2012 / January (997 releases)

January 2012

Download Website 27 Jan 23:25 Circuit Diagram 2.0 Alpha 2


Circuit Diagram enables you to make electronic circuit diagrams and allows them to be exported as images. It is ideal for use in coursework; you no longer have to use image editing programs to paste components together.

Release Notes: This version includes more components and bugfixes.

Download Website 27 Jan 23:24 dos2unix 5.3.2


dos2unix includes utilities to convert text files with DOS or Mac line endings to Unix line endings and vice versa. It is an update of Benjamin Lin's implementations.

Release Notes: The homepage URL has changed. Dos2unix compiles now for native MSYS, and compiles with OpenWatcom for dos32 and win32. On OS/2, wildcards are now supported, and the code page is detected properly.

No download Website 27 Jan 23:21 MyJSQLView 3.33


MyJSQLView provides an easy-to-use Java based GUI frontend for viewing, adding, editing, or deleting data in the Apache Derby, H2, HSQL, Microsoft SQL, MSAccess, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, and SQLite databases. A query frame allows the building of complex SQL statements and SQL Query Bucket for saving such. The application allows easy sorting, searching, and import/export of table data. A plug-in framework allows inclusion of tools to visually build queries, profiles, and plot data for analysis.

Release Notes: This release includes improvements in the efficiency of use for the SQL Query Bucket and an Aggregation/GROUP BY feature for the Advanced Sort/Search Form. This release also brings a new default plugin called HeatMapper that allows the plotting of multi-variable numeric data. The coding for this plugin solidified the selection of HyperSQL for in memory data analysis. The HyperSQL database and JDBC are now included as a library component of the MyJSQLView download.

No download Website 27 Jan 23:19 Gearmand 0.28


Gearmand is the job server component of Gearman. Gearman provides a generic framework to farm out work to other machines, dispatching function calls to machines that are better suited to do work, to do work in parallel, to balance the load of processing, or to call functions between languages.

Release Notes: -v has been deprecated because of parsing issues. Please use --verbose instead. --log-file=stderr will set output to stderr. There is a fix for the gearman.spec file for RPM builds.

Download Website 27 Jan 23:07 libmemcached 1.0.4


libmemcached is a C client library for interfacing to a memcached server. It has been designed to be light on memory usage, thread safe and to provide full access to server side methods. It also implements several command line tools: memcat, memflush, memrm, memstat, and memslap (for load generation). The library has been designed to allow for different hashing methods on keys, partitioning by keys, and to use consistent hashing for distribution.

Release Notes: This release has a fix for memcached_dump(). It has additional testing for memcached_stat_execute().

Download Website 27 Jan 23:07 389 Directory Server 1.2.10 Alpha 8


389 Directory Server (formerly Fedora Directory Server) is a full-featured LDAPv3 compliant server. In addition to the standard LDAPv3 operations, it supports multi-master replication, fully online configuration and administration, chaining, virtual attributes, access control directives in the data, Virtual List View, server-side sorting, SASL, TLS/SSL, and many other features. The transactional Berkeley DB 4.2 is used as its data store and a full plug-in API allows developers to extend the the functionality of the server in many ways, and many of the core features of the server are already implemented using this API. The server is very mature, having started out as Netscape Directory Server.

Release Notes: This release has some new features and many bugfixes.

Download Website 27 Jan 23:06 ALSA driver 1.0.25


The Advanced Linux Sound Architecture is composed of several parts. The first is a fully modularized sound driver which supports module autoloading, devfs, isapnp autoconfiguration, and gives complete access to analog audio, digital audio, control, mixer, synthesizer, DSP, MIDI, and timer components of audio hardware. It also includes a fully-featured kernel-level sequencer, a full compatibility layer for OSS/Free applications, an object-oriented C library which covers and enhances the ALSA kernel driver functionality for applications (client/server, plugins, PCM sharing/multiplexing, PCM metering, etc.), an interactive configuration program for the driver, and some simple utilities for basic management.


Release Notes: Many enhancements and bugfixes were made.

Download Website 27 Jan 23:05 CjOverkill 5.2.2


CjOverkill is a traffic trading script developed to track traffic trades between sites. These kind of scripts are mainly used for adult sites like TGPs, links lists, toplists, tube sites, or similar. It includes productivity, raw and unique hits traffic tracking also as several cheat protections like extreme low or extreme high productivity, minimum hits per day and maximum proxy percent per day. It also includes several integrity and security tests and a traffic filter in order to minimize hacking attempts.

Release Notes: This release has been ported to PHP 5.3, and comes with many feature and performance improvements allowing it to run larger site networks with fewer server resources.

Download Website 27 Jan 23:04 Clonezilla live-testing 1.2.12-10


Clonezilla is a partition or disk cloning tool similar to Symantec Ghost. It saves and restores only blocks in use on the hard drive if the file system is supported. For unsupported file systems, dd is used instead. It has been used to clone a 5 GB system to 40 clients in about 10 minutes.

