2012 / May / 20 (37 releases)

20 May 2012

Download Website 20 May 23:49 xylib 0.9


xylib is a portable C++ library for reading files that contain x-y data from powder diffraction, spectroscopy, or other experimental methods. Supported formats include plain text (CSV or TSV), Crystallographic Information File for Powder Diffraction (pdCIF), Siemens/Bruker UXD, Siemens/Bruker RAW v1/2/3, Philips UDF, Philips RD (raw scan) V3, Rigaku DAT, Sietronics Sieray CPI, DBWS/DMPLOT data file, Canberra MCA, XFIT/Koalariet XDD, RIET7/LHPM/CSRIET/ILL_D1A5/PSI_DMC DAT, Vamas ISO14976, and Princeton Instruments WinSpec SPE.

Release Notes: This release supports Canberra CNF files from Genie-2000 and correctly handles quoted fields in CSV files.

No download Website 20 May 23:47 nxlog 1.4.712


nxlog is a modular, multi-threaded, high-performance log management solution with multi-platform support. In concept, it is similar to syslog-ng or rsyslog, but is not limited to Unix/syslog only. It can collect logs from files in various formats, receive logs from the network remotely over UDP, TCP, or TLS/SSL on all supported platforms. It supports platform-specific sources such as the Windows Eventlog, Linux kernel logs, Android device logs, local syslog, etc. Writing and reading logs to/from databases is also supported for many database servers. The collected logs can be stored into files, databases, or forwarded to a remote log server using various protocols. The old BSD Syslog and the newer IETF syslog standard (RFC 3164 and RFC 5424-5426) are fully supported by nxlog in addition to XML, JSON, CSV, GELF, and other custom formats. A key concept in nxlog is to be able to handle and preserve structured logs so there is no need to convert everything to syslog and then parse these logs again at the other side. It has powerful message filtering, log rewrite, and conversion capabilities. Using a lightweight, modular, and multi-threaded architecture which can scale, nxlog can process hundreds of thousands of events per second.

Release Notes: The most notable addition in this release is a new extension module "xm_fileop", which adds support for file operations. This allows more sophisticated log rotation. Some other bugfixes and enhancements have been added.

Download No website 20 May 23:44 FidoReadPHP 0.2


FidoReadPHP is a PHP class that can dynamically interpret data in the FidoCad/FidoCadJ format and produce an image corresponding to the data. The FidoCad/FidoCadJ format is used to store technical drawings in a compact text format that is very easy to embed in a Usenet post or a forum message.


Release Notes: This release updates the libraries and aligns the color of the layers to FidoCadJ 0.23.7.

No download Website 20 May 21:03 shellshape 0.5.1


Shellshape is an extension for gnome-shell that provides tiling window manager features. information.

Release Notes: This release adds a blacklist to prevent "Conky" windows from being tiled. It fixes a number of bugs to do with tracking window movement and sizes. It switches the "Horizontal" and "Vertical" layouts; you may need to adjust your keyboard shortcuts if you've set them to anything non-default, as the gsettings keys have swapped as well (if you haven't customized shortcuts, the defaults will still do the right thing).

No download No website 20 May 21:01 spdylay 0.2.1


spdylay is an experimental implementation of Google's SPDY protocol in C. It provides a SPDY framing layer implementation. It does not perform any I/O operations. When the library needs them, it calls the callback functions provided by the application. It also does not include any event polling mechanism, so the application can freely choose the way of handling events. This library code does not depend on any particular SSL library (except for example programs that depend on OpenSSL 1.0.1 or later).

Release Notes: This release fixes the bug where closing a stream caused a memory leak, and also made some other streams disappear. The delta_window_size given in spdylay_submit_window_update() is no longer bounded by internal received data size. The SPDY client spdycat gets new options -a and -s. The -a option makes spdycat download assets such as CSS and images linked from the downloaded resource. The -s option shows statistics such as elapsed time from the handshake.

Download Website 20 May 21:00 pcapfix 0.6


pcapfix is a repair tool for corrupted pcap and pcapng files. It checks for an intact pcap global header and packet block and repairs it if there are any corrupted bytes. If a header is not present, one is created and added to the beginning of the file. It then tries to find pcap packet headers or packet blocks, and checks and repairs them.

