2012 / June (823 releases)

June 2012

Download Website 19 Jun 09:09 python-djvulibre 0.3.9


python-djvulibre is a set of Python bindings for the DjVuLibre library, an open source implementation of DjVu.

Release Notes: Compatibility with DjVuLibre 3.5.25 was fixed. Compatibility with Python 2.5 was fixed.

Download Website 19 Jun 09:07 gzip 1.5


gzip (GNU zip) is a compression utility designed to be a replacement for 'compress'. Its main advantages over compress are much better compression and freedom from patented algorithms. The GNU Project uses it as the standard compression program for its system.


Release Notes: CRC16 header checksums according to RFC 1952 are now checked and decoded. A case of accidental interactive input file removal was eliminated. Decompression of mixed compressed and uncompressed streams now works. Double-compression is avoided better. Various other changes were made.

Download Website 19 Jun 09:06 Zarafa ZCP 7.0.8 final


Zarafa allows you to share Outlook email and calendars, even when you are out of the office, via Outlook, with your PocketPC or through WebAccess. Command line tools are provided to integrate with your existing MTA for email delivery and for user creation/editing.

Release Notes: In this release some functional issue were fixed, including all backup issues reported in the first 7.0.7 final release. This is a recommended upgrade for 7.0.7 users. A SMTP header is added to emails that are forwarded, replied, or redirected via a rule. Deleted, orphaned stores are no longer kept for the duration of the soft delete retention time. They will now be deleted at the next soft delete purge.

No download Website 19 Jun 09:05 M4V Converter Plus 2.4.3


M4V Converter Plus converts purchased M4V videos to QuickTime MOV, MP4, iPod, iPhone, Apple TV, or audio format at high speed. It supports the conversion of iTunes M4V rental files as long as your iTunes can play it. Batch conversion is supported.

Release Notes: This release is more stable on 64-bit Mac OS X 10.7, produces smaller files, is faster at converting 1080p video, and fixes a bug which may crash iTunes when cancelling the conversion of some videos.

Download Website 19 Jun 09:04 SchemaCrawler 8.16


SchemaCrawler is a Java API which makes working with database metadata as easy as working with ordinary Java objects. It is also a database schema discovery and comprehension and schema documentation tool. You can search for database schema objects using regular expressions, output the schema and data in a readable text format, and find potential design issues with lint . The output is designed to be diff-ed against other database schemas. SchemaCrawler supports almost any database which has a JDBC driver, but for convenience is bundled with drivers for some commonly-used RDBMS systems. SchemaCrawler works with any operating system which supports Java.

Release Notes: This release adds support for synonyms. SchemaCrawler output for IBM DB2, Oracle, and Microsoft SQL Server shows synonyms. Synonyms are also available for extension in other databases.

No download Website 19 Jun 09:03 Fast Code Eclipse Plugin 1.4.0


Fast Code is an Eclipse plugin for easily generating similar classes, e.g. FooDAO to FooService and FooAction. It helps create stubs for other configuration files, resource bundles, JSP, etc. It can help you navigate between similar classes easily. It helps you create some constructs in Java easily, e.g List-ArrayList, Map-HashMap, etc., create imports, add a Spring dependency, and more.

Release Notes: The UI for the template and database template have been cleaned up. The unit test feature also has been enhanced and cleaned up.

No download Website 19 Jun 09:03 ExactScan 2.20


ExactScan is a versatile document capture application for home offices and workgroups. It is designed from the ground up for high-speed document scanners and can easily handle hundreds of images per minute, including duplex scans. Included functionality reaches from managing, sorting, and editing singles pages to writing multi- as well as single-page PDF files including JPEG compression and TIFF, JPEG, JPEG2000, and PNG bitmap files. ExactScan allows performing state of the art image processing including automatic cropping, deskewing, dynamic thresholding for perfect black and white documents, and descreening print rasters.

