2012 / April / 8 (20 releases)

8 April 2012

Download Website 08 Apr 19:07 Embedthis Goahead 2.5


Embedthis GoAhead is a tiny embedded Web server. It is fast, runs in less than 150K, and has been embedded to a wide variety of operating systems and CPUs.

Release Notes: This release adds whitelist file validation and MatrixSSL support. Several security issues have been addressed.

No download No website 08 Apr 19:07 jEditor 0.4.2


jEditor is a simple text editor with syntax highlighting. It is designed to be used as a library in Java applications. The code is based on the jEdit syntax package (http://syntax.jedit.org/), which is provided with an MIT license.

Release Notes: This release works only with Java 6 or more. Generification of the code. An Undo/Redo mechanism (Ctrl-Z and Ctrl-Y).

Download Website 08 Apr 19:06 H2 Database Engine 1.3.166


H2 is an SQL database engine written in Java that implements the JDBC API. Embedded, server, and clustering modes are available. A browser based console application is included. The database has strong security features. Disk based and in-memory databases and tables are supported.

Release Notes: This release fixes a bug that could cause indexes on wide columns (columns larger than half the page size) to become corrupt.

Download No website 08 Apr 19:04 MDIUtilities 0.6.5


MDIUtilities provides a set of utility classes that can be used for desktop application development. It contains a network preferences implementation, XML utility classes, geometry utility classes, additional Swing classes, and other miscellaneous classes.

Release Notes: This release adds new methods in FileUtilities to get the file or URL name without the path but keep the extension. It makes a new ParseUtil class visible in the org.mdiutil.net package, allowing it to escape filenames and to use the result in UTF-8-friendly URLs.

Download Website 08 Apr 19:03 Bitflu 1.42


Bitflu is a BitTorrent client designed to run non-stop as a daemon. It does not provide a graphical interface, but offers a telnet interface and can handle multiple torrent downloads.

Release Notes: This release adds support for trackers in magnet URLs, fixes a few cosmetic problems in the Web interface, and adds a new 'priority' feature for downloads.

Download No website 08 Apr 19:00 OWASP Zed Attack Proxy 1.4.0


OWASP Zed Attack Proxy (ZAP) is an easy-to-use integrated penetration testing tool for finding vulnerabilities in Web applications. It is designed to be used by people with a wide range of security experience and as such is ideal for developers and functional testers who are new to penetration testing as well as being a useful addition to an experienced pen tester's toolbox. ZAP provides automated scanners as well as a set of tools that allow you to find security vulnerabilities manually.

Release Notes: This release adds the following main features: syntax highlighting; fuzzdb integration; parameter analysis; an enhanced XSS scanner; a port of some of the Watcher checks; and pluggable extensions. There are many bugfixes.

Download Website 08 Apr 18:59 aria2 1.15.0


aria2 is a utility for downloading files. The supported protocols are HTTP(S), FTP, BitTorrent, and Metalink. It has a powerful segmented downloading ability, downloading a file from multiple sources and multiple protocols and utilizing your download bandwidth to the maximum. It supports downloading a file from HTTP(S)/FTP and BitTorrent at the same time, while the data downloaded from HTTP(S)/FTP is uploaded to the BitTorrent swarm. Using Metalink's chunk checksums, aria2 automatically validates chunks of data while downloading a file like BitTorrent.

Release Notes: This release adds JSON-RPC over WebSocket. It uses the same request/response JSON objects with existing JSON-RPC over HTTP and adds event notifications from server to client. See the man page for details. The TLS hostname check is rewritten based on RFC 6125, and it is used for both GNUTLS and OpenSSL builds. The --bt-remove-unselected-file option was added. This option removes the unselected files when a BitTorrent download is completed.

No download Website 08 Apr 18:57 hex 0.0.5


hex is a Haskell-based reimplementation of TeX. It currently only implements the macro functionality and very basic typesetting with DVI output. Its goal is to implement all of TeX and have a PDF output option.

Release Notes: The most important change is that hex now performs basic math typesetting. Also in this release are improved macro expansion and bugfixes.

No download Website 08 Apr 18:16 BlueMind 1.0 beta 2


BlueMind is a messaging and collaboration platform. It offers scalable shared messaging, calendars, contacts, and instant messaging with advanced mobility (iPhone, iPad, Android, etc.), and Outlook, Thunderbird, and CalDAV connectivity support. Designed with simplicity as a goal, it uses Web 2.0 technologies with a JavaScript UI, offline Web capability, and a Web-services-oriented pluggable architecture.

Release Notes: This 2nd beta adds RPM packages for RHEL and CentOS 6.2 (Ubuntu 10.04 LTS 64-bit packages are also available) and handling of working hours in the calendar.

Download Website 08 Apr 17:37 psx 0.4.4


PSX is a PHP framework for creating RESTful APIs. It helps you to build clean URLs serving Web standard formats like JSON, XML, Atom, and RSS. It includes a handler system that abstracts away SQL queries from domain logic, a routing system that executes correct controller method for the location of the controller and the method annotation, and a flexible data system that converts database records into formats like JSON, XML, Atom, and RSS. A lightweight DI container handles dependencies. The controller supports request and response filters that can modify the HTTP request or response, and filters are provided for Basic and Oauth authentication.

Release Notes: The webfinger library and tests were updated. New URI, URN, and oembed classes have been added. This release improves unit tests and removes the idna (punnycode) filter. It also adds opensocial and activitystreams records. It fixes openid consumer and the relying party library and updates the documentation.

