2012 / September / 25 (27 releases)

25 September 2012

Download No website 25 Sep 00:39 Paranoid 0.36


The Paranoid modules provide a number of routines that are intended for use in strict and taint-safe scripts. The modules cover a variety of tasks from command-line argument parsing to process and network management. All of the modules use a debug trace framework for diagnostic output that is easily used and extended for application code as well.

Release Notes: This release adds IPv4/IPv6 address sorting functions to be used with Perl's sort, supporting string, packed, and integer formats. Documentation updates are included, as well.

Download Website 25 Sep 00:38 MUSE filesystem 1.1


MUSE is an implementation of a "multiple mounts merging" filesystem. It's something like unionfs, but it allows writing to all the underlying filesystems at the same time. It is suitable for convenient unification of large disk arrays when fault-tolerance is not the top priority.

Release Notes: This release adds bugfixes since the 2008 release, lets under-fs lists be re-read at runtime via SIGHUP, adds symlink support for performance, and adds COW linking support (needs a patched kernel).

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September 25, 2012


Project Spotlight


A LZMA lossless data compressor.


Project Spotlight


A portable, cross-platform, command-line logic analyzer program that supports various logic analyzers.