Release Notes: Support for many Fujitsu fi-series as well as Canon DR-series scanners, as well as various other vendors and models was added. The Pro version gained more automatic processing options, such as automatic source and color detection, and the PDF compression and OCR recognition was improved significantly. There were many miscellaneous fixes and improvements.

Download Website 19 Jun 09:03 XWiki 4.1


XWiki is a WikiWiki clone written in Java that supports many popular features of other Wikis like the Wiki syntax, version control, attachments, security, and searching, but also many advanced features like templates, database and dynamic development using scripting languages (Velocity, Groovy, Ruby, Python, PHP, and more), an extension system and skinability, J2EE scalability, an XML/RPC remote API, statistics, RSS feeds, PDF exporting, WYSIWYG editing, an Office viewer and importer, and a lot more.

Release Notes: This release brings Extension Manager improvements such as merging of configuration documents during extension upgrade, a more gentle learning curve by hiding internal documents from non-technical users, and lots of goodies for developers such as easy sharing of variables between scripts in different languages.

Download Website 19 Jun 09:02 Clement 2.5-147.0


Clement is an email server application. Its main function is to block unwanted mail (spam) as soon as possible in the email exchange process. It accepts or rejects email while the SMTP session, initiated by the email sender, is still pending, accepting legitimate email messages without the need to return an error status to non-existent or "borrowed" return address later. Clement can operate in two modes, either as a standard MTA (as sendmail, Postfix, Exim, Exchange, etc.) to store email in the recipient's own area, or to transmit the mail to an another SMTP server acting as smart spam filtering device. Each email domain name Clement knows about can be treated in one of these two modes depending on the group to which the domain name has been set. Each message is verified by a virus scanner (ClamAV) while the SMTP connection is still open, but the refusal of mail and the reason for refusal is notified to the actual sender. Mail management is done via a Web interface and can be delegated to three administrative levels (Root-Admin, Group-Admin, Domain-Admin). Standard users can access their own logs (sent email status, email rejected, quarantined email, etc.). With this interface, the user can handle the rejection and acceptance of mail. Users who are level "Admin" can access the session logs (via the Web interface). Clement uses a SQL database (PostgreSQL, MySQL) to store and manage logs, user profiles, and dynamic management of directives concerning the sender-receiver relationship.

Release Notes: Many improvements were made. "Quarantine list scheduler" can now be defined from the Web interface. Clement is now able to classify an IP as "fully banned" according previously received email. Statistical information about "to be banned server" is extracted from previous email logs within the database. A SMTP protocol extension allows a server within a trusted mesh to share data about banned remote servers. User authentication using IMAP protocol is now available (group in remote server mode). A SSL port is now available for receiving encrypted email.

Download Website 19 Jun 09:02 O.H.R.RPG.C.E 2012-06-15 alectormancy


The OHRRPGCE (RPG Construction Engine) is a tool for making your own retro 2D RPG games, in a style similar to RPGs like the older Final Fantasy games for the NES, SNES, or GBA. It includes, as an example game, Fenrir-Lunaris's pixel-art masterpiece "Vikings of Midgard".


Release Notes: This release includes an assortment of bugfixes and new features, including the ability to live-preview your game while you edit, and to see most (but not all) data update immediately as you play. It also includes a "Distribute Game" menu that can easily export your game as a .zip file, a Windows installer, a Mac app bundle, or a Debian Linux package.

Download Website 19 Jun 09:01 4Pane 1.0


4Pane is a four pane detailed-list file manager for Linux. It is designed to be fully-featured without bloat, and aims for speed rather than visual effects. In addition to standard file manager things, it offers multiple undo and redo of most operations (including deletions), archive management including 'virtual browsing' inside archives, multiple renaming/duplication of files, a terminal emulator, and user-defined tools.

Release Notes: There is now a built-in su/sudo front-end for executing commands with admin privileges. A greater range of compressed files and archives is now supported, including xz, lzma, lzop, and 7z. There is better keyboard navigation and better USB device discovery. Stock icons are now used where possible.

