds a new configurable (and simplified) CPU meter, plus several Linux and BSD improvements.

Download Website 22 Sep 09:54 XINS 3.0


XINS is a technology used to define, create, and invoke remote APIs. XINS is specification-oriented. When API specifications are written (in XML), XINS will transform them to HTML-based documentation and Java code for both the client-side and the server-side. The communication is based on HTTP. XINS competes with the complex SOAP technology. Main design goals include simplicity, scalability, and testability. XINS is not only a specification technology, but also an application development framework. It offers transaction logging, unique log documentation, and active code generation.

Release Notes: An upgrade was made to Java 5. Apache HTTPClient 4.2 is now supported. A backpack object is passed between methods and calling conventions. The use of standard Java objects for properties and XML was improved. On the server side, it is now possible to define load balancing, servlet filters, and interceptor. Running on Netty is supported. Client side mocks can now be generated.

No download No website 22 Sep 09:52 Vendetta Online 1.8.228


Vendetta Online is a multi-platform 3D space-combat MMO for Windows, Mac, Linux/32 and Linux/64. The game permits players to interact in a vast online galaxy; fighting, trading, and mining their way to success. A "twitch" type real-time combat model makes true player skill the deciding factor instead of character advancement. Massive capital-ship battles shake the foundations of the major nations at war, while others struggle to push back the encroachment of the AI "Hives". A no-strings free trial is available.

Release Notes: Faction logos were added to the respective descriptions in the Faction Standings section of the PDA. Default binds were added for the Logitech F710 gamepad for Android. Possible crashes on Android Jelly Bean were fixed (requires Google Play or a sideload APK update).

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