2012 / June (823 releases)

June 2012

Download Website 25 Jun 14:36 Mylyn-Mantis Repository Connector 3.9.0


The Mylyn connector for MantisBT allows you to manage your bugs straight from Eclipse. Supported features include the ability to create, update, and synchronize tasks, commenting, and uploading and downloading of attachments.

Release Notes: This release adds UI improvements and compatibility with Mylyn 3.8.

Download Website 24 Jun 16:37 HotelDruid 2.0.1


Hoteldruid is designed to manage weekly or daily rental of house apartments or hotel rooms. It uses a PostgreSQL, MySQL, or SQLite database as a backend. Reservations can be assigned to rooms automatically with user-defined rules. Pages with forms to check availability for Internet sites can be created. It supports multiple users with a privileges system. Documents and invoices can be printed, saved, and emailed.

Release Notes: Some bugs in the management of rates with per person prices were fixed.

Download Website 24 Jun 16:37 LiVES 1.6.2


LiVES is a simple to use yet powerful video effects, editing, conversion, and playback system aimed at the digital video artist and VJ. It runs under Linux, BSD, Mac OS X/Darwin, IRIX, and openMosix. It is frame and sample accurate, can handle almost all types of video, and is fully extendable through plugins and the included plugin builder tool. It can also be controlled remotely using OSC.

Release Notes: Support was added for fast opening of MPEG TS (HDV) clips. Backup and restore is now much faster. Bugs were fixed for rendered effect triggers, undo cut, file open preview, and pad audio. The timer code was cleaned up, and experimental support was added for video analyzer, data processing, and audio generating plugins. A hang in preferences when the image type was set to JPEG was fixed, as were several other minor bugs.

Download Website 24 Jun 16:35 Disk ARchive 2.4.6


Dar is a shell command that makes backup of a directory tree and files. Its features include splitting archives over several files, DVD, CD, ZIP, or floppies, compression, full or differential backups, strong encryption, proper saving and restoration of hard links, extended attributes, file forks, Door inodes, and sparse files, remote backup using pipes and external commands (such as ssh), and rearrangement of the "slices" of an existing archive. It can run commands between slices, before and after saving some defined files or directories (for a proper database backup, for example), and quickly retrieve individual files from differential and full backups. Several external GUIs exist as alternatives to its CLI interface, like kdar, DarGUI, SaraB, etc.

Release Notes: This release brings a fix on SPARC systems that lead the application to crash due to an alignment problem in CRC calculation routine (a problem only seen on Solaris). For all systems, it also brings a fix to the bug that let an interrupted archive be usable for further differential backup only in "sequential reading mode". Other fixes concern documentation or typos in the program messages.

Download Website 24 Jun 16:32 JFile 2.0.0 RC1a


JFile builds on JActor and Jid, adding file persistence and an in-memory database which has a throughput of one million transactions per second when running on an i7 with SSD.


Release Notes: This release includes an in-memory database. Multiple log files are supported. The database is periodically flushed to alternate areas on disk, and on startup the database is made current by processing a portion of the log. If there is no database file, then all log files are simply reprocessed.

Download Website 24 Jun 16:31 Ixonos MISP CIMD Simulator 0.5


Ixonos MISP CIMD Simulator is a Computer Interface to Message Distribution (CIMD) protocol version 2.0-compliant server for developing and testing CIMD applications. It can be used out-of-the box for development, functional and load testing CIMD send-only and receiving applications. The simulator does not interface with a SMSC or MMSC. It has been designed to be simple, lightweight, and scalable, and can be easily extended for other use cases and purposes.


Release Notes: Initial public release.

Download Website 24 Jun 16:31 Bino 1.4.0


Bino is a stereoscopic 3D video player with multi-display support. It supports many 2D and 3D video formats, a wide range of display devices, and distributed multi-display video presentation, e.g. for multi-projector setups.

Release Notes: This is a stable release with many new features and improvements in all areas.

Download Website 24 Jun 16:30 Xdgmenumaker 0.3


Xdgmenumaker is a command line tool that generates application menus using xdg information by scanning *.desktop files in all $XDG_DATA_DIRS/applications directories. All applications are sorted according to the main categories as specified by freedesktop.org. Generated menu entries are localised according to the current user locale settings. It currently supports generation of menus for Fluxbox, IceWM, and WindowMaker. Icons from the current GTK+ icon theme can be included in the menus, when they are supported by the output format.

Release Notes: This release adds support for creating menus for IceWM.

