2012 / August / 16 (34 releases)

16 August 2012

Download Website 16 Aug 01:09 SQL Relay 0.46


SQL Relay is a persistent database connection pooling, proxying, and load balancing system. It supports many database systems and programming languages. There are drop-in replacement libraries for MySQL and PostgreSQL, command line clients, a GUI configuration tool, and extensive documentation. The APIs support advanced database operations such as binding variables, multi-row fetches, client-side result set caching, suspended transactions, query routing, and query filtering. It can be used for speeding up database-driven Web-based applications, accessing databases from unsupported platforms, migrating between databases, distributing access to replicated databases, and throttling database access.

Release Notes: This release fixes a few bugs, but mainly features a C# wrapper for the client API and an ADO.NET data provider.

Download Website 16 Aug 01:09 LiVES 1.6.3


LiVES is a simple to use yet powerful video effects, editing, conversion, and playback system aimed at the digital video artist and VJ. It runs under Linux, BSD, Mac OS X/Darwin, IRIX, and openMosix. It is frame and sample accurate, can handle almost all types of video, and is fully extendable through plugins and the included plugin builder tool. It can also be controlled remotely using OSC.

Release Notes: A regression in File Open/Enough has been fixed. Bugs have been fixed for installing without pulseaudio, a GUI crash in the multitrack window, and occasional problems with the parameter windows. Support for audio effects and audio analysers has been added, including support for LADSPA plugins. OSC commands have been added to deal with out channels, out parameters, and data chaining.

Download Website 16 Aug 01:08 nut 17.12


nut is nutrition software to record what you eat and analyze your meals for nutrient composition. The database included is the latest USDA Nutrient Database for Standard Reference. This database contains values for vitamins, minerals, fats, calories, protein, carbohydrates, fiber, etc., and includes the essential polyunsaturated fats, Omega-3 and Omega-6. Nutrient levels are expressed as a percentage of the Daily Value, the familiar standard of food labeling in the United States, but also can be fully customized. Foods can be added from recipes or food labels, and nutrient intake can be graphed. The program is completely menu-driven and there are no commands to learn.


Release Notes: This release fixes some bugs and changes the way essential fatty acid reference values are computed in order to emphasize the essentiality of alpha-linolenic acid.

Download Website 16 Aug 01:08 Rudiments 0.37


Rudiments is a C++ class library providing base classes for things such as daemons, clients, and servers, and wrapper classes for the standard C functions for things like regular expressions, semaphores, and signal handling.

Release Notes: This release fixes a few bugs, but mainly features native Windows support, and can be built using MSVC.

Download Website 16 Aug 01:02 Calligra 2.5.0


Calligra is an integrated suite of applications that cover office, creative, and management needs. It offers applications on both desktop computers and mobile platforms like tablets and smartphones. OpenDocument Format (ODF) is used, making it compatible with OpenOffice.org, LibreOffice, and Microsoft Office. Calligra Suite contains the following applications: Calligra Words (word processor), Sheets (spreadsheets), Stage (presentations), Flow (diagrams and flowcharts), Kexi (visual database creator), Braindump (note taking), Plan (project management), Krita (drawing), and Karbon (vector graphics).

Release Notes: Words, the word processor, has (among other things) improved support for editing of tables, tight runaround of text around images, manipulation of table borders, and dragging of text. Sheets, the spreadsheet application, has a new standalone docker for the cell editor and a new cell tool window with cell formatting controls. Stage, the presentation program, has a number of usability improvements. Flow, the diagram application, has support for new stencils in odf custom shapes. Kexi, the database application, now offers a fullscreen mode.

Download Website 16 Aug 01:00 Amarok 2.6.0


Amarok is a sound system-independent audio-player for Unix. Its interface uses a powerful "browser" metaphor that allows you to create playlists that make the most of your music collection.

Release Notes: While this version brings a reasonable set of new features, the focus was on bugfixing and improving overall stability. The new features are a complete overhaul of the iPod, iPad, and iPhone support, including solid support for device playlists, transcoding for iPod-like and USB Mass Storage devices, Free Music Chart service activated by default, embedded cover support for Ogg and FLAC files, and album art support for tracks on the filesystem and USB Mass Storage devices.

Download Website 16 Aug 00:56 ZK 6.0.2


ZK is a highly productive Java framework for building amazing enterprise Web and mobile applications. With event-driven components and an XUL-based markup language, developing is as simple as programming desktops and authoring HTML. Scripting languages include but are not limited to Java, JavaScript, Ruby, and Groovy.

Release Notes: This release adds ZK to support development in OSGi environment with few changes in ZK Bind specifications, along with some bugfixes.

No download Website 16 Aug 00:54 DocFetcher 1.1.1


DocFetcher is a desktop search application: It allows you to search the contents of documents on your computer. You can think of it as Google for your local files.

Release Notes: This release fixes a problem with reading certain PDF files and a crash on OpenOffice files.

No download Website 16 Aug 00:54 DocFetcher 1.1


DocFetcher is a desktop search application: It allows you to search the contents of documents on your computer. You can think of it as Google for your local files.

Release Notes: This release adds various bugfixes and usability-related improvements.

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