2012 / April / 15 (37 releases)

15 April 2012

Download Website 15 Apr 21:05 Paludis 0.74.0


Paludis is a package manager for Gentoo (and derived distributions) and Exherbo. It consists of a core library and a number of console-based clients. Package formats supported include Gentoo ebuilds and kdebuilds (as defined by the Package Manager Specification), the Exherbo exheres-0 format, and various miscellaneous utility pseudo-formats for managing accounts, unwritten and unavailable packages, and packages for which no package exists.

Release Notes: Various bugfixes and disgusting workarounds for broken inputs. cave print-ids, etc. now have a '%u' format for a uniquely identifying spec. cave print-checksum has been added for convenience. This release uses metadata/md5-cache if it exists. Compilation with GCC 4.7 should now work.

Download Website 15 Apr 21:02 GLFW 2.7.5


GLFW is a portable framework for OpenGL application development. It handles operating system specific tasks such OpenGL window management, resolution switching, keyboard, mouse, and joystick input, timer input, creating threads, and more.

Release Notes: This release fixes a compilation error for certain versions of Mac OS X and adds support for monotonic time input on Cocoa.

Download No website 15 Apr 21:02 fcppt 0.11


fcppt (short for "Freundlich's C++ toolkit") is a C++ library with various classes and functions to make C++ development easier. It tries to fill in some gaps left by the Boost library and even implements some replacements for a few Boost components.

Release Notes: This release focuses on improved stability, better documentation, and removal of obsoleted features that are now properly supported by Boost. It features a new assert framework, null_ptr emulation, optional references, a redesigned logger library, better strong typedefs, and some other minor changes. Boost 1.47 is now required. Therefore, a lot of filesystem wrappers, the chrono library, and the ratio library have been removed.

No download Website 15 Apr 14:56 PlanetScape 1.0Beta5.3


PlanetScape simulates navigation on planets or a moon surface. It takes color-coded elevation data from an image and renders the planet's surface in 3D or Stereo.

Release Notes: The surface resolution of Mars has increased 2x. The ZBuf part of the software has been cleaned up. Stereo images of the surface are generated in color.

Download Website 15 Apr 14:55 Disk ARchive 2.4.5


Dar is a shell command that makes backup of a directory tree and files. Its features include splitting archives over several files, DVD, CD, ZIP, or floppies, compression, full or differential backups, strong encryption, proper saving and restoration of hard links, extended attributes, file forks, Door inodes, and sparse files, remote backup using pipes and external commands (such as ssh), and rearrangement of the "slices" of an existing archive. It can run commands between slices, before and after saving some defined files or directories (for a proper database backup, for example), and quickly retrieve individual files from differential and full backups. Several external GUIs exist as alternatives to its CLI interface, like kdar, DarGUI, SaraB, etc.

Release Notes: This release brings several fixes that lead dar to display error messages at end of execution under certain environments. If fixes a segmentation fault that could be met while comparing an archive with the filesystem. It also lets dar link with libexecinfo under systems that provide it, and lets dar restore from differential backups directories that have been recorded as unchanged since the archive of reference was done. It updates all provided sample scripts to be compatible with dar's --min-digit new option.

Download Website 15 Apr 14:53 The Legend of Edgar 1.00


The Legend of Edgar is a 2D platform game with a persistent world. When Edgar's father fails to return home after venturing out one dark and stormy night, Edgar fears the worst: he has been captured by the evil sorcerer who lives in a fortress beyond the forbidden swamp. In The Legend of Edgar, you take on the role of Edgar as he ventures across the world, battling fearsome creatures and solving puzzles while trying to find and rescue his father.

Release Notes: This release adds a basic introduction to set up the story. The Queen Wasp's defeated status is now displayed correctly in the credits. A potential crash after defeating Chaos has been fixed. The medals in the menu are now translated correctly. Azriel's intro has changed. A minor change has been made to the Dungeon map. Automatic language selection can be overridden on the command line; type edgar -help for details.