Release Notes: This release adds a deep scan option (-d) to force packet detection inside the whole file, and repairs ascii-corruption pcap header (Unix->Windows). Packet header checks (usec) and last-packet-mismatch-correction were improved. This release fixes reading over EOF, fixing oversized packets and reparation of files where packets are entirely corrupted.

No download Website 20 May 20:58 SVEditor 0.8.8


SVEditor is an Eclipse-based editor for SystemVerilog files. It provides cross-linking, content assist, source indent, and class hierarchy browsing.

Release Notes: Bugfixes and major improvements to user-defined templates.

No download Website 20 May 20:57 Seed7 2012-05-20


Seed7 is a general purpose programming language. It is a higher level language compared to Ada, C++, and Java. In Seed7, new statements and operators can be declared easily. Functions with type results and type parameters are more elegant than a template or generics concept. Object orientation is used when it brings advantages and not in places when other solutions are more obvious. Although Seed7 contains several concepts of other programming languages, it is generally not considered as a direct descendant of any other programming language.

Release Notes: The FAQ, manual, and Seed7 home page were improved to contain more links. Documentation comments were added or improved in several files. The speed of the bigInteger operator 'parse' was improved by a factor of 9. The factorial operator was added to "bigint.s7i". A for-until-loop for 'bitset' was added to "seed7_05.s7i". Tests for the 'parse' operator and the function 'compare' were added. The compiler was improved to generate better inline code for set membership. The example program "make7.sd7" was improved. Several libraries were improved to use 'in' parameters instead of 'ref' parameters.

Download Website 20 May 20:55 imvirt 0.9.4


imvirt is a Perl script that tries to detect if it is called from within a virtualization container. This is detected by looking for well-known boot messages, directories, and reading DMI (Desktop Management Interface) data. The following containers are detected: Virtual PC/Virtual Server, VirtualBox, VMware, QEMU/KVM, Xen (para and non-para virtualized), OpenVZ/Virtuozzo, UML, and any HVM providing CPUID 0x40000000 detection.

Release Notes: Bugfixes: gcc 4.7 inline ASM issues and some scripting bugs.

Download Website 20 May 20:54 4MLinux 3.3-core


4MLinux is a miniature Linux distribution focusing on four capabilities: maintenance (by using it as a system rescue live CD), multimedia (for example, for playing video DVDs), miniserver (using the inetd daemon), and mystery (meaning console games).

Release Notes: This will be a core system (4.7 MB in size) for the 4MLinux 3.3 series. The system includes: Linux 3.3.1, glibc 2.13, and Busybox 1.19.4. All 4MLinux-3.3 applications have been compiled under Slackware 13.37 (x86/32-bit/SMP).

Download Website 20 May 20:53 nss-pam-ldapd 0.8.9


nss-pam-ldapd is a Name Service Switch module and Pluggable Authentication Module using an LDAP server. It allows your LDAP server to provide user account, group, host name, alias, netgroup, and almost any other information that you would normally get from /etc flat files or NIS, and allows you to do authentication to an LDAP server.


Release Notes: This release includes a number of compatibility improvements (mostly for FreeBSD), some work on the pynslcd implementation, and extra range checking for numeric values from LDAP. It supports multiple pam_authz_search options.

Download Website 20 May 20:52 cxxtools 2.1.1


cxxtools is a library of unrelated but useful C++ classes. It contains an argument parser, a base-64 encoder/decoder, a C++ interface to iconv, md5-stream for easy MD5 calculation, threading classes, socket classes, a dynamic exception-safe buffer, a wrapper for dlopen/dlsym, a pool template (e.g. for a connection pool in a multi-threaded application), query_params, and a class for easy parsing of CGI parameters (GET and POST) in a CGI program.

Release Notes: This release fixes some bugs in 2.1. No features have been added, and it is binary compatible with version 2.1.