Download No website 24 Jun 16:30 cwwav 0.4


cwwav takes one or more text files (or text read from standard input) and converts the text into an audio file (wav or mp3) containing the CW (Morse code) representation of the text. It's useful for generating practice files if you are learning CW and want to practice by listening to text. It's a very simple program but it is designed to do what it does well. That is, it is designed to produce good sounding CW output files, with proper timing and comfortable envelope to avoid keyclicks and to make the CW softer.

Release Notes: This release adds UTF-8 text file support and support for a number of European accented letters; it should be able to transcribe Danish/Norwegian/Swedish/German files, and possibly French. It also changes paragraph breaks (an empty line in the input) to produce a short pause instead of " = ". It adds "A Journey to the Interior of the Earth" by Jules Verne (from Project Gutenberg) to the examples, along with a conversion script with some nice settings.

Download Website 24 Jun 16:29 4MLinux 3.3-rescue-edition


4MLinux is a miniature Linux distribution focusing on four capabilities: maintenance (by using it as a system rescue live CD), multimedia (for example, for playing video DVDs), miniserver (using the inetd daemon), and mystery (meaning console games).

Release Notes: This is an updated version of 4MLinux-3.2-rescue-edition, using 4MLinux-3.3 as a core system. The main applications are: TestDisk 6.13, GNU Parted 3.1, Partimage 0.6.9, Partclone 0.2.38, Clam AntiVirus 0.97.5, 7-Zip 9.20, and UNetbootin 575. Optical disc burning software (FlBurn 0.03) has also been added. The supported filesystems are: btrfs, ext2, ext3, ext4, FAT, jfs, Minix, NTFS, ReiserFS, and XFS.

Download Website 24 Jun 16:28 FileBot 2.64


FileBot is a tool for renaming movies, TV shows, or Anime, and for downloading subtitles. It's smart, streamlined for simplicity, and just works. It includes commandline interface for automation.


Release Notes: This update brings many enhancements for movie detection and command line mode.

Download Website 24 Jun 16:27 ePeriodique 0.3.1


ePeriodique is a graphical application which displays the periodic table of the elements. It shows basic data for each element, pictures, Bohr models, and lattice structures. It tries to use the EFL way and provide two themes, one for the desktop (default) and one for small displays (small).

Release Notes: This release adds covalent and Van der Walls radii data. It adds a Russian translation. There are miscellaneous fixes in the autotools system.

Download Website 24 Jun 16:27 WaddaFundraiser! 1.0.1


WaddaFundraiser! is a collection of Android wallpaper apps for fundraisers. When fundraisers sell "stuff", 50% or more of the donations they collect go to 3rd party companies. WaddaFundraiser! provides free software for fundraisers to customize with their own logos and colors and then sell or give away as rewards for donations. The fundraiser gets to keep all of the funds raised. The first offering is a fireworks-themed Android live wallpaper, with Patriotic Android and Patriotic Cat examples.


Release Notes: Patriotic Android and Patriotic Cat have been updated to 1.0.1 with support for ICS.

Download Website 24 Jun 16:27 GWintree 0.9.9-20


GWintree is a GEDCOM-based genealogy program. It provides facilities to record, view, edit, and merge genealogy data, and to produce genealogy charts, family trees, and reports in a range of formats, including HTML. Charts can show all relatives, ancestors only, or descendants only. HTML charts allow you to click on a person in your HTML report to see where they are on the chart. Automatic matching and merging of genealogy data between files is supported.

Release Notes: Handling of notes and sources has been improved, with new options made available. Popup windows have been implemented to allow easier editing of large notes. Source citations can now be added without the need first to create a source record. Support for NICK and AGE tags has been added. Several bugs have been fixed.

Download Website 24 Jun 16:25 GraphicsMagick 1.3.16


GraphicsMagick is a robust collection of tools and libraries which support reading, writing, and manipulating an image in over 90 major formats including popular formats like DPX, DICOM, BMP, GIF, JPEG, JPEG-2000, PDF, PNG, PNM, SVG, and TIFF. A high-quality 2D renderer is included, which provides a subset of SVG capabilities. C, C++, Perl, Tcl, and Ruby are supported. Originally based on ImageMagick, GraphicsMagick focuses on performance, minimizing bugs, and providing stable APIs and ABIs. It runs on all modern variants of Unix, Windows, and Mac OS X.

Release Notes: This is primarily a bugfix release. It is completely compatible with prior 1.3.X releases. A security fix is included. The SWT reader is fixed. A memory leak in the XBM reader was eliminated. Feature improvements and bugfixes are included for the MAT, PDF, and PNG formats. Fixes/improvements have been made to -trim, +repage, and -units. The included PerlMagick now compiles with Perl 5.16. Many of the 3rd-party libraries are updated to the latest releases for the Windows build.