Download Website 08 Apr 12:03 ChkTeX 1.6.6


ChkTeX finds syntax and typographical errors in LaTeX text.

Release Notes: This release fixes some memory problems.

No download Website 08 Apr 11:58 Fast Code Eclipse Plugin 1.3.0


Fast Code is an Eclipse plugin for easily generating similar classes, e.g. FooDAO to FooService and FooAction. It helps create stubs for other configuration files, resource bundles, JSP, etc. It can help you navigate between similar classes easily. It helps you create some constructs in Java easily, e.g List-ArrayList, Map-HashMap, etc., create imports, add a Spring dependency, and more.

Release Notes: This release adds a new "create variable" dialog and an way to create SQL from a database.

Download Website 08 Apr 11:48 Java Wikipedia API 3.0.17


The Java Wikipedia API (Bliki engine) is a parser library for converting Wikipedia/Mediawiki syntax to HTML. It supports wiki tags for bold, italic, headers, nowiki, source, table of contents, tables, lists, categories, footnotes (references), images, syntax highlighting of source code fragments, templates, and template parser functions.

Release Notes: This release improves parser template functions and fixes a lot of rendering bugs.

No download No website 08 Apr 11:48 Symja 2012-04-08


Symja is a pure Java library for symbolic mathematics. It supports arbitrary precision integers, rationals and complex numbers, polynomials, differentiation, integration, pattern matching, linear algebra, solvers, and more.

Release Notes: This release uses commons-math 3 and JAS version 2.4.3888 and improves the Trace[] function.

No download Website 08 Apr 11:46 TexMaths 0.35


TexMaths is an add-on designed to provide LaTeX support in LibreOffice. LaTeX equations can be inserted as images (SVG or PNG formats), and the LaTeX code is saved into the image attribute for further editing.

Release Notes: This release fixes several bugs and adds a configuration option which allows changing the numbering level in TexMath's numbered equations.

No download Website 08 Apr 11:46 DataNucleus AccessPlatform 3.1 Milestone 2


DataNucleus AccessPlatform is a standards-compliant Java persistence product. It is fully compliant with the JDO1, JDO2, JDO2.1, JDO2.2, JDO3, JPA1, JPA2 and JPA2.1 Java standards, and provides a REST API. It complies with the OGC Simple Feature Spec for persistence of geospatial Java types. It allows access to all popular RDBMS available today, together with the MongoDB, LDAP, NeoDatis, JSON, Excel/ODF spreadsheets, XML, BigTable, HBase, and Neo4j databases.


Release Notes: Support for the latest versions of the javax.cache API have been moved to "core". The "xmltypeoracle" plugin has been merged into "rdbms". A new statistics API has been added. Support for JMX (the "management" plugin) has been moved into "core". Some fixes have been added to the proxies for Collections to reduce SQL statements. The RDBMS plugin has received various fixes to range handling on Oracle, and to JDOQL in general. MongoDB has been given various improvements to querying and persistence, including query parameters and COUNT, and inheritance of embedded objects. Most datastores now support persisting Enum fields as numeric.

Download Website 08 Apr 11:43 JActor 3.0.0 RC3


JActor is a high-performance Java Actor implementation that can send 150 million messages per second, making it one of the fastest Actor implementations in any language.


Release Notes: This release adds API simplification (all actors are now subclasses of JLPCActor) and several tests for use in the new documentation.

Download Website 08 Apr 11:43 PHP DataGrid 4.5.5


phpGrid provides professional-looking Ajax-enabled grid-based editing, create, read, update, and delete (CRUD) operations for Web developers in as little as two lines of code. It features cross-browser inline editing, support for all HTML form controls, integrated search toolbar, a master detail data grid, image display, MS Excel and HTML data export, permission control, a theme roller, built-in record sorting by any column, support for major databases including MySQL, SQL Server, and Oracle, support for large database record sets, and WYSIWYG and Ajax file upload.


Release Notes: This release includes some important new features and bugfixes. One of the main changes is that in the master detail grid, the master grid now prefills a detail grid with the value of the foreign key during data entry. (Users still have the option to override this default behavior.) One other exciting new feature is that the long-awaited editable subgrid is now supported. In addition, fields can now have default values by calling the set_col_default() method. This release also fixes a PostgreSQL and MS SQL driver bug which returned wrong serial and auto-increment data meta types during update operations.

Download Website 08 Apr 11:40 Open Tax Solver 9.02


OTS is an easy program for calculating personal income tax form entries and taxes-owed or refund due. It handles forms such as US-Fed-1040, with Schedules A, B, C, and D, forms 8829 and 8849, AMT worksheets, and state income taxes for several large states.

Release Notes: This release adds a fix to the AMT worksheet line 39 calculation. Some minor improvements have been added to the template form comment fields to provide hints about how to fill out forms. A link has been added to the OTS homepage to a complementary PDF form-filler utility project which helps fill out the PDF forms automatically.

Download Website 08 Apr 11:39 mod_musicindex 1.3.7


mod_musicindex is an Apache module aimed at being a C alternative to the Perl module Apache::MP3. It allows nice displaying of directories containing MP3, Ogg Vorbis, FLAC, or MP4/AAC files, including sorting them on various fields, streaming/downloading them, constructing playlists, and searching. It also provides features such as RSS and Podcast feeds, multiple CSS support, and archive downloads.

Release Notes: This release fixes an XHTML rendering error and a cosmetic bug in the recursive search display.

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