Download No website 15 Apr 14:41 Onzen 0.03


Onzen is a graphical front end for the CVS, SVN, HG and Git revision control systems. It represents the files managed by the RCS in a tree view with detailed information and offers functions to update, commit, add, remove, rename, revert, diff, view files, and many more functions.

Release Notes: This release adds sort buttons to the tests list. The patches dialog is non-modal. Search has been added to the revision tree view. The function "update all" has been added. A function has been added to remove trailing whitespaces and convert TABs. A file find function and shell menu have been added. Check-out repository has been implemented. Git support has been started. Ctlr-C in the tree list copies a filename to the clipboard. Creating a new repository has been implemented. There is a dialog to show outgoing changes (hg). The message widget in rename/remove dialogs has been fixed. Improved documentation; creation of PDF files.

Download Website 15 Apr 14:30 Scilab Image Processing Toolbox 0.5.9


SIP provides image processing, pattern recognition, and computer vision routines for SciLab, a Matlab-like matrix-oriented programming environment. SIP is able to read/write images in almost 90 major formats, including JPEG, PNG, BMP, GIF, FITS, and TIFF. It includes routines for filtering, segmentation, edge detection, morphology, curvature, fractal dimension, distance transforms, multiscale skeletons, and more.


Release Notes: This release adds a new function color_classify for color recognition and a new function imhist for plotting and computing histograms tailored for images.

No download Website 15 Apr 14:29 Algorithmic Autoregulation 0.3.0


Algorithmic Autoregulation is a software system implementing a new self-regulating methodology for coordinating teamwork, based on collaboration and individual merit. It is well-suited for distributed teams, eliminating the need for central management.


Release Notes: This release adds a Web dashboard called pAAinel, which aggregates team activity into an iGoogle-like customizable JavaScript GUI page. You can visualize screencasts, aa logs, IRC activity, ohloh stats, and much more information about your team's projects.

Download Website 15 Apr 14:26 Asgard Free Software RPG 0.3.8


Join Hand in an epic adventure to destroy an ancient sealed enemy. Asgard is a role playing game complete with menus, random battles, maps, towns, and dungeons.

Release Notes: This release provides a beautiful playable character that moves to points on the map in response to user clicks. Additionally, the map will automatically pan when the playable character approaches the margins of the screen.

No download Website 15 Apr 14:25 getmail 4.26.0


getmail is intended as a simple, secure, and reliable replacement for fetchmail. It retrieves email (either all messages, or only unread messages) from one or more POP3, SPDS, or IMAP4 servers (with or without SSL) for one or more email accounts, and reliably delivers into qmail-style Maildirs, mboxrd files, or through external MDAs (command deliveries) specified on a per-account basis. getmail also has excellent support for domain (multidrop) mailboxes, including delivering messages to different users or destinations based on the envelope recipient address.

Release Notes: This release has switched to using BODY.PEEK in IMAP retrieval; problems are no longer appearing with this feature during testing.

Download Website 15 Apr 14:22 MV3D 0.75


MV3D is a virtual world and multi-player game framework for use with Python. It was designed with scalability in mind and is able to distribute a world across as many servers as needed while dynamically balancing the load. The simulation framework is not specifically slanted towards any one genre of online game or virtual world, and can just as easily be used for a space game as a fantasy setting. Objects on an MV3D server can be simulated using the ODE physics engine for realistic interactions. A single server is able to host thousands of of simulated objects. The client works with both the Ogre3D and Panda3D renderers.

Release Notes: This was mainly a bugfix release, with more than 65 bugs squashed. It has support for Linux with the Ogre3D renderer along with Mac OS X with the Panda3D renderer. This means that MV3D's client, server, and tools are available on Windows, Linux, and OS X. With bugfixes across the whole platform, this is also the most stable release to date.

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