Download Website 19 Jun 09:01 Bluelog 1.0.4


Bluelog is a Bluetooth site survey tool, designed to tell you how many discoverable devices there are in an area as quickly as possible. Bluelog differs from most Bluetooth scanners in that it prioritizes speed of reporting over anything else (i.e. it doesn't spend time trying to pull detailed data from a device) and doesn't require any user intervention to function. As the name implies, its primary function is to log discovered devices to file rather than to be used interactively. Bluelog could run on a system unattended for long periods of time to collect data. In addition to basic scanning, Bluelog also has a unique feature called "Bluelog Live", which puts results in a constantly updating Web page which you can serve with your HTTP daemon of choice.


Release Notes: This large update features many internal improvements and a completely new Bluelog Live CGI module. Performance on OpenWRT and the Pwnie Express Pwn Plug was improved.

Download Website 19 Jun 09:01 BaseX 7.3


BaseX is a light-weight, high-performance, and scalable XML database system and XPath/XQuery processor, including full support for the W3C Update and Full Text extensions. An interactive and user-friendly GUI frontend gives you great insight into large XML data instances. It is platform independent and works out of the box.

Release Notes: Many new internal XQuery Modules have been added. A new powerful Command API is provided to specify BaseX commands and scripts as XML. The full-text fuzzy index was extended to also support wildcard queries. The XQuery 3.0 simple map operator gives you a compact syntax to process items of sequences. BaseX as Web Application can now start its own server instance. All command-line options will now be executed in the given order. Charles Foster's latest XQJ Driver supports XQuery 3.0 and the Update and Full Text extensions.

Download Website 18 Jun 22:10 OCRKit 1.10


OCRKit uses OCR to recognize the text in a graphic, which is particular useful for PDFs received via email, created by DTP, office applications, or images obtained from a scanner, copier, or digital still camera.

Release Notes: This release improves OCR recognition accuracy, speed, and stability, revises text positioning precision in the PDF, PDF compression, stability, and usability, and adds various other improvements and fixes.

Download No website 18 Jun 22:07 Scripture 2.0


Scripture is an online and mobile study application that allows users to read, interact with, and study the Bible using many unique features and tools.


Release Notes: This release adds advanced Bible searches and word suggestions.

Download No website 18 Jun 22:06 ProjectForge 4.1.3


ProjectForge is a Web-based solution for project management including time sheet booking, Gantt charts, financial administration and controlling, issue management, and managing work-break-down structures. First-party and third-party plugins are supported. Ready-to-run packages of the ProjectForge server are available for Windows, Mac OS X, and all Java6-capable platforms (database and Web server are included). ProjectForge is also available as a web-archive file (war) for usage within your own Web server and for your own database installation.


Release Notes: This release adds bugfixes, including a major one related to timesheet booking.

No download Website 18 Jun 22:06 TinyBrain Early Access Release 5


Tinybrain understands natural language and automates the desktop.


Release Notes: This release introduces the Location Detector, which discovers the computer's location by the Wi-Fi signatures around the machine. Location names can be taught by the user. A GUI-based toolchain for creating, monitoring, and editing AI engines is also introduced.

Download Website 18 Jun 22:01 Countly 12.05.1


Countly is a real-time, mobile analytics application. It collects event data from mobile phones and visualizes this information to analyze mobile application usage. Countly dashboard gives a complete overview of your application's performance. You can view detailed metrics, including session length, hardware type, operator (carrier), connection type or speed, activity length, and more.

Release Notes: This release updates the auto-install script, allows Countly to be installed on Heroku servers, and updates the roadmap and features documentation.

Download Website 18 Jun 21:59 Geany 1.22


Geany is a small C editor using GTK2 with basic features of an integrated development environment. It features syntax highlighting, code completion, call tips, many supported filetypes (including C, Java, PHP, HTML, DocBook, Perl, LateX, and Bash), and symbol lists.