No download Website 20 May 18:37 FBZX 2.8.0


FBZX is another Sinclair Spectrum emulator for Linux, but with an special feature: it works with the framebuffer, so it can work at full speed and full screen. Its main features are extremely accurate emulation of screen and sound (both speaker and AY-3-8912 sound chip), emulation of joysticks (kempston, cursor, and Sinclair), and emulation of 48K (both issue 2 and issue 3), classic 128K, Plus 2, and Plus 2A. It supports Z80 snapshot files (both loading and saving) and TAP files (allowing normal loading or fast-speed loading).

Release Notes: Fixes OUTI, OTIR, OUTD and OTDR: now decrements B before doing OUT. The snapshot management functions no longer use so much stack memory. A bug in screen painting with big endian machines has been fixed. Key order for Sinclair Joystick #2 has been fixed. The Z80 emulator tests have been fixed for big endian machines. The annoying sound when reseting the emulator has been removed.

No download No website 20 May 18:35 Cura 1.0


Cura is a mobile phone application bundle of remote server administration tools. It provides a personalized terminal emulator, a syslog module that allows for reading logs directly from a server, a SysMonitor module that visually graphs CPU and RAM usage percentages, access to Nmap, and Server Stats will offer general server information like its Vitals, Hardware information, Memory information, processes, and so on. A security feature allows you to have Cura's database wiped when you send the compromised phone a secret pattern of your choosing. (e.g. send an SMS message containing "phone has been stolen!" to your Android phone to wipe Cura's database and receive the location of the compromised phone as an SMS to your emergency phone number or as an e-mail to your emergency email address).

Release Notes: This release satisfies all the the tasks promised: terminal, syslog reader, SysMonitor (for CPU and RAM), Nmap, and server stats. In addition, there's the security feature (an SMS can wipe Cura's database (the phone's location is sent back)). It works for Android 2.3.3 (Gingerbread) and above.

Download Website 20 May 18:33 Mandos 1.5.4


The Mandos system allows computers to have encrypted root file systems and at the same time be capable of remote or unattended reboots. The computers run a small client program in the initial RAM disk environment which will communicate with a server over a network. All network communication is encrypted using TLS. The clients are identified by the server using an OpenPGP key that is unique to each client. The server sends the clients an encrypted password. The encrypted password is decrypted by the clients using the same OpenPGP key, and the password is then used to unlock the root file system.


Release Notes: Bugfixes (some for regression bugs) for the server and related utilities.

No download Website 20 May 18:32 getmail 4.27.0


getmail is intended as a simple, secure, and reliable replacement for fetchmail. It retrieves email (either all messages, or only unread messages) from one or more POP3, SPDS, or IMAP4 servers (with or without SSL) for one or more email accounts, and reliably delivers into qmail-style Maildirs, mboxrd files, or through external MDAs (command deliveries) specified on a per-account basis. getmail also has excellent support for domain (multidrop) mailboxes, including delivering messages to different users or destinations based on the envelope recipient address.

Release Notes: Makes the use of IMAP BODY.PEEK configurable. Sets the IMAP retriever parameter 'use_peek' to False to disable the use of PEEK to get getmail's historical IMAP behaviour.

Download Website 20 May 18:31 NTRU 1.2


The NTRU public-key cryptosystem provides a Java implementation of the NTRUEncrypt and NTRUSign algorithms. Both algorithms are considered safe against quantum computer attacks. A C port of NTRUEncrypt is available, as well.

Release Notes: This release contains several enhancements and fixes two bugs, one of them critical. This version is incompatible with previous ones.

Download Website 20 May 18:30 Areca Backup 7.2.9


Areca is a file backup system that supports data compression (zip / zip64 format) and encryption, incremental backups, FTP/SFTP file transfer, delta storage mode, and many other features. It includes a transaction mechanism, which guarantees the integrity of your backups. Two user interfaces are available: a command-line interface (useful for backup automation) and a graphical user interface (useful for backup administration).

Release Notes: This version includes new filename encoding verification when merging or creating new archives. It also comes with minor GUI improvements.

