2012 / May / 13 (33 releases)

13 May 2012

Download Website 13 May 01:45 raider 0.13.0


Raider is a tool to automate software RAID conversion. It converts a single Linux system disk into a Linux software RAID 1, 4, 5, 6, or 10.

Release Notes: This release adds bugfixes, minor improvements, and support for Pear Linux-OS4.

Download Website 13 May 01:43 PowerTop 2.0


PowerTop is tool that detects which Linux programs and kernel tunables are resulting in the largest power consumption and use of battery time. By fixing (or closing) these applications or processes, you can immediately see the power savings in the tool. You'll also see the estimated time left for battery power if you are running a laptop.

Release Notes: PowerTop went through a major overhaul of the codebase, and adds exciting new features, including greatly-enhanced diagnostic capabilities using the Linux kernel perf framework, a new tab-based UI which displays more detailed information in realtime, advanced reporting capabilities for offline analysis (including HTML5 and CSV formats), PowerTOP support for multiple WLAN interfaces, enhanced i915 driver support, more robust battery data acquisition, and realtime measurement support for USB hotplug.

Download Website 13 May 01:41 GluCat 0.6.0


GluCat is a library of template classes that model the universal Clifford algebras over the field of real numbers, with arbitrary dimension and arbitrary signature. It implements a model of each Clifford algebra corresponding to each non-degenerate quadratic form up to a maximum set by the user. GluCat classes are designed to be used as template parameters for other template libraries. GluCat includes the PyClical extension module for Python. This implements the Python classes index_set and clifford, which interface to corresponding C++ classes in GluCat.


Release Notes: This release includes the PyClical extension module for Python. The PyClical extension module is based on the prototype from GluCat 0.5.0, but includes a much more comprehensive interface to the GluCat classes index_set<> and matrix_multi<>, as Python classes index_set and clifford. The functions and member functions defined in PyClical include doctests. There are also some changes to the clifford_algebra<> API.

Download Website 13 May 01:40 Firewall/SOSDG 1.0


Firewall/SOSDG is a Netfilter/IPTables firewall that is designed to be simple to use, yet powerful. It features support for standalone machines and routers (with NAT support).

Release Notes: This is just a maintenance release fixing a few minor bugs and upping the version to 1.0.

No download Website 13 May 01:40 SSLsplit 0.4.4


SSLsplit is a tool that performs man-in-the-middle attacks against SSL/TLS encrypted network connections for network forensics and penetration testing. It terminates SSL/TLS and initiates a new connection to the original destination, logging all data transmitted. It supports plain TCP and SSL, HTTP and HTTPS, and IPv4 and IPv6. For SSL and HTTPS, it generates and signs forged X509v3 certificates on-the-fly using the original certificate's subject DN and subjectAltName extension. It supports Server Name Indication, RSA, DSA, and ECDSA keys, and DHE and ECDHE cipher suites. It can also use existing certificates if the private key is available.

Release Notes: This release adds improvements to OCSP denial and bugfixes.

Download Website 13 May 01:40 GTK+ 3.4.3


GTK, which stands for the Gimp ToolKit, is a library for creating graphical user interfaces. It is designed to be small and efficient, but still flexible enough to allow the programmer freedom in the interfaces created. GTK provides some unique features over standard widget libraries.


Release Notes: The sizing and layout of GtkIconView has been rewritten. Various minor bugs have been fixed.

No download No website 13 May 01:38 erlagi 1.0


erlagi is an AGI (asterisk gateway interface) client implementation for Erlang.

Release Notes: This release includes a complete OTP application and uses rebar to build.

Download Website 13 May 01:38 jnostromo 1.2.2


jnostromo provides drivers for the Razer Nostromo designed to be E-Sport legal. Profiles are unique user-defined keymappings and can be created for each game. A profile can have up to eight unique keymaps with mappings to switch between keymaps. jnostromo includes an easy-to-use configuration GUI to map keys from the nostromo to the keyboard and/or mouse. The configuration GUI can be hidden, and, at any time, the GUI can be displayed by clicking on the system tray icon. It's the goal of this project to make jnostromo the driver of choice for E-Sports and competitive gamers.

Release Notes: This release fixes a bug related to the scroll wheel repeating key presses.

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