2012 / March / 19 (44 releases)

19 March 2012

Download Website 19 Mar 23:32 Sudokuki 1.1.2


Sudokuki is a graphical SUDOKU game. It solves even the most difficult sudoku grids for you. It can generate a sudoku, play sudoku, and print a sudoku.


Release Notes: This release adds Latvian translations and updates all the country flag icons (thanks to the PIWIK project).

Download Website 19 Mar 21:44 Dada Mail 5.0.0 Stable


Dada Mail can help you manage a mailing list, offers complete support for safe, closed-loop opt-in subscriptions, sends out mass mailings, keeps an archive of your messages, and allows you to share your messages in many ways. It runs on your Web hosting account and you interact with it through your Web browser, making it available anywhere you have a connection to the Internet. You do not have to rely on a third-party list management system with costly monthly fees. It is rich with features, but tries to keep it simple. It is designed to favor flexibility, extensibility, and ease-of-use over core speed or extremely flashy but hard-to-use features. It is designed to be installed, set up, and understood by regular people who have Web sites, but has enough advanced features to entice more proficient users. If you've ever installed a bulletin board or blog software, you should be able to install Dada Mail without too many problems. Dada Mail can scale. You can install Dada Mail on most any basic hosting account and start sending out messages. If your mailing list grows large, you can switch to sending with a more powerful third-party system, like Amazon SES, where there's potentially no limit on the number of emails you may send, all without having to change mailing list management systems or your hosting.

Release Notes: This release features a redesigned and improved layout/design and a completely redesigned UI for the Membership: View screen of Dada Mail, allowing you to more easily manage your complete mailing list.

Download Website 19 Mar 21:43 GNOME DVB Daemon 0.2.8


GNOME DVB Daemon is a daemon written in Vala and based on GStreamer that sets up your DVB devices, records and watches TV shows, and browses EPG. It can be controlled via its D-Bus interface.

Release Notes: This release fixes issues with Unicode encoding and removes a couple of deprecation warnings by Vala. Therefore, the minimum required version has changed for pygobject (3.0.4), Vala (0.15), and GLib (2.31.0).

Download Website 19 Mar 21:42 DocumentBurster 5.5.3


DocumentBurster is a tool for report distribution: split, merge, email, and FTP your reports. It has report delivery for Crystal Reports, SSRS Reporting Services, MS Access, Cognos, PeopleSoft, and SAP. It has report bursting for Pentaho, JasperReports, and BIRT. It can upload reports to MS SharePoint.

Release Notes: This release fixes an Excel-related issue.

Download No website 19 Mar 21:42 protracer 2.2


Protracer is a simple raytracer originally written in 1999 as a university course project. Please be aware that, despite the name, there is nothing especially professional about Protracer. The name is meant to be a pun on the Protracker music tracker application. It currently supports a very limited subset of the POV-Ray file format.

Release Notes: This release adds some support for declaring variables using POV-Ray syntax.

No download Website 19 Mar 21:41 ssterm 1.3


ssterm is a console-based simple serial port terminal. It features painless serial port configuration, has no dependencies outside of a standard Python 2 installation, is contained in a single file, and provides a variety of useful input/output features, including plain ASCII representation, split hexadecimal/ASCII representation, pure hexadecimal representation, color coding bytes and characters, raw input/output with control character forwarding, and remapping of transmitted and received newlines.

Release Notes: Support was added for color coding characters / bytes. ssterm was rewritten in Python 2 for ease of future extensibility and maintenance. The license was upgraded from the GPLv2 to the GPLv3.

No download Website 19 Mar 21:40 Smokegios 0.2


Smokegios reads a Nagios configuration file, generates a Smokeping configuration for all the hosts defined, and reloads the daemon. Hosts are automatically generated in structures based on the hostgroup definitions in Nagios.

Release Notes: Initial application release. The application is tested and appears stable, but will be labeled as unstable until the 1.0 release.

Download Website 19 Mar 21:39 Arg_parser 1.7


Arg_parser is an argument parser that follows POSIX and GNU conventions for command line arguments. There exist C++ and C versions of Arg_parser. The C++ version is implemented as a C++ class, while the C version is implemented as a single struct plus associated functions. Both are simpler, easier to use, and safer than 'getopt_long'. The C++ version of Arg_parser can also parse options from configuration files.


Release Notes: Minor fixes. Quote characters in messages have been changed as advised by GNU Coding Standards. The configure option "--datadir" has been renamed to "--datarootdir" to follow GNU standards.

Download Website 19 Mar 21:38 nzb 0.2


nzb is a binary news grabber. It natively downloads, decodes, and even streams the files specified in the .nzb file, an XML format which describes binary files on Usenet by their message-id. libnzb provides developers with useful nzb processing functions.