Release Notes: The underlying GNU/Linux operating system was upgraded. This release is based on the Debian Sid repository (as of 2012/Jan/27). Linux kernel was updated to 3.2.1-2. LVM on RAID device CCISS was improved. The required packages of GRUB 1 and 2 were updated when Clonezilla/DRBL/GParted live are created.

Download No website 27 Jan 23:03 GCC-MELT 0.9.3


GCC-MELT is a high-level domain specific language that eases the development of plugin-like extensions for GCC, the Gnu Compiler Collection. These extensions can analyze or modify GCC internal representations, and can be used for static source code analysis, refactoring, specific warnings, optimizations, etc. The MELT language provides high-level features. Notably, MELT code is translated to C or C++, and can even contain C or C++ code. It includes powerful pattern matching facilities and can manipulate dynamically typed values and raw GCC structures. It enables functional/applicative, object-oriented, reflective programming styles and has a familiar Lisp-like syntax.

Release Notes: Language improvements. The ability to define a named value with the (DEFINE <name<expr>) construct. More support, notably for Gimple & Tree. More cmatchers, etc. have been added. Runtime improvements. Generation of timestamping C file foo+melttime.h included from generated descriptor file foo+meltdesc.c from foo.melt. Numerous bugfixes.

Download Website 27 Jan 23:01 Aspose.Slides for .NET 5.9.0


Aspose.Slides is a .NET component to read, write, and modify a PowerPoint document without using MS PowerPoint. It supports files from PowerPoint versions from 97-2007 and all three PowerPoint formats: PPT, POT, and PPS. It lets you create, access, copy, clone, edit, and delete slides in your presentations. It can save PowerPoint slides into PDF format and also save presentations in SVG format, Streams or Images.

Release Notes: This is primarily a maintenance release. This important product release includes improved support for accessing presentations causing issues in earlier versions. PowerPoint 2010 supports embedded videos inside a presentation, but Aspose.Slides for .NET lacked the capability to preserve embedded videos inside saved presentations. Support for embedded videos is provided in this release.

Download Website 27 Jan 22:59 psmisc 22.15


PSmisc is a set of small useful utilities that use the proc filesystem, providing the system administrator with help in common tasks. It consists of the four base utilities fuser, killall, pstree, and peekfd. SELinux is optionally supported, as is IPv6 in fuser.


Release Notes: Six years' worth of changes since the last announcement.

No download Website 27 Jan 22:57 jOOX 1.0.0


jOOX stands for Java Object Oriented XML. It is a simple wrapper for the org.w3c.dom package to allow for fluent XML document creation and manipulation where DOM is required but too verbose. jOOX only wraps the underlying document and can be used to enhance DOM, not as an alternative. It is inspired by jOOQ and jQuery.

Release Notes: This is the first "official" release of jOOX. All strategic XML. API's are now supported by jOOX. These include: support for marshalling / unmarshalling JAXB annotated objects; support for XPath parameters / variables; support for XPath extension namespace / functions as provided by http://exslt.org; support for XSL transformation; support for CSS-style selectors for XML navigation.

Download Website 27 Jan 22:53 ultimix 1.5.174


Ultimix is a framework for developing Web-based applications (CMS, portals, ERPs, etc.) It includes multi-language support, permits management, an MVC mini framework, package structure, a template engine, a Javascript library, a simple GUI library, a caching system, and CAPTCHA.


Release Notes: Map generation was added to the 'graph' package. Labels for the graph map were added. Labels for the X axis of graphs were added. The setting 'display_date_format' was added to the 'date_picker' macro. Templates of all login forms were improved. All login forms were improved; top and bottom spaces were added. The macro 'redirect' was added. Small bugfixes and improvements.

Download Website 27 Jan 22:52 DeltaQt 0.4.0-pre002


DeltaQt is a cross-platform library of C++ classes and functions for parsing of DELTA (DEscription Language for TAxonomy) files, and is part of the Free DELTA initiative. Support for all major data-related DELTA directives is planned. Typesetting directives are beyond the scope of the project, and support for them is not planned. Support for RTF formatting within comments, notes, descriptions, etc. is planned. All data defined by supported DELTA directives (including comments and annotations) will be parsed into memory. Qt (core) is used extensively.

Release Notes: Support for text encoding. Updates to the example application so that the user can choose between Windows-1252, UTF-8, and IBM850 (CP850) encodings, although any text encoding supported by Qt is possible. Updates to the text encoding also fix a bug under Fedora16 (KDE, Qt 4.8.0) where an incorrect encoding was used.

Download Website 27 Jan 22:50 DIY Zoning 3.6.5


DIY Zoning is a set of tools and instructions for controlling a state-of-the-art HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) system. It covers airflow balancing, temperature control and zoning, energy conservation measures, remote access, 1-wire devices, and home automation.