Release Notes: This is a new major release with important bugfixes, better usability, new filetypes (Objective-C), updated translations, and various new features.

Download Website 18 Jun 21:58 Ecasound 2.9.0


Ecasound is a software package designed for multitrack audio processing. It can be used for simple tasks like audio playback, recording, and format conversions, as well as for multitrack effect processing, mixing, recording and signal recycling. It supports a wide range of audio inputs, outputs, and effect algorithms. Effects and audio objects can be combined in various ways, and their parameters can be controlled by operator objects like oscillators and MIDI-CCs. A versatile console-mode user interface is included in the package.

Release Notes: This release adds support for LV2 plugins, adds commands for controlling bypasses on a chain operator basis, and fixes dozens of bugs.

No download Website 18 Jun 21:54 OpenDNSSEC 1.3.9


OpenDNSSEC is software that manages the security of domain names on the Internet. The project intends to drive adoption of Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC) to further enhance Internet security.

Release Notes: For Enforcer, this release provides performance optimization of database access. For ods-ksmutil, it simplifies zone deletion so it only marks keys as dead (rather than actually removing them), leaving key removal to purge jobs.

No download Website 18 Jun 21:47 Seed7 2012-06-17


Seed7 is a general purpose programming language. It is a higher level language compared to Ada, C++, and Java. In Seed7, new statements and operators can be declared easily. Functions with type results and type parameters are more elegant than a template or generics concept. Object orientation is used when it brings advantages and not in places when other solutions are more obvious. Although Seed7 contains several concepts of other programming languages, it is generally not considered as a direct descendant of any other programming language.

Release Notes: The FAQ and manual have been improved to contain more links. The FAQ answer, which explains abstract data types, has been improved. The type "PRIMITIVE_FILE" has been renamed "clib_file". Documentation comments have been improved in various libraries. Declarations have been moved from "enable_io.s7i" to "enable_input.s7i" and "enable_output.s7i". Declarations have been moved from "external_file.s7i" to "clib_file.s7i". The compiler has been improved to accept a Windows path. The example program "make7.sd7" has been improved to support new commands. The program "toutf8.sd7" and the library "charsets.s7i" have been improved.

Download No website 18 Jun 21:46 Syoncloud Logs 0.3


Syoncloud Logs processes log files from various applications and many servers. It can capture business relevant information from everyday log files generated by Web servers, business applications, and back office applications. It uses Flume sinks that run on the machines that produce log files. This data is filtered and relevant events channeled to HBase. The HBase NoSQL database is used for actual data analysis. The number of HBase nodes depends on the amount of processed log files. Syoncloud Logs has an easy to use installer that includes all necessary components such as Hadoop, Flume, Hbase, and Zookeeper.

Release Notes: This release adds a Syoncloud HBase Web client with tree view of tables and column families linked to a grid view of data.

Download Website 18 Jun 21:46 install4j 5.1


install4j is a cross platform Java installer that produces native launchers and installers for all major platforms. install4j offers an intuitive GUI that makes it easy to quickly define installation projects. A command line compiler and an integration for Apache ANT are included.

Release Notes: This release adds integrated code signing for Windows and Mac OS X, support for OpenJDK on Mac OS X, a new privileges architecture for actions, and various other improvements.

Download No website 18 Jun 21:45 LemonLDAP::NG 1.2.0


LemonLDAP::NG is a modular Web SSO based on Apache::Session modules. It simplifies the building of a protected area with a few changes in the application. It manages both authentication and authorization and provides headers for accounting, so you can have full AAA protection for your Web space. LemonLDAP::NG is a complete rewrite of LemonLDAP. All components needed to use it and to administer it are included in the tarball. However, all modules developed for LemonLDAP may not work with LemonLDAP::NG.

Release Notes: This release adds many new features, including Radius authentication, login history, maintenance mode, demonstration mode, and a floating menu.

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