Release Notes: This release brings pause/resume support and fixes some minor bugs. Overall stability should be improved.

Download Website 19 Mar 21:37 Fossil 1.22


Fossil is a distributed software configuration management/version control system built with reliability and ease of use on mind. It comes with integrated bug tracking and a wiki. It is distributed as a single static binary for easy installation and the ability to run in a chrooted environment. Other highlights include a Web interface, autosync, simple networking, and CGI support.

Release Notes: This release brings a wide spectrum of improvements. Merging has been improved in cases involving file renames. Diff has been improved in multiple ways, including a new --brief mode. The "allow-symlink" setting is versionable now, allowing easy project-wide adoption. Security has been improved by hardening logic against DOS attacks. Many more improvements are listed in the change log.

Download Website 19 Mar 21:29 Jhead 2.95


Jhead is a command line driven utility for extracting digital camera settings from the Exif format files used by many digital cameras. It handles the various confusing ways these can be expressed, and displays them as F-stop, shutter speed, etc. It is also able to reduce the size of digital camera JPEGs without loss of information, by deleting integral thumbnails that digital cameras put into the Exif header. If you need to add Exif support to a program, this is a simple program to cut and paste from. Many projects, including PHP, have reused code from this utility.


Release Notes: A bug in the "-cmd" option that caused metadata to be deleted was fixed. Very large unsigned rational numbers in EXIF headers are now handled correctly.

No download Website 19 Mar 21:29 Etch 3.20.0


Etch is a tool for system configuration management. It manages the configuration files of the operating system and core applications. It is easy for a professional system administrator to start using, yet is scalable to large and complex environments.

Release Notes: This release is now compatible with Ruby 1.9. The nokogiri XML parser is now the default parser used by the server.

No download Website 19 Mar 21:28 Argyll Color Management System (ArgyllCMS)...


Argyll is an ICC compatible color management system. It supports accurate ICC profile creation for scanners, CMYK printers, and film recorders, and calibration and profiling of displays. Spectral sample data is supported, allowing a selection of illuminants observer types, and paper fluorescent whitener additive compensation. Profiles can also incorporate source specific gamut mappings for perceptual and saturation intents. Gamut mapping and profile linking uses the CIECAM02 appearance model, a unique gamut mapping algorithm, and a wide selection of rendering intents. It also includes code for a fast 8-bit raster color conversion engine as well as support for fast, fully accurate 16-bit conversion. Device color gamuts can also be viewed and compared using a VRML viewer.

Release Notes: This release adds Spyder4 support. Experimental ColorHug support is compiled in, but is disabled unless the environment variable "ENABLE_COLORHUG" is set. The display selection (-y flag) has been changed and expanded to be instrument-specific to support Spyder4 and ColorHug. This release tweaks i1d3 integration times and adds accurate refresh period calibration to the refresh display mode. It changes i1disp measurement logic to try and make it more robust against light to dark changes during a reading.

Download Website 19 Mar 21:26 RabbitMQ 2.8.0


RabbitMQ is an implementation of AMQP, the emerging standard for high performance enterprise messaging. The RabbitMQ server is based on a proven platform, Erlang/OTP, offering exceptionally high reliability, availability, and scalability. It delivers good throughput and latency performance that is predictable and consistent. The code base is compact and easily maintainable, facilitating rapid customization and hot deployment. The RabbitMQ distribution also includes a Java client that interoperates with any compliant AMQP server.


Release Notes: Dead lettering; queues can specify an exchange to which messages should be redirected when they are rejected or expire. Internal flow control to limit memory use and make performance more predictable if the server is overloaded.

Download Website 19 Mar 21:21 Clonezilla live-testing 1.2.12-33


Clonezilla is a partition or disk cloning tool similar to Symantec Ghost. It saves and restores only blocks in use on the hard drive if the file system is supported. For unsupported file systems, dd is used instead. It has been used to clone a 5 GB system to 40 clients in about 10 minutes.

Release Notes: The underlying GNU/Linux operating system was upgraded. This release is based on the Debian Sid repository (as of 2012/Mar/19). The package dnsutils was added. A reserved name "all" of ocs-sr is used for finding all the devices in the system or in the image.

Download Website 19 Mar 21:21 libftdi 0.20


libftdi is a library that talks to FTDI's FT232/245BM, FT2232C/D, and FT232/245R type chips, including the popular bitbang mode, using libusb.

Release Notes: This release adds support for FT232H chips. It fixes the install location of the header files.

Download Website 19 Mar 21:20 imread 0.2


imread is a simple library which reads and saves images from disk to and from numpy arrays. Its goal is to perform this task simply, so that it can become very stable, leaving more complex image processing for other packages.