Release Notes: Numerous code and documentation bugfixes. An HTTP connector has been added, allowing you to control the home climate from anywhere via the Webapp and Android application.

Download Website 27 Jan 22:49 TXR 55


TXR is a new data munging language. TXR's special pattern language provides template-based matching of entire documents or large sections of documents. It also contains a language for functional and imperative programming. It is written in C and takes the form of a utility that is portable to Unix-like platforms and Windows.

Release Notes: This release introduces a new square bracket syntax that performs an intuitive operation based on the type of the first object. It provides Lisp-1 style calls for functions (no call operator) and array indexing and slicing for lists, vectors, strings, and hashes. Indexed elements and slices are assignable. Indexing and slicing can be used in the output template language and in string quasiliterals.

No download Website 27 Jan 21:05 BitNami Joomla! Stack 2.5.0-0


BitNami Joomla! stack is an easy-to-install distribution of the Joomla! CMS software. It includes pre-configured, ready-to-run versions of Apache, MySQL, and PHP so users can get a Joomla! installation up and running in minutes after answering a few questions. Currently, Linux and Windows are supported.

Release Notes: This release updates Joomla! to 2.5.0, PHP to 5.3.9, and phpMyAdmin to 3.4.9.

No download Website 27 Jan 21:04 BitNami RubyStack 3.2.0-0


BitNami RubyStack provides a fast, easy way to develop and deploy Ruby on Rails applications. It includes Ruby, Subversion, MySQL, SQLite, ImageMagick, and several Ruby Gems, and will optionally install Apache 2.2 with rewrite and proxy support. It supports Windows, Linux, and OS X, so you can share the same Rails environment on multiple platforms.

Release Notes: This release updates Rails to 3.2.0, PHP to 5.3.9, phpMyAdmin to 3.4.9, AWS SDK for ruby to 1.3.2, and AWS SDK for PHP to 1.5.1.

Download Website 27 Jan 21:03 LAME 3.99.4


LAME (LAME Ain't an MP3 Encoder) is a research project for learning about and improving MP3 encoding technology. LAME includes an MP3 encoding library, a simple frontend application, and other tools for sound analysis, as well as convenience tools. Please note that any commercial use (including distributing the LAME encoding engine in a free encoder) may require a patent license from Thomson Multimedia.


Release Notes: A crash related to .w64 input files was fixed. Frames support was enhanced with support for WFED, PCST, and USER frames, and support for COMM frames with descriptions. Two frame-related crashes were fixed.

No download No website 27 Jan 21:03 Wolf Software jpecrga 1.3.0


jpecrga is a jQuery plug-in that helps Web sites use Google Analytics while complying with the amendment to the Privacy and Electronic Communications Act (PECR) that came into force in the UK on the 26th May 2011. It provides an unobtrusive method of gaining user consent before using Google Analytics, which requires cookies. The code requests consent from the user. If the user gives consent, then the plug-in will inject the Google Analytics code into the page. If consent is not explicitly given, no code is injected. The user also has the option to store these preferences permanently. This plug-in is designed to satisfy the EPD / PECR / cookie law regulations only for Google Analytics.


Release Notes: This release updates the plugin to include optional GeoIP, so it can only serve to people who come from an IP address which is within the European Union.

No download Website 27 Jan 21:02 Oddjob 1.1.0


Oddjob is a Java job scheduler and task automation framework. A GUI designer or XML are used to define a hierarchy of jobs. Sequential, parallel, and conditional execution (or combinations) allow for nearly any business process to be modelled. Oddjob can run on the desktop or on a server and uses JMX to control remote instances via an Explorer-style GUI. Basic Web-based monitoring is also available. It can be embedded in client code and is easily extensible via a simple API.

Release Notes: A new JSF AJAX Web frontend replaces the old Struts version. The ability to force a failed job to complete has been added.

Download Website 27 Jan 21:01 libgta 1.0.2


Libgta implements the Generic Tagged Arrays (GTA) file format. GTAs can store any kind of data in multidimensional arrays, optionally with simple tags to store rich metadata. GTAs are streamable and support mupltiple compression methods. Uncompressed GTAs allow easy out-of-core data access for very large arrays.

Release Notes: This update fixes a few minor build and portability issues.

Download Website 27 Jan 21:01 gtatool 1.0.2


Gtatool provides a set of commands that manipulate Generic Tagged Arrays (GTAs) on various levels (element components, dimensions, arrays, array streams, metadata). Additionally, it can import from and export to many other file formats.

Release Notes: This update fixes a minor build problem and a wrong error message.

No download Website 27 Jan 21:00 Wolf Software GeoIP Class 1.1.0


Wolf Software GeoIP Class is a simple class which attempts to get the geographical location for a given IP address.


Release Notes: This release adds the function \'is_eu\' to allow you to check whether the country is part of the European Union.

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