Download Website 23 Jun 23:01 ATLAS 3.9.80


The ATLAS (Automatically Tuned Linear Algebra Software) project is an ongoing research effort focusing on applying empirical techniques in order to provide portable performance. It provides C and Fortran77 interfaces to a portably efficient BLAS implementation, as well as a few routines from LAPACK.

Release Notes: This release builds under mingw for the Windows 32bit platform, adds assorted bugfixes, and removes unsupported archdefs.

Download Website 23 Jun 23:01 Amide's a Medical Imaging Data Examiner 1.0.2


AMIDE (Amide's a Medical Imaging Data Examiner) is a tool for viewing, analyzing, and registering volumetric medical imaging data sets. It's been written on top of GTK+, and runs on any system that supports this toolkit (Linux, Windows, Mac OS X with fink, etc.).

Release Notes: This release adds MIP and MINIP rendering methods for thick slices, enables the Mac bundle to export JPEG images, adds the ability to separate diffusion data into two volumes, enables scrollwheel use on canvases, makes mutual information alignment handle negative values, and adds assorted bugfixes.

Download Website 23 Jun 22:59 CD-Command 0.0.1


CD-Command is a primitive commandline CD player/ripper which supports CDDB lookups and can cache CDDB information for offline use. It can rip to .wav natively, or use an external program for encoding to other formats.

Release Notes: This is the initial release.

Download Website 23 Jun 22:53 vifm 0.7.3a


Vifm is an ncurses-based file manager with vi-like keybindings, which also borrows some useful ideas from mutt.

Release Notes: This release fixes one serious bug and several small ones, adds some more information to the documentation, and adds very small enhancements.

Download Website 23 Jun 22:51 gpgpwd 0.2


gpgpwd is a terminal-based password manager. It stores a list of passwords in a GnuPG-encrypted file, and allows you to easily retrieve, change, and add to that file as needed. It also generates random passwords which you can use, easily allowing you to have one "master password" (for your gpg key), with one unique and random password for each website or service you use, ensuring that your other accounts stay safe even if one password gets leaked. gpgpwd can also utilize git to allow you to easily synchronize your passwords between different machines.

Release Notes: This release adds fuzzy matching when retrieving entries (i.e., for typo correction), implements --no-xclip as documented, adds support for gpg2, and adds --disable-agent to disable use of gpg-agent.

Download Website 23 Jun 22:51 Zoph 0.9


There are many photo-gallery programs available. Zoph is different, as it concentrates on the management of large collection of photos instead of just showing them on the Web. It can store a lot of information about your photos, including the regular EXIF info, photographer, location, title, description, rating, and the people in the photo. Photos can appear in multiple albums and categories. Additional features include search, slideshows, lightboxes, email, access privileges, and multiple languages.

Release Notes: This release is virtually equal to 0.9pre2, but compared to the previous stable release,, many improvements have been made, including a rewritten import system, support for geotagging, and many usability improvements.

Download Website 23 Jun 16:42 amsynth 1.3.1


amsynth is a realtime polyphonic Analogue Modeling SYNTHesizer. It provides virtual analogue synthesis in the style of the classic Moog Minimoog/Roland Junos. It offers an easy-to-use interface and synth engine, while still creating varied sounds.

Release Notes: This release brings various build fixes, bugfixes, small improvements, and a GUI for the DSSI plug-in.

Download Website 23 Jun 16:41 Napata CMS 230 CMS 1.0revB.2012


Napata CMS is a CMS for sites that are biased towards sharing information, primarily with text. It is a little wiki-like, but not a wiki. The CMS's frontpage almost resembles a blog's homepage.The script has three dedicated variants depending on the syntax in use: Mediawiki-like Markup variant, Markdown variant, and WYSIWYM variant. It incorporates a simple revision system that saves a copy of any post/article that is edited. It is easy to install using an intuitive Web installer.

Release Notes: This release adds a fix for the password hashing algorithm previously in use in release 1.0 and strengthens the algorithm thorough hashing, using the PHPass framework.

Download No website 23 Jun 16:40 MySmartBB 2.0.0 Beta 2


MySmartBB is a bulletin board system that aims to be powerful, secure, and use as few server resources as possible.

Release Notes: This release adds bugfixes and improves the codebase.

Download No website 23 Jun 16:35 DBeauty 2.0.8


DBeauty is a relationship-oriented database browser. It provides insight into both the data and the interrelation of the rows, and allows you to navigate bidirectionally through the database by following foreign-key-based or user-defined relationships.


Release Notes: A bug concerning pre-populated alias fields for tables with quoted names in the QueryBuilder-UI was fixed. Minor GUI improvements were made.

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