Release Notes: New features include support for WebP, 1-bit TIFFs, and read-only support for STK files.

No download Website 19 Mar 21:20 BitNami Joomla! Stack 2.5.3-0


BitNami Joomla! stack is an easy-to-install distribution of the Joomla! CMS software. It includes pre-configured, ready-to-run versions of Apache, MySQL, and PHP so users can get a Joomla! installation up and running in minutes after answering a few questions. Currently, Linux and Windows are supported.

Release Notes: Updates Joomla! to 2.5.3.

No download Website 19 Mar 21:19 BitNami RubyStack 2.3.14-1


BitNami RubyStack provides a fast, easy way to develop and deploy Ruby on Rails applications. It includes Ruby, Subversion, MySQL, SQLite, ImageMagick, and several Ruby Gems, and will optionally install Apache 2.2 with rewrite and proxy support. It supports Windows, Linux, and OS X, so you can share the same Rails environment on multiple platforms.

Release Notes: This release updates Apache to 2.2.22, PHP to 5.3.10, NGinx to 1.0.14, and phpMyAdmin to It adds memcache, tidy, and oauth php modules. It fixes a GEM_PATH environment variable issue.

Download Website 19 Mar 21:18 Roxen WebServer 5.2.191


Roxen WebServer is a complete Web server. It is platform-independent, modular, and features a version with strong 128/168-bit encryption. Add-on products for information retrieval, visitor behavior analysis, and powerful tools for application development offering connectivity to databases are available. Altogether the Roxen Platform is a secure Web-based workgroup solution for time and cost-efficient content and Web site management.

Release Notes: Many IPv6-related improvements have been made. The SSL renegotiation_info extension has been implemented. Several improvements have been made to the DB browser. The binaries have been recompiled with libjpeg-turbo. Many minor bugs have been fixed.

Download Website 19 Mar 21:17 VIPS 7.28


VIPS is an image processing system. It is good with large images, with many CPUs, for working with color, for scientific analysis, and for general research and development.

Release Notes: This version adds support for OpenSlide, adds a new read mode that reduces memory use for sequential operations on large images, adds an operation cache that can reuse old results, and improves file format support.

No download Website 19 Mar 21:17 Minitube 1.7.1


Minitube is a YouTube application for Mac, Linux, and Windows. With it, you can watch YouTube videos in a new way: you type a keyword, and Minitube gives you an endless video stream. Minitube does not require the Flash Player. It is not about cloning the original YouTube Web interface, but strives to create a new TV-like experience.

Release Notes: This release fixes searching YouTube video IDs containing the “-” sign. It fixes the search auto-completion popup appearing when not needed. It fixes temporary files not being deleted on Windows. It fixes quitting from the Dock on the Mac. It fixes a bug preventing system shutdown on the Mac. It fixes the search box selecting text while typing and losing focus on the ESC key on the Mac. On the Mac, “Quit” and other application menu items are now correctly localized.

Download Website 19 Mar 21:14 SDMetrics Core 2.3


SDMetrics Core is a Java library to calculate metrics of structural design properties such as coupling, size, and complexity for UML designs. It also checks design rules to automatically detect incomplete or incorrect design, and adherence to style guidelines such as circular dependencies or naming conventions. The library provides an XMI parser for import of XMI 1.x files with UML1.3/1.4 models, and XMI 2.0/2.1 files with UML 2.x models. Design metrics, rules, and XMI import are highly customizable.

Release Notes: Improved support for UML 2 profiles, user-defined functions in metric expressions, and support for UML 2.4.1.

No download Website 19 Mar 21:14 Toorox 03.2012 "KDE"


Toorox is a Linux live DVD based on Gentoo which starts as bootable media using KNOPPIX technology. It is designed for ease of use, with a simple control center and a hard disk installer. It contains many applications and uses KDE, GNOME, or XFCE as a working environment. A live USB pen drive image maker is also present on the desktop. It is multi-lingual and contains the unstable branch of Gentoo (x86 and amd64).

Release Notes: This release contains Linux Kernel 3.2.2-gentoo and the latest KDE SC 4.8.1 Desktop. All packages have been updated: Xorg-Server 1.11.4, Mesa 8.0.1, IceCat 10.0.1, Wine 1.4, VLC 2.0, and LibreOffice The nm-applet was replaced with the KDE networkmanagement. This release supports 11 languages: German, English, Czech, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Romanian, Russian, and Turkish.

No download Website 19 Mar 21:13 IGCC 0.2


IGCC is a real-eval-print loop (REPL) simulator for C/C++ programmers. It allows you to type C++ statements which are immediately compiled and executed. Underneath it uses the normal GCC executable for compiling.

Release Notes: A bug in the handling of stderr was fixed.

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