Download Website 20 May 18:30 EGSL Interpreter 1.5.3


EGSL is a small interpreter which can execute Lua scripts. It includes some functions for fast and easy game development. These are image manipulation functions, functions for 2D drawing, sound and music, input via mouse, keyboard, and joypad, and some helper functions. The engine is based on SDL, SDL_gfx, and SDL_mixer, and additionally on SDL_image on Haiku-OS.

Release Notes: Some anti-aliasing graphics primitives functions were included. The game window always starts centered on the screen. It is now possible to grab the mouse, so the mouse pointer can't leave the window. Mac OS X is now an officially supported operating system by EGSL.

Download Website 20 May 18:28 c++-gtk-utils 2.0.8


c++-gtk-utils is a lightweight library containing a number of classes and functions for programming GTK+ programs using C++ in POSIX environments where the user does not want to use a full-on wrapper such as gtkmm or wxWidgets. It provides classes for managing the lifetimes of GTK+ widgets and windows that will make GTK+ exception safe, functions to make single instance programs where restarting will bring up the existing instance, smart pointer classes for memory management, thread-safe signal/slot classes with automatic disconnection, classes for using std iostreams with files opened with Unix file descriptors, functions for connecting a callback object and a Unix file descriptor to the main loop with provision for automatic disconnection, classes and functions for inter-thread communication, some convenience pthread wrapper classes., a class encapsulating anonymous Unix pipes, a class to reassemble UTF-8 sent over pipes and sockets, and classes for printing Postscript files and plain text using the GTK+ print system.

Release Notes: Improvements to the library's thread support have been made, including providing a new Cgu::AsyncResult class.

Download Website 20 May 18:23 kwave 0.8.8


Kwave is a 24-bit sound editor that allows simple operations, such as cut, copy, and paste. Some more effect functions with little complexity (Simple Filtering, Delay) are also implemented. More sophisticated analysis functions (spectrograms, sonagrams, pitch determination) are underway or partially done.

Release Notes: This is a major bugfix release. It also provides some usability improvements like new navigation buttons in the toolbar.

Download Website 20 May 18:22 GNOME DVB Daemon 0.2.9


GNOME DVB Daemon is a daemon written in Vala and based on GStreamer that sets up your DVB devices, records and watches TV shows, and browses EPG. It can be controlled via its D-Bus interface.

Release Notes: This release fixes a couple of bugs that prevented changes to EPG and timers being stored in the SQLite database.

Download Website 20 May 18:21 Socat


Socat is a relay for bidirectional data transfer between two independent data channels. Each of these data channels may be a file, pipe, device (terminal or modem, etc.), socket (Unix, IP4, IP6 - raw, UDP, TCP), SSL, a client for SOCKS4, or proxy CONNECT. It supports broadcasts and multicasts, abstract Unix sockets, Linux tun/tap, GNU readline, and PTYs. It provides forking, logging, and dumping and different modes for interprocess communication. Many options are available for tuning socat and its channels. Socat can be used, for example, as a TCP relay (one-shot or daemon), as a daemon-based socksifier, as a shell interface to Unix sockets, as an IP6 relay, or for redirecting TCP-oriented programs to a serial line.

Release Notes: Fixes a possible heap buffer overflow in the readline address.

Download No website 20 May 18:20 Dash Reports 1.0.3


Dash Reports is a versatile and lightweight reporting solution. It allows users and administrators to create a large range of reports driven by SQL databases. It also supports the creation of complex and powerful dashboards, with local caching of results to reduce load on the source database. Various report output formats are supported and the results can be styled using templates. The system allows for scheduled or user-invoked reports, delivered via browser, file, FTP/SFTP, or email.

Release Notes: This is a bugfix release that solves the following issues: unable to use the job viewer to see bursted reports; unable to save previously created jobs that contain parameters; and an incorrect version of Derby Driver used for the embedded database (may not affect all users). It is a drop-in replacement for 1.0.

Download Website 20 May 00:30 libnetfilter_conntrack 1.0.1


libnetfilter_conntrack is a library that allows user-space programs to interface the kernel connection tracking table of the netfilter subsystem in the Linux kernel.


Release Notes: Important improvements for expectation support have been made.

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